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Take charge of emergency services worldwide, managing calls, rescue units, and disasters. Face dynamic weather and escalating danger in the award-winning 112 Operator.

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Act as the ultimate savior and manage emergency services in any corner of the world with 112 Operator! This sequel of the award-winning game, 911 Operator offers never-seen-before challenges that will push your limits to the brink. Your responsibilities range from safeguarding a single neighborhood to managing the operation of several units in the world's most populous cities. The game features more than 100,000 global cities and areas to work with, allowing players to choose from thousands of places to operate and rescue from danger.

Weather Influence? Cataclysms? Yes, you heard it right! The dynamic weather system of the game, based on historical data, poses new challenges every time you play. Weather changes such as day or night, traffic jams, and changing seasons impact incidents' severity, making it difficult to tackle grave challenges, such as natural disasters or riots. Be careful when dealing with terrorist or gang wars and as you command the experts, make sure the best-suited specialists and most technologically advanced equipment are available to tackle these challenges.

The game gives you a chance to save lives by taking calls from panicked people in need of emergency services. You never know what's coming your way next - it could be a call about a gruesome murder, or you might find yourself instructing someone on providing CPR, or perhaps patiently handling callous pranksters. The game's new career mode lets you choose one of the European cities to climb the operator's career ladder, following your supervisor's commands. And every decision you make impacts people's lives or a situation's outcome.

With its new features, 112 Operator has raised the bar for gamers around the world. The game sports a redesigned campaign mode with significant objectives systems, email communications, and a captivating story. And that's not all: the game's updated fire mechanic features fires that grow, consume entire areas and can require dozens of units to extinguish. The game's real-time visualization tool, OnSite situation, gives you a precise and intuitive snapshot of the situation that can make or break the rescue operation.

Overall, 112 Operator stands out in the world of emergency service management games, with its innovative gameplay and features. The game brings a whole new level of excitement and challenges to the genre and guarantees hours of riveting gameplay. Get ready to experience emergency management service like never before with 112 Operator!
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