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Viking Rise

Lead your Viking tribe to conquer Midgard in Viking Rise, an online multiplayer real-time war strategy game featuring audiovisual magnificence, global multi-player battles, and more.

Viking RiseIGG.COM
Looking for an exciting online multiplayer real-time war strategy game where you can lead a tribe of Vikings to explore and conquer the world of Midgard? Look no further than Viking Rise! As the Viking leader, you'll strategize and use your wits to utilize the strengths of your heroes from Norse mythology and Viking history to conquer Midgard and become the strongest ruler in Valhalla. But the journey won't be easy - throughout Valhalla, you'll encounter enemies and hidden dangers as well as opportunities to plunder, develop, and hunt. With stunning audiovisuals, you'll explore magnificent oceans and towering mountains as you immerse yourself in the vast Nordic landscape. And with a stunning original soundtrack composed by Mikolaj Stroinski, you'll truly feel like you're stepping into the world of the Vikings. As you expand your territory, you'll personalize it with a wide variety of Viking-style structures, whether you decide to develop a commercial trading center, a land of rich resources, or a powerful military fortress. And with a variety of tools at your disposal, including naval combat, real-time battles, and the ability to summon legendary Viking Heroes to fight for you, you'll be able to adjust your battlefield strategy to become the strongest in Midgard. So what are you waiting for? Join Viking Rise today and claim your place as one of Midgard's greatest legends. And don't forget to join our Discord and Facebook communities to stay up to date on the latest news and updates.
Xeno Command

Lead your army of unique heroes in Xeno Command - the roguelike, offline RTS game. Combat aliens on distinct planets with tactical planning.

Xeno CommandChillyRoom
Get ready to be the hero of the galaxy in Xeno Command, an offline real-time strategy game fused with roguelike elements. With an array of powerful heroes at your disposal, lead your army to defend the galaxy and battle against alien invasions. In a time of crisis for colonized planets, heroes from different factions step up to take command and rescue those in need. You will become the savior of the galaxy, leading your army to victory against alien invaders. Take command of each unique hero's special commands, skills, units, and constructions as you defeat enemies and gather resources to build your army. With strategic use of your abilities, defeat your enemies and emerge victorious in battles. Xeno Command offers a variety of unique features: - Offline play, allowing you to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. - Easy controls that don't require splitting troops, allowing you to focus on battle strategy and problem-solving. - Roguelike elements, with battlefields that change with each new level, mission, and random generation. - Four unique factions, each with its own hero, commands, skills, constructions, and units. - 100+ random tech upgrades, with three possible rewards offered per upgrade, offering distinct buffs and skills that may affect your chances of success. - Galaxy exploration across various planets with distinct styles and landscapes, such as barren wastelands, lava fields, machinery, and warped space. - Varied combat units such as bots, marines, flying troopers, laser towers, and supply depots to construct and send to the front lines. - Dozens of defensive buildings to construct and protect your base from enemy attacks. - Over 100 types of challenging alien creatures and bosses to overcome, adding depth and complexity to the battles. - Various levels of difficulty to choose from, with tactical planning being the key to success. Are you a diehard fan of real-time strategy games? Or perhaps you're a lover of sci-fi, robots, and mechs? Look no further than Xeno Command, where you can lead your army and fight for the galaxy against alien invaders in this single-player battle game. It should be noted that Xeno Command is a paid game with a free trial offered. By purchasing the full game, you can unlock all of its content. For more information, follow Xeno Command on: - Facebook: @XenoCommandGame - Discord: To view the game's Privacy Policy, visit
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Conquer the new continent of Northgard with Vikings, resources, and strategy while fighting foes and solving mysteries. Unique clans and victory conditions!

In Northgard, you take control of a Clan of Vikings who have just arrived on a newly discovered, mysterious continent filled with danger and riches. As a fearless Viking, your mission is to explore and conquer the newly found shores of Northgard, earn fame for your Clan and make history through conquest, trading, or devotion to the Gods. But be warned, the land is not only filled with opportunities but also with dire wolves, undead warriors and giants that can make survival a challenge. Moreover, the harsh winters of the North are not forgiving and require you to manage your resources carefully to thrive. Assemble your band of vikings and assign them a variety of job roles such as farmer, warrior, sailor, and loremaster. As your settlement expands, explore new territories to gain strategic advantages, and master different victory conditions such as Conquest, Fame, Lore, and Trading. You can experience the saga of Rig, the Viking High King, who is murdered in Story Mode: Rig’s Saga. This kickstarts a journey that will see Rig's son, accompanied by his right-hand man Brand, explore the continent of Northgard to make new friends and foes. Along the way, they will face a greater threat than Hagen and discover the reasons behind Rig's assassination. Northgard offers different Multiplayer modes such as Duel, Free for All, and Teamplay, where you can play against other Mobile players with up to six players. To complete the 11 campaign chapters, mastering the unique specifics of the six first clans is paramount. The unforgiving wilderness of Northgard requires skills, tactics, and experience. However, more clans are joining the fight for Northgard, such as the Clan of the Snake, Dragon, Kraken, Horse, Ox, Lynx, and the latest addition, Ratatoskr, Clan of the Squirrel. Each clan has a unique specialization and set of abilities that you must master to unlock their full potential. The Clan of the Snake, for example, relies on cunning guerilla tactics to take the lead. The Clan of the Dragon pleases the gods by embracing the old ways and sacrificing to gain their favor. Meanwhile, the Clan of the Kraken harnesses the bounty of the sea and unleashes its brutal might. Similarly, the Clans of the Horse, Ox, Lynx, and Ratatoskr all have their unique playstyle. The game has been carefully redesigned for mobile with a revamped interface, Game Center achievements, and iCloud support to share your progress between iOS devices. If you face any issues with Northgard, Playdigious' customer support team is always available to assist you. Reach out to our support team at and provide as much information as possible on the problem you face.
Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Defend your island kingdom against Viking invaders in Bad North, a charmingly brutal real-time tactics roguelite. Plan your strategy on procedurally-generated islands and unlock upgrades to develop your troops.

Bad North: Jotunn EditionRaw Fury
Prepare for the fight of your life as Viking invaders threaten to destroy your kingdom. The recent death of your king has left your home open to attack, and as the new ruler, it’s up to you to defend it. But survival is the only goal in this game; victory is a distant hope that grows dimmer by the minute. Bad North is a captivating and ruthless real-time tactics roguelite that will test your skills and strategy. Fight off the Viking horde to protect your idyllic island kingdom. Command your troops to take full advantage of the unique landscape of each island. Make calculated moves or suffer the consequences. Fail, and your bloodthirsty enemies will eradicate your subjects. Experience the charming yet violent reality of war as you navigate procedurally generated islands with beautifully designed visuals. Your soldiers carry out your commands in the heat of battle, making for a dynamic and immersive combat simulation. Simple user inputs keep the game approachable for new players, while its depth and challenge will engage veterans. Stand your ground to keep hope alive for peace to return to the Bad North. Your troops' survival depends on your strategic prowess, so plan wisely. Lose a commander, and they’re gone forever. If you lose everything, it's over. Key Features: REAL-TIME TACTICS ROGUELITE: Strategize and relocate your troops wisely to outmaneuver the Vikings' individual counters to your moves. Each move could be your last, so plan your battles and retreats carefully! Lose a leader, and they're no longer available. Lose everything, and it's a game over! INTELLIGENT UNIT CONTROLS: Command your troops and monitor their positioning while they navigate and fight the enemy. They will respond intuitively to the ever-changing terrain. PROCEDURALLY GENERATED ISLANDS: Explore stylistically unique islands and develop strategies around their features to save your kingdom from ruin. UNLOCKABLE UPGRADES: Improve your defensive strategy to reap greater rewards, and turn your untrained soldiers into experienced warriors. The fate of this kingdom rests solely on your shoulders.
The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores

Survive day and night, manage resources and explore an expanding world in The Bonfire: Uncharted Shores, sequel to award-winning The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands.

The Bonfire 2: Uncharted ShoresFredBear Games Ltd
Immerse yourself in the ultimate survival strategy game, where you have to build, craft, and gather all the resources during the day to prepare for the night when monsters and raiders come out. The Bonfire: Uncharted Shores is the sequel to The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands, an award-winning game that has now been expanded and enhanced to provide a greater depth of gameplay experience. You will be tasked with designing your own city, managing resources, chains, and workers with their unique personalities. With the help of procedurally generated world maps, you can explore new territories with your ships, trade with free cities, and discover mysterious dungeons. In this game, you will be able to build a powerful city and acquire magical artifacts to defeat an ancient evil that threatens the peace of your world. The Bonfire: Uncharted Shores takes you on a journey filled with challenges and adventure, as you must survive the harsh conditions while building a thriving civilization. Bringing your creativity and strategic skills into play, this game is your chance to build something great and lead your people to victory. Grab your weapon and get ready to embark on a journey full of excitement and treacherous enemies. Are you up for the challenge?
Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship is a tactical combat game where you take control of an 'Age of Sail' ship in a story-filled fantasy world full of peril, pirates, and monsters.

Abandon ShipPID Games
In "Abandon Ship," you'll command an "Age of Sail" vessel and crew, and set off to explore a vast and reactive world filled with grim consequences. Encounter various story-rich islands in different biomes, from the eerie haunted seas to the arachnid-infested Spider Islands. Engage in battles with enemy ships, fortifications, and sea monsters; as you progress, you'll have to weather various conditions, like tidal waves and blizzards, that may affect your strategies. Combat is brutal and tactical, with every battle a challenge on the brink of defeat. But you can use advantages such as diverse weapons and upgrades to conquer the odds and customise your vessel's appearance by capturing enemy ships. As you navigate the challenges, your trusty crew also gains specific skills and traits that help gain an edge in battles. In this unforgiving world, Life can be brutal, experiences deadly. Don't be disheartened; the game ends only when the captain is lost, meaning that even if your boat is destroyed, you can continue the journey by becoming stranded and fighting your way back to the top. Your choices create allies and enemies who may seek help or revenge against you later in the game. You can immerse yourself in various gameplay modes, including the main campaign, overthrowing a Cthulhu-esque cult; Freeplay, which involves rebuilding your ancestors' legacy; and shorter tales such as rescuing your sister in the Combat Campaign or climbing the ranks of Father's children to gain The Kraken in Sword of the Cult. The art style is inspired by classic Naval Oil Paintings, complete with a fantasy setting. The world reacts to your actions, so if you choose to partake in piracy, you should prepare to become the hunted captain.
Company of Heroes

Fast, dynamic and immersive, Company of Heroes brings real-time strategy to Android. Fight through World War II from D-Day to the Falaise Pocket.

Company of HeroesFeral Interactive
Experience the epicness of World War II with Company of Heroes, a game that redefined real-time strategy by combining fast-paced campaigns, dynamic battlegrounds, and advanced squad tactics. In Company of Heroes, you get to lead two crack companies of American soldiers in a fierce campaign through the European Theater of Operations, starting with the D-Day invasion of Normandy. Featuring an easy-to-use interface tailored for Android devices, you get to execute advanced real-time tactics in the heat of battle. From a new Command Wheel to flexible barbed wire placement, Company of Heroes offers a unique mobile gaming experience. You can direct squads of US troops against the mighty German Wehrmacht through 15 intense missions based on some of the most challenging fighting of World War II. With destructible environments, you can creatively use the battlefield to your advantage to win the fight. The game's high-resolution graphics are optimized for Android devices, providing you with an immersive visual experience. Opposing Fronts, the game's expansion pack, is available via in-app purchase that provides you access to leading the British 2nd Army and the German Panzer Elite in two full-length campaigns. You can command both armies in Skirmish mode. Company of Heroes requires Android 9.0 (Pie) or later and 5.2GB of free space. Some Android devices need additional storage space, particularly those who want to install the Opposing Fronts or Tales of Valor expansion packs. The game is available on a range of Android devices, including Google Pixel 2, HTC U12+, Samsung Galaxy S8, and more. Whether you're a history buff or a fan of strategy games, the adventures waiting for you in Company of Heroes are endless. So, get ready to immerse yourself in a real-time strategy masterpiece brought to mobile by SEGA, the authority in gaming.
Iron Marines Invasion

Command and conquer missions across unique space worlds, battle alien enemies, train heroes, and upgrade your army in Iron Marines: Invasion.

Iron Marines InvasionIronhide Games
Iron Marines: Invasion is a thrilling sci-fi space RTS game from Ironhide. In this game, players get to command and conquer missions in unique worlds and lead a sci-fi army across epic challenges in deep space. This action-packed game is full of war strategy games, army battles, and military threats that will lead your marines across the galaxy. Each battlefield has its own unique space terrain, style, enemies, action, and conditions, making this game even more exciting. In Iron Marines, you will have to battle alien enemies, epic armies, and ferocious alien creatures in fun and electrifying real-time strategy missions filled with strategic challenges. It is up to you to plan your battle strategy to defend the galaxy! Calling all Iron Marines, RTS, and war strategy game lovers who prefer offline RTS and Ironhide strategy games that are full of action! The ultimate battle for space is here, and you must build your battle strategy and take on this thrilling space RTS game! Players get to lead a mighty tactical army across 20+ worlds to battle unique real-time strategy challenges and earn rewards to boost their arsenal. Furthermore, you can also combine your squad and take advantage of each unit’s unique fighting skills, from rangers to snipers, mechas, and epic alien warrior clans. In Iron Marines: Invasion, you can train brave heroes and their abilities, boost your army’s firepower, increase its stamina and reach, or detect enemies before they attack. Unravel the galaxy’s biggest mysteries by seizing the tactical info available to configure your battle strategy and complete challenging RTS games and missions. With over 25 campaign missions and 75+ RTS game special operations, Iron Marines: Invasion allows players to explore an entire galaxy of epic planets in space. Additionally, the game also has 10 unit groups for a total of 30 different troops, 9 epic action heroes to train, 8 special weapons to boost your army tactics and arsenal, 40 army upgrades to improve your strategy and units, and 30+ achievements to prove your real-time strategy battle expertise. Iron Marines: Invasion offers players three difficulty modes: Casual, Normal, or Veteran, making it suitable for players of all levels. Prove yourself in daily challenges to collect amazing rewards. This game is suitable for those who prefer to play offline RTS games and strategy games, offering hours of colorful, fun gameplay in an epic real-time strategy adventure. Explore incredible offline worlds and enjoy Ironhide’s awesome war game experience anywhere!
Rusted Warfare

Rusted Warfare is a balanced RTS game inspired by classic titles, with no microtransactions, AI missions, unique units, and multiplayer support.

Rusted WarfareCorroding games
Rusted Warfare is a complete real-time strategy game that has been inspired by the traditional strategy games like Total Annihilation and Command and Conquer. It is a pure RTS game, free of any microtransactions and DRM. Players can enjoy online and offline multiplayer battles over Wi-Fi and mobile networks. There are several modes to choose from, including campaign, skirmish, survival, and challenge missions, with challenging AI opponents. With over 40 unique units, Rusted Warfare offers perfectly balanced gameplay. The game features tactical and strategic opportunities with units such as flying fortresses, combat engineers, amphibious jets, shielded hovertanks, and laser defences. Players can easily issue commands through the minimap, multi-touch support, unit groups, and rally points. The game also offers a strategic zoom feature, allowing players to view and command the entire battlefield. Players can save and load games, including multiplayer games, making it perfect for quick lunchtime battles. In case of disconnection, players can reconnect to multiplayer games to avoid any disappointment. Additionally, players can create and load their own custom levels. Rusted Warfare is designed to fully scale from phones to large screen tablets and even support USB keyboard and mouse. Play your friends on your phone or tablet anytime and anywhere. Join the Rusted Warfare community on Discord or follow on Twitter and check out other links on the official website. If you experience any issues or have any feature requests, the developers are available via email, Twitter, or post. Get ready for an epic real-time strategy experience with Rusted Warfare.
Star Wars: Commander

Fight for the fate of the galaxy in Star Wars: Commander. Choose your side, build your base, train your army, and battle iconic characters and vehicles.

Star Wars: CommanderNaturalMotionGames Ltd
Enter the fray in the never-ending Galactic War! Will you join the Empire or the Rebellion? Pick your side and get ready for battle. Construct your headquarters, amass a formidable army, and strategically deploy your defenses to conquer war-ravaged worlds throughout the galaxy. Fight alongside or against iconic figures like Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and even Darth Vader himself, and command units like Wookiee Warriors, AT-ATs, Speeder Bikes, and Stormtroopers. Millions of players worldwide have already joined this epic combat strategy game. Are you ready to take on the mantle of Commander and shape the destiny of the galaxy? Explore a variety of worlds within the vast Star Wars™ universe and engage in the ultimate battle to secure its future. You can also level up your heroes, troops, vehicles, and more using original story missions and obtain extra rewards. Join forces with friends to form the ultimate team and fight for glory and honor. Strategize, plot, and fight to the top. Upgrade your Planetary Command building, scout, and relocate your base to other worlds like Dandoran, Yavin 4, Er’Kit and Hoth to gain new resources, fortify your quest and fort take larger battles. Star Wars: Commander is compatible with Android OS 4.0 and later, and can be played on both phones and tablets. The game is free to play, although in-app purchases are available for even more content and in-game currency. Please read Zynga’s Terms of Service for guidance on the use of this app. For details on Zynga’s policies regarding personal data, please consult the Privacy Policy.
The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

Build, discover, and survive in a snowy encampment, managing resources and battling monsters at night to reveal the secrets of the ancients.

The Bonfire: Forsaken LandsFredBear Games Ltd
Unleash your creativity and resourcefulness with this thrilling game of building, exploration, crafting, and survival. Set in a snowy encampment, you will have to use all your wits to manage your settlement and its workers amidst dangerous attacks of monsters at night. The more you progress, the more you'll uncover advanced buildings and crafting mechanisms, embark on trade missions with other civilizations, and reveal the mysterious secrets of the ancients. Experience the thrill of taking charge of your own settlement and steering it towards success. Use your skills to manage and simulate in-depth aspects of your settlement. With each passing day, discover something new and unforeseen, adding to the game's excitement and unpredictability. Brace yourself against the unforgiving weather, the harsh surroundings, and the menacing monsters which inhabit this beautiful landscape with its minimalist aesthetics. Every second of the game is a challenge that requires strategy and perseverance. Rise to the challenge and unlock Game Center leaderboards and achievements that demonstrate your prowess and achievements. Don't just survive, thrive, and become the most skilled player in this exciting game.
Army Men Warfare

Lead the toy soldiers against evil toys in this story-driven game. Assemble heroes, engage in battles, and fight with allies in high-quality graphics.

Army Men WarfareVolcano Force
Lead your army to victory against evil toys, by employing effective tactics and building the strongest army in town. Enter the mission to drive out the evil forces and reclaim your territory from the invading toys. As the commander of the green toy soldiers and a righteous hero, it's your duty to ensure that you crush evil toy's dreadful scheme and protect your home base. Embark on a quest and rescue the Allied forces that are captured by the enemy. Collect all the necessary resources available to develop your strategy and ultimately eliminate the evil forces. The righteousness will once again reign, and the evildoers will be held accountable. Experience the thrill of toy warfare through over 20 chapters of story-driven gameplay in the Battle of Toy Soldiers. Each stage offers its unique gameplay, which allows you to devise the best tactics to defeat enemy forces based on the characteristics of the battlefield. Assemble heroes to join the battlefield and use their unique skills to tackle the villains head-on or lead troops to engage in dynamic Open Field battles and fight for victory. With 180 heroes and over 900 battle formations, unlock diversified hero combinations and experience the fight and struggle between toy soldiers. Enjoy the game with friends through its rich social system, allowing players to create or join alliances and fight together with their allies. High-quality graphics combined with vibrant and creative art designs of heroes, foes and the atmosphere create a stunning, high-quality 3D graphic battlefield experience. Command your toy troops and compete against tens of thousands of players in sandbox gameplay with a high degree of freedom, where you can reign victorious on the vast battlefield. Take command of your toy soldiers and lead them to victory!
Army Men Strike

Experience tower defense and toy army-based battles in Army Men Strike. Protect your home base, recruit an army, and use your best tactics to win!

Army Men StrikeVolcano Force
Step into the world of Army Men Strike and live out your childhood fantasies of toy army battles! In this latest version of the game, you'll need to employ all your strategic skills to deploy defensive structures and fend off invading enemy forces in the all-new Tower Defense mode. Fight for your flag and lead your army of action figures against enemies made up of evil toys, remote-control planes, robots, and more in epic battles that will test your mettle. Use your best survival tactics and put your strategy to the test to defend yourself against the Tan Army invasion. With multiple challenge modes, Toy Tower Defense puts your skills to the test with challenging Boss fights and countless enemy invasions. Train and upgrade a variety of defensive structures, including infantry, tanks, artillery units, air force units, and more, to keep your home base safe. Build your own army of toy soldiers and recruit officers, train soldiers, and incorporate combat tactics to find a strategy that works best for you. Upgrade armor, weapons, rifles, machine guns, and promote your green soldiers to win battles on every front. Gather resources to upgrade your squad and develop your command center. Create your tower defense with fortifications to keep your enemies hopelessly at bay and increase your odds of survival. In Army Tactics Adventure, choose your targets on every battlefield, plan your conquests, and put your commanding skills and strategy to the test. Take your miniature military forces into battle and compete against other players for ultimate bragging rights. Establish alliances with other players or create your own Corps to forge battlefield friendships and work together for the defense of your territory. Will you choose diplomacy or war? Army Men Strike is free to download and play, with the option for in-app purchases. But remember, under the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 17 years old to play or download the game. Join the worldwide community of players and get ready to make your mark on the toy battleground!
Retro Commander

Retro Commander is a post-apocalyptic RTS with single & multiplayer modes, a campaign story, crossplay, and customizable elements. Play missions, research tech, and form alliances.

Retro CommanderNoble Master Games
Retro Commander is an RTS game set in a world that has suffered a catastrophic disaster. It offers players the chance to lead their armies to victory in thrilling single player or addictive multiplayer modes, with co-op play available too. The game aims to be both enjoyable and accessible, with a modern user interface. You can challenge the AI, play against your friends, and compete in cross-platform multiplayer matches with a ranking and rating system to show your progress. The game features a post-apocalyptic environment with day-night cycles, rain, snow, wind, and solar flares, which add to the immersion. The game's deep campaign follows different factions, each possessing specialized technologies such as robots, stealth, drones, and shields. You can engage in various missions like elimination, survival, capture the flag, defense, and battle royale across land, sea, and air with common troops available to all factions. You can even undertake rescue and escort missions. There is a rich tech tree that enables you to research and build specialized structures and troops, including EMP weapons, portals, and even nukes. The Tech Snatcher allows you to steal enemy technology, offering an extra strategic edge. The game supports modding, too, with a map editor that allows you to create your own player-modded maps and campaigns. All of the game's elements, including troops, structures, graphics, and sound effects, can be modded for more personalization. In Retro Commander, teamwork is heavily emphasized, and you can form clans and teams to fight co-op style with other players and AI. Challenge yourself in single player skirmishes against the AI or delve into the comic-based story campaign. The multiplayer mode allows for LAN and internet play with rewards and ratings to keep things competitive. With Retro Commander, you'll find an engaging and varied RTS game with a unique post-apocalyptic world and amazing gameplay options.
World War Armies

World War Armies is a mobile PvP strategy game set in WWII where players test their strategic thinking skills against others in 1v1 or 2v2 battles.

World War ArmiesHypemasters, Inc.
If you are looking for an authentic and immersive real-time strategy simulator about World War II, then the game World War Armies is the perfect choice for you. This game is a multiplayer PvP strategy game and army simulator that will test your strategic thinking skills nonstop. You will have to use tactics to get out of difficult combat situations and confront your enemies in 1v1 or 2v2 strategy online multiplayer to prove that you are a legendary battlefield general just like General Guderian or General Marshall. The right war strategy is key to reaching ultimate victory! World War Armies offers a limitless strategic opportunity, making every battle unique. You can learn more about epic military WW2 tactics such as blitzkrieg, trench warfare, attrition warfare, and night combat with legendary vehicles. This game goes beyond the typical RTS strategy game, and you can dive into the PvP world as one of the heroes. Prepare the troops, check the combat vehicles, and engage in a tank battle while using tactical strategy. You can win all of the battlegrounds and earn peace as a great conqueror. In World War Armies, you have the ability to choose your WW2 action strategy. You can use different military battle strategies in action. Arm each sniper, choose the soldiers, snipers, infantry types, and legendary tanks from World War 2. On the battlefield, every second counts! Send your assault squad to capture resource points, build fortifications, and upgrade your command center to get new troops and vehicles or strengthen your army with new recruits. You have to keep an eye on the enemy! The enemy will strive for victory, strike your troopers, and try to undermine your tactics. The best commander will win in these multiplayer warzones! In each battle, you have to upgrade your existing RTS army with new units or powerful level-ups and reach new heights to play this PvP war tactical game. World War Armies has a lot to offer. It is an MMO RTS game and a real-time strategy battle on mobile. It is a World War game setting where warfare happens during World War 2. You can control your military soldiers and tanks and conquer the enemy base in this MOBA. You can confront players from around the world in real-time PvP battles filled with action, thanks to the PvP battle simulator. The game offers 3D realistic graphics, so you can fight your way through photorealistic warzones with fire and smoke, dirt, and dust. Moreover, in the game, you can unlock new types of WW2 troops and change your military strategy according to the enemy. You can also get rewards and medals and upgrade your army after each battle. Lastly, the game is free-to-play, so you can play this war strategy game for free. Overall, World War Armies is a great game and one of the best army soldier games out there. It requires a constant and stable internet connection, and it also offers a Discord and Facebook page for more information. So, enter the battle now and start your own warfare in this PvP strategy game to become a true legend!
Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee

Defend ship's generator in rogue-like dungeon-defense game, Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee. Explore, build defenses, gather team, & fight monsters. 90% off till March 8th!

Dungeon of the Endless: ApogeePlaydigious
Celebrate March 8th with an amazing deal, save up to 90%! Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee is a thrilling rogue-like dungeon-defense game that you won't be able to put down. You and your crew must safeguard the generator of your crashed spaceship while navigating an ever-expanding dungeon and fending off waves of terrifying monsters and special events. The Apogee edition includes the full game and five DLCs to further enhance your experience. The backstory of the game is compelling; Auriga Prime was once home to the Endless, a galactic civilization of pioneers. A group of prisoners being transported were sent to the unexplored planet under the guise of rehabilitation, only to find themselves having to fight for survival after crashing through an Endless facility, eventually exploring the deep and ancient sub-basement of the dungeon. Form a team of heroes, including both ex-prison inmates and guards, each with their unique strengths and psychoses, equip and deploy them to fight off waves of monsters, and earn powerful abilities by using the Dust you gather. Build minor and major modules to strengthen your defenses, manage scarce resources to help your team survive and decode Endless ruins to find vital and life-saving technologies. Explore and discover an infinite number of levels and different layouts, prepare yourself, and your team for any danger that lies behind each door. Make your way to the surface to discover the truth about Auriga. The Apogee edition includes a range of exciting add-ons like new characters, monsters, game modes, and major and minor modules, such as DEEP FREEZE, DEATH GAMBLE, RESCUE TEAM, ORGANIC MATTERS, and BOOKWORM. In addition, Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee Edition has been re-designed for mobile with a revamped interface and a cloud save feature. Pay once to enjoy the full game and its DLCs without any in-app purchases or ads. If you have any issues with the game, contact customer support at and include a detailed description of your issue. Start playing Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee today and experience a world of exploration, heroism, and danger!
Hero Hunters

Recruit 100+ heroes, join forces with friends and engage in real-time multiplayer battles with guns, swords and special abilities. Free to play!

Hero HuntersDeca_Games
🥇 The recipient of the Google Play Most Innovative Game Award is here! Play the top-rated Third-Person Shooting Role-Playing Game with over 100 different heroes to build your powerful team with and join the thrilling world of hero-based battle royale on your mobile device. Experience the most incredible and free online multiplayer gameplay alongside your friends. You can recruit 100+ heroes and form alliances with your comrades in arms to ensure your survival! Collaborate with your friends and participate in Co-op Missions during epic rallies, compete worldwide in real-time multiplayer Online PvP Battles, and participate in Daily Events, Gauntlet Mode, and Boss Raids! Your army of heroes will engage in visually stunning 3D battles utilizing a wide array of weapons, such as guns, sniper rifles, swords, and energy cannons. Enjoy the world-class gunplay as you engage in cover-based third-person shooter combat with fantastic console-like graphics. During real-time, team-based battles, quickly swap between your heroes as you engage in thrilling, modern, and futuristic battles. Each hero provides you with a unique experience, from using sniper rifles to firing energy guns at the enemy. Take control of your heroes and hone your skills, or let your heroes fight on their own while you're on the move. Whether you enjoy playing sniper, assault, shotgun, magic, fantasy, warrior, robot, sniper assassins, or cyborg heroes, you'll find your favorite hero here. Collect legendary heroes, each with their own distinctive weapons and special abilities, and assemble the perfect team to take on your enemies. Keep your healers and tanks on overwatch, whilst your assassins and assault classes take the fight to the enemy. After each battle, loot the defeated enemies, level up your heroes, upgrade abilities, and perfect your loadout. Engage in battles against raiders, bandits and worse in a post-apocalyptic cityscape, or immerse yourself in the single-player campaign. Become the ultimate hunter as you engage in modern combat. Challenge your skills by engaging in real-time multiplayer action-packed tactical PvP combat alongside other players. Lead a tactical squad of up to 5 heroes to dominate the leaderboards and leagues. Join forces with other players and become part of an unstoppable modern military alliance. Take part in intense time-based event competitions, both solo and strategic group play, and defeat your rivals. Download one of the highest-rated online multiplayer RPG shooting games for free now! ------------------------- By downloading this app, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in Decagames' Terms of Use ( and are subject to Decagames' Privacy Policy ( ©2021 Deca Live Operations GmbH, Decagames, and Hero Hunters are trademarks or registered trademarks of Deca Live Operations GmbH, all rights reserved.
Command & Conquer: Rivals

Compete in real-time PvP battles with customizable armies, powerful Commanders, and alliances in Command & Conquer: Rivals. Defeat your rivals and climb the leaderboards!

Command & Conquer: RivalsElectronic Arts
Experience the ultimate thrill of victory over your rivals in Command & Conquer: Rivals, a real-time strategy game that will leave you on the edge of your seat. This action-packed game allows you to take charge of your army and use strategic tactics to change the course of any battle in The War for Tiberium. Join forces with your friends in alliances, share resources, and dominate your opponents with a formidable combination of infantry, tanks, and aircraft in fast-paced PvP matches. The key to success in Command & Conquer: Rivals is your ability to strategize, pick the right Commander, and choose winning combinations of infantry, tanks, aircraft, and more. Each Commander has unique and powerful abilities that can shape your approach, so customization is key. Upgrade your army to complement your Commander’s unique abilities and access destructive weapons and vehicles that will truly let you dominate your rivals. Test your mettle against your opponents’ strategies in real-time PvP battles, where quick thinking is a must. Choose whether to fight for the Global Defense Initiative or the Brotherhood of Nod, and earn valuable supplies and boosts for your army through supply convoys. Aligning yourself with an alliance will also help you climb the leaderboards and earn rewards through daily challenges that help you improve your Commanders, weapons, and abilities. Command & Conquer: Rivals requires a persistent internet connection, but the rewards of competing with fellow gamers from around the world make it worth it. The game features in-app purchases, but this thrilling RTS will keep you busy and engaged either way. Finally, it’s important to note that this game is intended for an audience over 16 in the UK and 13 in Ireland, and that EA’s User Agreement and Privacy & Cookie Policy apply.
Iron Marines

Lead fearless marines, heroes, and aliens in challenging real-time strategy battles against space monsters and robot armies in the sci-fi RTS game Iron Marines.

Iron MarinesIronhide Games
Iron Marines is an action-packed sci-fi real-time strategy game developed by the team that brought you the popular Kingdom Rush TD saga. It's set in an amazing, uncharted galaxy, where you must protect it from space monsters, swarms of insectoids, and robot armies. Command fearless marines, mighty heroes, and powerful aliens to fight against these terrifying enemies in intense battles across three sci-fi planets. Your tactics are the key to victory. Adapt your strategy by changing the roles of your troops during combat, from rangers to snipers, flamethrowers to missile launchers, etc. Recruit the best heroes in the galaxy, unleash their mighty powers, and combat abilities to take on near-impossible missions. You can turn the tide of the battle by employing a plethora of weapons including orbital strikes, intelligent mines, support troops, turrets, and special weapons. Crushed starships, armies of mechas, unknown races, gigantic monsters, brave assaults, desperate rescues, audacious sabotages, and much more awaits you. Command and conquer the galaxy with the Iron Marines. Iron Marines comes with impressive features, including 21 campaign missions, special operations, 40+ upgrades, 8 special weapons, and 70+ achievements to complete. Additionally, there are 7+ units to bring into the fight to give your hero extra firepower. The game also comes with various difficulty modes, including Casual, Normal, and Veteran. For the truly daring, there is also the Impossible mode. Iron Marines has received positive reviews from many reputable media outlets. The Verge called it "a science-fiction setting and a Starcraft-esque, real-time strategy experience," while iPhoneFAQ stated it is a "must-buy for all fans of the Kingdom Rush series and tower defense games." Pocket Gamer dubbed it a "little bit brilliant," while AppSpy stated it "essentially created the modern mobile strategy game." Droid Gamers appreciated the game's "chunky, cartoony real-time strategy game" set in space featuring napalm rockets. Ironhide Games welcomes video creators, podcasters, and streamers to showcase their content. If you want to know more about our games or have us showcase your videos, contact us at Visit our official website at for the latest news.
LEGO Star Wars Battles

Lead iconic characters in PvP battles inspired by locations from throughout the Star Wars galaxy in LEGO Star Wars Battles – a tower defense style free mobile game.

LEGO Star Wars BattlesTT Games Ltd
Immerse yourself in the world of LEGO® Star Wars™ and experience the ultimate real-time, multiplayer, player versus player battles! Engage in epic battles between your favorite characters on legendary locations from throughout the galaxy. Ever wondered what would happen if an Ewok took on a Tusken Raider, or if Chewbacca went head-to-head with Boba Fett? This game gives you the chance to find out! Collect characters, troops, and vehicles from the entire Star Wars™ universe, and build formidable armies on both the light and dark side. In this tower defense style game, you can build LEGO towers to defend your base or capture your opponent's territory. With over 40 units from various eras of the Star Wars™ franchise, including favorites such as AT-ATs, AT-RTs, Y-wings, and TIE fighters and characters from Star Wars™: The Phantom Menace, Star Wars™: A New Hope, Star Wars™: The Clone Wars™, and more, there's something for everyone. Expand your ability to win by discovering unique combinations of units and building different strategies to attack and defend. Using different tower types such as the Droid Factory, Turbolaser, and Flame Tower, you can create an unstoppable army that will leave your enemies in pieces. Unleash the power of characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Boba Fett, each with their own game-changing abilities and unique troops that will support their strategy. Visit legendary Star Wars locations such as Naboo, Hoth, Scarif, and Geonosis while experiencing exciting battles through different eras. With new units to discover along the way, the game offers endless possibilities for expanding your options in battle. Download LEGO Star Wars Battles for free and experience the ultimate Star Wars™ adventure. Please note that some in-game items require real money payment, but the game makers commit to making this feature as fair and transparent as possible. A network connection is necessary to play this game, as there is no offline mode available. If you're having problems, check out the Help and Support page at for assistance. LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Minifigure, and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO GROUP. This game was produced by TT games under license from the LEGO GROUP. All rights reserved. © & TM Lucasfilm Ltd.
Wild Wars

WildWars Tactics is a hardcore RTS with infinite units, touch controls, and custom map creation. Conquer territories and defeat enemies with funny animals.

Wild WarsDRON
WildWars Tactics is a one-of-a-kind, challenging Real-Time Strategy game playable on your mobile device. Establish and develop your base, construct your army, capture new territories, and overpower your adversaries! Engage in rapid and aggressive battles with hilarious and ferocious beasts! Experience an updated version of the traditional Real-Time Strategy game control interface improved with touch-screen technology! Use your fingers to lead and command your troops and emerge as the supreme leader! The more you engage in the game, the better your skills will be! With endlessly unique units fortified with their own individual strengths and destinies, summon your army and devise successful strategies for triumph! Build and design custom maps with the in-game editor! Allow your creativity to shine and design maps that can be played by you and your friends in an array of game modes! Plunge into the battle against thousands of players waiting to compete on the battlefield! WildWars is an exceptional classic PvP (Player versus Player) real-time strategy game seamlessly played on the mobile platform, all on one screen.

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