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Delta Force: Hawk Ops

Delta Force: Hawk Ops, a thrilling FPS inspired by Black Hawk Down. Fight alone or with others in strategic multiplayer matches over land, sea, and air.

Delta Force: Hawk OpsLevel InfiniteRelease date: TBA
Delta Force: Hawk Ops is an enthralling first-person shooter game that takes inspiration from the film Black Hawk Down and provides a fascinating single-player storyline. The game also offers a vibrant PvP multiplayer experience that engages players in intense battles. Hazard Operations is a strategic game mode in which players need to prepare themselves with equipment, aim accurately, and utilize their firepower. The players need to loot strategically and formulate tactics with their team to ensure success while gathering useful resources. The game also offers versatile options to assemble a three-member squad and make quick decisions about classes, gear, maps, and routes to adapt to any situation dynamically. The resource pursuit in this mode is exhilarating and entails a quest for rare treasures and prized blueprint crates. Players must outsmart AI enemies and opposing teams to seize critical supplies. Safe Evacuation is another feature that enables players to safeguard their squad's evacuation to the extraction point for plentiful rewards or venture into daring paths for exclusive bonuses. Havoc Warfare is another thrilling game mode that lets players choose their class and dominate the battlefield. There are four iconic classes to choose from - Assault, Sniper, Engineer, and Medic - each of which represents a distinct role for ultimate synergy. Players can also commandeer vehicles such as assault ships, battle tanks, black hawk heavy helicopters, armored vehicles, heavy ATVs, and a diverse fleet of nearly ten vehicles ready for deployment. The game offers an immersive experience through the eyes of a first-person perspective, making it feel like a lifelike battlefield. There are exhaustive land, sea, and aerial confrontations, allowing players to experience the adrenaline rush of dual-sided offense and defense. Black Hawk Down - Campaign offers a classic gameplay experience with enhanced cinematic warfare in high definition. Players can relive the legendary charm of Mogadishu's urban setting, street skirmishes, nocturnal operations, and crash sites. The game has a classic storyline that retells Delta operations through the protagonist's perspective, resulting in a cinematic thrill ride. Some iconic characters from the original game return in this new version. Stay tuned for more information about Delta Force: Hawk Ops on the official website, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates. Join the Zenless Zone Zero community on social media to win more prizes and participate in events.
Valorant Mobile

Join skilled agents in exhilarating tactical battles across futuristic landscapes. Collaborate, adapt, and conquer in Valorant Mobile's heart-pumping gameplay.

Valorant MobileRiot GamesRelease date: TBA
Immerse yourself in a dynamic and pulse-pounding world with Valorant Mobile! This action-packed game will keep you on the edge of your seat with its exciting gameplay. Show off your tactical skills and quick reflexes in a game where they are paramount. Step into the shoes of skilled agents, each with their unique abilities and playing styles. This variety adds depth to the gameplay and allows for endless possibilities. Take part in thrilling matches in futuristic landscapes where every decision you make could determine the winner. Dive into meticulously designed maps that range from vibrant urban settings to desolate industrial zones. Explore these maps to get a truly immersive gaming experience. Strategize with your teammates and outmaneuver your opponents. In Valorant Mobile, you will have a diverse arsenal of weapons available to you. From precise pistols to powerful rifles, choose your tools of destruction and eliminate your foes with surgical precision. The game will test your sharpshooting skills, and only the best ones will rise to the top. Adaptability and quick thinking are critical in Valorant Mobile. You must be ready to adjust your approach and capitalize on your enemies' weaknesses as the tides of battle shift. Your success depends on how well you can adapt to the situation. Join forces with friends or meet new comrades in Valorant Mobile's social features. Share your victories and epic moments and climb the ranks of the game's competitive ladder together. Conquering challenges as a team adds a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment that is unmatched. Valorant Mobile is a fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping game that will keep you coming back for more. Its top-tier graphics and thrilling gunplay will transport you to a world of tactical brilliance. Are you ready to prove your mettle and achieve victory with your skills and teamwork? The time has come to enter the world of Valorant Mobile!
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Rainbow Six Mobile

Rainbow Six Mobile": a fast-paced 5v5 multiplayer first-person shooter game with destructible environments, specialized operators, and strategic team-based PvP combat.

Rainbow Six MobileUbisoftRelease date: Sep 2024
Prepare for an unparalleled competitive multiplayer experience on your smartphones with Rainbow Six Mobile- a first-person shooter game from the acclaimed Rainbow Six franchise. Take on the classic Attack vs. Defense game modes in fast-paced 5v5 matches, and be ready to tackle intense close-quarter combats where every tactical decision counts. You can play as either an Attacker or Defender, and choose from a vast and varied roster of highly skilled Operators, each with their distinct abilities and gadgets. Join forces with friends and climb to the top of the PvP ladder with a perfect blend of strategy and teamwork. Rainbow Six Mobile is exclusively designed for smartphones, with shorter matches and game sessions to adapt and cater to the needs of mobile gamers. You can customize the game's controls in the HUD to fit your playstyle and enjoy the game on the go. Get your hands on the iconic Rainbow Six Operators and their cool gadgets, master the art of setting traps, fortifying your locations, and breaching enemy territory, as you lead your team to victory. Think strategically and use your weapons and operators' unique abilities to breach through destructible walls and ceilings or rappel from the roof and break through windows. Set up strategies with your team during the prep phase to deploy for action! Breaching, barricading, and using spy cameras or traps to defend your position, you can gain an advantage over your opponents with team tactics and gadgets. Alternate between attack and defense each round to emerge as the best in the business. Give your team an edge by specializing its members in attack and defense. With every Operator equipped with unique skill sets, primary and secondary weapons, and sophisticated and deadly gadgetry, mastering each skill and gadget will be key to your survival. Join the Rainbow Six Mobile community and get the latest news, updates, and exclusive content. The game requires an online connection - 4G, 5G, or WiFi. Check out the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use links, and in case of feedback or questions, head to
Mayanagari - Mobile Gangster

Mayanagari - a third-person open-world gangster game set in a fictional Indian city inspired by Bombay and Goa with realistic gunplay and Bollywood-style cinematic cutscenes.

Mayanagari - Mobile GangsterHypernova InteractiveRelease date: 2024
Join us for the ultimate Indian gaming experience with Mayanagari, the first fully open-world gangster game! Pre-registration is now open. Mayanagari promises to deliver a truly open world that players can fully explore, set in a fictional city inspired by the real-life locations of Bombay and Goa. The game includes over five sections of the city, each with stunning 3D graphics. As a rising gangster, build your own criminal legacy and take control of the city filled with endless activities and opportunities for mischief. Engage in intense third-person shooter action as you fight your way through the game, one bullet at a time. With five unique weapon types to choose from, players can find their own style of combat and execute their missions with stunning realism. Immerse yourself in the game’s story through motion-capture cutscenes like those found in your favourite Bollywood movies. With over 10 missions and a great cinematic experience, enjoy Mayanagari like never before. Create your empire and manage your properties by buying houses and running businesses to become the don of Mayanagari. Drive around the city in over 15 of the most iconic cars and bikes from India, and make the city your playground. With every element of the game being Indian, Mayanagari will leave you feeling truly immersed in the culture. Don't miss the chance to be part of the next era of Indian gaming. Register now and join us on Mayanagari!
Indus Battle Royale

Survive and collect Cosmium on the mysterious planet Indus while exploring its secrets. Pick unique character skins and guns optimized for mobile devices.

Indus Battle RoyaleSuperGaming SGRelease date: TBA
Embark on a perilous journey to the enigmatic island of Virlok located on the legendary planet, Indus. Your main objective is to survive and escape with the highly coveted Cosmium substance. In this brand-new universe, you'll be equipped with formidable weaponry, gear, and consumables to combat your way through an ever-shrinking battleground. Indus utilizes Next Gen Gunplay that's been finely crafted and optimized for mobile devices. From powerful hand cannons to deadly sniper rifles, there's a weapon type available for every gamer to choose from. The gunplay has been designed to offer the most authentic and realistic gunfight experience possible. Moreover, Indus' arsenal of guns is designed to give players a sense of satisfaction when shooting while also being fearsome to be on the receiving end of. Select your Paragon aka skins from a vast array of options. From the mysterious Sir-Taj to the mighty Big-Gaj, each character skin allows every gamer to express their unique style with distinct emotes. Dominate the battlefield in a way that showcases your personality and individuality. Immerse yourself in the island of Virlok and fight to survive like a courageous hero. Traverse the Ancient Ruins, take down your enemies from a vantage point at Jatayu Central, or have a showdown at the Arches of Virlok- the battle royale map offers limitless possibilities to emerge as the victor. The galaxy's most valuable resource is Cosmium, and you've been tasked by COVEN to retrieve it. As Mythwalker, you're on a quest for glory and riches on this mysterious planet. Cosmium is a unique substance that manifests as the battle wears on, and whoever finds it first wins the game instantly. In this game, sometimes, victory doesn't wait for the last man standing. Indus is a planet that was once well-known across the galaxy, but it's now shrouded in mystery. It's been thousands of years since anyone has heard from the planet, and it's now a forgotten world. But, not anymore! Explore Indus' secrets and piece together its story to unravel its history. Follow Indus on their social media platforms for galaxy brain gameplay, development and feature updates, and a plethora of amazing content: Instagram: Discord: Twitter: Website:

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