An Elmwood Trail

Game overview

Investigate the disappearance of a young girl in Riverstone, make decisions, access private information, interrogate suspects, crack puzzles, and uncover the truth in this interactive mystery game.

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Unveil the biggest enigma in the little town of Riverstone, encapsulated by the picturesque Elmwood Forest. Put your detective skills to test and prove your mettle by discovering the hiding spot of the vanished teenager. The teen, Zoey Leonard, has been missing for over three weeks now, and despite the town's police department's diligent efforts, the case had been marked closed citing the possibility of Zoey being a runaway.

Attention, all interactive mystery game buffs! The time has come for you to craft your own venture trail to uncloak the secrets of Riverstone! Here is your moment to help a detective recoup his reputation, rescue the missing girl, and reveal the culprits behind this premeditated crime.

Assume the role of a detective, traverse through the story finding clues, interact with characters, and draw conclusions. The fate of the young teenager rests in your hands; can you bear the burden of bringing her back to safety? Make tough decisions and weigh your options to lead you straight to Zoey. Unmask the truth as you access Zoey's private assets, including images, chats, albums, social media, voicemails, and calls.

Interrogate the suspects, make new acquaintances, and figure out the truth. But the real question arises- can you trust the people around? Who can attest to their fealty towards Zoey, and who is the mastermind behind her disappearance?

The news has been discreet about the events surrounding Zoey's sudden absence, but everyone in town can sense that there's more to the story. The fate of the missing girl lies solely in your hands because around the town, rumors swirl about your proficiency in detective work. Now an unknown figure beckons you to take up the case- maybe this is the only opportunity left for you to reignite your career.

Features that await you include mind-bending puzzles, code-breaking missions that will test your sharp memory and impeccable problem-solving skills. Enter a world of in-game realism via messenger, wherein you can interrogate suspects and get ahead by unveiling hidden clues. Unlock Zoey's diary notes and unravel her past, while simultaneously navigating through yours and her phone to draw the correlation and deduction needed to get closer to the truth.

Stuck on a puzzle? No worries! Equipped with three useful tips for every objective, every puzzle is surmountable.

Dive deep into the world of Riverstone - a town located on the riverbank, known for holding many mysteries, until Zoey's vanishing changed everything. Can you help this town come out of its misery? It is now up to you to figure out where the young girl was last seen, what went awry, and to identify the ones that claim to have known her best.

Download "Elmwood Trail" today and be a part of this thrilling criminal investigation! This interactive mystery story game is completely free, so tag along with your friends and explore all episodes together.

"Elmwood Trail" is an interactive, text-based role-playing game that falls under the category of choose-your-own-decision, decision-making, or RPG.

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Release date
Mar 30, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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