8-Bit Farm

Game overview

Manage a farm, enter contests, win prizes, and attract visitors. Expand your farm with combos and items, and compete in minigames to top the rankings.

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Take charge of a small farm that urgently needs a new manager to make it profitable. First, acquire some animals and cultivate a variety of crops such as flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Gradually expand your arable land and increase the number of employees until you are ready to run an agritourism operation effectively.

As your farm's popularity grows, you can participate in various competitions. The keys to success are enhancing the quality of your produce and skillfully locating farm facilities to create synergies. A prize-winning farm, of course, is more likely to attract visitors.

Happy visitors will give photos as gifts, or you can obtain them by fulfilling set tasks, and then, trade them for a myriad of farm installations at the FarmMart. Alternatively, the Odds & Ends shop has knick-knacks for sale such as gadgets that control the weather.

There's more fun to be had at festivals where you can try out your expertise in mini-games, like Tug of War, Outdoor Sports, or puzzles. In addition to some monetary incentives for winners, you can also award staff cool hats.

At the end of each year, the National Farm Rankings generate excitement, as you would try to position yourself as the top earner for sales, number of visitors, visitors' satisfaction, and number of employees.

All your gameplay is saved on your device. Your stored information is not transferable between devices, nor can you recover any deleted or uninstalled app's saved game data.

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Release date
Feb 03, 2017
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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