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Spy on tenants in oppressive, dystopian society. Make morally challenging decisions that shape story with multiple endings. Available on mobile.

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Step into a dystopian future where the government is a totalitarian State with complete control over its citizen's lives. The laws are stringent, citizens are under constant surveillance and privacy is non-existent. You are the manager of an apartment building, entrusted with the task of ensuring that tenants have a comfortable living space. However, that's only a facade, your real mission is to spy on your tenants for the State.

In Beholder, players must strike a balance between moral responsibility and serving the State. You need to bug your tenant's apartments while they're away and observe their conversations to uncover any threats to the State's authority. You are required to notify your superiors of any tenants who violate laws or plot against the State.

This game is all about making choices, and every decision you make has a profound impact on the story's direction. Should you report a father for his subversive activities and orphan his children? Or should you use the information to blackmail him and improve your family's financial situation?

Not only must you make difficult decisions, but in Beholder, people aren't just objects. Each character you encounter is well-developed, with a unique past and present.

Beholder is a game of multiple endings, and each choice you make determines your outcome. The Blissful Sleep additional story is also available for players to purchase, which introduces new characters with compelling backstories to uncover.

Beholder features 3D Touch, allowing players to interact with characters using force touch. Additionally, players can sync their game across their devices using Cloud technology.

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Release date
May 17, 2017
Single player



Nice game. The plot is awesome

3eqp3eqpfrom Skich app

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