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Boukensha Guild he Youkoso!

Boukensha Guild he Youkoso!

Game overview

Create quests or play through various adventures in the world of Alustra and earn a living as an adventurer. Use your power of creation to make unique quests.

============================= The Finalist of Sense of Wonder Night at Tokyo Game Show 2019! In addition, it won the Best Presentation Award. ============================= You have suffered an unjust death in your life on Earth and have come to this parallel world, Alstora. And now you have to survive as an adventurer. The job of an adventurer is to complete quests and make a living. However, in your case, it’s just a little bit different. You had the "power of creation". That's why you can create quests. Sometimes, you will take on quests, puzzle over them, search for the right choices, and work hard to solve them. Other times, you will create quests that give other adventurers an exciting experience. In this world, there are various quests as many as the number of adventurers. There are quests that make you angry at wicked villains. There are quests that make you shed tears of emotion. There are quests that make you burst into laughter and roll on the floor. In rare cases, there might be quests that are so unjust that you get attacked by a dragon immediately. However, even such injustice is considered a part of this world. So, enjoy this newly created world. 【Official Walkthrough】 【How to Create Quests】 【Recommended for these types of people】 ・Those who like TRPG and parallel world novels. ・Those who enjoy building characters. ・Those who like to come up with names for original weapons. ・Those who like to create. 【Notes】 ・It’s a content that involves a lot of communication. ・There is a possibility that you won’t be able to play correctly if there are communication speed restrictions. ・Please play in a wifi environment, or a high-speed environment that doesn't have any speed restrictions. ・As it is being developed and operated by only one person, there may be many shortcomings. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. ============================= It has become a product version, but there are still plans to add more features. So please look forward to it. ============================= We have received reports that it does not work properly on some devices. 【Please try the following (please keep ID and password before execution)】 ・Re-install the app. ・android "settings"> "app list"> "Welcome to Adventurer's Guild!" from "storage" of "delete data" and "delete cache" ・Update Google-derived apps such as Google Play Store > My Apps & Games > Android System WebView or Google / Google Chrome / Android Accessibility Settings Tool ・Upgrade Android version to 5.1 or later. =============================
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