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Help a red-eyed bunny sneak and eat pigs in 80 levels full of cute characters, gorey action, blood, and challenges. Be stealthy and avoid other bunnies.

Meet the unusual bunny with a peculiar appetite for pigs in A Pretty Odd Bunny, a thrilling 2D stealth platformer game. Take on the role of a red-eyed rabbit, and use your platforming and stealth skills to help you reach the prized pig without alerting the ever-watchful eyes of your fellow bunnies. Navigate through more than 80 levels in four distinct worlds, each with its unique set of challenges. Find the right path through a colorful but hostile environment, all created with gorgeous graphics and fluid animations made with passion! Collect hidden coins and unlock extra challenges with cute characters, blood, gorey action, and an abundance of severed pig heads. The game's features include challenging puzzles, precise controls, and a test of your stealth abilities. You need to be as silent as a ninja to keep your eating preferences secret from your disapproving bunny peers. Platform through an increasingly complex and dangerous world filled with moving platforms, spikes and classic retro platformer hazards, all re-imagined with stunning HD graphics that will take your breath away. A Pretty Odd Bunny features a charming art style mixing cuteness with darkness, much like a Tim Burton movie. This presentation style adds a layer of depth to the game, making it both appealing and thrilling all at once. Enjoy many hours of gameplay with 25 challenge-filled levels, hidden collectible bacon coins and two unlockable extra levels. The game also boasts peculiar bunny lore, funny bloody humor, and ample content to keep you thoroughly engaged. In summary, join the pretty odd bunny on its unusual quest for pigs, and evade the stare of your furry friends in this daring platformer.
AJ Ordaz
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Gameplay & Streams

A Pretty Odd Bunny (PS4)MMDE
A Pretty Odd Bunny - Walkthrough | Trophy Guide | Achievement GuideScorpioOfShadows
A Pretty Odd Bunny 100% Achievement/Trophy WalkthroughThe Hidden Levels


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