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Bullfrogs" is a strategic card game designed by Keith Matejka, offering simple rules and family-friendly fun.

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Bullfrogs, the premier game from Thunderworks Games crafted by Keith Matejka, presents a delightful yet strategic card game for all ages. The gameplay may be simple but it offers a plethora of tactics to explore and discover.

The game focuses on frogs, each representing a different tribe, vying for control of the pond. The objective is to defeat the opposing tribe by either eliminating their leader or capturing their lily pads.

Players must carefully choose which frogs to play and where to position them on the pond. The game features a unique action point system, which allows players to take multiple actions in a single turn, but restricts the amount of times they can use each frog's ability.

Featuring engaging artwork and high-quality components, Bullfrogs' gameplay is easy to learn but challenging to master. You must carefully balance offense and defense and adapt to your opponent's moves to secure victory.

Overall, Bullfrogs offers a fun and strategic gaming experience suitable for all ages and perfect for family gatherings. Its unique gameplay and charming artwork will surely provide hours of entertainment and laughter.
Christopher Hill
Release date
Jul 30, 2021

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