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Age of Rivals: a fast-paced card game where you must balance your civilization’s culture, military, defense and economy in strategic battles.

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Immerse yourself in a deep civilization-building strategy that combines the intense gameplay of a card game with a fast-paced format. Age of Rivals is the competitive board game that dares you to create your perfect city using immense variety ranging from spies and merchants to war elephants and pyramids - all featured through hundreds of unique cards. Achieve the perfect balance between economy, defense, culture, and military power to outsmart your opponents and claim victory.

According to, "Age of Rivals feels like a breath of fresh air in an App Store drowning in more traditional collectible card games," earning a perfect rating of 5/5 stars. Pocket Gamer awarded the game a silver medal, remarking that "there's a depth here that other games of the same length can't emulate." Pocket Tactics praised the game for requiring both strategic planning and tactical decision-making, calling it "fast and very fun."

Age of Rivals was inspired by strategic board games and thrives as the perfect game for one or two players to complete in just ten minutes. The "anti-deckbuilding" CCG doesn't focus on having an elaborate and predefined deck; in fact, randomness rules, allowing for endless variety in each game and successive plays with different strategies. Plan your moves quickly and act decisively to secure victory.

All game content unlocks just by playing the game, no in-app purchases required!

To find out whether Age of Rivals is compatible with your device, consult the list below:
- iPhone 5s and above, not including iPhone 5 or 5c
- iPad Airs and iPad Pros, not including iPad 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th generations
- iPad Mini 2 and above
- iPod Touch 6th generation

- Both online and offline play
- 12 unique characters to play as
- Over 200 cards with unique abilities to unlock
- Single player mode against a smart AI
- Missions
- Single player challenge levels
- Local multiplayer pass and play
- Networked multiplayer that requires a free online account
- Ranked public matchmaking that requires a free online account
- Private friend matches that requires a free online account
- Alliances with other players that requires a free online account
- Monthly tournaments that requires a free online account
Vijay Myneni
Release date
Jun 21, 2017
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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