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Platform Panic

Pit platform game heroes against each other in this addictive, retro game with chiptune music and cutting-edge pixel graphics. <25 words.>

Platform PanicNitrome
Relying on a top-notch review from Pocket Gamer, "Pixel pushing perfection" is a game that challenges players to pit a variety of platform heroes against each other to determine which one is truly the best. As you progress through the game, you have the chance to unlock all of the different characters and claim your spot at the top of the leaderboard. This retro platformer has a procedurally generated gameplay that can keep you entertained for hours on end. Taking control of your favorite characters is as easy as swiping left, right, or up to avoid obstacles and pitfalls. And with the help of Eirik Suhrke, the composer from other hit games like "Ridiculous Fishing" and "Super Crate Box," the chiptune music is sure to pump you up and keep you going. The game's retro pixel graphics are a testament to its cutting edge, visually stunning design. However, Pixel pushing perfection is not recommended for kids as it contains features like direct links to social networking websites, which are only intended for mature audiences. The game also contains direct links to the internet, with the potential to browse any webpage, along with in-app purchases and advertising of Nitrome products. In conclusion, Pixel pushing perfection is an enjoyable, addictive game that breathes new life into classic platformers. The game includes a variety of exciting features, making it a must-try experience for any retro gaming enthusiast.
Lost Shadows

Lost Shadows: A thrilling platform-runner game with addictive gameplay, challenging levels, and opportunities to upgrade abilities and discover secrets.

Lost ShadowsTapteek
Experience the thrill of a platform-runner game that will have you dying over and over again. With each level, you'll be introduced to new obstacles and enemies that will keep you on your toes. Get ready to venture into the castle to fight the lost shadows! Lost Shadows offers a simple yet captivating gameplay experience, complete with heart-pounding moments that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Enhance your abilities by leveling up and masterfully maneuver through traps while taking down enemies that try to block your path. EXCITING FEATURES: - Stunning graphics - Easy-to-learn, captivating gameplay - Strengthen your character's skills - Discover hidden secrets and power-ups - Take on challenging levels to put your skills to the test
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Super Cat Tales: PAWS

Join the PAWS team on a secret mission in Super Cat Tales: PAWS. Fun platformer with cats, mini-games, daily quests, and customization.

Embark on a thrilling journey with the Super Cat Tales series, where you will discover a world full of feline wonders and adventures. Immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of Neko Land as a member of the PAWS team and take on a top-secret mission. Super Cat Tales: PAWS is an exciting and engaging platform game that features an array of adorable cats and will provide countless hours of entertainment. Take on challenging levels filled with surprising obstacles, complete daily quests, indulge in thrilling mini-games, and personalize your cats with magnificent headwear. Discover the features that set this game apart from others, such as fun and engaging platform gameplay, entertaining daily quests, captivating mini-games, cat customization options, and classic old-school pixel art and music that will transport you back to a world full of nostalgic charm, and so much more. Unleash your inner cat fancier and join in on exciting and adorable adventures in the Super Cat Tales: PAWS universe.
Bullet Boy

Bullet Boy is an award-winning, fast-paced, cannon-firing adventure game with 100+ levels, 3 power-ups, and charming 3D graphics.

Bullet BoyKongregate
Looking for an adventurous game that will keep you engaged for hours? Then Bullet Boy is the ultimate choice for you. This mobile game was awarded as the 2015 Best App Store game and is known for its dynamic and thrilling gameplay. In Bullet Boy, you play as a brave kid trying to escape from a dangerous tornado. Your mission is to collect the missing pieces of the mysterious statues scattered across a beautiful floating world. The game is packed with dynamic mechanics that allow you to fire yourself out of powerful cannons and dodge fast-moving obstacles. You will have to avoid birds and buildings while tapping rapidly to avoid obstacles. Precise aim is key to getting to the next cannon, or you could opt to shoot to the sky to dodge multiple obstacles and reach your goal quickly. The game comes with over 100 levels and randomly generated sections to keep things exciting. Engage in challenging gameplay and unlock power-ups to blast your way through the peculiar but beautiful world of Bullet Boy. The amazing 3D graphics and engaging soundtrack add to the overall charm of the game. Bullet Boy comes with three amazing power-ups to give a twist to the game mechanics and enhance the fun. Future updates will provide more levels, new zones, and even more gameplay. Bullet Boy is free to download, but some items in the game require purchase. Experience the thrill that comes with playing Bullet Boy today! For any inquiries or suggestions, you can send an email to

Play as Horo, collect the 12 zodiac signs, pet secret animals, and unlock the 13th zodiac in this 2D retro platformer with 12 unique levels and customizable upgrades.

Get ready to jump into the nostalgia with Horoscopicus - the 2D platformer inspired by a popular portable console from the 90s. Immerse yourself in the retro world and control Horo who sets out on a journey to collect the 12 zodiac signs and uncover the mystery of the 13th zodiac. Don't forget to pet the 12 hidden animals along the way! Explore 12 levels, each inspired by their own zodiac sign. Plus, there are special versions to discover! The best part? You get to choose your own path and play the levels in any order you like. Upgrade your character with 4 different types, which also changes their appearance to match the upgrades you choose. But wait, there's more! Find and pet 12 different secret animals, and enjoy the selectable screen borders (hint: discover how to change them). Look out for nods to other games and media throughout the game. The controls are simple, with only a Jump, Attack, and directional keys needed to move around. For those challenging sections, there's an assist/accessibility mode to help you out. Enjoy an amazingly unique soundtrack by TheLuzical, specially tailored for the game. The game features only one difficulty to ensure that the experience remains as intended. It's also speedrun friendly since enemies follow a specific cycle. The gameplay should take around 3 hours, but it varies depending on each player's experience. It's worth noting that the game was mostly a solo project, and although there was some outside help, it retains a traditional indie quality. But that doesn't take away from the joy of playing the game. Give Horoscopicus a go and enjoy the journey!
Daily Dadish

Daily Dadish: Retro platformer with 365 handcrafted levels, 10 characters, ticking clock & Dadish's quest to reunite with his kids.

Daily DadishThomas K Young
Embark on a year-long adventure with Daily Dadish! This throwback platformer will take you on a journey through 365 unique levels, one for each day of the year. Get ready to put your skills to the test against challenging enemies and obstacles, all while helping Dadish reunite with his children. With 10 playable characters to unlock, you'll have a variety of ways to tackle each level. Time is of the essence in Daily Dadish, so aim to complete each level as fast as possible to earn medals and stars. But it's not just about speed - you'll also need to rescue your children and a screeching possum along the way. Enjoy funny dialogues and a rockin' soundtrack filled with remixes of classic Dadish tunes as you experience the joy of fatherhood every day. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind adventure!
Pompom: The Great Space Rescue

Help Pompom rescue Hoshi from alien pirates by cleverly controlling platforms and items. Explore 8 worlds of space and jungle in this unique puzzle-action platformer.

Pompom: The Great Space RescuePID Games
In this unique puzzle-action platformer, you won't be controlling the main character Pompom the hamster. Instead, you will use your mental agility to help him by strategically placing and controlling platforms, obstacles and items all around him. Think quickly and use every tool at your disposal to assist Pompom - construct bridges, plant springs, trim vines, and more. Make sure you're sharp, nimble and highly effective as you journey through different landscapes from the depths of outer space to seaside areas teeming with airborne fish and ancient temples nestled deep in the jungle. The story of Pompom begins when he was busy working out on his hamster wheel. Suddenly, Hoshi the boy hopped into the room carrying a handful of dazzling jewels that had tumbled from the sky with a loud 'BOOM'. However, just as they were admiring the amazing jewels together, Captain Cat and his team launched a sudden attack and used a mysterious portal to drag Hoshi into outer space. The brave hamster, Pompom, will have to embark on a daring mission to save his beloved Hoshi from the eight Space Cat Pirates. Pompom: The Great Rescue is free to try. However, you have to purchase in-app content to enjoy the full game. - Play a new kind of platformer where you're not controlling the character, but the entire environment. - Discover stunning scenery that pays tribute to the SNES classics and the retro 16-bit era. - Embark on an epic space rescue adventure across eight different worlds - soar on flying fish, avoid vicious arrows, dispel revengeful spirits, swim past hungry piranhas, fight against extraterrestrial spacecraft and more. - As Pompom wipes out enemies and gathers items, you can use those items and interact with the world to help him emerge victorious. - Make use of everything available to you - blast out of cannons, swing on ropes, cut vines, create pools of honey, pause time, and so much more.
Timberman: The Big Adventure

Timberman The Big Adventure is a retro 2D side-scroller where you save friends, battle enemies, and solve puzzles on a quest to stop an evil corporation.

Timberman: The Big AdventureDigital Melody Games
Venture on an epic 2D side-scrolling excursion alongside the bold lumberjack, Timberman, as he sets out to save his buddies and restore the forest from the clutches of the malevolent Evil Corp. Face countless adversary attacks, brainstorm your way through enigma puzzles, and chop down timber to design diverse structures to help you persevere through grueling stages. Obtain hidden treasures, unlock mini-games, engage in boss fights, and much more, as you advance through each level. With the inclusion of a two-player co-op mode, you can share the adventure with a friend, gamepads are necessary to engage. Relive the nostalgia of retro-style side-scroll platform games and assist Timberman in liberating his companions. Defeat the organization behind the disturbance, and save the ailed forest, guarded by challenging levels. Face-off against colossal boss battles, and partake in numerous activities to outdo yourself even more.
The Deer God

Survive and evolve as a breathtaking 3D pixelated deer in a unique world filled with quests, puzzles, and reincarnation.

The Deer GodCrescent Moon Games
Embark on a stunning pixel art adventure that will put both your beliefs and platforming abilities to the test with The Deer God. This awe-inspiring game is all about survival, karma, and reincarnation, taking place in a one-of-a-kind 3D pixelated universe filled with grand landscapes and breathtaking lighting depicting the night/day system that will satisfy your gaming cravings. Experience life through a deer's eyes, overcoming challenges and discovering new ways to live as one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. With exciting quests, interactions with various animals and characters, and the ability to reincarnate into other animals, make the most of every opportunity to use the power of statues, level up your antlers for increased abilities, and solve ancient puzzles to unveil secrets. Deep dive into a beautifully crafted story, one that will keep you intrigued and motivated throughout the gameplay. A spectacular Original Soundtrack from Evan Gipson adds a touch of magic as you never before experienced. The Deer God offers a fascinating and unforgettable gameplay experience filled with several features including an immersive 3D world made up of pixel art that leave no stone unturned, tons of items that can be collected and used throughout the journey, and a dynamic night and day system that brings every aspect of the game to life. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and info. Follow us at: • • •

Help Foxy Fox rescue his love in this retro-style game with challenging levels, puzzles, and pixel art. Collect jewels and cherries to buy new items.

Love can make the heart race with excitement and anticipation. Foxy Fox knows this feeling all too well as he sets out on a perilous journey to rescue his beloved. Will you join him in his quest and help him overcome obstacles and collect precious gems and cherries along the way? Prepare yourselves for an adventurous game that's full of challenges and dangers. Brace yourself to beat the puzzles and hardcore obstacles. The levels in FoxyLand are thought-provoking, challenging and very entertaining. Rise up to the challenge and make your way through the levels to receive three shining stars that will guide you towards the ultimate accomplishment. The reward for your hard work won't go unnoticed, as you will gain cherries that can be used to purchase new items in the shop. Explore and examine various options to garner extra benefits in the game and uncover new secrets in FoxyLand. FoxyLand is a retro style game, characterized by its exceptional pixel art graphics and immersive chiptune music. The love story that unfolds in the game is touching and inspiring, giving players the opportunity to connect with the characters on a deeper level. Experience unique and daring quests filled with unexpected plot twists. FoxyLand provides a challenging gaming experience that can be enjoyed by players of all ages, making it a choice worth considering for those looking for adventure, retro-style content and a hint of nostalgia.
Super Mombo Quest

Action-packed precision platformer with classic arcade mechanics featuring crazy combat, challenging combos, and collectibles. Save Subrosa!

Super Mombo QuestOrube Game Studio
Super Mombo Quest is an exhilarating platformer game filled with action and precision! It has a classic arcade feel and features insane battles, challenging combinations, and numerous collectibles scattered throughout a massive interconnected world! 👾💥💨 Master the flawless combination moves throughout countless levels! 👾💥💨 Make your way through a vast, interconnected world comprising of various areas; each area is home to multiple difficult enemies. Some will pursue you, some will barrage you with gunfire, some will fly about, and some of them are incredibly lethal! Will you be agile and quick enough to take them all down while attaining perfect moves? 🔥🍃⚡️ Personalize your gameplay with unique abilities! 🔥🍃⚡️ Unlock different Mombo forms that allow you to travel at breakneck speeds and uncover loot and powerful combos that you can use to your advantage! 💎🏠👅 Communicate with Non-Playable Characters, buy game items, and upgrade your gaming gear! 💎🏠👅 If you're feeling exhausted by all the endless action, take a break and converse with Subrosa guardians. They'll provide you with items and upgrades that will allow you to face even greater challenges. 👿🏳️🏆 Save the Subrosa territories from ruin! 👿🏳️🏆 Don't let the nefarious King of Nightmares annihilate Subrosa. Be the hero spoken of in prophecy and save the day with your colossal tongue! Are you prepared to undertake this epic journey? Extras: 🎮 Compatible with controllers! 🎁 Unlock cool skins to show off your awesome combos! 🤳 Experience the full game without any charges! 💰 Pay for an ad-free gaming experience.
Sally's Law

Roll and jump as Sally makes her way home to see her ailing father, encountering lucky moments and revealing their past. Puzzle-platformer.

Sally's LawNanali Studios
Sally's Law, the 2016 indie game that won multiple awards, follows the story of Sally on her journey to visit her seriously ill father in her childhood home, where her luck seems too good to be true. The game is the opposite of Murphy's Law, embracing the idea of supernatural luck guiding Sally on her adventure. As players roll and jump through the game, they uncover the story of Sally's past and her relationship with her father through well-placed flashbacks. Sally's Law offers players the ability to immediately replay each scene as the spirit of Sally's Father, adding an interesting and unique touch to the story. The puzzle-platformer game presents fun and challenging obstacles to overcome that require quick thinking and timing, while players enjoy the game's captivating story. The game features simplistic yet beautiful artwork encapsulated in circles and squares, and it was optimized to run on GalaxyS4 or later. Sally's Law was awarded in several festivals, such as the Google Play Indie Games Festival 2016 and Busan Indie Connect Festival 2016 for excellence in narrative, and it also won "Best Indie Game" in Google Play's 2016 Game of the Year. Playing Sally's Law is a full-on immersive experience, allowing players to not only witness the story but to experience it first-hand while having tons of fun solving puzzles throughout their journey.

In Feist, a little fur creature embarks on a perilous journey to save its mate from predators. Fight for survival in a mesmerizing, dangerous forest.

Feist is a captivating action game that has won multiple awards for its exceptional design. The game revolves around a fragile little creature's battle to save its mate from a pack of malicious predators. With a dark and dangerous environment, the journey to the centre of the mysterious forest turns into a ruthless and barbaric fight for survival where every creature wants to devour you. This thrilling game has received numerous awards such as the Best Overall Design and Best Visual Design at the Unity Awards, Fantastic Arcade Spotlight, Fantastic Arcade Audience Award 2nd Place, and many more. The game is a finalist for the Excellence in Visual Arts at IGF. The game's striking visual style and vivid world filled with strange beasts, make for an immersive experience. The gameplay is highly dynamic with all the game's elements intertwining and working in harmony to create a seamless gaming experience. The enemies have a complex artificial intelligence and a set of versatile abilities, resulting in some surprising emergent interactions. The game boasts beautiful natural environments and a spooky atmosphere set to enchant the players. With its exceptional attention to detail, Feist is a true labour of love. The haunting soundtrack by Tomek Kolczynski sets the mood of the game and immerses players deeper into the world of Feist. The game supports full gamepad compatibility, making it easy for players to jump right into the action. The game also features achievements and has been fully translated into different languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified & Traditional Chinese. Join the journey of the little creature and its battle for survival in the wild and dangerous world of Feist.

Fly and survive through the award-winning action-adventure BADLAND, with innovative physics-based gameplay, stunning graphics, and local multiplayer mode for up to four players.

BADLANDHypeHype Inc.
Unleash your survival instincts and soar through the captivating world of BADLAND, the winner of 🏆Game of the Year award! Join over 100 MILLION players and embark on a thrilling adventure through the scenic forest that's home to different inhabitants, trees, and flowers. Appearances can be deceiving, and in this wonderland, everything is not as it seems. Take on the role of one of the forest’s residents and discover the hidden traps and obstacles standing in your way to uncovering the truth. With its remarkable physics-based gameplay, mesmerizing visual and audio elements, BADLAND takes side-scrolling games to the next level. The game also features a unique local multiplayer mode that lets you battle it out with up to four players on a single device, with survival being the only rule of the game. Push your opponents into circular saws, or team up with friends to complete a modified single player campaign together! Discover the most original gaming experience with BADLAND's single player campaign, housing over 100 levels and more to come in future updates. Get hooked on the multiplayer mode with 23 levels on the same device. Excitingly, even more content will be available in future updates. You can also switch to the cooperative mode and join your friends to overcome the single-player campaign with a new perspective. Create your own worlds and challenges with the level editor, share and play them to your heart’s content. Experience immersive one-touch controls combined with innovative level design and mind-blowing audio-visual sensations. BADLAND is designed for all Android devices and comes with full support for game controllers. Enjoy an unforgettable adventure in Cloud Save and Immersive modes, and stay tuned for numerous updates that will introduce new levels and content. BADLAND has received numerous accolades, including the 🏆Outstanding Mobile Game award from Satellite Awards 2014, the 🏆Grand Prix from the International Mobile Gaming Awards 2014, the 🏆Nordic Indie Sensation Award from Nordic Game 2013, the Apple Design Award 2013, and the Apple iPad Game of the Year 2013. BADLAND is a frontier in mobile gaming, indubitably one of the most beautiful and engaging Android games you must have on your device. Join the BADLAND community, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and our website. Players can keep themselves updated with the latest trends and engage with the community on the BADLAND Forum. BADLAND is playable on NVIDIA TegraZone, with full controller support, on NVIDIA SHIELD Portable, SHIELD Tablet, and Android TV. So, gear up, put on your adventure hats, and explore the enchanted world of BADLAND!
Shadow Bug

Play as Shadow Bug, a powerful ninja on a mission to save the forest from evil monsters. Use one finger to slash, leap and adventure through handcrafted levels filled with puzzles and exciting boss fights.

Shadow BugMuro Studios
As the protagonist of the game, you assume the role of Shadow Bug, an unbeatable ninja hero. Your mission is to rescue your home forest from the grips of the malicious factory by slicing and dicing the monsters that come your way. All it takes to defeat your enemies is one tap on the screen. Leap, slash and splash your way through your villainous counterparts like the ultimate ninja you are. Immerse yourself in stunning, twisted landscapes, where beautiful backdrops and challenging puzzles await you. The game has received critical acclaim, with TouchArcade dubbing it as a cross between Badland and Super Meat Boy, and Hardcore Gamer praising the game's well-tuned touch-screen controls. AppAdvice went the extra mile to describe Shadow Bug as a game that's truly captivating, a great addition to any device. Get ready for hand-crafted, action-packed levels, complete with memorable boss fights, mesmerizing art, and immersive sound effects that cover an epic soundtrack. Speedrun your way to the top of the leaderboards. Brace yourself for a unique take on platformers you will not soon forget.
Dadish 3

Dadish sets out on an action-packed adventure to rescue his kids before they become radish soup. 50 levels with amusing enemies, boss battles, and even a ride on a dolphin!

Dadish 3Thomas K Young
In this thrilling game, Dadish jumps into action when he discovers that his children have embarked on a suspicious bus tour and might end up being turned into radish soup. Join him as he embarks on a journey that will take him through a sewer and across the desert, and have him ride a dolphin while reconciling with his estranged wife. Your task is to help Dadish save his children in what is his most exciting and demanding adventure yet, packed with thrilling action. This game, created by the same individual behind Super Fowlst and Dadish, takes on a retro-platformer vibe. With 50 remarkably designed levels to play and explore, you’ll get a chance to find a variety of baby radishes, and even a few possums along the way. Don't miss out on the chance to get a piggy-back ride from Dadish's ex-wife, a tomato. Be careful, as you'll have to face dangerous foes, including murderous ice creams, cupcake snakes, bread that’s having a bad day, and other junk food-themed enemies. Don't get too complacent, there are five bosses you'll have to contend with as well. However, you will also form some alliances as you befriend and ride a dolphin, which adds a new dimension of excitement to the game. The game also features a fantastic soundtrack that will get you in the mood to fight evil foes and accomplish your mission. Look out for hidden stars that you can collect to help you on your journey, and discover secret game modes that you can unlock to enhance your gameplay experience. So, don't hesitate! Join Dadish today by downloading and playing this fantastic game. It's your chance to bring his children back home and save them from the wicked soup!
Lumino City

Lumino City: an award-winning, handcrafted puzzle adventure game with jaw-dropping visuals, touching story, and real-life objects as puzzles.

Lumino CityNoodlecake
Lumino City, the puzzle adventure game that has made its name in the gaming world by winning the British Academy Games Award 2015, is a visually stunning game crafted entirely by hand using paper, card, miniature lights, and motors. The beautifully designed environment is sure to captivate your heart as you embark on a charming adventure and solve the puzzles to find Lumi's grandfather, the caretaker of Lumino City, who has been kidnapped. The game has an estimated 8 - 10 hours of gameplay time and no in-app purchases. The game has won several international awards, including the BAFTA for Artistic Achievement, along with nominations for Innovation and Best British Game. Its mobile version on the Play Store is the perfect tactile experience for Android devices. Lumino City has received five-star reviews by renowned publications. GameInformer calls it "something special worth experiencing," while WIRED describes it as "the most beautiful game wired has seen in ages." Kotaku describes it as "wow," and Adventure Gamers declares it a "benchmark for adventure game design." The Verge writes, "it's a huge, intricate world. Lumino City has a distinct and wonderful personality. Stunning." The game's unique handmade aspect is its standout feature, with everything on the screen made from paper, cardboard, and glue, miniature lights, and motors. Players can explore beyond the city gates to discover gardens in the sky, boats marooned high on an immense waterwheel, and houses dug precariously into cliffs. The game's puzzles are awe-inspiring, and players can control windmills in the clouds, provide power to a house using lemons and their ingenuity, and work out how to win at the most puzzling pinball table ever created. The game's interface is optimized for mobile devices and tactility, making it a perfect experience for touchscreens. Moreover, it offers cloud save syncing, allowing players to switch between all their Android devices and pick up where they left off. However, note that Lumino City is a graphically intense game that requires a device with modern processing capabilities. Hence, older hardware may affect your gaming experience. Lumino City has won many awards, including the BAFTA three times, the Develop Awards, the BIG Festival, and Indie Prize Casual Connect. Its unique handmade aesthetic and exciting puzzles make it a memorable addition to the puzzle game genre.
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

Play as Hu-Man or Hu-Girl, cursed half-human half-lizard, slay dragons and explore exotic locations in a quest for the Salamander Cross.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's TrapDotEmu
Experience a one-of-a-kind combination of exploration, action, and adventure in this beloved classic, now with stunning hand-drawn animations and a re-imagined soundtrack. Trapped in a monstrous form by the Meka-Dragon's curse, you're on a quest to find the Salamander Cross, a powerful artifact known for removing curses and restoring humanity. But beware - with each dragon you defeat, the curse grows stronger, and you'll undergo strange transformations into different creatures! Explore massive, interconnected worlds teeming with hostile monsters and exotic dragons as you take on the role of the classic hero, Hu-Man, or support War Child UK's Day of the Girl initiative by playing as Hu-Girl. Along your journey, you'll also become Lizard-Man, Mouse-Man, Piranha-Man, Lion-Man, and Hawk-Man, each with their unique abilities that let you peel back the layers of the game's deepest mysteries. Choose from 3 different difficulty modes that cater to any playstyle, and switch between the modern graphics and sound or enjoy a classic 8-bit aesthetic at any point, even mid-game!

Use magnetism and electromagnetic powers to uncover secrets in Teslagrad, a hand-drawn puzzle-platformer with no ads or in-app purchases.

The ruler of the Kingdom of Elektropia is an authoritarian leader who's waging a war against a group of technology magicians residing in a massive tower in the center of the city called Teslagrad. Teslagrad presents an engaging 2D puzzle-platformer with action packed gameplay, wherein the manipulation of magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are fundamental in moving throughout the game and discovering the mysterious secrets lying within the abandoned Tesla Tower. Become a young hero equipped with ancient Teslamancer tech and embark on an epic adventure that tests your limits with an exhaustive array of challenges and puzzles. With over 1.6 million copies sold on PC, the mobile version is now available and features this enthralling experience to the palm of your hands. With stunning crafted graphics and unique art style, Teslagrad offers a gameplay never seen before with unique unlocking mechanics, boss battles, and an absence of textual narrative - immerse yourself in the game and discover the truth about the tower. What sets Teslagrad apart from other games is the accessibility of all its features for a one-time payment - absolutely no ads or in-app purchases. It is optimized for NVIDIA SHIELD and Android TV, so you can partake in the action on the big screen. Connect your external controller and stimulate your haptic and FPS senses to heighten your game experience like never before. If you experience any issues, please contact our customer support at and be sure to include as much information as possible regarding the problem. Let's get started on this electrifying adventure!
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty

Abe must save thousands of Mudokons from being turned into Tasty Treats by his boss in this thrilling adventure game with high-tech device requirements.

Oddworld: New 'n' TastyOddworld Inhabitants Inc
Attention: This game cannot be played on Rockchip, Broadcom, or Amlogic devices. It requires a minimum of 2.0 GHz dual core CPU, 2 GB RAM, and Adreno 4xx, Nvidia Tegra K1, ARM Mali T7xx, PowerVR Rogue, or Intel HD Graphics GPU. The game runs at varying resolutions based on your device's capabilities, and its performance settings can be adjusted within the app. Abe is a mudokon selected by fate to embark on a wild adventure. He was originally a Floor-Waxer employed by RuptureFarms, but one fateful night he overheard his boss Molluck the Glukkon discussing plans to turn Abe and his fellow Mudokons into snacks as a last-ditch effort to save his failing meatpacking empire. Now, Abe must confront the perilous environment surrounding RuptureFarms and save thousands of his kind from their doomed fate. Help Abe complete his mission and lead him to victory, because if he loses, he'll end up on someone's plate! Furthermore, this game supports HID gamepads and allows for Cloud Save using Google Play Games services, which enables you to save your progress across multiple devices. You can also compete with other players and track your accomplishments through Leaderboards and Achievements using Google Play Games.

ILO, a magician robot, goes on an odyssey to find terraforming beacons using magical blocks and powers in the blend of a platform and strategy game.

MagibotCriss Cross Games
Dive into the captivating world of Maginot, a puzzle game designed for children, featuring the expeditions of Ilo – a pint-sized wizard robot dispatched to a remote, derelict planet by humans to establish a thriving civilization amidst danger and adversity. Ilo, with its quaint pointed hat and spellbinding tome, ventures out into an environment teeming with hostilities, in search of the terraforming beacons that will ensure the planet's rejuvenation. The game employs "magic" cubes to progress, enabling it to soar, halt time, or permeate through obstructions, all undoubtedly essential to traverse the tactical challenges that lay before it. Offering a unique fusion of a strategic and platform game, Maginot requires the player to strategically place action cubes to facilitate character control and traverse hurdles in their path. In addition to the 40 interactive levels, Maginot offers two gameplay modes—Puzzle and Action—and nine distinctive magical abilities, all obtainable as the player advances through the game. Step into the realm of Maginot, a truly innovative game designed to engage, thrill, and take users on an odyssey of epic proportions.
My Friend Pedro

Help Pedro seek revenge for his kidnapped family by flipping and firing through 37 levels of action-packed chaos in this new mobile adventure.

My Friend PedroDevolverDigital
In My Friend Pedro, they attacked his family and nearly killed him. However, this banana will not let that divide their family. Accompany your buddy Pedro on his path of retribution by adding a pinch of bullets! Experience an all-new journey of bloodshed, gunfire, and bananas in My Friend Pedro's newest mobile adventure! Move and shoot through 37 thrilling levels -- whether by foot, motorcycle, or skateboard! Strategize your high-level soldierly plan to acquire the highest score. But if you think you're resilient enough, test your abilities in "Blood Rush" mode. No need to wait! This banana is "Ripe for Revenge." Are you?
Kitty Death Room

Navigate traps and enemies as a daring kitten in Towers of Everland. Solve puzzles, face bosses, and uncover secrets.

Kitty Death RoomRaiyumi
In this thrilling game, a fearless feline ventures into a perilous tower fraught with perilous snares and foes. Get acquainted with the tired denizens of the tower and aspire to ascend to the summit of this gut-wrenching odyssey. Confront intimidating bosses that will ignite your fury! Do you possess the cunning to unravel the puzzles and unravel its enigmas? Highlights: - A mind-boggling 54 levels brimming with a plethora of sub-levels. - Three boss arenas that will test your skills. - An abundance of secrets to uncover and explore. - A phenomenal soundtrack to thrill your senses. - Numerous covert techniques to resolve riddles and accelerate progress.
Spirit Roots

Fight bosses and enemies across 5 atmospheric worlds in this platformer. With 50 levels to complete and unique soundtracks, prepare to dash, jump and shoot.

Spirit RootsFredBear Games Ltd
In a tiny but certainly belligerent star system, a prolonged war raged among its inhabitants for a century, resulting in the devastation of each planet subsequently. Finally, realizing that they must unite to survive, the denizens of each planet combined the remaining shreds of their worlds into a single massive planet; setting the sole condition that no one could breach anyone else's borders. Nonetheless, what happens if someone violates the fundamental rule of their survival? This game provides you with the answer. The game features five distinct platformer worlds, each possessing a wholly different atmosphere, gameplay mechanics, and hostile creatures. Alongside the fifty levels of classic action platformer gameplay, you get to encounter unique musical scores across each stage, epic boss battles, ten types of enemies, and numerous gameplay mechanics including action, runner, dash, and platformer. Immerse yourself in a world packed with numerous species of ruthless flora and fauna. Encounter intriguing yet perilous bosses such as robotic farmers driving corn cannons, flying skulls, and enormous spiders, among other creatures. You must be prepared to leverage your platforming skills to combat these awesome predators. Ensure you brace up for the ultimate challenge. Enjoy the visually captivating traditional action platformer game by running, dashing, jumping, and shooting to surpass your opponents. Additionally, this game offers controller support, with three levels of difficulty, namely; easy, normal, and hard. Unlock twenty-five game achievements on Game Services, and access game saves via Game Play Services. Follow us on our official pages to get more updates. Facebook Page: Official Page:
Duke Dashington Remastered

Duke Dashington Remastered: escape collapsing dungeons, solve puzzles, and be the fastest treasure hunter in the world!

Duke Dashington RemasteredAdventure Islands
Experience the thrilling adventures of Duke Dashington – the clumsy explorer who embarks on a quest to collect treasures from collapsing dungeons! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to escape each room within 10 seconds before the ceiling caves in. It's time to prove your mettle and become the world's fastest treasure hunter! With its initial release dating back to 2014, Duke Dashington Remastered now offers a refreshed gaming experience, featuring improved controls, refined level design, and vividly redrawn graphics! Get ready for a fast-paced puzzle-platforming game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! You will be in full control, thanks to the easy-to-use dashing controls. Go ahead and explore the five diverse dungeons, each with their own unique challenges and obstacles. Brave the deadly traps and maddening puzzles as you navigate your way through 150 perilous rooms. Test your skills and compete with other players by achieving the fastest clear times, displayed on Google Play Games achievements and leaderboards. Important information – although the game is ad-supported, there's no need to worry about any timers or boosters ruining your gameplay experience. Furthermore, you have the option to remove the occasional popup ads with a one-time in-app purchase. Download Duke Dashington Remastered today and embrace the fun and excitement of this epic treasure hunt!
Dadish 2

Help Dadish find his missing kids in this charming retro platformer with 50 levels, new bosses and fast-food themed baddies.

Dadish 2Thomas K Young
Meet Dadish, the most ambitious radish and a father of children. When he takes his offspring to his workplace, something goes wrong – the children suddenly disappear. His biggest adventure is about to begin as he starts on the quest to reunite with his beloved family. Enjoy the ultimate retro platformer game developed by the creator of Super Fowlst and Dadish, which brings you 50 challenging levels and hilarious baby radishes that will put a smile on your face. Even riding on a talking hamburger is possible while exploring swamps, big trees, and even outer space against a whole new group of fast-food themed enemies. You will encounter five new bosses, each with their own unique problems, and the screechy possums that add to the fun. But as a father, Dadish still finds ways to relish joys of parenthood. Enjoy the experience with controller support and groovy soundtrack. The game also features collectible stars and unlockable secrets, so you will never get bored. The funny dialogue and pretty graphics will immerse you deeply into the storyline. Follow your dreams and help Dadish complete his adventure to reunite with his missing kids.

Mimelet is a wholesome platform adventure game where players jump on enemies to steal their powers while enjoying cute graphics and SNES inspired music.

Embark on an extraordinary quest with Mimelet! Leap onto adversaries to acquire their abilities and triumph over every hurdle that crosses your path. Mimelet is a delightful platform adventure game, presenting an effortless and entertaining gameplay mechanism and demanding enigmas. Attributes: • Pure and uplifting gameplay • Uncomplicated and entertaining mechanics • Adorable visuals • Demanding riddles • Music influenced by the SNES era
Cat Bird

Experience the stylish and challenging adventure of the Meow Quest with over 40 levels, 4 bosses, Leaderboards, and Time Trial mode. Play now.

Cat BirdRaiyumi
Embark on a thrilling adventure and unleash your feline side! Get ready for a paw-some experience with these exciting features: * Over 40 levels that will put your abilities to the test. * Four formidable bosses that will surely give you a challenge. * Compete with others with the game's achievements and leaderboards. * The game's pixel art graphics are not only stylish but also visually stunning. * Test your skills further with the Time Trial mode. * Enjoy the game's beautifully crafted soundtrack. * With ReplayKit (Android 5.0+) you can showcase your gaming prowess. Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other and discover your inner meow! With over 40 challenging levels to conquer and four epic bosses to defeat, this game promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Compete with other players with the achievements and leaderboards feature. The game's pixel art graphics are stylish and stunning that will surely mesmerize you. Test your gaming skills further with the time trial mode and enjoy the game's beautiful soundtrack while playing. With ReplayKit (Android 5.0+), you can easily share your gameplay moments and show off your abilities to the world. Get ready to have a delightful gaming experience that will leave you wanting more!
Duck Souls

Escape lethal traps & collect eggs in Duck Souls' 100 levels. Customize your duck with hats and beware of deadly, cult-referencing hazards.

Duck SoulsCrescent Moon Games
In Duck Souls, you will embark on a perilous adventure through an enchanting fantasy world filled with danger and mystery. Your mission is to recover all of the lost eggs and ensure the survival of your species, while avoiding a variety of deadly obstacles that threaten to slice off your wings. Navigate through a vibrant and hazardous landscape by running, jumping, and dashing your way across 100 levels of carefully crafted terrain. Each level is a unique challenge, complete with traps that range from spikes and walls to various random cult references. With tight controls and fast reflexes, you will have to rely on your speed and agility to stay alive. The game is notorious for its hardcore difficulty, as there is no combat to rely on. Instead, you must utilize your speed, reflexes, and dashing skills to outmaneuver the 20 different types of deadly traps lurking around every corner. As you progress through each level, your thumbs may grow weary, but your ears will delight in the cool soundtrack that accompanies this epic adventure. To make things more interesting, there are 20 different hats for you to collect. These hats can be customized to suit your style, or simply to show off your collection. And if you're looking to add more excitement to your journey, you can strive to capture the golden cherry - a feat that few have accomplished. Duck Souls is a unique game that combines thrilling platform gameplay with lovely visuals and a charming soundtrack. Whether you're an experienced gamer or a newcomer to the genre, Duck Souls will keep you hooked for hours on end. So, don't hesitate - dive into this quirky world and become the hero that your species needs!

Play as Blon, defeat your mad brother and collect lost leaves to upgrade abilities in challenging, pixelized side-scroller platformer with different characters and biomes.

BlonPID Games
Embark on an epic adventure with Blon, the fearless protagonist, in this thrilling and retro platformer. Your mission is to defeat your envious brother and restore your family's honor. As you traverse through various worlds, you will encounter a variety of obstacles and challenges that will test your skills and wit. Unlock multiple playable characters and upgrade your abilities to become stronger and more efficient in your quest. Explore the vast skills tree and experiment with new talents, so you can take on your foes with ease. As you collect the leaves that your brother has lost in his wake, you will start rebuilding your family castle, which will help boost your abilities even further. Can you retrieve all the family treasures and stop your brother's wicked plan? Discover an array of exciting features like varying landscapes from hellish infernos to eerie spacewalks, each biome is guarded by one of your brother's loyalists who will hinder your progress. Experience unique and challenging bosses in each level. Luckily there is an adaptable difficulty setting that allows you to choose how challenging you want the game to be. Join the other members of Blob's family on their exciting journey and utilize their unique strengths and weaknesses to your advantage. Use your problem-solving skills to hunt for hidden treasures and earn exclusive weapons and armor. In short, Blon is a classic side-scroller that presents an exhilarating opportunity for players of all levels looking for a relaxing and adventurous game. Prepare yourself for an endless journey filled with tricky platforming, skilled combat and plenty of elements of surprise!

Witcheye: old-school, platform adventure with touchscreen controls. Over 50 levels, 100+ enemies and a catchy soundtrack - all in vivid pixel-art visuals.

Explore six vibrant worlds and take on the role of a witch seeking to regain her stolen spell ingredients in the classic-style platform adventure game, Witcheye. This game introduces a new and unique touch screen control system that offers players unparalleled control over the hero. By swiping to move and tapping to stop, you can guide the hero to bounce off enemies, dodge various hazards, and navigate through each level. As you embark on this exciting adventure, you will encounter over 100 enemies, minibosses, and bosses across the 50+ fast-paced levels filled with unique elements such as new environments and puzzling secrets. Each level will keep you engaged and challenged with tricky new enemies and obstacles to avoid which are beautifully brought to life with crisp pixel art visuals and a lively soundtrack composed of over 30 tracks. Witcheye was designed by veteran game designer, Peter Malamud Smith, known for creating well-received mobile action puzzlers Satellina and Satellina Zero as well as co-producing The Great Gatsby for NES. The game also features unlockable bonus modes and challenges, including a hard mode that fully remixes enemies and levels, robust speedrun features such as player ghosts and timers with built-in splits. Immerse yourself in the world of Witcheye, and master the uniques control system to help the witch take vengeance on those who stole her spell ingredients. With its classic yet refreshing gameplay style and engaging visuals and sound, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat as you complete each level, avoiding obstacles and defeating enemies.

Help Dadish, a radish and a dad, find his missing children in this retro platformer. Face fast-food foes, beat 40 levels, and find sassy baby radishes.

DadishThomas K Young
In this exciting platforming adventure, become the companion of a determined dad who's also a vegetable - a radish, to be exact - and help him find his lost children who went missing from the vegetable patch. Your journey is filled with obstacles and fast-food themed foes that will try to stop you. This challenging retro-style platformer has been created by the developer of the well-known game ‘Super Fowlst,’ and features 40 levels that will test your skills and persistence. As you progress, you'll come across 40 baby radishes that have distinctively rude and sassy personalities, adding a humorous touch to the game without overdoing it. Four big bosses split over the gameplay also await you. These fights offer a great chance to test your might and ability to overcome challenges. In addition, look out for a screechy possum in your journey and enjoy the aspects of fatherhood depicted throughout the game. Not only does it have a solid soundtrack but the game also has great graphics that bring the game to life. Don't forget to collect stars scattered around each level and unlock hidden secrets to enhance your gaming experience. So go ahead, join Dadish and help him reunite with his little ones in this thrilling adventure!
Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

A retro metroidvania pixel art game where Timmy goes dungeon diving to find treasure. Collect upgrades and explore the open dungeon filled with puzzles and creepy creatures. Time trial mode with leaderboard included.

Tiny Dangerous DungeonsAdventure Islands
Embark on an exciting classic metroidvania quest with the adventurous young explorer, Timmy! This pixel art game takes you on an epic adventure to explore a massive dungeon, where tons of hidden power-ups await you. Progress through the game and learn new skills that will aid Timmy in conquering the trials ahead! Can Timmy survive the lethal tiny dungeons and uncover the elusive treasure trove? Extended from the original browser game, this edition offers never-before-seen upgrades and additional content. With a better resolution, a new game mode, and hidden items to uncover, prepare yourself to enter a completely new area that will take your breath away! FEATURES: - Relive the retro monochrome art style of the 90's with a stylish and nostalgic ambiance! - Explore an expansive dungeon, where you'll get to conquer puzzles and defeat creepy crawlies! - Accumulate loot! As you discover concealed ability upgrades, you'll be able to unlock new passageways! - Prove your expertise by unsealing a set of dungeon accomplishments! - Test your speedrunning prowess by competing in a Time Trial mode with a leaderboard!

Explore with only 6 actions, solving puzzles and saving your village from a sentient storm as Pep, the newcomer mammal.

SixitStar Garden Games
You play as Pep, a furry creature who just arrived at a new village. The town is currently in peril due to a sentient storm, and the whole community is counting on you to save the day. However, don't despair because you have what it takes to defeat this enemy. ​ The game provides you with six actions per run, which users must carefully choose while exploring the forest and solving puzzles to save their friends from the Great Storm. Your goal is to progress to the next level by selecting the correct order of actions that lead to the solution. ​ Through your exploration, you will unravel the menacing puzzle of the Storm and save the village while making new friends along the way. Be sure to collect all six hidden trophies to unlock the game's final secret and complete the challenge on an exciting note. ​ The game is free to play entirely, with the option to remove ads via the payment model. Peel through the fantastic graphics and immerse yourself in the world of Pep, where you can use your wit and intelligence to save the day.
Shadow Bug Rush

Slice through endless levels as Shadow Bug in this platformer with new worlds, monsters, and traps to unlock and conquer.

Shadow Bug RushMuro Studios
The smooth and stealthy Shadow Bug is back in action with Shadow Bug Rush. This game offers an unending amount of levels to satisfy your thirst for monster-slicing action. Utilizing the game's intuitive one-touch controls, players can experience a new level of platformer gaming. You can enhance the game's different worlds by uncovering new monsters and traps. As you Rush through the breathtaking landscapes using your ninja powers, you can rise up the leaderboards, steadily climb and collect loot, power-ups, and characters. Shadow Bug Rush's characters are available for unlocking. Players can expect endless, unpredictable, and increasingly difficult levels as they advance through the game. Players can prove themselves as the top achievers by ranking on the leaderboards and unlocking various achievements. Get ready for endless excitement and an unforgettable experience with Shadow Bug Rush! Shadow Bug Rush boasts an adrenaline-filled gameplay with features that include endless, random, increasingly difficult levels. With dozens of obstacles and traps carefully crafted for maximizing the monster-slicing experience, a wide range of characters waiting to be unlocked, leaderboards, and various achievements to be won, this game is sure to keep you on your toes.
Snow Kids: Snow Arcade

An addictive platformer for all ages. Fight snow minions and bosses across 4 worlds to reach the hot lava volcano. Don't forget to collect all the gems!

Snow Kids: Snow ArcadeNEUTRONIZED
Embark on an adventure through four distinct realms and brace yourself to confront a swarm of icy henchmen and colossal antagonists. Do you possess the mettle to overcome the obstacles and emerge triumphant at the fiery crater? This game is inclusive for all age groups! Salient Attributes: • Compelling and engaging action-packed sidescroller! • Adorable pixelated artwork and an infectious musical score. • Conventional platforming commands. • Thrilling heroic encounters • Are you capable of uncovering all the precious gems?
Super Cat Tales 2

Super Cat Tales 2, an epic adventure game where Alex the cat and friends fight an army of tin soldiers in Cat Land. Play 100+ levels, unlock new cats, and discover hidden secrets. Meow!

Super Cat Tales 2NEUTRONIZED
Get ready to embark on a thrilling escapade with Super Cat Tales platformer. This incredible game once again features Alex the cat and his feline companions in their escapades. The Cat Land has been stormed by a legion of enigmatic tin soldiers. However, no need to fret because our cat heroes have risen to the occasion to save the day. If you are a fan of adventure games, then brace yourself because Super Cat Tales 2 will leave you spellbound. Super Cat Tales 2 provides an exceptional blend of cat platform amusement and adventure games, designed particularly for mobile touch controls. With this game, you will experience non-stop entertainment right meow! Brace yourself for an expedition featuring: • Over 100 captivating levels • Unravel new cats as you progress • Unleash your adventurous side as you explore various villages • Equip yourself with items that aids you in your quest • Unearth secrets hidden along the way • Catchy retro pixel art and music that will leave you feeling nostalgic • Numerous achievements and leaderboards to make your adventure unforgettable. Do not miss out on the excitement. Download Super Cat Tales 2 today and brace yourself for the most thrilling adventure of your life.

Guide disgraced Viking Oddmar through physics-based puzzles to prove his worth and reclaim his place among his brethren.

OddmarMobge Ltd.
Experience the journey of Oddmar, a Viking who is struggling with his life in the village and is considered not worthy of a place in Valhalla. He has been ostracized by his fellow Vikings because of his lack of promise. However, one day, he is given the opportunity to redeem himself, although it comes at a cost. Immerse yourself in an epic Viking story that is presented in a motion comic format, providing a truly immersive experience. Embark on a journey through 24 beautifully hand-crafted levels, each designed with physics-based puzzles and platforming challenges that will test your skill and determination. Discover your true power with weapons and shields that have been magically imbued, unlocking new abilities and giving you an edge in combat. Encounter new friends and foes as you travel through magical forests, snowy mountains, and treacherous mines, creating an immersive and engaging world that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Oddmar supports Google Play game saves and game controllers, allowing you to fully engage with the game and have complete control over your journey. Initially, an internet connection is required to complete the download of app data for Oddmar, but after that, you can play offline and fully enjoy the game. Join the community of Oddmar, where you can connect with other players and share your experiences at,, and If you have any questions or feedback, the admin team is always available to help at Finally, to ensure your privacy is protected at all times, please review our Privacy Policy at
Super Fowlst

Play as a chicken and smash demons in an action-packed game featuring procedurally generated stages, upgrades, and big explosions.

Super FowlstThomas K Young
In Super Fowlst, the realm is now dominated by demons, but there is one chicken out there that can halt them. How? By colliding with them head-on. The reason why is still unclear. This action-packed game is all about avoiding bullets, crushing monsters, and snatching up loot. There are vast landscapes waiting for you to conquer, enormous bosses to overthrow, and an array of contraptions and devices to operate. Use your treasures to acquire cool skills like egg bombs and rockets, demonstrating to those demons who is in charge! - Unrestricted, automatically produced levels that are exclusive each time you play. - Basic controls: touch the left to hop left, touch the right to hop right, swipe upward to utilize whatever item you're holding. - Split those demons in half! - Buzz saws, turbines, tubes, stalactites, pinball flippers, and much more! - Massive bosses! - Two dog heads joined together by ghosts! - Give up your loot for robust upgrades. - Impressive explosions! - Thirty various characters to unlock! - Concealed secrets! - Fire rockets from behind! - It’s Super Fowlst! - It's exceptionally fantastic!

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