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Become the town's top entrepreneur by building and managing various establishments to inspire happiness and wealth while conquering rivals in Biz Builder Delux.

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Immerse yourself in the lively and bustling world of entrepreneurship in this exciting game! Plan, build, and manage your own business empire - right from a humble video game store to a fast food restaurant on the corner - and watch your wealth grow.

As your coffers fill up with cash, your ambitions can reach further and wider. Establish a range of diverse businesses that cater to the town's requirements - and let people swarm to your stores, with your determined tactics!

Compete with rival traders, and formulate your own strategy that will enable you to rise above them. Concentrate on offering quality products and services to your clients, while at the same time, make sure you keep an eye on your competitors! Only then can you ensure that you are the proud owner of the town's most successful business!

Securing a spot among the top transactors in the business is a challenging task. Then again, it isn't easy to earn profits when the free market is in constant flux. But, with determined efforts and careful planning, you can conquer this challenge and become the ultimate Biz Builder Delux!

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Release date
May 27, 2015
Single player

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