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911 Operator

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Game overview

As a 911 Operator, manage teams and determine whether first aid is enough or if police, fire department, or paramedics are needed. Play on any city.

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Discover 112 Operator - an immersive game designed to put you in the shoes of an emergency dispatcher. In this game, you play the role of the first line of response in emergency situations, taking calls and quickly reacting to reports flooding in from different directions. The game presents various scenarios that require your immediate attention. Some callers may need first aid assistance, while others may require the intervention of the police, fire department, or paramedic service. Be prepared for anything, as you never know who will be on the other end of the line. It could be a parent seeking help for their child, a rogue terrorist, or a mischievous prankster. Can you handle the pressure and make the right decisions, even in the toughest of situations?

Take your pick of any city in the world and experience the local emergency response network with the free play mode. The game downloads detailed maps, providing authentic streets, addresses, and vital infrastructure, transporting you to the heart of the action. Alternatively, play the career mode, where you encounter six distinct cities with unique events to test your skills. Can you survive an earthquake in San Francisco or stop bomb attacks in Washington D.C.?

With a vast pool of police, fire department, and paramedic units, you must manage your teams efficiently, ensuring they have access to all the resources they require for their assignments. Each unit has access to a variety of vehicles, from everyday ambulances and police cars to helicopters and motorcycles. Your teams are also equipped with bulletproof vests, first aid kits, and technical tools to help them navigate the toughest of situations.

Experience over 50 recorded dialogues based on real-life calls. The calls range from serious to humorous, providing an immersive experience that is both fun and educative. Additionally, the game offers real first aid instructions, ensuring you stay informed on the latest medical procedures. Encounter over 140 reported incidents, requiring you to make split-second decisions, and deploy the right strategies to respond appropriately to each event.

The game has bagged several awards, including Best Indie Game - Digital Dragons 2016, Best Serious Game - Game Development World Championship 2016, Community Choice - Game Development World Championship 2016, and Best PC Downloadable - Game Connection 2017.

Experience the game's full features through an internet connection that helps download maps for the free play mode. You can then enjoy the game offline once the maps have been downloaded. Note that all map data available to the game is from OpenStreetMap authors. Join the global community of 112 Operator gamers and take on the challenge of saving people's lives.
Games Operators S.A.
Release date
Nov 16, 2017
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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