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Breach Wanderers is a deckbuilding adventure game, with strategic possibilities to create and save decks. Explore and upgrade everything in the ever-changing randomized adventure!

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If you're a fan of both card games and roguelike games, then you're in luck because Breach Wanderers is here! This game uniquely blends elements from both genres, allowing you to create custom decks every time you enter the breach. Along the way, you'll face a variety of unusual monsters, collect powerful items, and upgrade your town. Each run is a unique adventure, with randomized monsters, events, and items to spice things up!

One of the core features of Breach Wanderers is the ability to fully customize your deck. You can create and save your own starting deck and card pool before setting off on your adventure. This means you'll never have to deal with unwanted cards! This unique feature opens up a whole new world of strategic possibilities for you to play with as you fight through the breach.

To help you prepare for the challenges that lie ahead, there is an RPG meta-progression system. You can level up your heroes and upgrade your town, ensuring that you're ready to handle whatever the breach throws your way.

While you have some control over how you begin each run, what awaits you in the breach is always different. Monsters, special events, and items are all randomized, making each run a unique experience.

Currently in early access, Breach Wanderers lets you play as one of seven characters, each with their own unique skills and cards. You can explore three dangerous areas and delve into three depths of increasing difficulty. With over 600 cards, 100 items, and 60 monsters, there's plenty to keep you busy.

Once the game is finished, you can look forward to even more content! There will be ten playable characters, five dangerous areas to explore, and four buildings to customize and upgrade. The depths will increase to four, and there will be over 800 cards, 200 items, and 100 monsters to face. Breach Wanderers promises to be a truly epic adventure for fans of both card games and roguelike games.
Release date
Mar 14, 2023
Single player

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