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On this battle defend or lose 🛡️

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Royal Dice: Random Defense

Merge, level up, and defend your turf with a team of super-powered DICE in this tower-defense game with real-time PVP battles and coop modes.

Royal Dice: Random Defense111%
Experience a thrilling tower-defense game with a unique flair - Random Dice! Take command of your group of powerful and unstoppable DICE, merge them, level them up, and protect your turf against waves of boss monsters! This game offers a range of exciting features that cater to all types of players. Battle it out in real-time PvP matches and compete with players from around the world. However, if PvE is more your style, team up with friends to defeat boss monsters in a Boss Raid. For solo players, the Solo mode will ensure endless fun. Those who prefer TFT-style games can indulge in Crew Battles and engage in thrilling dice-rolling battles. The game offers various special challenges, including the Mirror mode, and epic season ranking events that offer golden trophies. This game is not just another basic dice app, but a strategic brain-teaser that will keep you on your toes! Build your deck of five dice and dive into the adrenaline-fueled, fast-paced rando dice-roller fun! With a range of powerful dice characters to choose from, you'll need to strategize carefully to overpower and defeat other players in the game. With the Joker Dice, you can choose to play offensively, while the Nuclear Dice and Atomic Dice will allow you to take on multiple enemies at once. If you prefer stealth, the Assassin Dice and Poison Dice are your best bet. Additionally, if you're looking to engage in a cosmic showdown, enlist the powers of the Solar Dice and Lunar Dice. In this game, you are a royal summoner and must call upon your dice army to defend your castle against enemies. There are no toy dice here - these are big guns that are ready to take down anyone who dares to threaten your turf. Quest through the CoOP league and master the tactics of the random battlefield simulator to challenge legend tier dice royale TD battles. Can you make it to the top and become a true legend of dice dreams across the kingdom? Random Dice is the ultimate BTD style phone dice app game, which is developed by the renowned 111 PERCENT studio. It's perfect for randonaut and RNG lovers, who enjoy the randomness and dice royale strategies similar to randonautica. In this game, your dice roll can make or break your victory against enemy attacks. With a free-to-download option, downloads and plays of Random Dice are hassle-free. However, for those looking to get ahead in the game, some items can be purchased for real money. Join the official YouTube Channel and Discord Channel to stay up-to-date with the latest news. Random Dice is recommended for Android 5.0 or above. Need customer support? Contact the Customer Center Reception at Lastly, don't forget to check the Operating Policy and go through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on their website. Random Dice is an absolute must-play game that you don't want to miss!
Defense War: Destiny Child

Summon your favorite Destiny Child characters to battle in real-time against players worldwide in this strategic defense game. Master your deck and unleash your Archfiend's power.

Defense War: Destiny ChildThumbAge Co., Ltd.
Prepare for an intense battle with the devilish forces! Join characters from the popular game Destiny Child and engage in strategic gameplay. Pick your moves wisely! Step into a world filled with beloved characters from Destiny Child: Mona, Lisa, Davi, and Frej along with other original Childs. Summon these powerful beings to protect the Archfiend candidate and claim victory in the battlefield. Engage in real-time battles with players from different parts of the world. Compete in the Demon Colosseum League and climb the rankings. Play with companions or members of your clan. Master the game with your clever strategies! Empower your deck using mastery skills and beat your opponents using your Archfiend Candidate's skills. Stay alert and react in real-time to counter your opponents. Experience new features in the game, meeting your favorite characters from Destiny Child in a fresh setting. The silky-smooth Live 2D character animations add aesthetics to the gameplay. The defense game provides a fast-paced strategy with intuitive controls. Explore higher-level arenas to assemble your dream team of Childs. Learn what makes each Child unique and merge their abilities for maximum advantage. The mastery strategies are customizable and change according to your deck configuration. Join the frenzy in the devilish battlefield! Ensure to keep a network connection for gameplay. A Wi-Fi connection is recommended for optimal experience. Don't forget to check our Facebook and YouTube pages and reach out for assistance through our Contact Us page. The game follows our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
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Random TD

Random TD is a mobile tower defense game with HD modeling. Build, merge, and evolve an arsenal of towers to defeat opponents in PvP and PvE modes.

Random TDMountain Lion
Step into the world of 《Random TD》, an online competitive strategy game featuring HD modeling and a variety of unique Defense Towers. Plan your army strategically in order to defeat monsters with varying styles and skills. Unlike traditional tower games, Defense Towers are versatile and mobile weapons with unique animations. Merge identical Defense Towers to level up and unlock even better towers. Be sure to battle alongside or against players from all over the world in various game modes, including Crazy PVP dual mode, Cool PVE coop mode and Random arena mode. You can even build your own unique and exclusive Defense Tower team to take on opponents. With daily store refreshes, you'll have the opportunity to obtain powerful Defense Towers that will make you an even more formidable opponent. Play anytime, anywhere, and invite your friends to join in the fun!
Bloons TD Battles 2

Battle head-to-head with Monkey Towers & Bloons in Arenas to reach the Hall of Masters. Customize builds, weapons & cosmetics.

Bloons TD Battles 2Ninja Kiwi
Rise to the top and make a name for yourself in the highly competitive world of Bloons TD Battles 2 by battling your way through challenging arenas and claiming your place among the Hall of Masters elites. From the creators of the widely acclaimed Bloons TD 6 comes the latest iteration of the head-to-head tower defense video game that players cannot get enough of. Build your team of powerful monkey towers and gather your hero to take on challenge after challenge as you face off against tenacious opponents and ruthless waves of bloons. Experience Tower Defense Thrills Like Never Before! In the world of Bloons TD Battles 2, it's your strategic genius against the skills of another where each player competes against each other head-on. Outthink and overpower your opponent in thrilling, one-on-one gameplay with a host of powerful defenses, as you also plot a bloon offensive with the aim of overwhelming them. With a host of strategic choices at your disposal, victory can be yours if you plan carefully. Showcase Your Skills in Battle! With nine unique arenas to battle through, players can progress through the ranks as they improve their skills in skill-based gameplay and claim their rightful place among the elites on the dynamic ELO-based leaderboard. Work hard and smart to achieve success, earn unique badges and progress through increasingly challenging arenas to emerge as a victor and carve out a legacy that lasts a lifetime. Get Ready to Take the Fight to the Enemy! Equip yourself with familiar heroes and brand-new alternatives with unique upgrades, including the latest monkey towers - all with fifteen unique upgrades each. Take full advantage of the all-new Bloon send system that is optimized for economy building and attacks. You are the master of your fate in this epic game, so choose your towers wisely and unleash your strategy to attain victory and emerge as the ultimate winner. Stand Out with Customizable Loadouts! Win in style as you customise your loadout with an array of stylish cosmetic items. With hundreds of unique animations, emotes and bloon skins to choose from, you'll never tire of experimenting with different styles. And every new season brings fresh and exciting content, so there's always something new to look forward to in your favorite game. Are you ready to take up the challenge and smash your way through all levels of the Bloons TD Battles 2? Gear up, strategize, and unleash your battle skills to prove to the world that you have what it takes to be a champion!
Random Royale

Random Royale is a PvP game with friends or random opponents, draw cards, acquire skills, and build up defense to fight enemies and bosses.

Random RoyaleCookApps
Have you been searching for a new and exhilarating PvP game experience? Look no further than Random Royale - Kingdom Defense Strategy Game! This game will challenge you to build a defense stronger, better, and fiercer than anything you've seen before in dice and card games. The question is, how long can you last against the relentless onslaught of enemies? The game takes you on a journey through a variety of environments, including slimy forests, great deserts, Caribbean beaches, frozen lands, and enchanted castles. You can play solo or in PvP mode, drawing cards and acquiring new skills to make your deck invincible. Are you up for a party or a battle mode? Choose your style and compete against random opponents. But be warned, it's not over until you face off against the final boss. What sets Random Royale apart from other games is its amazing features. Play with your friends or against random opponents. Utilize powerful and fun skills to create an unbeatable defense. Plus, there are free chests, events, clans, and more to enhance your overall gaming experience. Create a powerful deck of cards and form strategies and theories on how to merge and improve your powers. The game will place you in powerful battle waves where you will fight against enemies and bosses. With all these enticing features, Random Royale - Kingdom Defense Strategy Game will have you and your friends coming back time and time again.
Random Card Defense

Collect powerful cards, build your deck, and rule the battlefield in real-time PvP battles with friends. Engage in a charming, yet strategically challenging experience with Random Card Defense.

Random Card DefenseCookApps
Enter the world of Random Card Defense, a captivating and engaging collection-based TCG game. Your objective is to collect the most formidable cards and create an unbeatable deck. Immersed in real-time battles, summon your cards and utilize your heroes' unique abilities to dominate the battlefield. This game is all about employing effective strategies and tactics to defeat your opponents. Sharpen your skills, compete against friends, and experience the thrill of victory in this fast-paced game. Download Random Card Defense today, and challenge yourself against thousands of players from all over the world. Rise to new heights of honor and prestige by defeating enemies in this epic battle. Create powerful synergy effects and hone your deck-building skills to rule the battlefield. Each card boasts special abilities, and the goal is to build your strategy around them to conquer in PvE or PvP. With the likes of the lethal Fortress, the cunning Goblin Thief, the great Priest, the steadfast King, and the freezing Avalanche, try out all the heroes and their unique abilities! With all the cards, heroes and boss monsters in the game, each battle provides unpredictable results, creating new and exciting challenges every time you play. Random Card Defense is a free-to-play game that promises hours of entertainment. In Party Mode, get rewards and improve your deck as you cooperate and play with your friends to defeat difficult challenges. With a wide range of unique cards, you can choose the best ones to create a custom deck that suits your play style. Play anytime, anywhere, and experience the remarkable depth and charm of Random Card Defense. Whether you're a newcomer to card games or a seasoned veteran, Random Card Defense has something for everyone. The game revolves around who has the stronger deck and better strategy. So, what are you waiting for? Download and join in on the fun today!
Hero Royale

Hero Royale is a real-time PvP game with co-op battles. Plan your merge strategy and master deck strategy to collect heroes and win rewards.

Hero RoyaleType Ten Studios
Looking for a game that offers PvP and Co-Op battles in real-time? Then look no further than Hero Royale! Fight against epic boss battles and their army to protect your kingdom. Build the ultimate battle deck by collecting powerful heroes and unique abilities and compete against global players to claim victory. Climbing the ranks will unlock new stadiums and rewards such as chests, gold, and trophies! Thanks to the Next Hero button, no longer will you have to rely on the luck of the draw. You can now plan your merge and spawn strategy with ease. Develop your own tactics and strategies by selecting a Primary Hero unit and choosing a supporting cast as backup. Customizing your Ability cards can add the perfect complement to your deck and complement your hero's abilities in battle. Hero Royale boasts a range of features including real-time PvP fights on a global scale. Collaborate with players in Co-Op mode to battle against common enemies. Ensure that your Primary Hero unit is the first to be spawned and defend your castle from daily and seasonal attacks. Conquer opponent's stadiums to increase your ranking and unlock seasonal rewards. Collect and level up your heroes and abilities; from Enhanced Attack Speed and Energy Boost to Reroll, Meteor Shower, Enhanced Merge, and Instakill, there are many ways to compete and collect the rarest of cards. Remember, Hero Royale is free to download and play, but some game items may be purchased using real money. Join the thousands of players in defending your castle or collaborate with others to fight wave after wave of enemies. By merging your heroes wisely, you're sure to devise the best strategy and claim victory.
Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale

Build decks, summon towers, and clash with opponents in PvP Battle and Royale Modes. Earn trophies, upgrade towers, and dominate the Battle Arena in Tower Royale.

Tower Defense PvP:Tower RoyaleLightweight Inc
Unleash the power of your tower deck, obliterate hordes of adversaries, and emerge as the ultimate victor in Tower Royale! ■ Tower Varieties Tower Royale offers an impressive collection of 50 towers, each endowed with unique abilities and strengths. Ranging from Archer to Random and Legend Tower, each tower demands a distinctive strategy to craft the most effective tower deck. Craft multiple decks; one for PvP duels and the other for tower defense where you shield your fortress from waves of incoming enemies. However, beware that towers are summoned at random, evoking a sense of unpredictability akin to rolling a dice, especially in the Battle or Royale Mode. ■ Battle Mode Experience the ultimate tower defense clash in the PvP mode of Tower Royale's Battle Mode. Summon random towers to defend your castle from enemy onslaughts, allowing the slaying of foes to generate souls that summon more towers. Merge towers to upgrade and strengthen them, similar to rolling dice, with every tower having unique spots, allowing for combining towers with identical spots. Defeat enemies before they become stronger and ravage your castle, after which they respawn on your opponent's side. Moreover, be wary of the boss raid, where upgrading your towers and utilizing your castle's ability can prove crucial in defeating the boss. Intense conflict is rewarded by trophies and a chance to collect valuable gold and gems and own rare and legendary towers. ■ Royale Mode The Royale Mode comprises two modes: Co-op and Mirror Mode. ・Co-op Mode gives players the chance to experience a co-op tower defense game. Engage in rapport with a friend, clan member, or a random ally, guarding the royale road and castle against enemy hordes. Just like Battle Mode, maximize destruction of foes, summon more towers, and complete the tower defense mission. However, the enemies grow more formidable as the rush progresses, making tower defense harder. Stay connected with your ally, thwart more waves, and establish your dominance over TD. ・Mirror Mode is the preeminent random PvP mode where each player is randomly assigned a deck and castle. Play with towers that you don't own and test your ability to play with the given set of towers. Though it feels like rolling dice, it takes sheer strategy and adaptability to win against your opponent. Experience the epic, random clash of tower defense! ■ Battle Arena Enter into real-time, player-versus-player conflicts, crushing your opponents to progress up the rankings in Tower Royale's Battle Arena. Co-op with other players, deter enemy rushes, clash with bosses, and earn as many points as possible. Display your triumphs on the daily and monthly ranking and show off to your peers. ■ Daily Market & Quest Participate in the daily offerings from the market and complete daily quests to earn numerous rewards in Tower Royale. Daily training fortifies your tower defense skills, granting you items that enrich your TD experience. Accomplishing the daily quest and acquiring items from the market helps you prepare for more tower defense battles. ■ Create Your Clan Establish your clan in Tower Royale by gathering friends and partners. Brainstorm with your fellow TD enthusiasts for new strategies to ensure success in tower defense battles. Practice your skills by clashing against clan members in real-time battles or join a clan and learn valuable tips from experienced TD players. For those seeking an addictive tower defense experience, Tower Royale offers exhilarating real-time PvP conflicts against opponents employing their own TD deck. Enjoy Royale Mode to have fun that goes beyond mere dice rolling or clashing of soldiers. Enter the glorious realm of tower defense now and engage in intense, real-time duels! Good luck to all TD lovers! 🎖
Street Brawlers: Tower Defense

PvP fights, horde defense, and endless fun await you in the superhero world of Street Brawlers. Control Mutagen and conquer Flux City in this tower defense clash game.

Street Brawlers: Tower DefenseMY.GAMES B.V.
Enter a world of exciting superhero action and defense games! Prepare to engage in battles on the streets of Flux City where the fate of the city is at stake. Create a deck of formidable fighters and face off against your rivals in PvP battles, swarm defenses, thrilling escapades, and non-stop entertainment in Street Brawlers! Get set for exhilarating adventures, exploration, and epic showdowns! With a wide range of fighters to choose from, which include masters of martial arts, technical experts, and brilliant scientists, the combination of randomness and tactics is the key to winning! Leaders play an important role as their mighty abilities can transform the tide of the combat! Assemble your team, manage the most critical resource- mutagen, and think ahead as you create a strategy that takes advantage of your deck's strengths while accounting for its flaws! The game is more exciting than castle defense! Test your tower defense skills in PvP battles, eliminate your opponents, and push forward to achieve more trophies! Face off against the world's most excellent defense players and prove that you are in control! Don't forget, TD games require cunning and strategy. Stick to your plan and use the element of surprise to crush your opponents with both quantity and quality, and cut through their defenses like butter! While randomness is on your side, don't rely on it too much, or you'll end up watching as the enemy destroys all your towers! Battle it out in PvP mode, or join your friends on multiple TD quests! Keep the intimidating bosses and their minions away from your tower gates. Base defense games are more exciting with friends, and winning tower defense games with them will earn you bonuses and rare treasures! Generate energy by using mini-gadgets, crazy inventions, and even supermutations. Every fighter is unique, with its specialized function and unparalleled strengths. Unite and level up your heroes to stand out as a champion! Experience the unyielding Tower Defense game Street Brawlers! Rule over and dominate Flux City! Stay up-to-date with us on Facebook: Join our Discord channel: «© 2023 Published by MY.GAMES B.V. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD

Rush Royale - Collect units, merge and defend the castle in PvP or Co-Op mode. Join a clan, level up units, complete quests and conquer opponents.

Rush Royale: Tower Defense TDUPWAKE.ME
Experience the excitement of tower defense, magic and chaos in the land of Isle of Rhandum with Rush Royale. Lead your army of adorable, yet fierce units such as Archers and Trappers to Bruisers and Blade Dancers, all carefully managed and merged using your mana to form a strong base defense. Heroes with powerful abilities will aid in your defense against enemies in a clash like no other. Engage in PvP against skilled players with their own anticipated tower defense to progress and earn trophies while earning grand rewards. Stick to a battle strategy and aim to lay siege and conquer the castle through intellect and clever tactics. Join your friends in Co-Op mode and embark on a journey to quest and defeat dreadful bosses and minions in tower defense games while gaining unique loot. Become part of factions with diverse fractions from Technogenic Society to the Kingdom of Light, where each unit and hero boasts of unique skills that allow you to level up their abilities and even ascend to gain outstanding battle talents. Moreover, take on events that offer diverse rules to shake up your defense game. Join a clan and storm your way to victory with your allies in Co-Op or PvP. Complete quests and receive rewards that aid in your defense and make your experience even more fascinating. Are you ready to clash, conquer, and emerge victorious in Rush Royale? Follow us on Facebook at and join us on our Discord at The Isle of Rhandum awaits. Rush Royale is brought to you by MY.GAMES B.V.

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