Another Shadow

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Interact between two characters to free Bastian from the shadow of an ancient curse in this spooky point-and-click adventure.

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In Another Shadow, the latest installment of the Hidden Town escape game series, Bastian and Carissa have moved into a new house and are experiencing supernatural occurrences. However, these disturbances aren't due to any malevolent presence in the property itself - rather, they are caused by the shadow of an ancient curse that has returned to enslave Bastian in eternal darkness. Trapped in the inescapable void, Bastian must be brought back to the human world by Carissa.

The game presents a mysterious and captivating suspense story that unfolds over the course of a point-and-click adventure in which the player interacts with two separate characters. The decisions the player makes in one world have an impact on the other, making the need for wise choices all the more crucial. Puzzles and riddles abound in both of the game worlds and in the characters' memories.

The Dark Dome series does not need to be played in any specific order; each chapter offers a unique perspective on Hidden Town and how the enigmatic plot unfolds. In this chapter, clues and connections are revealed that link to previous chapters The Ghost Case and Haunted Laia.

Another Shadow includes a great number of complex puzzles and riddles for players to solve, accompanied by beautiful artwork and a haunting soundtrack that makes the game all the more immersive. As an added challenge, players also have the opportunity to find all nine hidden shadows throughout the game.

In the premium version of Another Shadow, players gain access to a secret scene with even more puzzles and riddles related to Hidden Town, without any pesky ads interrupting play or obscuring hints.

Playing the game involves interacting with a range of objects and characters by touching them, and using inventory items to either solve puzzles directly or to create new tools to help progress through the story. The game is a fantastic way to immerse oneself in the shadowy world of Dark Dome, where enigma reigns supreme and a vast tapestry of mysteries awaits the unraveling. Visit to learn more about this fascinating game series, and remember: Hidden Town is full of secrets waiting to be unveiled.
Dark Dome
Release date
Dec 26, 2022
Single player


sileythewizardfrom Skich app
A good game, just what I expect from it's developers of all those games!...

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