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Pool Stars

Pool Stars offers 3D and 2D pool game modes, online multiplayer, single player career, and custom challenges. Play with friends or against AI. Free to play.

Pool StarsGiraffe Games Limited
Pool Stars is an immersive billiards game that offers players different game modes to help improve their pool skills. Unlike other pool games, Pool Stars provides a real-life simulation of 3D Perspective game mode where you learn to calculate the angles of the ball and improve your billiards techniques. However, if you prefer a more casual pool experience, 2D Pool Game mode gives you a bird's eye view of the table and offers great tactical training opportunities. This game gets even better when you play with your friends online, which is considered one of the most exciting ways to experience billiards. You can showcase your unique billiards skills and challenge your friends to friendly competitions. If you prefer to play a single-player career mode, you can choose to play against AI players in 8 Ball and 9 Ball Pool games while practicing your billiards techniques. Pool Stars also offers a unique feature, Create Your Own Challenge, where you can get creative and enjoy the game. You can set up your online challenge, compete with other players, and get likes from other players. The game features 8-ball, 9-ball, and snooker tables, so there are many ways to customize your experience. If you're looking for a competitive challenge, the Online Multiplayer mode features weekly leaderboards, pool hustling, and many different tables and locations to visit. The game has numerous active online players, so you'll never have an issue finding someone to play against. Pool Stars is free to play, so there's no reason not to download it today and start having fun.
Cricket League

Dominate the league with your dream Cricket team! Play quick 2-over matches worldwide and unlock over 25 characters. Easy controls, smooth gameplay.

Indulge in the world of cricket, where you can bat, bowl, and field your way to success in this genuine and thrilling 3D real-time Cricket game. Compete in swift two-over matches against opponents from across the globe or with your mates for a few minutes and claim victory by climbing up the leaderboard. Just say go, set, and commence your own Cricket journey! This multi-player sports game will provide the user with an authentic cricket experience that features striking and bowling which are easy to learn. Score victories to obtain coins and further develop your ultimate squad while playing with family and friends. Ace in creating a team that would be unbeatable and an envious feat for others by defeating the best cricketers in their territory in exclusive top ODI, T20 matches. Travel through different cricket stadiums that can be found all over the world such as Mumbai, Karachi, Adelaide, Dubai, Johannesburg, Dhaka, Melbourne, and London and go against first-class teams, hoping to be a significant squad among their similar leagues. Get to have a mobile version of this cricket version which is delightful and engaging. Outstanding features make this game truly unique such as quick two-over matches which can be played in 3-5 minutes, simple-to-learn cricket controls with less than a minute practice, availability of 25 distinct characters, competing in different crickets locations in India, England, Bangladesh, Australia, and South Africa, unlockable set of new and exclusive cricket balls which increases chances of winning, and can be played on a 2G/3G network. Sustain the best strategy, match with top-notch players, and level up to unlock new methodologies, and it also includes delivering strategic tools in a fashionable way like Doosra, Sling, and In/Out Swings. Furthermore, progress in the leagues and emerge as the master team in this resounding cricket game! Continue to receive exclusive offers and bonuses by following the official Facebook and Instagram pages of the game. Do not settle on being average, strive to achieve greatness by playing and winning in the best cricket game of all time!
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Mini Tennis: Perfect Smash

Experience a new casual gameplay with Mini Tennis and customize your tennis legend to climb up the leaderboards and win prizes.

Mini Tennis: Perfect
Get ready to hit the court in this fresh tennis game and select your equipment to begin! Mini Tennis is a fantastic enhancement to the world of mobile sports games that offers a one-of-a-kind tennis experience. Enjoy an easygoing game while still paying homage to the authentic gameplay and clash with your competitors with powerful smashes! Are you ready to amaze your spectators, accumulate exciting points, and create the most powerful tennis legend ever? The game lets you do all of these amazing things! Welcome to a whole new casual tennis experience with Mini Tennis! The casual, pick-and-play gameplay style is still authentic to the game's original sport. There's no need to spend countless hours on complicated game mechanics; simply pick up the game and dive straight into the action! In Mini Tennis, you can earn players, ranging from common to epic, and upgrade them to make your player the most intimidating rival on any court. In addition to the ability to build your player, the game offers over 100 customizable options, including unique shirts, shorts, rackets, balls, and wristbands that allow you to personalize your character. You can also select the ball you prefer to personalize your gameplay experience and win the rarest equipment pieces and flaunt them in front of your competitors! Experience different atmospheres and environments as you progress through your tennis career with ten unique and original courts that get bigger, louder, and more spectacular. Whether it's in Central Park or in a mansion's setting, each game will provide a distinct feel. Be on the lookout for future updates that will introduce brand new and more impressive courts. Are you ready to rule the world of tennis? Climb the leaderboards to win fabulous prizes and stay ahead of the competition. Every week, you'll have the chance to progress through the leagues, from the Brass League to the All-Stars League, so be sure to claim those promotion spots by the end of the week to win even bigger and better prizes. If you encounter any difficulties while playing, don't hesitate to contact for assistance.
Golf Open Cup

Compete in real-time, upgrade clubs, customize your player and master every hole in one to defeat your ultimate golf rival.

Golf Open CupINLOGIC SPORTS - football tennis golf soccer
Enter the ultimate golf battleground, conquer your mini golf opponent and indulge in an authentic putt putt challenge! Brace yourself for every tournament, battle in multiplayer matches and enjoy a thrilling golf experience. Reap the rewards of your triumphs, excel in every golf battle and advance in the world tour. Unlock incredible courses, gather legendary clubs, personalize your player and drive ahead. Engage in a rigorous training program to climb up the leaderboards of the world tour and indulge in mini golf games like never before, completely free. Join the exclusive list of top scorers in prestigious championships. Defy the odds with a strategic blitz, aim for incredible achievements such as the hard-to-get albatross in your ultimate golf battle and other unique shots that are rare in free mini golf games. Perfect your tee-off, shoot a hole-in-one, and outdo each of your golf opponents with flying colors. Cherish your unforgettable hole-in-one moments, jump into mini golf games for free today and reign supreme in the ultimate golf battle. FEATURES: ️- Embark on a world tour with simple controls and enjoyable gameplay. - Challenge the ultimate golf rival and triumph on the trophy road. - Customize your putt putt player's look to flaunt your distinct style. - Unlock legendary clubs for improved tee-offs. - Flaunt your finesse in mini-golf battles and the world tour. - Avail Free Gifts, Daily Deals, and a VIP golf pass from the shop. - Experience immersive gameplay with stunning 3D graphics and effects that enhance the putt putt experience. Have a blast in one of the best free mini golf games with loads of wonderful challenges waiting for you. Play against your friends or let the game find you an opponent to demonstrate your skills in the ultimate golf battle. Compete on an equal footing, tee-off, polish your swing and score better than your ultimate golf rival. It is not solely about technique, but the choices you make while tee-off, on the fairway, around the green and putting. Improve your abilities, master the course and carve out a professional niche with the mini golf battle. Create a playing routine, tee-off every day, development strategies and blitz through each level. Win every ultimate golf battle and emerge as the undisputed champion of the putt putt world tour by scoring the greatest achievements such as a hole-in-one or a double eagle, also known as an albatross. You would have never encountered mini golf games like this one before! Don't miss the opportunity to engage in real-time tournaments and beat the ultimate golf rival! Many putt putt players from various skill levels can tee-off and execute a strategic blitz of shots, but only a bona fide golf player can master the free golf games and triumph in the biggest world tour. Begin your journey as a novice putt putt player, train your swing and shots to move forward, vanquish the mini golf battle, and other blitz challenges. Prepare yourself for the world tour, tee-off, drive and hit the ball, cross obstacles on the fairway and greens and outperform every ultimate golf rival.
Golf King: World Tour

Multiplayer golf with intuitive controls, realistic courses, and customizable characters. Compete against rivals worldwide and climb the leaderboards to become the Golf King.

Golf King: World TourRisingWings
Experience the ultimate golfing experience with the new multiplayer game from the same developers who brought you Mini Golf King. It offers you the chance to play real-time 1v1 matches with competitors from all around the world on stunningly designed realistic courses, equipped with graphics that will take your breath away. The game also gives you customizable characters, a shot control system that is seamless, and a whole lot of fun that will keep you coming back for more. Challenge opponents worldwide in online battles on magnificent courses as you aim to win and earn trophies that will unlock higher tours. Upgrade your golf clubs and raise your performance level so that you can get a boost on the daily and weekly leaderboards, securing yourself awesome prizes and the ultimate glory. Compete with friends who share the same passion for golfing and show them who is boss. One of the most exciting features of this game is the endless combination of characters, hats, glasses, tops, pants, and shoes that allow you to customize your look. You can also add more flare with a range of emotes that enable you to brag about your wins. Besides, you can also collect the best clubhouses and caddies to enjoy more benefits as you pursue your quest to become the Golf King! Get into a career that will have you mastering your golfing skills as you engage in an epic battle for supremacy. The game comes with seamless controls that allow you to engage in a PvP golf duel and compete against top golfers worldwide. The 3D golf courses offer a variety of realistic landscapes that make for an immersive gameplay experience that is hard to resist. Golf King comes equipped with a range of features that make it a worthwhile game to play. You get to open packs and unveil new, more powerful golf clubs that will help you upgrade your equipment: there are various drivers, woods, long irons, short irons, wedges, rough irons, sand wedges, and putters to choose from. You can also get promoted in the weekly leagues as you compete for more card bonuses, and reach a high rank in Coin Rush for some special rewards. The game is designed to be enjoyed with family and friends, and you can send and receive gifts with your buddies. It is GDPR compliant, and you need an internet connection to play the game. Note that storage is only used to save and load game configurations and caches, and the game comes with an optional permission feature that can be turned on or off. Enjoy playing Golf King and stay tuned for updates and news on Facebook. Follow @TheGolfkingPNIX for more exciting gameplay features and more fun moments on the course!
Stick Cricket Super League

Become the ultimate cricket megastar by signing superstars, smashing sixes and leading your T20 team to glory in Stick Cricket Super League.

Stick Cricket Super LeagueStick Sports Ltd
Dazzle the crowd by smashing sixes, recruit top-rated players, and take charge of your T20 cricket team to guide them towards global fame in Stick Cricket Super League. Unleash your potential as an elite cricket player and manage your own franchise to success in this sequel to the classic Stick Cricket Premier League. This mobile cricket game hands over control to you, allowing you to: CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER Before heading into the T20 arena, create your own avatar by choosing from a vast range of accessories and hairstyles, making you the ultimate cricket superstar. PICK FROM 70 TEAMS Battle it out against teams from different cities around the world in Stick Cricket Super League, leaving other popular T20 leagues such as IPL and Big Bash behind. Take advantage of the rare opportunity to lead your favourite cricket team in the ultimate test of skill. RECRUIT SUPERSTARS Lend some originality to your squad by signing up with real-life cricket stars and negotiating seasonal contracts with them. HIT THOSE SIXES Put on your helmet because it's showtime! In typical Stick Cricket style, hit massive sixes that will amaze the crowd and set the stadium alight. LEAD YOUR TEAM Select your first XI, win the toss, and pick which of your players will bat or bowl. Captainship decisions are in your hands. FAST FORWARD If you're tired of matches lasting too long, or it's taking too long to run through the opposition, you can fast track to the conclusion of the innings. CAREER PROGRESSION Watch your career progress and keep track of all your season stats. Earn accolades and collect trophies to become the best there is. Make your way to the top, Captain! Important Note: Additional features require in-app purchases.
EA Sports UFC

UFC Mobile 2 is the ultimate MMA fighting game with authentic UFC action, real-time RPG gameplay, and unique abilities to increase fighter strength.

EA Sports UFCElectronic Arts
Experience the thrill of true Mixed Martial Arts with UFC Mobile 2, a game that offers you an authentic and revamped combat sports experience. Choose from a wide selection of real-life, world-class athletes to collect and compete against. Engage in intense matchups and live content in-between actual UFC events, giving you access to the real world of UFC like never before. Unlock your favorite fighters and increase their strength by leveling them up in the RPG capabilities and real-time action of the Octagon. Campaigns, raids, and special events offer you the chance to earn in-game rewards and increase your sports glory. The unique abilities of each fighter's MMA deck unlock and increase in power as you rank up your fighter. UFC Mobile 2 offers an attainable sports glory goal for both novice players and veteran fight fans. All you need is the will to knockout the competition! UFC Mobile 2 is specifically designed to test your fighting abilities by offering the most intense MMA fighting experience available on mobile. The game includes signature fight moves used by your favorite athletes to finish their fights. Build your dream team of fighters and knockout events! UFC Mobile 2 offers up-to-date fighting action with new UFC icons, updated capabilities, and the latest events. The game includes authentic UFC action, making available all your favorite fighters from every weight class. The live, immersive content aligns with the on-screen real-world fights and signature fight moves. The game offers exclusive sports action, with RPG gameplay that continually evolves and progresses as you play. Compete in guilds that match your play style and connect with like-minded players. Battle with teams, collect, compete, and advance your fighters over time. Download UFC Mobile 2 today and fight to become a true UFC Champion. The Octagon is calling, do you have what it takes to compete against the best? To play the game, you need to accept EA's Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. The game also includes in-game advertising, collects data through third-party ad serving and analytics technology, and chat for communication with other players. The app requires an internet connection and an EA account to play. You must meet the minimum age requirement to obtain an account. The game contains direct links to the internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13.
Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket™ 20 offers an authentic cricket experience with various game modes, multiplayer options, and realistic gameplay, including Test matches and female commentary.

Real Cricket 20Nautilus Mobile
Real Cricket™ 20 offers an authentic and surreal experience for all cricket lovers. With a dedication to providing a rich cricketing experience, this game is sure to impress. You can choose from various commentary packs, including English, Hindi, and more. Additionally, you can participate in epic battles from cricket history in the Challenge Mode and finish the chases your way. Experience the Ultimate Journey by playing all the ODI World Cup and RCPL editions in the Road to World Cup and Road to RCPL modes. Real-time multiplayer mode is better and bigger than ever before. With 1P vs. 1P mode, you can play classic multiplayer with ranked and unranked teams. You can team up with your friends and play in the 2P vs. 2P mode, or challenge the AI in the Co-op mode. You can even spectate your friend's live matches in any of the multiplayer modes. Real Cricket™ 20 offers a range of time slots, including morning, afternoon, evening, dusk, and night, allowing you to choose your preferred time of day to play. For the first time in any cricket game, you can feel the difference between various batsmen and their styles of play with the Batting Types feature. This intuitive cricket game has Defensive, Balanced, Radical, and Brute types, each with unique cricket shots and aggression levels. Real Cricket™ 20 has the most advanced technology to review the umpire's call for edges and LBW with the Ultraedge – Snickometer and Hotspot. You can play in various authentic live stadiums such as Mumbai, Cape Town, London, Dubai, Melbourne, Wellington, Kolkata, and Pune. Each stadium offers a unique feel and experience. Play from the eyes of the batsman with the all-new Pro Cam and feel the thrill of the ball hurtling towards you at 90 MPH. The game has a range of Tournaments such as the World Cup 2019, World Test Championship, Asia Cup, Champions Cup, Master Cup, Under 19 World Cup, and the Premier Leagues from around the world. Real Cricket™ 20 is the only mobile cricket game that allows users to participate in the RCPL Auction and build their team. You can compete for the most coveted cup in Premier League history. The longest and purest form of cricket is now available to you in Real Cricket™ 20 with the Test Matches mode. The game provides true-to-life match conditions and gameplay, along with new commentary and field setup options. Players can choose unique player faces, great looking team jerseys, and numbers on the back. This app offers in-app purchases, but no need to worry about privacy. The app only requires permission to cache and read game content during the gameplay. Real Cricket™ 20 is a realistic cricket simulation game that truly captures the essence and spirit of this beloved game.
Big Bash Cricket

Experience the most authentic mobile cricket game with improved gameplay and graphics, authentic visuals, and local multiplayer options. Collect Player Cards and beat your rivals.

Big Bash CricketNextwave Multimedia
The new and improved version of the BIG BASH CRICKET is here, promising a bigger and better gaming experience than ever before. The stunning graphics and extensive gameplay provide the most lifelike mobile cricket experience you can get. Choose your preferred BBL or WBBL club and play as your favorite player in their home stadium. Enjoy authentic gameplay with realistic animations, intuitive controls, and better quality player likenesses that bring you closer to the action than ever before. Celebrate every moment, be it a slogged six or a well-worked wicket, with authentic visuals that elevate your gaming experience to the next level. You can choose from a quick play contest, an entire season, or the challenge of a Super Over. What's more, you can win in-game gold while playing each of them. Face off with your friends in 1v1 local multiplayer battles and Batting Multiplayer. Compete in the thrilling KFC Bucket Ball Challenge and beat your rivals by hitting every ball for a sensational sixer! Collect Player Cards to create your ULTIMATE 11 for the ultimate face-off! Unlock unlimited local multiplayer access and an ad-free interface by subscribing to the Big Bash All-Access Pass. Get free in-game Gold every day, along with all Ball Trails and Impact Hits unlocked. You need not go to a stadium to have an enjoyable and rewarding cricket gaming experience anymore with Big Bash Cricket. Play this game for endless excitement and fun!
Carrom Pool: Disc Game

Play Carrom Disc Pool, a multiplayer board game with simple controls and physics, customized pieces, multiple game modes, and global arenas.

Carrom Pool: Disc
Are you looking for an engaging board game which is easy to understand and provides intense multiplayer gameplay? Carrom Disc Pool is a perfect choice for you. This game is all about potting all your game pieces before your opponent does it. Do you want to become the most skillful player? Carrom Disc Pool provides smooth game controls and realistic physics, allowing you to travel to various locations and play against challenging players from all over the world. This game has gained its popularity in different countries, and some of them are Korona, Couronne, Bob, Crokinole, Pichenotte, and Pitchnut. Besides, you can customize your pieces, strikers, and pucks with unique and exciting unlockable items. With multiple game modes, including Carrom, Free Style, and Disc Pool, you can have fun playing with your friends, competing with top players, and challenging yourself. Additionally, you can test your luck in daily golden shots and win big prizes while playing in magnificent arenas. If you want to unlock free victory chests with exciting rewards, upgrade your strikers and unleash frenzy, join this game and show off your skills. Carrom Disc Pool is not only an online multiplayer game but also supports offline play. Get ready to experience the intense gameplay, challenge your opponents in one-on-one matches, and become the best Carrom Board player. Are you up for the challenge?
8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool: addictive, challenging game based on real 3D pool games that allows you to challenge friends online. Play PvP mode & earn coins to customize your cue and pool table.

8 Ball
Indulge in the universe of the enthralling pool game - 8 Ball Pool. This game is fashioned on the principles of real 3D pool games and you can engage your friends in online matches. An exquisite display of your pool playing abilities can crown you the master of the pool! The path to victory in this ball game is fairly uncomplicated. All you have to do is pick the table of your choice and prepare yourself for the match. Compete against your friends in the Player versus Player (PvP) mode and strategically maneuver your cue to shoot the balls. As you progress to higher levels, each round becomes progressively more demanding. You can play the game using different types of balls and tables across the multiplayer and PvP modes. Why wait? Bring your A-game and accept the challenge of your friends in this engrossing pool game! Playing pool in the multiplayer mode with your friends is easily accomplished. Just sign up using your Miniclip or Facebook account and take on your friends directly in the game. Use a customized cue and shoot your best shots in our online 3D PvP tournament! In every competitive PvP match, coins will be at stake, win the game and the coins become yours. You can use them to buy new items in the Pool Shop and customize your cue and pool table to create your own unique setting. The 8 Ball Pool level system ensures that you always face top-rated players in the league. Your ranking in this pool league increases as you play multiplayer 8 Ball Pool and grants you access to exclusive locations where you can compete against the best online pool players. Regardless of whether you are an amateur or a professional, you can take your shot in the PvP competitions with your friends as 8 Ball Pool has a variety of match levels. Test your skills in this free 8 ball online tournament by aiming and hitting the ball with the cue, and emerge victorious! Kindly note that an internet connection is required to play this 8 Ball Pool game. Head over to to play on the web. By using the game, you agree to our Terms and Conditions which can be found on and our Privacy Policy which can be found on Explore more games by visiting our website: or liking us on Facebook: or following us on Twitter:
All Star Cricket 2

All Star Cricket 2 - Real-time multiplayer cricket game with batting and bowling control, worldwide players, friend challenge, and offline story mode.

All Star Cricket 2All Star : Mahjong Games for Zen
All Star Cricket 2 is not like any other Cricket game. In this game, you will get the opportunity to experience the real-world cricket adventure virtually! If you aspire to become a Cricket Star and want to hit shots all over the field, hit swinging and spinning deliveries, and play with real players from across the globe, then download ALL STAR CRICKET 2 today. This multiplayer game enables you to compete with players worldwide, defeat them and become the ultimate cricket champion. Play against your friends in the newly added "Invite & Play" feature and reignite your rivalry with just one tap on the screen. All Star Cricket 2 offers exceptional batting control, where you can simulate to hit any shot you want, including Kohli's cover drive, Rohit's pull shot, or Maxwell's reverse sweep. You have complete freedom to set your batting strategy. As a bowler, you have the opportunity to bowl swing, spin, or bouncers to dismiss the batter. You can even personalize your own field, making you feel like Shaheen Afridi, Jasprit Bumrah, or Rashid Khan on the pitch. This cricket game offers an exciting offline mode, which includes a new story mode that makes you the hero. You can play tournaments offline, improve your batting skills, and save the All-Star Cricket Academy as a hero. Even without an internet connection, you can polish your skills, and show that you have what it takes to become the best Cricketer in the world. DOWNLOAD & PLAY ASC 2 NOW, join All Star Cricket Academy, and make your dream of becoming a top cricketer come true!
Real Cricket 22

Real Cricket 22 offers an immersive mobile cricket simulation experience with over 600 batting shots, multiplayer modes, commentary, tournaments, and unique player customization.

Real Cricket 22Nautilus Mobile
Introducing Real Cricket™ 22, the ultimate destination for an unparalleled mobile cricket experience! Embrace a comprehensive and immersive game that explores cricket to its fullest. CHALLENGER MODE offers highly competitive tournaments for players to participate in or create their customized tournaments with the Real Cricket™ community worldwide. Based on a player's preference, the modes provide a variety of tournament formats to explore and win daily. The REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER mode is bigger and better with 1P vs 1P classic multiplayer matches featuring Ranked and Unranked teams to play against friends. Ranked multiplayer matches offer Dream Team Challenge, Premier League, and Pro Series modes to compete in and earn the Legends' title within the game. Real Cricket™ 22 provides players with more than 600 new batting shots, making it the only mobile game to offer such an extensive range of batting styles. These shots create uniqueness in each game and player-specific presets that can be shared with friends using custom preset codes. For the first time, Real Cricket™ 22 offers MOTION CAPTURED authentic fielding and catching animations, making the game come to life with scintillating on-field action. Additionally, enjoy the commentary from legendary commentators like Sanjay Manjrekar, Aakash Chopra, Vivek Razdan, Danny Morrisson & Lisa Sthalekar in English & Hindi, taking your cricketing experience to the next level. Dynamic Stadiums and authentic Field setups scale with Real-World Cricket Stadiums across the Globe supporting your favorite teams as they take on opponents to the sound of cheering crowds in picturesque International Cricket Stadiums. The SHOT MAP comes with numerous batting shots creating personalized presets for a unique batting style for each player, perfect for any in-match cricket situation. Share these with friends by sending preset codes. EXCITING NEW META elements like daily QUEST & MISSIONS provide the progression required for unlocking Contract Cards, Commentary Cards, Gold fragments, Currency and much more. As players move up levels, the rewards become increasingly challenging to obtain. Real Cricket™ 22 allows players to handle and direct fielding actions as every decision rests with the player. Choose from a wide range of International and Domestic Cricket Tournaments to play. You can re-live your childhood memories playing all the ODI World Cups, T20 World Cups Tour mode & RCPL Editions. The only Mobile Cricket Game allowing users to participate in the Real Cricket Premier League (RCPL) where they can build their league and compete for the coveted Premier League cup. Get unique player faces, models, and stylized team jerseys with numbers on the Jersey back! For cricket lovers, Real Cricket™ 22 offers the surreal experience of playing Test Cricket under lights with the Pink Ball. Real Cricket™ 22 brings an authentic game of cricket to your mobile – the closest to reality. Please note that this is a free-to-download game that also offers in-app purchases. Real Cricket™ 22 - The Go To Destination for Authentic Mobile Cricket Simulation Experience!
World Cricket Championship 2

Experience the most advanced 3D mobile cricket game with custom players, animations, stadiums, and multiplayer options. Over 150 batting animations and 28 bowling actions.

World Cricket Championship 2Nextwave Multimedia
Step up to the plate and experience the future of mobile cricket gaming with World Cricket Championship 2. With this game, every cricket aficionado will have the most advanced 3D mobile cricket game in the palm of their hands. It has never been more accessible to play your favourite cricket shots, including the Dil-scoop, the Helicopter shot and the Uper-Cut! The game is designed for the ultimate cricket fan who appreciates top-notch features such as scintillating animations, customizable players, and customized banners that bring out the team spirit. Prepare to be awe-struck as features such as the gang of cricket mode that allows you to form gangs and compete, challenge a friend mode that permits you to invite friends for friendly matches, and the Ashes to Ashes Test Tournament that will keep your competitive juices flowing. Embrace the thrill of insane fun with World Cricket Championship 2's diverse features. The game is packed full of excitement such as Online and Offline 1v1 Multiplayer via Online Rivals and Local Rivals, Rain Interruption, D/L Method, Hot-Spot & Ultra Edge for LBW and Edge, 150 different batting animations and 28 different bowling actions, and Electrifying fielding with stunning diving catches & quick throws that will surprise your opponent. Enjoy the Blitz Tournament for free! Challenge yourself with a dynamic AI opponent, realistic ball physics that reacts to the pitch, and player attributes – where players gain extra skills for consistent performance. The game boasts 18 different international teams, 10 domestic teams, 42 different stadiums, and more than 11 tournaments including World Cup, World T20 Cup, Blitz Tournament, and ODI Series. World Cricket Championship 2 is the most dynamic and versatile game in the world of mobile cricket. Other features include Cinematic cameras and real-time lighting that enhance the visual appeal, 3D Wagon wheel with dynamic game data, Hawk-eye view for bowling summary & for LBW appeals, and Ultra slow motion Action replays with multiple camera angles. Customize your gaming experience with two different batting controls (Classic & Pro), Two different batting camera settings (Bowler’s end & Batsman’s end), Manual Field placement to control your opponent in All modes, fielders configured with advanced ball-head coordination system, Professional English and Hindi commentary with dynamic ground sounds, and Night mode in Quickplay and all tournaments with LED stumps. World Cricket Championship 2’s exceptional gameplay, misfielding, stunning wicketkeeper catches, quick stumping & tight 3rd umpire decisions offer a realistic cricketing experience that you can savor. New fielding, umpire, toss animations, and 110+ new batting shots, ensure that the game never gets stale. World Cricket Championship 2's battle-tested and updated engine provides fluid 30fps gaming on most mid-range devices. Be among the winners with World Cricket Championship 2. This game has received numerous accolades such as the App Annie Report- Top Games by Time Spent, India 2016, App Annie Report- Top Games by MAU, India 2016, 2017 & 2018, Winner NASSCOM Gaming Forum Awards 2015 'Game of the Year' People’s Choice Award, Google play store - Best games of 2015, 2016 & 2017, and Google play store - Most social games of 2017. Get ready for an incomparable gaming experience with World Cricket Championship 2. Sign in to the game with your Google account using GET_ACCOUNTS. READ_PHONE_STATE permits us to send you push notifications on various updates & offers. Our recommended system specifications are Android OS: 4.1 or higher, and 2GB RAM.
Ultimate Golf!

Ultimate Golf by Miniclip: multiplayer golf game with rewards, real courses and unique modes. Upgrade clubs and balls; climb leaderboards to become a Pro.

Ultimate Golf!
Experience the thrill of the golf course from your mobile device with Ultimate Golf by Miniclip, the popular multiplayer golf game that allows you to compete against real-time golfers in tournaments, duels, courses, and the special Golf Royale battle mode. Download Ultimate Golf and take your game to the next level! Take on thousands of rivals and prove that you are the best player in the golf game arena. With Ultimate Golf, you have the opportunity to be a professional golfer, practicing and improving your golfing skills just as you would if you were on the green. And, because the game was designed by experienced golfers and enthusiasts, you can count on it being both fun and realistic. Choose from a variety of customizable options with our main features that are designed to enhance your gameplay experience. Select from hundreds of golf clubs including driver club, wood club, or short iron club. You can also choose your preferred bag and golf ball, whether you're playing among friends or in a Pro League tournament. Increase your chances of winning by upgrading your gear with every victory. Gain rewards such as golf clubs, bags, and golf balls. Play frequently to rank up through the leaderboards, from the Amateur to the Pro Leagues. Explore renowned golf courses worldwide with Ultimate Golf. Try our real golf multiplayer courses from Wolf Creek Golf Club, Fairmont Banff Springs, Close House, Abu Dhabi Golf Course, and Harbour Town Golf Links for a truly authentic golfing experience. With realistic 3D physics, you'll feel like you're competing on a real course. Refine and improve your swing, drive, chip, and putt with Ultimate Golf. With an endless variety of lies on the fairway and greens, you'll learn to avoid rough terrain and bunkers, giving you the edge you need to be the best golfer in the game. Choose from unique game modes like Golf Royale and VIP golf events, each guaranteed to challenge and thrill you. The game requires a network connection to access the addictive real-time battles and never-ending tournaments where you can test your skills against other players. And with regular updates, Ultimate Golf is fun for players of all levels and experience. Get more updates about Ultimate Golf by following us on Facebook. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing your way to the top with Ultimate Golf by Miniclip now!
Card Blast

Card Blast is a fun poker-themed puzzle game for casual players. Defeat challenges with Boosts, or compete on event leaderboards. Netflix exclusive.

Card BlastNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively available to Netflix subscribers, immerse yourself in the fast-paced world of poker and aim to build a winning hand or even a full house in this exciting game. Card Blast combines puzzle-solving skills with an element of chance to create a unique gaming experience. Players must save various cards from a moving conveyor, strategically placing them onto one of three rows in order to achieve winning hands before the deck dicer obliterates them. Unleash powerful abilities known as Boosts, including Freeze, Nuke, or Rocket, to soar to the top of the leaderboards and attain higher scores. Take on a series of challenging scenarios in the captivating single-player journey or compete against other players for supremacy in multiple event leaderboards.
World Cricket Championship 3

WCC3: The ultimate mobile cricket game - realistic gameplay, multiplayer formats, career mode, team management, and advanced AI with dynamic UI. Get immersed!

World Cricket Championship 3Nextwave Multimedia
WCC3 is a mobile game for cricket enthusiasts who crave realistic gameplay experiences. With top-of-the-line gameplay elements, multiplayer functionality, stunning animations, and expert commentary from renowned cricketers such as Aakash Chopra and Matthew Hayden, WCC3 is an immersive cricket simulation that provides all the excitement and thrill of a real-world match! The game offers various features such as full motion-captured cricket actions, new stadiums, and realistic animations, all designed to transport players through the excitement and thrill of a pro-level cricket match. Play in a vast array of Tournament formats, including World Cup, ODI, Tri Series, Ashes, and more, and enjoy live cricket-connectivity with Hot Events. WCC3 is an experience designed to thrill your inner cricket fan, as the game's dynamic AI scales up or down according to your skill level. Additionally, the game offers cricket grounds of varying dimensions for a captivating overall experience. The new Career Mode allows players to follow their journey as a player, from humble beginnings up through domestic, league, and international levels. The mode features over 400 matches across 25 series with unique cut-scenes designed for the most immersive experience possible. Customization is another exciting element, as players can form and manage their own cricket team, complete with unique Player Upgrade Cards, customized jerseys, and specialists suited for any gameplay style. Choose from slogging or stabilization, devastating pacers, lightning-quick fielders, and versatile all-rounders and lead your team to victory! The intuitive and fluid controls give players complete control over every aspect of the game, enabling them to hit 360-degrees around the pitch with exciting new batting shots and mechanics. The Run, Sprint, and Dive mechanics, along with all-new fielder controls, allow you to experience the adrenaline rush of the sport like never before. If you're looking for a competitive and thrilling cricket IRL experience, the League of Champs will surely test your skills and pit you against other players for supremacy. Seasonal challenges and regular contests motivate you to reach new heights, and all-new progression through over 50 merit-based badges of honor showcase your prowess to others. In conclusion, WCC3 is a fun-packed game that caters to every die-hard cricket enthusiast out there, and with exciting gameplay options and features, it is certain to keep players engaged for hours on end. So, grab your gear and get on the field! It's time to show off your cricketing skills to the world.

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