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Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale

Game overview

Build decks, summon towers, and clash with opponents in PvP Battle and Royale Modes. Earn trophies, upgrade towers, and dominate the Battle Arena in Tower Royale.

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Unleash the power of your tower deck, obliterate hordes of adversaries, and emerge as the ultimate victor in Tower Royale!

■ Tower Varieties

Tower Royale offers an impressive collection of 50 towers, each endowed with unique abilities and strengths. Ranging from Archer to Random and Legend Tower, each tower demands a distinctive strategy to craft the most effective tower deck. Craft multiple decks; one for PvP duels and the other for tower defense where you shield your fortress from waves of incoming enemies. However, beware that towers are summoned at random, evoking a sense of unpredictability akin to rolling a dice, especially in the Battle or Royale Mode.

■ Battle Mode

Experience the ultimate tower defense clash in the PvP mode of Tower Royale's Battle Mode. Summon random towers to defend your castle from enemy onslaughts, allowing the slaying of foes to generate souls that summon more towers. Merge towers to upgrade and strengthen them, similar to rolling dice, with every tower having unique spots, allowing for combining towers with identical spots. Defeat enemies before they become stronger and ravage your castle, after which they respawn on your opponent's side. Moreover, be wary of the boss raid, where upgrading your towers and utilizing your castle's ability can prove crucial in defeating the boss. Intense conflict is rewarded by trophies and a chance to collect valuable gold and gems and own rare and legendary towers.

■ Royale Mode

The Royale Mode comprises two modes: Co-op and Mirror Mode.

・Co-op Mode gives players the chance to experience a co-op tower defense game. Engage in rapport with a friend, clan member, or a random ally, guarding the royale road and castle against enemy hordes. Just like Battle Mode, maximize destruction of foes, summon more towers, and complete the tower defense mission. However, the enemies grow more formidable as the rush progresses, making tower defense harder. Stay connected with your ally, thwart more waves, and establish your dominance over TD.

・Mirror Mode is the preeminent random PvP mode where each player is randomly assigned a deck and castle. Play with towers that you don't own and test your ability to play with the given set of towers. Though it feels like rolling dice, it takes sheer strategy and adaptability to win against your opponent. Experience the epic, random clash of tower defense!

■ Battle Arena

Enter into real-time, player-versus-player conflicts, crushing your opponents to progress up the rankings in Tower Royale's Battle Arena. Co-op with other players, deter enemy rushes, clash with bosses, and earn as many points as possible. Display your triumphs on the daily and monthly ranking and show off to your peers.

■ Daily Market & Quest

Participate in the daily offerings from the market and complete daily quests to earn numerous rewards in Tower Royale. Daily training fortifies your tower defense skills, granting you items that enrich your TD experience. Accomplishing the daily quest and acquiring items from the market helps you prepare for more tower defense battles.

■ Create Your Clan

Establish your clan in Tower Royale by gathering friends and partners. Brainstorm with your fellow TD enthusiasts for new strategies to ensure success in tower defense battles. Practice your skills by clashing against clan members in real-time battles or join a clan and learn valuable tips from experienced TD players.

For those seeking an addictive tower defense experience, Tower Royale offers exhilarating real-time PvP conflicts against opponents employing their own TD deck. Enjoy Royale Mode to have fun that goes beyond mere dice rolling or clashing of soldiers. Enter the glorious realm of tower defense now and engage in intense, real-time duels! Good luck to all TD lovers! 🎖
Release date
Nov 05, 2021


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