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Top Games Released on 2023

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AnnaAnnafrom Skich app

Unpack and decorate your new home's rooms, and get immersed in a mysterious character's story. No score or time limit; play peacefully anytime, anywhere.

UnpackingHumble Games
Unpacking is an award-winning calming game that replicates the usual practice of unpacking and decorating a new home. It is a combination of a puzzle game and home décor, with the aim of creating a contented living space while discovering hints about the person whose belongings you unpack. In this game, you will undergo eight house moves and develop a feeling of closeness with a character that remains invisible and in a story that is untold. This game boasts the following features: - Unpack and decorate your new home, from a single bedroom to an entire house, depending on the level you select. - The gameplay offers a relaxing experience with no scorecards, meters, or timers, making it perfect to play at your leisure or while on the go. - While you unpack and decorate, you have access to every nook and cranny of the house, enabling you to organize the plates, hang the towels, and arrange the bookshelves. - As you perform the above task, you'll have the opportunity to uncover the character's history through the items that follow them to each house and the articles that they leave behind. - The game is perfect for mobile devices, with its easily accessible unpack feature with the touch of a finger. And, through haptics, you get to experience the world virtually, while creating stunning snapshots and videos to share on your social media. - The game's BAFTA award-winning composer and audio director, Jeff van Dyck, designed the soundtrack. - It has received over 20 awards, including the 2022 BAFTA Games Awards for Narrative and EE Game of the Year. - The game provides a thoroughly designed narrative that you can experience on your mobile device from start to finish.
Broken Universe: Tower Defense

Build barricades or lure monsters into a maze, each tower defense game starts differently; explore multiple paths and strategies.

Broken Universe: Tower DefenseJinthree Studio
Prepare yourself to reconsider all of your defense tactics! Establish obstructions to prevent creatures, or tempt them into a maze and then attack them. Diverse stages that alter every time based on the way you play them. ■ Smart Tower Defense Develop your very own unique and innovative tactics in this tower defense game that involves a twist. Play however you prefer and however you can imagine it. You also have the power to choose where to land and determine how each game begins! ■ Uncommon Gameplay Experiment with a plethora of diverse tactics, from preventing every route and hiding securely behind your walls, to guiding monsters down a great line of fire. Utilize the rare towers and obstructions to develop your very own one-of-a-kind game style. Attempt to blast monsters so hard they are unable to approach, confuse and mix the monsters until they can no longer function properly, or concentrate on safeguarding and recuperating to construct an impenetrable fortress. You can even try getting a bunch of monsters to back into a corner and wiping them all out at once, or arranging them in a line and taking them out one by one. ■ An Array of Contents *Vibrant Planets *Upgrades and Technology *Various modules and fusion towers *Powerful skills and useful items □ User Permissions Guidance [Required] 1. Allow access to device pictures, media, and files - Necessary to store additional files and gameplay data required to run the game. - Necessary for storing game files and data on external SD cards. [Optional] - This application does not require optional access. ※ In the instance of the option, you can still play the game even if you don't accept it. ※ Following the approval of these permissions, you can reset and withdraw the money by the following method. [How to Set Access Rights] * Android version 6.0 or higher: Settings > Application > Privilege > Privilege List > Retract Access Settings * Android version less than 6.0: Due to the nature of the operating system, the access authority can only be revoked if the application is deleted. We suggest upgrading the Android version to use it more efficiently. ※ For additional information, make reference to the application's terms and conditions. ---- Jinthree Studio Assistance: Terms: Privacy Policy:
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In SOULS, you must save the world from darkness with over 60 unique heroes and strategic gameplay. Immersive graphics bring this epic adventure to life.

Embark on an epic adventure in SOULS, a land shattered and consumed by darkness. The story starts on an ancient continent that is broken apart, leaving a world in despair. Experience the game's exquisite art style, with a graphics design that immerses you completely in this gaming adventure. Explore the beautiful world that comes to life as you progress through the game. Discover more than 60 unique heroes with their distinct personalities. Each one has their own set of skills that can be used to your advantage. Learn to understand their strengths and weaknesses and enter their world to explore their unique personalities. Strategy and gameplay are key components in this game. It is vital to use your various heroes and their skills effectively to defeat different enemies. The tile-based combat system allows you to experiment with different formations to find the most efficient way to obliterate your foes. In SOULS, you are the hero that the world needs. With your courage and strength, you have the power to save the world from ultimate destruction. With each step, uncover hidden surprises along the way and unlock the secrets of the world. Show that you are indeed the hero that the world needs and save the world from darkness!
Sky Islands

Sky Islands is a 2D/3D platformer game inspired by FEZ. Switch dimensions to solve puzzles and collect hidden stars in a charming sky realm with intuitive controls and music.

Are you ready to take on a captivating journey through a fantastic sky realm? Look no further than Sky Islands, a charming platformer game inspired by the beloved FEZ game. Get ready to shift between the 2D and 3D dimensions as you embark on an exciting adventure to collect hidden stars and clear all the levels. Featuring both 2D and 3D gameplay, Sky Islands will keep you on your toes with clever puzzles that will challenge even the most experienced players. And with intuitive controls, you'll be able to seamlessly switch between dimensions as you traverse through the beautiful, sprawling world of Sky Islands. But that's not all – Sky Islands also boasts charming music tracks that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout the entirety of your journey. So what are you waiting for? Experience the thrill of Sky Islands and discover the wonders of this fantastic sky realm today!
Lost in Play

Lost in Play is an enchanting, hand-crafted, puzzle-based adventure game with quirky characters and imaginative storylines for families to enjoy together.

Lost in PlaySnapbreak
Embark on an imaginative journey with Lost in Play, where colorful characters and clever puzzles abound. Play as a brother and sister duo as they navigate the strange and wondrous worlds of childhood imagination in order to find their way back home. From exploring the enchanted forest of a mystical beast to inciting a goblin rebellion, and helping a team of brave frogs retrieve a sword from a stone, reality and fantasy blur together in a delightful adventure. With an otherworldly and dreamlike atmosphere, Lost in Play offers a modern point-and-click game experience that brims with mystery, intricate puzzles, and mini-games. Challenge a pirate seagull to a contest of crab-clicking, serve magic tea to a royal toad, or collect flying machine parts as you explore this fantastical and surreal world. Imagination truly comes to life in Lost in Play as you move from regular everyday scenes to embarking on wild quests, such as sneaking into goblin castles, exploring ancient ruins, and even soaring through the sky on the back of a giant stork. This game will undoubtedly whisk you away on a nostalgic and thrilling trip unlike any other! With a charming, handcrafted aesthetic reminiscent of childhood animation, Lost in Play delivers a world that is perfect for the whole family. Whether you're looking for a wholesome delight or just a good time, all ages can enjoy this interactive journey together. Lost in Play is a game that communicates visually in a universal way- there is no dialogue, which makes it perfect for children to watch and enjoy, and for parents to share with them. The game is inspired by nostalgic TV shows, and features a variety of activities, such as playing cards with goblins, building a dragon, and teaching a sheep to fly. With over 30 unique puzzles and mini-games to explore, Lost in Play has something for everyone- including trying to catch a derpy chicken! We hope that you will love Lost in Play as much as we loved making it.
Wild Runners

Wild Runners is a multiplayer 3D running game with 12 animals, 24 power-ups, silly obstacles, 4 wild environments, and weekly missions.

Wild RunnersGames by Bump
Wild Runners is an exciting and groundbreaking multiplayer 3D running game that will keep you entertained for hours. With a wide variety of 12 eccentric and distinct animals to choose from, each with their own set of skills and abilities, you will be able to customize your gameplay and explore different strategies to win. Unlock over 24 incredible power-up cards, including boosts, shields, and invincibility, to give you an edge over your opponents. The game features fast-paced procedural racing with amusing obstacles and platforms that will challenge your running skills and keep you on the edge of your seat. Explore four wild environments with unique atmospheres, each with its own set of challenges and scenery to discover. Collect stars along the way to claim amazing rewards and unlock new content, allowing you to level up and personalize your gaming experience. Climb the trophy road and take on weekly missions to earn even more rewards and gain recognition for your achievements. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned gamer, Wild Runners has something for everyone. Join the race today and experience the excitement and thrills of this incredible game!
Dere Vengeance

Dive into a fourth-wall-breaking pixelated horror adventure, face nightmarish challenges, and embrace the surreal meta-horror story of DERE Vengeance.

Dere VengeanceAppSir Games
Indulge your fears in an innovative platformer that shatters the fourth wall, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. UNIQUE GRIM PIXEL UNIVERSE Let the eerie soundscape and meticulously crafted pixelated art immerse you in ghastly situations, inexplicable glitches, psychological horror, and warm memories of antique scrolling games. AMICAL COHORTS Benefit from the mentorship of A.I.D.E. and the benevolent and morally upright "Dev," who will accompany and support players every stride of the way. The fellow travelers will also add a strange allure to the surreal adventure of participating in this exclusive game. Endure peculiar characters, frightening monsters, and disturbing anomalies during your odyssey. STRENUOUS YET EQUITABLE Experience intense fear as you maneuver through horrendous but just platforming challenges with exactitude and agitation. The hardcore tough gameplay is redolent of vintage games that are difficult to put down, stimulating your mind for the type of scares that make most of the horror genre highly effective. PLOT THAT SMASHES THE FOURTH WALL Dive into an electrifying meta-horror that transgresses the limits of the empirical digital horror classification, integrating terror and anxiety into a genuinely surreal experience. In DERE Vengeance, the player is an active participant in the plotline. SPOOKY EXPEDITION Embrace the perfect amalgam of terror and excitement in this plot-rich platformer that guarantees authentic terror and delightful gameplay. You can begin DERE Vengeance without playing our other games, a course of action not recommended, as this spine-chilling adventure has its own unique and captivating episode. Untangle the engrossing tale of DERE Vengeance, the gripping new chapter in the critically acclaimed fright series DERE EXE and DERE EVIL EXE!
Battlesmiths: Blade & Forge

Craft powerful weapons, conquer opponents, and explore the captivating story in Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge- a strategic RPG with intense PvP matches.

Battlesmiths: Blade & ForgeRagnarocket
Embark on an exciting adventure with Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge, a captivating strategy RPG. Defeat treacherous enemies, free your town, and create incredibly powerful weapons and armor for your squad! Hone your strategic skills, collect rare resources, craft even stronger items, and emerge victorious in a variety of modes, including the challenging Tower of Trials and the intriguing campaign mode. Crafting is a significant aspect of this RPG, offering plenty of options for weapons, armor, and artifacts. This feature adds depth and intricacy to the game, enabling players to refine their strategy and improve the combat abilities of their heroes. Along with the creation of powerful artifacts, you can change the classes of your heroes and give them new abilities using an assortment of runes. You'll need to be shrewd about how you allocate your time and resources in preparation for battle. While your characters engage in automatic combat in this strategy RPG, your strategic planning and wits will determine the outcome of each battle. Planning the correct equipment, wisely placing your heroes, and employing consumables will guarantee victory for your squad. The campaign mode is an engrossing story-driven adventure, filled with action, betrayal, magic, and perilous foes. Each chapter happens in a unique region with its adversaries and obstacles that your squad must conquer to emerge victorious. Embark on the Tower of Trials mode, where you'll encounter increasingly powerful enemies at each new level. Triumph over your foes to receive valuable rewards, such as hiring new heroes and augmenting their rarity. Challenge yourself and test your tactical skills in the PvP mode by participating in real-time matches against the most skilled players. Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge features stunning graphics and an intuitive UI, appealing to gamers of all levels of expertise. Customize your heroes with cosmetic items to enhance your gameplay style, making it a truly unique and personalized experience. The fate of the world rests in your hands with Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge. Conquer the electrifying story mode, refine your strategic abilities through the comprehensive craft system, fight epic battles in the PvP mode, and experience this spectacular strategic RPG. Take on the challenge and become the ultimate Battlesmith!

Play as a Spirit and use the four elements to fight fallen Souls in turn-based battles in Spiritle, the enchanting cross-platform digital board game.

SpiritleFabled Game
Welcome to Spiritle, an exciting digital board game that combines turn-based strategy and epic battles, making it a perfect game for four players. You get to choose to play as one of the four elements, which include Nature, Earth, Water, and Fire. The game's four seasons set the pace as fallen Souls battle to reclaim their place in the World Tree. Spiritle offers a captivating cross-platform pairing game that allows you to open and pair similar lands to mount attacks and defeat others to win the party. The game's mechanics are designed to keep you engaged and entertained throughout the party. Should you have any queries or feedback, our customer support team is always available through email at For more updates and community discussions, join our Discord group via You may also follow us on Twitter, or like our Facebook page: Choose your element and join the battle!
The Wreck

In The Wreck, guide Junon through her most important day; relive the past, alter the present, and embrace the future.

The WreckThe Pixel Hunt
Embark on a journey with Junon, a failed screenwriter in The Wreck - a captivating 3D visual novel where you are the master of her fate. In this game, you get to play a crucial role in helping Junon through the most significant day of her life fraught with challenges. Junon's life is in turmoil, her career is in shambles, her personal life is falling apart, while she's emotionally numb. On top of that, an emergency call from the hospital about her estranged mother's critical condition brings everything to a head, making this day all the more critical for Junon. Without your help, her story may turn from a dramatic arc to a catastrophic crash. Take a dive into Junon's past and relive her most poignant memories, including a tragic secret that lies at the centre of her existence. Piece together the fragments of her life, gain an understanding of her trauma, and use this knowledge to alter the present and change the course of her life. Unlock new dialogue options, mend broken relationships, and offer her a chance to heal. With nowhere lower to go, you can bring Junon superb peace and show her the beauty, humor, and hope that life's bleakest days can often hold. Help her find solace within herself and embrace the future with a newfound optimism, paving the way for a better tomorrow. The Wreck is an emotional and compelling tale of human resilience; experience it for yourself today.
Assemble With Care

Restore old objects and help reconnect the townsfolk of sun-soaked Bellariva in this tactile puzzle game with a beautiful impressionist style.

Assemble With Careustwo games
Indulge in the warm, pleasant ambiance of this vintage puzzle game, where you are tasked with repairing old-school objects. Follow the journey of an antique-restorer, Maria, as she travels to the sun-kissed town of Bellariva, to aid the townsfolk in rekindling their ties with one another. “Perfect for mobile devices” - The Verge “Affecting and authentic experience” - Gamesradar “Exemplary case illustrating the serene satisfaction of fixing broken trinkets ... it certainly leaves an impression” - Eurogamer The craft of video game creation can be considered an art, and this game is an exquisite example of it - Touch Arcade ==== Breathe life into the defining symbols of yesteryears, and unravel their mysteries, while traveling through the eyes of Maria. Enjoy the heart-warming tale of the residents of Bellariva, with their endearing peculiarities, as you partake in their quest to reconnect with each other. The reminiscing of bygone days is enhanced by the original soundtrack, inspired by the tunes of the 80s, lending the game a sense of nostalgia. Be awestruck by the intricate, impressionist style of the visuals, that are hand-illustrated, giving the gameplay a state of uniqueness.
Dungeon Hunter 6

Dungeon Hunter VI: an enthralling hack-and-slash odyssey, featuring 5 playable classes, customizable heroes, and immersive gameplay with stunning visuals.

Dungeon Hunter 6GOAT Games
The Dungeon Hunter series returns with its latest installment – Dungeon Hunter VI, an exhilarating action-packed experience featuring fearless Bounty Hunters in a unique hack-and-slash odyssey that continues the saga. Explore uncharted territories, reunite with iconic characters, and encounter new levels of excitement in this extraordinary adventure. Return 200 years after the heroic sacrifice of the Bounty Hunter in Valenthia and engage in brand new thrilling adventures, on a scale never seen before in any Dungeon Hunter Game. Follow the journey of heroes as they attempt to stop the malevolent powers that have emerged from the Forbidden Towers and combat hordes of Demonic Beings, creating an epic hack and slash experience. Choose from five available classes: Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Mage, or Boon Sister. Equip yourself and your trusted companions as you save the realm from new and returning evils. Take wealth, respect, glory, and power, all for the taking! Game Highlights: 1. Immerse Yourself in New Adventures - Embark on a new and exciting campaign, solve mysteries of Forbidden Towers and save the Realm. - Explore Valenthia in a unique way that you have never seen before. 2. Forge Your Own Hero's Journey - Choose any of the iconic Dungeon Hunter classes. - Customize your heroes and their skill trees to suit your playstyle. 3. Rally Your Forces and Make New Bonds - Gather and summon powerful lieutenants, from simple monsters to Legendary Heroes of the Past. - Join or create guilds to collaborate with allies and take on formidable foes that threaten the world. 4. Premium Quality Gaming Experience - Immerse yourself in stunningly upgraded visuals with vivid locations, well-designed characters, and dynamic combat effects. - Explore captivating narratives brought to life by professional voiceovers and compelling OST. Make sure to visit the official site,, and follow the social media accounts of Dungeon Hunter VI on Facebook, Discord, YouTube, and Twitter. Please note that the app allows virtual item purchases and may contain third-party advertisements that redirect you to other sites. Read the full Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before using the app.

Swap heroes mid-battle & bring your FPS skills to this innovative side-scrolling multiplayer shooter packed with guns, modes, & meaty combat.

IMMERSIVE COMBAT WITH DISTINCT CLASSES Unleash your gaming prowess with the SquadBlast’s distinctive heroes featuring unique abilities. From the roster of heroes, choose your favorite fighter and dominate the battlefields. Mastery of each fighter is essential, and switching mid-battle is the key to outmaneuver your opponents and ensure victory! AN FPS-LEVEL OF ENGAGEMENT Experience SquadBlast’s game style that transcends the traditional side-scrolling shooter with its combat mechanics that mimic the first-person shooter. With the ability to switch between your primary and secondary weapons, equip melee gears, rocket jump to get a higher vertical advantage or slide down ramps for agility. Besides, bunny hop and vault over projectiles to reinforce your character's mobility. EPIC MULTIPLAYER Witness the likes of Team Deathmatch, Capture the Point, Payload, among others, in action-packed multiplayer battles. Customize battles to your taste with SquadBlast's custom match feature to select the best map and modes for your squad. With rollback net code, expect a seamless multiplayer experience while leading your squad to different locations that the year-in-crisis 2042 offers. AN ARRAY OF WEAPONS SquadBlast is home to numerous weapons ranging from assault rifles to rocket launchers. Experiment with each weapon and discover how best to utilize it in combat. INTUITIVE CONTROLS With its easy-to-grasp mechanic, the SquadBlast’s controls are conveniently located where you'd need them—ideal for beginner and experienced gamers playing with mouse and keyboard or controller. "Shooter enthusiast's dream." – Dexerto "SquadBlast's gameplay feels amazing." – Push Square "Quick and easy to master gameplay." – The Gamer "SquadBlast is an excellent game." – VG247 The world has turned into a battleground in the year 2042, with oppressive corporations, ruthless dictators, and bankrupt governments. In this world of despair and peril, gangs organized by a shadowy association lend hope to the powerless populace. SquadBlast is a multiplayer side-scrolling shooter that captures the essence of this world. Every bullet counts, and varied approaches to combat are necessary to conquer different modes. In SquadBlast, join the battle as a team, and dominate the opposing side in meticulously crafted, fair battles that are easy to pick up and master.
Monster Hunter Now

Hunt iconic monsters from the Monster Hunter universe in the real world using simplified tap-based controls and AR camera features. Master the hunt in 75 seconds or less.

Monster Hunter NowNiantic, Inc.
Are you ready for the ultimate hunting experience? The outdoors are calling! Embark on a global quest to track down and hunt some of the most fearsome monsters from the Monster Hunter universe that materialize in our world. Together with a group of hunters, craft powerful weapons and take these larger-than-life monsters head-on. Explore different habitats such as Forest, Desert, or Swamp and face thrilling hunts solo or band with fellow hunters. With simplified tap-based controls and high-quality graphics, enjoy immersive hunting action on the go. Tracking monsters has never been easier with the AR Camera feature, which allows you to experience how these iconic monsters appear in the real world. Experience the rush of the chase and enhance your skills to complete the hunt within 75 seconds. Use a variety of weapons, craft armor sets and exploit monster weaknesses to master the hunt. Don't miss a chance to track monsters while you're out and about, Adventure Sync allows you to use a Paintball to keep tabs on the hunt. Even if you're not playing actively, your Palico can mark passing monsters with Palico Paintballs, which you can return to later. This ensures that the action never stops, and you never miss a chance to explore new hunting grounds. So gear up, sharpen your senses and embark on a wild hunting adventure that you won't forget!
Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Relive iconic moments, experience new stories, customize your party, and form a Co-op to defeat bosses in FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS for mobile.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever CrisisSQUARE ENIX
Get ready to immerse yourself in the unforgettable moments of FFVII and join the heroic journey of Sephiroth. FFVII Ever Crisis is a game that features both classic and new stories from the universe of Final Fantasy VII, and it comes with a retro-style look combined with stunning modern graphics that are easily accessible on any device. Team up with your favorite characters and give each one unique gear and weapons to overcome formidable enemies in Solo or Co-op mode. Experience new and original stories that Final Fantasy VII has to offer. The never-before-told story of Sephiroth, a young hero, awaits you. Meet new characters and play as iconic heroes such as Cloud and Zack from the original Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- in episodes that will keep you wanting more. In Final Fantasy VII, you will play as Cloud Strife, who was once an elite SOLDIER operative but now works as a mercenary. He joins Avalanche, an anti-Shinra organization unaware of the fatal future that awaits him. Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, on the other hand, follows the story of Zack Fair, a promising young operative in the Shinra military’s elite unit, SOLDIER, seven years before the events of FFVII. Follow the tale of Zack’s dreams, honor, and destiny that connects him to Cloud. The game boasts a modern-stylized polygon look, inspired by the original FFVII, and even those new to this game series can still enjoy this epic saga that defined RPG for gamers worldwide. The evolved game system optimized for mobile includes high-quality graphics that make this fast-paced command-based battle game even smoother than FFVII's Active Time Battle. This game features classic FINAL FANTASY RPG elements such as Abilities, Materia, Summons, and heart-pumping Limit Breaks and other features like Auto Mode and Battle Speed, making the game more enjoyable to play. Build and customize the ultimate party by forming your favorite characters, such as Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Zack, and many more! Dress them with new gear unique to FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS. You can lead your group of friends from around the world in up to 3-member Co-op battle to defeat powerful bosses together! Make sure to follow the official #FF7EC Pages, and check out their Website ( and Twitter ( FFVII EVER CRISIS is optimized for Android devices and requires at least 8GB of free space, Compatible Device OS: Android 8.0 or later, CPU: ARM v8a 64bit, SoC: Snapdragon 845 or later, and RAM: Requires at least 4GB. Copyright © 1997, 2023 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. It's Powered by Applibot, Inc. The character illustration is created by Lisa Fujise, and the design belongs to Tetsuya Nomura.

Embark on an epic multiplayer fantasy adventure in an open world of ancient relics, captivating puzzles, and dangerous foes. Survive, build, and explore as you shape your destiny in Dawnlands.

Dawnlands is a captivating MMORPG adventure where you can explore a vast open world that will leave you spellbound. Prepare to embark on a valiant journey to awaken a long-forgotten domain, where the destiny of this universe is in your hands. The game invites you to traverse through breathtaking landscapes, uncover ancient relics, and unravel intriguing puzzles that will enhance your gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the art of exploration, as there are countless diverse biomes, enigmatic relics, and captivating puzzles awaiting your attention in this ancient land. This realm was dormant for centuries, waiting to be awoken to new tales of legend and lore. You have the power to inscribe your own epic saga upon its storied canvas. Survival is crucial, as this unforgiving environment demands resourcefulness to withstand it. Though the past may be long forgotten, the vast richness of nature's bounty is yours for the taking. But beware, lurking in the darkness are dangers that pose a threat to the land. To survive, you will need to illuminate the shadows that threaten to consume the land and quell the encroaching darkness. Unleash your creative architectural skills as you explore over a hundred diverse crafting materials that empower you to construct your dream abode. Sculpt the very foundations of your home, shape the land, and let your imagination soar free. Engage in fierce battles to unlock invaluable recipes, enabling you to forge formidable weapons, fashionable attire, and indispensable tools. You have the power to build and craft with impunity, so let your creativity flow. Forge lasting bonds in the multiplayer realm of Dawnlands. Up to four valiant warriors can join forces within a shared game-world. You have the option to embark on solo odysseys or join your comrades on epic quests. You will experience the joy of visiting your friends' realms or welcoming them into your own domain through the friend system or world invitation codes. Alternatively, venture into uncharted territories and forge new alliances and meet other adventurers. Unite with your comrades and embark on unforgettable journeys together! Destiny has chosen you as the altar of this realm. Dawnlands is an awe-inspiring adventure set in a sprawling open world that will leave you enthralled. Get ready to unleash your inner warrior and begin your journey today. Visit our Facebook fanpage: or join our Discord server: to meet our lively community. For more information, visit our official website at
Roto Force

Battle through 9 unique environments with powerful weapons to defeat 30 mini-bosses and 10 regular bosses in Roto Force's challenging 2D bullet-hell gameplay.

Roto ForcePID Games
Are you up for some fast-paced action and a heart-pumping experience? Roto Force is a thrilling 2D bullet-hell game that will test your skill and reflexes in 9 unique environments filled with challenging obstacles and enemies. This twin-stick shooter will keep you on the edge of your seat! Try it for free, and if you want more action, unlock the full game with an in-app purchase. As an intern in Roto Force, you’ll be given various missions to carry out your boss’s demands. You’ll have to navigate through jungles, slime cities, and other worlds to complete the tasks you’re given. Overcoming these challenges will require you to unlock new weapons with unique shot styles, enhancing your gameplay experience. Roto Force boasts not only its exciting levels but 10 challenging boss fights that will test your skills. In these battles, you will need to quickly react, employ your strategic thinking, and time your moves to perfection to emerge victorious. It’s easier said than done! With simple controls, a thrilling soundtrack, and 9 different weapons that give you different play styles to choose from, Roto Force is easy to get into but hard to master. It features 30 Mini-Bosses and 10 challenging regular sized Bosses that are sure to keep you entertained for hours. The game has generous accessibility options that can slow down the game speed, increase damage, or give you immortality. If you prefer a higher difficulty mode for a more challenging experience, you can unlock it for ultimate satisfaction. Let Roto Force be your exciting new challenge that you can play through in a day, an afternoon, a weekend, or even a week! This game does not offer any procedural generation and boasts no more than four colors at a time. It’s an original game made with love by a small team that delivers big on excitement! Sign up for your internship in Roto Force today and get ready for an adventure like no other!
Madtale: Idle RPG

Unravel the truth in Madtale's dark fairytale world. Strategize, power up, and compete in PvP with unique characters in this immersive game.

Madtale: Idle RPGArchosaur Games
The deceptive fairytale world of Madtale is full of surprises and danger, where one needs to watch out for the poison hidden in the shadow of the princess. Register now and get a chance to win fantastic rewards such as Epic Partner MIRROR QUEEN, Elite Gear set, and limited avatar frames, to name a few. With 1024 draws available for free, you can win big without spending real money. Furthermore, log in for seven consecutive days and get a free exclusive Epic Partner, SNOW WHITE! Unleash the true potential of your favorite partner with ease by unlocking specialized Paragenetic Weapons, all for free. Level up your characters quickly in the Link Workshop, and let the Wagon generate rewards for you even when you are offline. With Madtale, saving time and resources has never been easier. Immerse yourself in the game's captivating split-screen design, where you can set up your team with just one tap. With Autoplay's help, you can spend less time grinding and more time exploring Madtale's immersive world. Experience the game's deep and strategic gameplay that features six unique camps and five professions, each with their own set of unique skills and buffs. Every partner you have is an invaluable asset, and with flexible layouts and various buffs at your disposal, all your operations will be fruitful. Additionally, there is more to explore, such as building your guild to defeat epic bosses or unlocking the Plot Stories in the Memorial Palace. Compete against adventurers from worldwide and fight your way to the top of the leaderboard by participating in the PVP Arena. Make friends, build the ultimate team, and win fame and glory as you go. Madtale's universe is filled with newly designed dark fairytale partners that have reversed fairytale plots, creating an immersive and intriguing experience for its players. The truth behind the story is shrouded in mystery, waiting for you to unravel layer by layer. Madtale provides a thrilling roguelike adventure experience with various randomized events in the Polluted Prison or Underground Ruins. Defeat the bosses on each floor to win resources and rewards that could change your fate. Join the Madtale community by downloading the game on any Android device with 6.0 and above. Stay connected by following Madtale's social media accounts: Official Facebook, Official Discord, and Official Website, to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, events, and contests.
Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a new RPG and CCG game that takes place at Hogwarts, where you can duel, attend classes, and explore the Forbidden Forest with friends.

Harry Potter: Magic AwakenedWarner Bros.
Immerse yourself into the wizarding world with Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, a unique card collection and role-playing game. Enroll at Hogwarts, explore the wizarding world and compete with other witches and wizards in exciting multiplayer duels in this latest addition to the Harry Potter games. Whether you want to battle mighty dragons, play PvP duels with your friends, or step into Harry's shoes in the Book with No Name, this game gives you the freedom to choose your own adventure. Developed by Netease and co-published by WB Games under Portkey Games, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened guarantees an outstanding brawler and adventure experience, unlike any other Harry Potter game on mobile. The game boasts an impressive variety of features, including collecting and leveling up over 70 magic cards, casting spells like Stupefy and Incendio in card battles, summoning fantastic beasts, and artefacts to engage in PvP brawls and PvE challenges. You’ll encounter beloved characters like Harry, Hermione, and Ron, and explore Hogwarts and the wizarding world as a new generation of witches and wizards, 10 years after the defeat of Voldemort. Aside from battling it out in the magic arena, you'll get to attend Hogwarts classes, brew potions, research at the History of Magic, explore the Forbidden Forest, face dragons, and relive iconic moments with Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Customize your own witch or wizard with outfits, wands, and brooms from Diagon Alley, and maximize your social experience by connecting with friends online in real-time. The Duelling Club is perfect for practicing competitive card brawls in solo or duo modes, where you can play PvP 1v1 or 2v2 multiplayer brawls. At the same time, the Quidditch Training ground allows you to speed through the pitch and become the top scorer, while the Ball lets you invite friends for some fun dancing sessions. The game culminates with a fireworks show over Hogwarts every night. With an amalgamation of RPG, story games, adventure games, and online multiplayer games, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has something for everyone. Forget casual magic games and fully immerse yourself in an RPG adventure as a true student of magic at Hogwarts. Join our community on our website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels and start mastering the magic today!
Teeny Tiny Town

Build your own town by merging and constructing structures in the captivating puzzle game TEENY TINY TOWN. Challenge yourself and expand exponentially.

Teeny Tiny TownShort Circuit Studio
Get ready to experience the delightful and addictive world of TEENY TINY TOWN, the charming puzzle builder that lets you create, merge, and expand your own tiny metropolis. As an aspiring architect, you'll start by combining various items on the board to build new structures – from humble trees to grand houses and beyond. Watch in wonder as your town blossoms and grows before your very eyes, powered by your own creativity and puzzle-solving prowess. With each new level comes unique challenges and opportunities, as well as exciting new resources to unlock and incorporate into your expanding city. You'll need to carefully manage your resources and make smart decisions as you strategize your way to maximum growth and development. Along the way, you'll enjoy relaxing music and ambient sounds as you master the art of efficient urban planning and compete on global leaderboards. With engaging levels, delightful details, and endless possibilities for expansion, TEENY TINY TOWN is the perfect way to unleash your inner architect and build the miniature metropolis of your dreams. So what are you waiting for? Set your sights on greatness and join the fun today!
Daisho: Survival of a Samurai

Shape your own legacy in ancient Japan! Battle ronin and ninjas, plan and construct your village, and make tactical decisions that shape history.

Daisho: Survival of a SamuraiColossi Games
Daisho: Survival of a Samurai offers players an engaging Action RPG experience set in the captivating Sengoku period of ancient Japan. The realm has been set aflame by the ruthless Oda Nobunaga, who aims to overthrow the weak shogun, and you are destined to shape your own destiny in this enthralling game. As the daughter of a samurai, you are responsible for safeguarding and rebuilding your homeland which has fallen victim to marauding ronin and cunning ninjas who take advantage of the turmoil. Embark on a fascinating journey where you must make crucial choices that will impact the course of history. Will you fight alongside the ambitious conqueror Oda Nobunaga, or join forces with another influential daimyo? This game is a blend of adventure, strategy, and historical narrative that will keep you engaged for hours. Daisho: Survival of a Samurai boasts dynamic combat where you can engage in fluid martial arts and swordplay that allows unrestricted movement. As you traverse diverse kingdoms steeped in rich history, there are hidden treasures to be discovered. Gather resources from farms, mines, and forests to create an extensive crafting system that allows you to tailor your weapons to suit different combat scenarios. Strategically plan and construct your own village, complete with essential crafting stations, to thrive and develop. Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world of meticulously crafted 3D models and breathtaking animations with a distinctive artistic style that will leave you spellbound. Move beyond the mundane survival against zombies and embark on an extraordinary journey through the historical fantasy of the Sengoku era, a fascinating historical setting. In Daisho: Survival of a Samurai, you will navigate treacherous battles, masterful swordplay, and forge alliances that will shape the course of history. Are you ready to embrace the path of the samurai and leave an indelible mark on the ancient land of Japan? Keep updated on news and events happening in the game by following us on Facebook and Discord.
Fireball Wizard

Be a powerful wizard in Fireball Wizard, exploring through a pixelated wonderland filled with danger, puzzles, and fearsome bosses.

Fireball WizardPID Games
Step into the enchanting world of Wizardonia where you'll embark on a magical journey filled with perilous adventures and mesmerizing landscapes in Fireball Wizard. As an adept wizard, your primary goal is to journey through the pixelated terrain where you'll encounter challenging obstacles and adversaries. Wield your unique capabilities to cast blazing fireballs, conquer menacing bosses, and unravel mysteries in the ethereal forests, caves, and castles. Fireball Wizard boasts a fusion of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving, making it a quintessential gaming experience for every enthusiast. It is free-to-try, but to unlock the game's full potential, you'll need to make in-app purchases. With a wide range of formidable enemies and multiple terrains, Fireball Wizard ensures an addictive and magical gameplay experience that tests your wits and reflexes. Enhance your skills and upgrade your equipment as you progress through the game's diverse levels, culminating in becoming a connoisseur in manipulating harmless flames into blazing fireballs that incinerate anything in their path. As you traverse the gaming world, you'll face a myriad of puzzles and obstacles that put your skills to the test. However, as you progress, you unlock new abilities and spells to enable you to overcome any challenge in your path. Put on your wizarding attire, clutch your staff tightly, and prepare to become the most potent fireball wizard this world has ever seen. Features: • Thrilling action-adventure gameplay: Indulge in exhilarating combat and explore the pixelated world brimming with danger and delight • Mighty wizard abilities: Utilize your magic to cast unstoppable fireballs and decimate the fearsome bosses. • Brain-teasing puzzles: Marvel your problem-solving skills with an array of mind-bending obstacles. • Uncover hidden secrets: Traverse every nook and cranny of the world to reveal concealed enigmas. • Miscellaneous gameplay: Enjoy a blend of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving to keep you captivated throughout hours of gameplay.
Towaga: Among Shadows

Mastery of light against enraged creatures in an enchanted world of spells and mysterious past - Towaga: Among Shadows.

Towaga: Among ShadowsNoodlecake
Towaga: Among Shadows presents a thrilling challenge as you face various hostile creatures eager to attack and tear you down. To fend off these dangerous foes, you must hone your light-mastery skills, whether battling on foot in dense jungles or soaring high above temple peaks. Embark on an unforgettable journey that will lead you to devastating spells and powerful gear that will aid you in your quest to defeat the notorious Metnal the Voidmonger and the Legion of Darkness. With more than 70 unique levels and four different game modes, you'll discover amazing artifacts that uncover the rich history of the Az'Kalar civilization. The journey through this magical universe is made even more enchanting by the cinematic graphics inspired by animated motion pictures and an immersive soundtrack that brings this mystical world to life. In this universe, failure is not an option, and you must fight relentlessly to win the battle against the darkness. Invite your friends to join the competition and climb the leaderboard as you showcase your skills by completing a series of challenging achievements to prove your expertise. Do you have what it takes to conquer the shadows and bring peace to the island?
LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth

Join the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth, an epic turn-based strategy RPG. Rewrite history with the power of a New Ring.

LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earthElectronic Arts
Become the hero of Middle-earth, a land full of fantasy and adventure, by joining the ultimate turn-based strategy RPG game - Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth. In this game, you will come across a New Ring that has the power to alter history's course. The decision of whether to use it for good or evil ultimately lies with you. As you embark on this exciting journey, you can build a team with your favorite Tolkien characters, including Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, and explore various factions of Middle-earth, never seen before. Elves, wizards, and hobbits join forces, making it a thrilling and unique visualization of a classic franchise. Gather your friends and enemies, and pave the way for legendary battles, social competition, and epic squad battles by forming a guild. Compete in PvP, PvE, or Story modes to level up your characters and turn them into legendary heroes. You can collect classic characters from the Lord of the Rings universe, like Eowyn and more. The characters can be upgraded using a long-term progressive system, unique combat skills, and abilities that are required to unlock team-up attacks and synergy bonuses. Explore previously unseen factions of Middle-earth, such as Haradrim, and Dúnedain. In this turn-based strategy game, you must hone your skills across multiple game modes by playing intricately created heroes with unique combat weapons and abilities. Heroes with singular attributes, such as relationships and personalities, join forces in guilds to advance your squad. Nothing can stop your hero from achieving legendary combat in this game. The fate of Middle-earth is in your hands. Download Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth to experience fantasy and medieval adventure like never before. © 2023 MEE. The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth, The Lord of the Rings, and other characters, items, events, and places therein are trademarks of Middle-earth Enterprises, LLC used under license to EA. Certain audio and visual material and game code © 2023 Electronic Arts Inc. Electronic Arts, the EA logo, and Capital Games are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. By installing this app, you agree to EA's Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. The app requires an Internet connection, and thus, network fees may apply. The app also has direct links to social networking sites and the internet that are appropriate for audiences over the age of 13. You can use the virtual currency acquired from optional in-game purchases to buy virtual in-game items from a random selection. The app uses Google Play Games Services. It is advisable to log out of these services if you do not want to share your gameplay with friends. Visit the official website of EA to know more about their services and their user agreements. You can also visit the help section of the website if you need assistance or have any queries. EA may choose to retire online features by providing 30 days' notice on their website.
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Choose your path at Hogwarts! Master spells, brew potions, investigate mysteries, and befriend magical creatures in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts MysteryJam City, Inc.
🦉 Your enrollment to Hogwarts has finally arrived! Your fate is in your hands. Will you be courageous like a Gryffindor, cunning like a Slytherin, wise like a Ravenclaw, or loyal like a Hufflepuff? The Sorting Hat awaits your choice, and your journey in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. 🎓 In this groundbreaking mobile game, developed by WBIE’s Portkey Games label, you can write your own unique story and follow your dreams in the Wizarding World. 📬 Explore the magic of Hogwarts and become a part of this world. Attend Dumbledore’s classes, learn potions from Snape, uncover mysteries, make new friends, and duel your rivals to become the best wizard or witch. There are countless paths to follow and secrets to reveal. With interactive stories, romance, magical creatures, and hidden surprises, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an exciting role-playing game that will leave you spellbound! Step into the world of witchcraft and wizardry, and start your adventure at Hogwarts. 🎓 Discover and master magical spells and potions. ⚗️ Explore the secrets of the Wizarding World, and unlock locations, spells, and potions as you advance through the years of your education. Unite with other Hogwarts students, and take your place at this magical academy. Unveil mysteries and solve puzzles at Hogwarts! 🔍 Investigate the Cursed Vaults and your brother's disappearance. Choose your actions wisely, as your choices have real consequences. Uncover other magical puzzles in exciting chapters and episodes. Engage in immersive events and games, play Quidditch, and defeat Dementors with your very own Patronus. 🏆 Befriend magical creatures like the playful Niffler. Form unique bonds with your classmates and professors. 🤝 Embark on quests, find romance, and fall in love. Share your adventures with each of your friends and rivals. Customize your avatar and your space! Show off your style by selecting from tons of exciting hair and clothing options. 🏰 Design and decorate your dorm room to represent your house and personality. New customizations for your character and dorm are constantly added. Join the community and follow us on social media: Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or Instagram. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is free to download and play. Some in-game items can be purchased with real money. If you want to disable this feature, please disable in-app purchases on your device. To play or download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you need to be at least 13 years old and comply with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. A network connection is required. Enter the realm of magic and start your Hogwarts journey today! Customize your avatar, decorate your dorm, and solve intriguing mysteries in this enchanting RPG!
Century: Age of Ashes

Play Century: Age of Ashes, a free multiplayer dragon battle game. Customize your dragon and compete in intense arena battles with unique classes and full customization.

Century: Age of AshesPlaywing
The popular multiplayer game, Century: Age of Ashes, invites you to join in on the action, completely free of charge! Take part in the breathtaking dragon battles and compete with other players to become the ultimate Dragoneer. Rule the skies and reign as a legendary dragon! ------- EPIC SKIRMISHES Jump into the arena by yourself or with friends and battle it out in thrilling game modes such as: - Carnage: Unleash mayhem with power ups and team up with other riders in a deadly Team Deathmatch. - Spoils of War: Protect your own nest, steal gold from your opponents and adapt to unpredictable situations. ------- SELECT YOUR ROLE Choose from an array of different classes, each with its unique set of abilities and play styles. Whether you prefer to shield and disorient like the Windguard, track and annihilate like the Marauder, stealthily trap your enemies like the Phantom, or rush and shock them like the Stormraiser, the path to victory is yours to choose. ------- TAILOR YOUR DRAGON Your dragon is yours to customize! Century: Age of Ashes boasts an array of meticulously crafted cosmetic items to make your dragon and its rider stand out in the arena. Gain experience points and unlock remarkable skins that will make your dragon the envy of all.
Tomb Raider Reloaded

Join Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Reloaded. Bring her twin-pistols and explore treacherous tombs, caves, jungles, and temples while facing off new and familiar enemies.

Tomb Raider ReloadedCDE Entertainment
Embark on a thrilling adventure with Tomb Raider, now available on mobile devices. Play as the iconic Lara Croft like you've never seen her before. This game pays homage to the original Tomb Raider series with Lara's twin-pistols as your go-to weapon on globetrotting adventures. Prepare to travel through treacherous underground tombs and climb across hazardous mountain caves, lush waterfalls, and ancient temples while avoiding hidden traps and solving a variety of puzzles. Every level will require you to face off against different enemies and dungeon bosses that range from bloodthirsty wolves, poisonous snakes, epic dinosaurs, and more. Each run of the game features roguelike and procedurally generated adventure stages for a unique experience every time. Customize your gameplay experience with added abilities and perks, such as piercing shots, grenade throws, and arch shots enabling you to inflict maximum damage on your foes. defeat bosses with improved speed and higher damage power. Collect coins and experience points to upgrade Lara Croft's outfits and weapons to increase her base attack and HP stats. This game is stylized with cartoon visuals that reimagine Tomb Raider in ways you've never seen before. Experience an original orchestral soundtrack with reworked classic scores that pay tribute to Tomb Raider's iconic legacy as Lara Croft runs, jumps, shoots, and handstands in classic Croft fashion. Discover unique chapter runs filled with waves of monster mobs and epic dungeon boss fights. Escape certain doom and collect incredible relics and blueprints that provide increased damage and healing stats. Players can also craft and upgrade powerful new weapons, including shotguns, double pistols, assault rifles, and mystical staff. Join in on the fun events such as the Temple of Doom Zone Event that allows you to collect and upgrade unique gear, improving your battle skills and outfits for an even more exciting adventure. This Rouge-like shooter-gun game is perfect for adventure game fans. Gear up and take on the raid by visiting the official Tomb Raider Reloaded pages on Discord or Facebook. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with Tomb Raider.
Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace

Hunt for loot, fight bosses and save the kingdom from The Void in this action-packed roguelite by Ubisoft. Available exclusively on Netflix.

Mighty Quest: Rogue PalaceNetflix, Inc.
Only on Netflix, experience the thrilling adventure of hunting for epic loot and battling big bosses in this Hack-and-slash game that will put your skills to the test! Explore a winding maze filled with dangers and prepare to die - repeatedly. But don't worry, you'll come back stronger every time, ready to save the kingdom of Opulencia from The Void. Time is running out, and the fate of the entire land rests on your shoulders. Step into the shoes of one of the heroes and take on the challenge of battling the insane creatures that roam this realm. From fierce goblins to terrifying banshees, every enemy will require a unique strategy to defeat. There's action around every corner, with new surprises and obstacles to overcome in each dungeon. But you're not alone in this journey! You can mix and match heroes, weapons and power-ups to create endless combinations of playstyles. With 20 heroes to choose from, each with their own fantastical story, you can uncover the different paths available to you as you explore the massive mind palace of the Mad King. Complete quests and save the kingdom from the King's own greed, leading to The Void's takeover. Enlist the help of the King's servants, who can aid you in your journey and even help you understand what's really going on. With 15 regions to unlock and clear, replayability is ensured in this attention-grabbing roguelite that promises to provide an unforgettable adventure! This game is created by none other than Ubisoft Entertainment, a company renowned for its fantastic storytelling and breathtaking visuals. What are you waiting for? The kingdom of Opulencia needs you!
Mighty Doom

Top-down, single-touch shooter set in DOOM universe. Fight through mini demon hordes, upgrade weapons, defeat epic bosses, and become mighty.

Mighty DoomBethesda
Venture into the fiery depths of Hell and shoot your way through endless mini-demon foes in the intense shooter game, Mighty DOOM. This arcade-style, top-down shooter set in the DOOM universe is an epic adventure that puts you at the forefront of the fight against waves of minions. Descend into miniature versions of iconic DOOM worlds and blast your way through hundreds of thrilling levels to become the almighty mini-slayer. The game boasts of easy-to-use, one-touch controls that make it easy to maneuver and dodge ranged enemies, as well as fend off melee demons with Glory Kills. Keep your weapon blazing at all times as you put your slaying skills to the test in challenging gameplay that requires practice to fully master. Equip yourself with three unique weapons that you can swap on-the-fly to unleash devastating combos and legendary guns like the BFG and the Unmakyr. Choose from a vast arsenal of 13 weapons, including the Rocket Launcher, to obliterate hordes of demons with deadly precision. Experience fast arcade action in every level as you shoot your way through scaled-down iconic DOOM locations. Challenge your demon-slaying skills in an epic boss fight, and fall, only to rise again and push further through the enemy horde. As you fight, you can level up your mighty Mini-Slayer, craft legendary gear, and gain buffs tied to your weapon choices, thus enhancing your demon-slaying skills. Upgrade your weapons arsenal to include iconic weapons such as the Super Shotgun, the Plasma Rifle, and the Chain Gun. Each boss fight boosts the demon-slaying action into overdrive, presenting formidable bosses with their unique attacks and strategies. Take on mini versions of legendary DOOM bosses such as the Hell Priest or the Baron of Hell. Get ready to conquer hundreds of challenging levels as you rip and tear your enemies apart in Mighty DOOM. Become the almighty Mini-Slayer and take on the next epic boss fight!
Captor Clash

Captor Clash: Build your team, fight in 1v1 and 3v3 battles, complete PVE modes, and compete against players worldwide in this fast-paced action game.

Captor ClashFireland Co., Limited
Prepare yourself for the ultimate captor showdown in Captor Clash! Assemble your team from a diverse set of warriors, each with their own unique abilities and fighting styles, and create the perfect squad to take on your rivals in fast-paced 1v1 battles. Put your gameplay skills to the test in challenging PVE modes like Raids and Abyss Maze to earn rewards and level up your experience. Captor Clash boasts intuitive controls and stunning graphics, which make it the perfect action-packed game for players seeking a gaming experience that combines strategy and action. Whether you're a fan of 1v1 duels or prefer 3v3 team battles, Captor Clash has a variety of gameplay modes to keep you entertained. Fight against players from all over the world in a thrilling combat experience by joining the ultimate combat fight and facing off against them. Captor Clash features several key elements which make it stand out from other games. It has stunning graphics and easy-to-use controls which make it easy to learn how to play. The super combo action-packed battles let you brawl to your heart's content, and there are various thrilling attack combinations just waiting for you to experiment with. Additionally, the innovative “CHAIN BURST” system gives you the power to crush your opponent and unleash explosive damage. Join the global battle against players from all over the world in real-time and become the Online Brawler champion. The tournaments are meticulously designed to ensure complete fairness and are highly operation-based, so prepare yourself for the ultimate battles in Captor Clash that everyone will enjoy! Experience a richer action game experience with various modes, including Tournament, Raids, Abyss Maze, Extreme Combat, and Team Assault, catering to both PVP and PVE players. Say goodbye to boring gameplay and find your favorite mode in Captor Clash! Choose from a wide variety of heroes, each with their unique fighting styles, and assemble your squad to venture into the post-apocalyptic fictional world to uncover hidden secrets and a diverse cast of characters. Discover ancient blueprints and explore everything the game has to offer! Experience fast-paced combat, which is easy to pick up and play at any time. Each round lasts no longer than 3 minutes, making it easy for you to start and finish battles with ease. Unlock exclusive rewards and embark on a thrilling game adventure designed specifically to help players succeed during the initial stages of Captor Clash. Get Captor Clash now with a speedy 150MB download, so start playing the game right away without having to endure a long download wait.
Super Cat Tales: PAWS

Join the PAWS team on a secret mission in Super Cat Tales: PAWS. Fun platformer with cats, mini-games, daily quests, and customization.

Embark on a thrilling journey with the Super Cat Tales series, where you will discover a world full of feline wonders and adventures. Immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of Neko Land as a member of the PAWS team and take on a top-secret mission. Super Cat Tales: PAWS is an exciting and engaging platform game that features an array of adorable cats and will provide countless hours of entertainment. Take on challenging levels filled with surprising obstacles, complete daily quests, indulge in thrilling mini-games, and personalize your cats with magnificent headwear. Discover the features that set this game apart from others, such as fun and engaging platform gameplay, entertaining daily quests, captivating mini-games, cat customization options, and classic old-school pixel art and music that will transport you back to a world full of nostalgic charm, and so much more. Unleash your inner cat fancier and join in on exciting and adorable adventures in the Super Cat Tales: PAWS universe.
Kung Fu Saga: Martial Path

Explore the vivid Kung Fu Saga world with 200 million diamonds, 5 occupations, and various mounts & pets. Join forces with friends and slay bosses together.

Kung Fu Saga: Martial PathWatt Games
As soon as you log in, enjoy a grand welcome of 200 million diamonds! Let's explore the world of Kung Fu Saga together and begin our adventure! Embark on a fantasy journey to a mysterious, colorful oriental world that is full of ancient forests, peaceful banyans, wandering pets, and glacial landscapes that have lasted for thousands of years. The vividness of light and shadow changes with the seasons and climates, making the world feel alive. Upon entering the game, you will become a Kung Fu master and a fantastic adventure awaits you! As part of the rich welfare program, receive 1000 draws to earn various rewards that will help you along your journey. Kung Fu Saga is a highly popular RPG game in Asia and has performed exceptionally well in Southeast Asia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. With over 10 million players already, this game brings you to a mysterious world that you won’t soon forget. In-game, you can select from 5 unique occupations and master the various Taos of the world. Connect with friends from different regions and join guilds to slay bosses together, showcasing the benefits of teamwork. Explore the vast landscape and discover loyal mounts and pets. Collect and tame them to ride and accompany you on your journey. Who wouldn’t want to travel with a big, cute panda by their side? Make your dream a reality in Kung Fu Saga!
Urban Cards

Build and customize decks to earn money and stay ahead of competition in a satire-filled roguelike with 3+ factions. Choose tactics and face numerous enemies.

Urban CardsHues Games
Step into the gritty world of Urban Cards, a deck-building roguelike that offers a unique gameplay experience on your iPad 5 (2017) or newer. The game is designed around the idea of earning money amid a ruthless society and staying afloat while facing numerous challenges. Build businesses, hire hard-working employees and even thieves to steal from rivals. It's all about creating the perfect deck and forging your way to the top! The game's satire-themed aspect adds a new layer of humor to the gameplay, with three distinct factions and playstyles to choose from. You can play as OPER, the realm of prestigious millionaires, workaholic suits, and dangerous loan sharks. AKIBARA is another option, which is a technology valley that is run by gamers, hackers, and neon lights. Lastly, GASTOWN is an impoverished part of town, where the inhabitants are skilled at sabotaging rivals and stealing from businesses. This gritty faction doesn't shy away from physical violence to make their mark. Urban Cards offers a sizable inventory of 180+ different cards to choose from that are categorized into Business, Workers, Henchmen, Actions, and Objects. Manage these cards carefully to maximize your profitability. You can also experience replayability through the game's procedurally generated campaign that features 20+ Events. Moreover, with over dozens of different enemies, from mob bosses to otaku and money lenders, you'll have to defeat the biggest crook of them all- the Government! The gameplay is unique with the addition of 30+ special items that help you in this quest to gain more cash and enhance the gameplay. Urban Cards offers players a challenging yet gratifying experience, and the game is recommended for users who enjoy deck-building and roguelike games.
Steam City

Build a retrofuturistic city with unique infrastructure and technological advancements in a Victorian-era setting.

Steam CityMY.GAMES B.V.
Get ready to become the mastermind behind a bustling urban landscape! Embark on a journey to design and develop your own city, complete with retrofuturistic stylings. Take charge of urban expansion, crafting infrastructure that unites the residents and workers of your metropolis. Immerse yourself in the world of advanced technology within an aesthetically stunning Victorian-era backdrop. With your creativity and ingenuity, bring to life your wildest visions of progress!
The Art of War: Card Game

Enter the fantasy-medieval battlefield as a faction leader in The Art of War: Card Game, using strategic card duels to defeat opponents from around the world.

The Art of War: Card GameBrightdawn Entertainment
Step into a world of fantasy and medieval conflict with The Art of War: Card Game. This thrilling card battler game pits four kingdoms against one another, each with their own interests at heart in a never-ending continental war. Assume the role of a faction leader and take your place on the battlefield against fellow players worldwide. The game mechanics rely on card duels, and only a cunning, tactical approach will ensure your success. Make use of the random cards available to you and rally your troops to victory. The fate of your faction lies in your hands! One notable aspect of The Art of War: Card Game is its emphasis on pure strategic gameplay rather than card collecting mechanics. While there are plenty of cards to choose from, they are limited, making every card count and available from the get-go. Don’t miss out on the chance to put your tactical abilities to the test with The Art of War: Card Game.

Explore Chengying plain with a boy and girl to discover Treeman's truth, solving puzzles by changing viewpoints while unraveling a self-discovery story.

AntivineUSERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.
Are plants capable of feeling emotions? This is a question that the game Antivine poses to the players. Embark on an exciting adventure with a unique boy from the village and a girl with amnesia, in the breathtaking but treacherous Chengying plain filled with dense vines. Solve puzzles and overcome obstacles as you journey towards the source of the Treeman. In order to discover the truth behind the Treeman, it is said that one must first obtain an order, and only then will branches sprout out of one's body, transforming them into a plant. To find a cure for this phenomenon, one must search for the mountain God on the other side of the land. Changing your perspective is one of the central themes in Antivine. With a simple click, players have the power to change their surroundings and perspectives, clearing all puzzles in their way. At its core, Antivine is a captivating self-discovery story that delves deeper into complex issues such as identity and the meaning of true existence. Players will enjoy a relaxing pace, solving puzzles and meeting a new friend along the way. Explore an intricately designed world and find the answer to life's fundamental questions. This enchanting game has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Merit Award of Bahamut ACG Creation Contest Game, Special Award of Rayark Vision Get Wild Award, Gold Award of Youth Innovation Design Festival Tech and Game Design, and Gold Award of K.T. Creativity Award Digital Game. Join the exciting journey and uncover the fate and truth that awaits the boy in this captivating game - Antivine. Are you ready to take on the challenge?
Little Big Workshop

Manage your own tabletop factory in Little Big Workshop. Produce unique products and expand your business with more workers and machines.

Little Big WorkshopHandyGames
In Little Big Workshop, a magical factory is brought into your living room, making it possible to create anything from rubber ducks to scooters, drones to electric guitars and other amazing goods, using various materials. As the factory tycoon, you manage a team of diligent workers who will bring your customers' ideas to life. You will need to invest wisely in the business to build more machines, hire more workers, and grow your business. As the Big Boss, your responsibility is to organize the factory floor, manage the workers, purchase machinery, and design efficient production lines. The game is a sandbox-experience that allows you to poke and ponder at things until you get what you like. You can supply products to clients and an ever-changing market, as you produce over 50 unique product types built from multiple parts and pieces, all created with different materials and production methods. In Little Big Workshop, no two factories should look alike. Little Big Workshop starts with a small workshop and expands to a desk-filling factory. You will unlock more advanced machines and production methods, as well as create more room, running multiple production lines, producing hundreds of products each day, and watching your cute workers do the actual work. The game features varying industries and a wide range of products with a focus on practical problems rather than values, economics, or logistics. You can organize all steps of the production on a blueprint, and factories will grow as you unlock more desk space. Little Big Workshop also has a fully simulated day/night-cycle and realistic in-game worker fatigue. Be sure to take care of your workers. Work them too hard, and they will drop like flies. Overall, Little Big Workshop offers a fun and engaging experience for players. The cute model-town art-style brings this charming game to life. Start your factory journey today and see where it takes you.
Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is a heartwarming adventure where words hold immense power in a young girl's diary, with immersive storytelling and innovative gameplay.

Lost Words: Beyond the PagePID Games
Embark on an enchanting story-driven adventure where you'll maneuver through stunning 2D landscapes featuring captivating 3D graphics to conquer an assortment of intricate puzzles. Implement language to manipulate your surroundings and experience an unparalleled platforming encounter. Get entranced with Lost Words: Beyond the Page, an exceptional game that offers a remarkable fusion of immersive gameplay mechanics, a striking watercolor palette, and a distinguished narrative created by revered game author Rhianna Pratchett. The multi-decorated Lost Words: Beyond the Page includes an in-app purchase that unlocks six additional chapters for you to explore, while the first two chapters come free of charge. Join Izzy's journey and witness her deepest secrets as she pours her heart out in her personal journal. Traverse through Estoria, a fantastical land where words wield immense power and explore the captivating storyline driven by your own curiosity. Hidden within lies a tale of personal growth that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Explore the pages of the diary and marvel at the watercolor world, which will inspire Izzy to become the guardian of the fireflies who will safeguard Estoria's magical power of language. Unleash your imagination on multiple 2D worlds and revel in the engaging storyline. Experience the breathtaking visual style and delve deeper into the fantasy world, discovering new levels and secrets that will aid Izzy on her journey towards becoming Estoria's new protector. Lost Words: Beyond the Page offers innovative gameplay and meaningful exploration, culminating in a truly unforgettable experience.
Punch Kick Duck

Imprisoned by Baron Tigrisso, fight through his hench-critters by timing your moves right. Remember, punch beats kick, kick beats duck and duck beats punch while avoiding the bear.

Punch Kick DuckShaun Coleman
Fighting relies heavily on timing, which even a duck can confirm. Success is achieved with the correct action executed at the right moment, resulting in a prompt victory. It's as easy as striking with your fist, kicking, and evading. However, Baron Tigrisso, the merciless ruler, has confined you inside his tower, the only way to overcome which is by battling swarms of creatures created and trained by him as you make your way up to face him. Punch Kick Duck has a straightforward interface that ensures swift action and exhilaration as you send opponents flying and seek vengeance on your captor. Remember, ducks have lived by three critical principles throughout ages that you must never forget: Punch overpowers Kick, Kick overcomes Duck, and Duck is superior to Punch. Besides, it is recommended that you keep moving, or else you might run into a BEAR. Do you believe you have what it demands to emerge victorious? Of course, you do! You are a resilient duck! Three difficulty tiers are accessible in the game, providing you with a way to test your expertise. A vibrant cast of characters awaits to accompany you on your mission. You may play the game in either portrait or landscape orientation, with responsive touch controls. Controller support is also available. Created by the maker of Shoot the Moon, Punch Kick Duck is a charming, compact game that will challenge your abilities without costing a lot. Begin playing immediately!

In Undawn, survive a post-apocalyptic world filled with infected and other humans in an expansive open world. Explore, rebuild, arm yourself, and squad up to fight for survival.

UndawnLevel Infinite
Undawn is an open-world, survival RPG available for free on mobile and PC, created by LightSpeed Studios and published by Level Infinite. The game takes place four years after a worldwide disaster, where the planet is ruled by infected creatures. In this PvP and PvE game, players must face both the infected and other human factions to survive in an apocalyptic wasteland. The vast open world of Undawn boasts an impressive level of detail, made using Unreal Engine 4 and is designed to challenge players to overcome the elements and keep themselves alive. Players must pay attention to their hunger, body type, vigor, health, hydration, and even mood. The environment will also have an impact on these characters’ survival indicators. Undawn offers players the flexibility to customize their character's appearance and outfit with a plethora of choices. Players can interact with others to trade weapons and resources, fight for their resources, and protect their home and allies. Players must learn to craft tools, build their shelter, and use different weapons to survive as they explore the distinct terrains of the world, each with different ecosystems. Players should remember that they can encounter the infected at any point, an enemy that can result in the end of their character's existence. Players can also discover special game modes through environmental items, embattled strongholds, and dynamic weekly events and side quests. Players can also rebuild their world by creating their base of operations. The free building system holds over 1000 types and styles of furniture and structures, providing players with everything they need to make their settlement grow. Players can search for other outposts, form alliances and fight together against the infected. Players can squad up with other survivors as part of the Raven Squad, living each day and night between the two meanings of the raven-symbol of death and bad omens, or insight and prophecies. There are different factions in the new world to fight against, each with its own rules of survival. Players must always protect their home and allies from all odds with various weapons and armor. Besides regular weapons, players can use melee weapons, drones, decoy bombs, auto turrets, and more to level the playing field. Players can also pick from over 50 types of vehicles, tailored-to-environment tactics, and dominate different infected zones found throughout the game.
CarX Street

Race through Sunset City's vast open-world in CarX Street. Perfect your car and beat bosses with realistic drifting and part tuning.

CarX StreetCarX Technologies
Unleash your inner street racer and explore the vast open world of CarX Street. Dominate the streets of Sunset City and become a legendary racer. With realistic races on both highways and city streets, plus high-speed drift races from the makers of CarX Drift Racing 2, you'll be intimately familiar with the thrill of victory. Take control and build your fantasy car with part tuning that unlocks all of the intricacies of the CarX Technology, effectively refining the behavior of your car. The combination of the expansive world of CarX Street and the exhilarating races will have you feeling invigorated! Dominate clubs, achieve crucial speeds, and perform daredevil drifts. Be forewarned - this game is incredibly addictive, take a break every 40 minutes. GAME FEATURES CAREER - Choose your style, whether that may be speeding down straightaways or drifting through tight turns. - Join clubs, defeat bosses, and let everyone know you are the best driver in Sunset City. - Unlock your car's full potential by selecting parts specific to your vehicle. - Purchase houses for your vehicles and collect pieces for each race mode. - Gas up with the appropriate fuel at city gas stations for your next race. - Experience realistic day/night transitions, hop in the driver's seat at any time of day. IMPROVED CAR TUNING - In-depth car-building system. - Swap parts and optimize your car's setup. - Upgrade the engine, transmission, body, suspension, and tires. - Swap your custom car's engine easily. VISUAL CAR TUNING - Customize the mirrors, headlights, lights, skirts, bumpers, rims, and more! - Create an original look for your vehicle! THE MOST AUTHENTIC RACING GAME FOR MOBILE DEVICES - Immerse yourself in the impressive physics and controls that place you in command of your car. - Marvel at the contemporary and top-quality graphics in the expansive open world. Support If you encounter any bugs within the game, please reach out to our support service. Email: _____________________________________________________________________ Official CarX Technologies website: Privacy Policy: License Agreement:
Torchlight: Infinite

Craft your heroes and embark on an epic ARPG quest to fight darkness; grind for loot, and build unlimited playstyles in a tradeable, free-to-play Torchlight adventure.

Torchlight: InfiniteXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Prepare yourself for an exhilarating action role-playing game experience like no other! In this adventure, you have complete control over crafting your own heroic character with an endless supply of build options. Explore the vast expanse of this breathtaking world filled with a massive variety of loot to discover and boss battles that will leave you awe-stricken! Witness the epic tale of "The Journey to Restore Light and Brilliance," where the Ember Tech submerged every corner of a land called Leptis two centuries after Torchlight II. The inhabitants of Leptis prospered, enjoying the countless benefits the Ember power offered. However, the constant threat of darkness continued to plague the land, corrupting lives at every turn. It is up to a team of brave heroes with elite powers to confront the evil threatening their existence and embark on an epic quest to defeat the corrupted Aemberons. Get ready to experience endless loot drops at your disposal! Upgrade your character's build style and establish a legendary catalogue filled with sparkling treasures. With unfathomable gear drops from each battle, your selection of items holds true value that can enhance your hero's build and elevate your gameplay to new heights. Build unlimited playstyles with the help of five unique heroes, each containing 24 talent tabs, 200+ legendary gears, and 230+ powerful skills. The infinite possibilities provide the flexibility needed to create hero builds that compliment any playstyle. Whether you prefer to blast foes with fields of fire and ice or hack and slash through waves of Aemberons, the choice is yours! Become part of a booming economy offering the Trade house to unleash your true potential. Utilize the unique loot to help other Torchlight Hunters accomplish their build goals. One man's trash could be another man's treasure, making it essential to determine the true value of your loot. Enjoy fast and furious battles with no stamina or cooldowns that restrict your power. Grind anytime and anywhere to smash through incoming waves with melee attacks, blast off magical explosions and draining pools, or snipe down ranged enemies. You have complete control over your playstyle. Experience the seamless "pick up & play" gameplay for free with all essential loot based on drops. Discover unique gear, affixes, crafting material, and attribute upgrades that will help accomplish your build style. Microtransactions are available to further customize your personal vision of your character's appearance. Unleash your inner heroic spirit and discover the faded light that awaits in Torchlight Frontiers!
Payday: Crime War

Join a crew and heist your way to the ultimate Payday in PAYDAY: Crime War, the best co-op first-person shooter with fast 4v4 PvP game modes. Download for free today!

Payday: Crime WarPopReach Incorporated
Get ready to take on the action-packed world in PAYDAY: Crime War, the all-new mobile twist on the official PAYDAY® experience! Grab your favorite firearm and prepare for an adrenaline-pumping co-op first-person shooter game on mobile. For the first time ever, challenge other heisters in fast-paced 4v4 PvP game modes. Don your mask, team up with a crew, and execute the perfect heist for the ultimate payday in this free-to-play game! Immerse yourself in the tension of 10-minute classic heists and browse the Crime.Net database of available jobs with your friends. Take on classic heists from Payday: The Heist® and Payday 2® with a new mobile twist! Go loud or stay stealthy and work together to plan out your strategy for the perfect heist. Heists are never the same, so pre-plan carefully for an ever-changing experience. Enter the crime war, join a gang, and take on other heisters from around the world in unique 4v4 game modes. Win battles to climb the ranks and become the most feared crew in the city. Fire off a rain of bullets to support your crew or take charge to lead them to victory! Customize your heister with dozens of options including weapons, masks and outfits. Unlock and earn your favorite heisters and upgrade your skill tree according to your playstyle to become a legendary heister. Choose the best loadout to maximize your payday! Now, experience the world's most beloved heist game on your phone for easy, on-the-go enjoyment. Console-quality HD gaming with customizable controls, voice and text chat, exciting 3D graphics and sound, all free-to-play on mobile. The developers will continuously add new features, heists, and weapons to the already thrilling Crime War. Do you think you have what it takes to compete with the best? Download PAYDAY®: CRIME WAR now! Let's make this heist a success! Please note: We value your feedback and welcome any suggestions to improve the game. For feedback, email Subscribe for updates at, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. * A stable internet connection is required. * PAYDAY: Crime War is recommended for Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2GB of memory. * This app contains social features for optional play with friends.

Adopt, nurture, breed, and explore with Peridot, a pet simulation game that puts magical creatures in the real-world with the power of AR.

PeridotNiantic, Inc.
Indulge in your own ultimate adventure of bonding with a majestic and awe-inspiring creature that can soar through the skies, always staying loyal by your side, and may harbor an undisclosed adoration for turkey sandwiches. Thanks to the magic of Augmented Reality (AR), Peridot, a pet simulation game introduces Peridots (or "Dots", as they are referred to) – a whimsical creature in the physical world. Peridot makes group play more convenient and effortless, just like that. Unite with your friends in person to 'hatch' new Dots that will take after their parents' characteristics, click some snaps, and spread the joy with your pals! Bring home a Peridot of your own – creatures that appear and feel completely authentic. Each Dot possesses unmatched DNA, which makes it an exceptional companion created just for you. Look after and care for your Peridot pets and facilitate them in living their best lives. Play games of fetch, teach them to wag their tails, pamper them with belly rubs and dress them up in hats, handlebars, bowties, and much more! Discover the world, go outdoors, and see the world through the eyes of your Dot. Your Dot has a curious nature that finds the environment fascinating and might even stumble upon hidden utems, depending on where you take them. Take images and video clips when your Dot appears especially adorable to share with your buddies on social networks. Collaborate with your friends and other gamers to breed your respective Dots, and produce completely different Dots that are genetically unique. Together, discover what is feasible or what kind of Peridot Archetypes - like cheetahs, unicorns, peacocks, and more - you might encounter. You can even merge and pass on these exceptional Traits to future generations of Peridot, resulting in rare and extraordinary Dots. Enhance your beloved family of Dots by unlocking exceptional Peridot Archetypes and Traits as you progress through the Peridot Keeper Society. Exciting opportunities await you as you experience a rich narrative, learning about the enigmatic ancient past of these creatures and striving to preserve the race for future generations. Begin your heartwarming journey today and rediscover the beauty of the world that surrounds us. On a side note, with the player's consent, Adventure Sync will utilize your location to enable you to earn walking distance even when the app is closed. Cautionary Notes: Peridot is optimized for high-end smartphones, with tablets not being supported. Compatible devices are not guaranteed and may be changed at any time. Supported devices information is available at: Peridot is an AR-first experience that needs access to the camera while playing the game to interact with the creature in the physical world. Continued use of GPS in the background or camera access may drastically shorten battery life. It is recommended to stay connected to a network to receive proper positioning information. Please visit to find out more.
Dumb Ways to Die 4

Dumb Ways to Die 4: enhanced mini-games, new areas, and Bean rescue. Compete with friends and collect coins to unlock rewards. Enjoy silly death scenarios.

Dumb Ways to Die 4PlaySide Studios Ltd
Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge in Dumb Ways to Die 4, where exciting mini-games and uncharted territories await you alongside your beloved Beans who are counting on your rescue - and there's more in store for you! Challenge your friends and family to become the ultimate champion of Dumb Ways to Die by experiencing a friendly competition while gathering coins to unlock upgrades, explore fresh areas, and earn fantastic rewards while striving to survive! Are you Bean-ready to take on this task? Join the frenzy as Beanmania takes over Tiktok and social media with its equally delightful games that you'll surely love! Test your nerves as you try to evade perilous traps and obstacles, doing everything you can to prolong your survival. Tapping, swiping, scribbling, shaking, flicking, swatting, sawing, and more will be your new best friends as you master new mini-games featuring your favorite Beans! Embark on an epic journey through Bean-dom as you take on fascinating new territories! Save each scene and rescue the Beans from their hilarious demise, with each new bean providing exceptional advantages waiting to be discovered! In unique timed events, you can participate and win amazing prizes, making the game's difficulty level increase the longer you play it! Keep an eye out for valuable perks that can boost your chances of achieving gold and victory! Prepare yourself for a game that is zany, outlandish, and uproariously funny. Dying has never been this amusing - so, keep it dumb and join in the fun!
Farlight 84

Farlight 84: Hero Battle Royale with up to 60 players. Quick battles, diverse heroes, armed vehicles, and innovative growth system. Cross-platform with free account.

Farlight 84Farlight Games
Welcome to Farlight 84, a thrilling hero-based battle royale game! Step into a futuristic world in the year 2084, where you'll join up to 60 players in intense matches on Isle City. Expect fast-paced battles, more compact mayhem, and endless thrills! In this game, you get to unleash your shooting passion and experience nonstop excitement! If you love rapid movement and want to dodge enemy attacks, then this game has got you covered. Thanks to the unique jetpacks, you can move freely around the battlefield, surprise your opponents, and escape enemy bullets. Glide over lakes, rivers, and mountains, show off your fancy footwork, and let your enemies eat your dust! Want to be a hero with special skills? Look no further than Farlight 84! Choose a hero from four types of roles: Assault, Defense, Scout, and Support. Each hero comes with a distinct skillset – stealth, interference, control, healing, reconnaissance, immunity, shields, quick movements, calling airdrops, setting up turrets, and more. Mix and match your team, strategize, and achieve victory in a blink of an eye. Marksmanship is no longer the only key – anyone can play a vital role in the squad and emerge as the winner! Are you ready to unleash massive firepower across the land and sky? Farlight 84 has got you covered with a range of combat vehicles. From the Mobile Turret and Hoverbike to the Flying Armor, Gunboat, and Flamethrower, each vehicle has a unique set of bombing and shooting skills. The battle always gets more intense with these monsters on the loose. No one is safe in the face of these vehicles of mayhem! Want to experience seamless gameplay across mobile and PC? Farlight 84 lets you use one account for both devices, so you can start the battle anytime, anywhere. You can team up with friends on both ends and make it easier to form squads. If you fall in battle within the first 8 minutes, don't worry – you can revive instantly on the spot. After that, your teammates can rescue you and bring you back to life. So get your revenge while it's still hot! Finally, embrace the innovative in-game growth system where you can shoot or collect supplies to get stronger. The more you shoot, the faster your weapon and attack power level up. The more supplies you find, the stronger your shield will be. Your starting point no longer matters – what matters is how you advance through the game and achieve exhilarating escalation as the battle progresses. Join us in Isle City and become the ultimate survivor in Farlight 84. Your highlight awaits!
Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight™ update invites players to experience the thrill of being both killer and survivor. Customize your strategy and play with iconic horror characters. Fits in your pocket.

Dead by Daylight MobileBehaviour Interactive
Experience the thrill of the hunt in the intense multiplayer horror and action game, Dead by Daylight™, now enhanced with a massive update. Immerse yourself in The Fog and prepare for a game of deadly cat and mouse. Are you ready to take on the roles of both Killer and Survivor in this pulse-pounding game of hide and seek? Form your friends into a crack team of Survivors and see who can outlast the others. Alternatively, step into the role of a Killer and sacrifice Survivors to The Entity. With five players in the Killing Grounds, expect the unexpected and brace yourself for some unforgettable jump scares. Dead by Daylight Mobile delivers you iconic characters from your favorite horror franchises and offers you the chance to play as legends of horror. The Realms and Trials offered are dynamic and unpredictable, providing you with the perfect opportunity to experience the game through the eyes of the killer. The Killers and Survivors each come with their own perks and abilities, providing you with plenty of unlockables that can be customized to fit your personal game strategy. Understand your surroundings, adopt the right approach, and leverage the might of your experience and skills to either hunt your prey or escape the Killer's clutches. The fully optimized mobile version of Dead by Daylight is designed to provide you with pocket-sized access to the survival horror game you love on your console or PC, and the eerie ambiance, music, and chilling environments combine into an unforgettable experience. Are you brimming with curiosity to know more about this game? Check out our official site or follow us on Twitter at DbDMobile today. If you have any queries, contact our customer service desk at Dead by Daylight Mobile requires an Android version of 7.0 (Nougat OS) or higher and a Samsung Galaxy S6 or an equivalent.

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