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Game overview

Navigate your way through 300+ levels of challenging 3D mazes, using tilt, joystick or swipe controls, while avoiding traps, obstacles, and collecting keys to progress.

A Maze 3D is a challenging game that will test your skills like never before. This engaging game requires you to navigate a ball through complex labyrinths filled with obstacles, tilting your phone or using joystick & swipe controls to reach the finish line. With over 300 exciting puzzles split into 10 fun stages, A Maze 3D offers a wealth of adventures and themes, from underwater scenes to screen-shaking explosions and more. But this isn't just any ordinary maze game. A Maze 3D is designed to push you to your limits with constantly evolving challenges. You must collect keys to open doors, teleport around levels, travel through hidden paths, and navigate through dark, trap-filled labyrinths. Meanwhile, control-obstructing obstacles like control flipping fog and slippery frictionless slime add even more difficulty to this already challenging game. The fun doesn't stop there though - A Maze 3D also offers an offline mode, adjustable speed, and multiple control modes. With an accurate ball physics simulation and exciting levels & themes, A Maze 3D promises an authentic 3D experience that will challenge and entertain you for hours on end. If you're up for even more of a challenge, the game also offers a ghost ball mode where you can compete against yourself to beat your previous scores. And if you're not a fan of stressful gameplay, you can enable easy mode from the main menu to enjoy a smoother and calmer experience. Playing A Maze 3D requires heavy concentration and good eye-to-hand coordination, making it not just an entertaining game, but also a tool to improve your perception and motor skills. Are you ready to take on the maze and become the master of the game? Show your balancing skills and strategize your way through each level to reach the finish line. With only you against the 3D maze, do you have what it takes to get through it all?
Erik Hasanof
Release date
May 29, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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