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Embark on an adventure-filled with surprises and enchantment in the game 'Amikin Survival,' combining strategy, survival, and RPG elements. Join forces with adorable creatures to hunt, craft, and battle your way to the top as a champion. Immerse yourself in a vast open-world game, offering quests, tales, and memes at every turn. Take your first step as a survivor into this magical world.

🌟Become an Amikin Collector: Gotta Catch 'Em All! 🌟

Roam the wilderness in search of Amikins, mythical beings with unmatched capabilities and lovable personalities. These faithful companions are vital to your survival and success, providing a mixture of entertainment, strategy, and unexpected friendships that add flavor to your journey. Assemble your dream team and prepare for an adventure filled with excitement and anime-inspired charm.

🌟Home Base Haven: Automation with a Hint of Magic!🌟

Transform your base from a shelter into a magical hub where your Amikins are in charge. Their exclusive abilities ease build-up and automation tasks, adding a touch of magic to your daily routine and refined building games ingenuity. Experience your base transform into a lively hub, all thanks to your Amikin allies' innovative spirit.

🌟Power-Up Parade: Merge & Breed! 🌟

Combine and enhance your Amikins' abilities by merging the same types and breeding them to inherit top-notch traits. Boost every member of your squad to a champion's level, preparing them for the battlefield. Engage in this strategic enhancement process, eliciting inspiration from the best RPG games.

🌟Epic Explorations: Where Fantasy Meets Sci-Fi! 🌟

Explore the vast and wondrous world of Amikin Survival, where mysteries await and a fusion of fantasy and science fiction thrives. Introducing this world to the mixture of magic and technology, the gameplay is dense in discovery- similar to the immersive open-world games and adventure games.

🌟Meme Magic: Your Daily Dose of Laughter Guaranteed! 🌟

'Amikin Survival' blends anime's playfulness and whimsy with the RPG games' strategic depth, enriched with humor and meme magic. Relish in lighthearted and comical adventures and chuckles over nods to current pop culture, enjoying your journey filled with laughter and joy.

Ready for an adventure you won't forget?

'Amikin Survival' invites you, fusing the excitement of anime games with the depth of strategy games and the allure of building games in a magical world. Build your base, expand your Amikin team, and explore the realm teeming with exciting discoveries. Download now and launch your epic journey filled with magic, trials, and the warmth of companionship. Start your legendary saga in the fantastic world of 'Amikin Survival' today!
Helio Games
Release date
May 15, 2024
Open world

Gameplay & Streams

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Amikin Survival Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 (ios, Android)TargoGaming
Amikin Survival: Global Launch | Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS)الخلاصة -Elkholasa
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