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Bhop PRO

Bunny hop for speed, jump, and bhop your way to success in Bhop Pro, the most realistic bunny hop game for Android!

Bhop PRObegma
Experience the most realistic bunny hop game ever on your mobile with Bhop Pro! Jump and bunny hop in fps mode and show off your skills with the scores and durations you achieve. To succeed, continuously turn right or left and jump simultaneously for accurate bunny hops. With its portable mobile bhop style jumping game, you can even qualify for new rankings by completing parkour quests. If you're truly skilled, you can become a 'bhop pro'. Bunny hopping is a technique where you utilize air strafing to gain speed and avoid losing control, giving you a chance to test your skills on your Android device. With easy bunny hop maps, you can start the game without any tutorial or tips, but like most things, bunny hopping is easy to learn and tough to master. Bhop Pro has been updated to version 1.6, receiving new Deathrun Mode, in-game online chat, and new maps like Ski, Arena, and Eztrap. In update 1.5, new Speedrun Mode and online multiplayer were added, along with new maps like Mood, Careful, Ether, Niwa, Beyond Space, Airdrop, Blocks, Serenity, and Pillar. Also, new knife skins such as Spitfire, Break, Guardian, Monster, and a Booster Case were introduced. Version 1.4 added new maps like Columns, Helena, Cyberpunk, and Lava, along with Karambit Scratch, M9 Bayonet Fire, and new items available in case opener. Additionally, new Operation, Ice World, was added with a new surf map, Nova. Update 1.3 added new Operation: Safe Bounce, knife case, Karambit skins, Portal System, Random Mode, and butterfly knife. New player skin was also added. Surf maps introduced in this update were rainbow, night, northern, snow, neon, tundra, maori, hyde, alp, throne, and nova. Update 1.2 introduced surf mode with beta surf maps, new M9 Bayonet skins like default, forest camo, desert camo, snake, koi, ruby, saphire, emerand, tiger, and razor. Bunny hop maps such as stone, line, sky, mechanic, reactor, slim, rekt, bunnywood, maple, rush, trap, and dungeon were also added. Update 1.1 brought new maps, improved game dynamics with new rank system, competitive mode, map selection feature, and screenshot sharing. Bunny hop maps included were Base, Aqua, Pyramid, Forest, and Hell. New ranks added were Silver I-IV, Silver Bhoper, Silver Bhoper Master, Gold Bhoper I-III, Gold Bhoper Master, Master Bhoper 1-2, Master Bhoper Elite, Distinguished Master Bhoper, Legendary Bhoper, Legendary Bhop Master, and Supreme Bhoper First Class. Don't miss out on this thrilling game and test your skills with Bhop Pro!
Tomb of the Mask

Tomb of the Mask: retro graphics, simple controls, endless arcade game, with traps, enemies, powerups - get hooked instantly!

Tomb of the MaskPlaygendary Limited
Prepare to be addicted to the classic look and feel of Tomb of the Mask, now available after a whopping 2,000,000 downloads on mobile devices! This game is a retro-style arcade that features fast-paced gameplay, simple controls, and attractive graphics. To be honest, I could not stop playing it if it weren't for the need to write this review! AppAdvice deems it an instant hook, while TouchArcade describes it as thoroughly impressive. With Tomb of the Mask, you will find yourself in a constantly changing, procedurally generated, vertical labyrinth of infinite size. Step into a tomb in search of adventure, where you happen upon a mysterious mask that grants you the ability to scale walls with ease and speed. But watch out for the many traps, enemies, powerups, and game mechanics that lie in your path and threaten to make escaping the tomb a difficult endeavor. Time is of the essence, so take hold of your skills and climb!
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Rider Worlds

Rider Worlds: Unleash your skills, flip through 150 killer challenges, and customize your bike with 144 unique looks in this legendary sequel.

Rider WorldsKetchapp
Get ready to experience the highly anticipated follow-up to the legendary Rider game, which has garnered 150 million downloads globally! Feast your eyes on the impressive new 3D graphics, as you show off your riding abilities in the distinctive Worlds of Rider Worlds. Each of these worlds provides an inner riding journey and has an array of content for you to unlock! Take on the adventure with one of the 18 unique vehicles available and challenge yourself with an array of 150 killer challenges! Boost your chosen bike's appearance with 144 customizable looks, and designs that are unlike any other! Don't wait, download the game now and take your riding experience to a whole new level with Rider Worlds!
Will Hero

Adventure through the Will Hero world as a hero on a mission to save the Princess, with bombs, kicks, and axes in this exciting arcade game.

Will HeroZPLAY Games
Enter the Adventure Portal and embark on a journey into the mystical world of Will Hero - an action-packed arcade game filled with thrilling adventures, new challenges, and priceless treasures. This rogue-like platformer will keep you engaged no matter where you are or what time it is! As a REAL hero, you must rise to the challenge when the Princess is in trouble, wielding your weapons of bombs, kicks, and axes with unstoppable force. Perform a dash, evade, or attack enemies in a single tap. Master a variety of weapons, including swords, throwing knives, axes, and powerful kicks, increasing their lethal force with each upgrade. Build a towering fortress and unleash devastating combat spells to defeat your foes. With dozens of helmets to choose from, deck out your hero in unique styles like knight, prince, viking, or even a cute animal like a cat, dog, unicorn, panda, raccoon, or hog. Explore dungeons and different worlds, discovering rare and legendary chests that contain hidden treasures and powerful helmets. This exciting arcade, action, and platformer can be played with just one finger. Plus, it doesn't require an internet connection, making it the perfect game to download and play anytime, anywhere. Compete with your friends, become the ultimate hero, and experience all the excitement that Will Hero has to offer!
True Skate

True Skate: the official mobile game of Street League Skateboarding. Customize your skateboard and skate through virtual skateparks with true physics controls.

True SkateTrue Axis
True Skate is the leading skateboard sports game adored by millions of skateboard enthusiasts worldwide, holding the first place in 80 different countries. Touch Arcade hailed it as something exceptional with a 4.5 rating. Experience the closest thing to actual skateboarding with True Skate, using the same physics and technique as that of a physical skateboard for over ten years of evolution to become the ultimate skateboarding simulator. It is the only game that is accredited as the Official Street League Skateboarding Mobile Game. True Skate provides an authentic skateboarding experience with its pure physics control, allowing the player to utilize their fingers as they would with a physical skateboard. By flicking the board, players can expect a similar reaction, while dragging their fingers on the ground will produce a push to get them going. Gamers may utilize one finger to play, two fingers to mind skate, or both thumbs. The skateboard remains connected and responsive no matter the playstyle, and True Axis's physics system receives signals from the player, such as swipe, position, direction, and strength, and modifies the skateboard's response in real-time. Every skateboard trick is possible if the player can think it up, as the game offers complete control of the skateboard. True Skate allows players to begin at the Underpass, a beautifully designed skatepark that comes equipped with ledges, stairs, grind rails, a half pipe, quarter pipes, and a bowl, leading to several other skill-testing levels, such as Bolts, that players must grind to reach ten fantastical parks. True Skate comes with only one skatepark, but players may purchase additional content as In-App Purchases, allowing them access to over 20 real-life locations, such as the Street League Skateboarding Championship Courses from 2012, SPOT, Love Park, MACBA, and The Berrics. Customization plays a vital part in True Skate, which now allows players to select the character they wish to play with and unlock custom apparel to express their unique style. Players may also add their distinct touch to their boards with an array of decks and grips, such as Santa Cruz, Grizzly, Primitive, Capitol, DGK, Knox, MOB, Nomad, Independent, ALMOST, Creature, Blind, Darkstar, Cliche, Zero, Jart, and ENJOI. Skateboard wheels and trucks can also be customized to the player's preference. The replay option in True Skate enables gamers to create the perfect line, as the camera captures the perfect angle, timing, strength, precision, and late corrections for various effects. New camera angles have been added, such as fisheye lenses that shake on impact, making the replays stand out. Gamers can blend between cameras with a timeline, including 5 preset Cams, Custom Cam with FOV, distance, distortion, height, pitch, orbit, yaw, and pan options, and Tripod cam with fixed, auto, and follow options. True Skate provides players with the DIY option; custom objects can be unlocked, spawned, and multiplied, which allows them to create their fantasy parks. Moreover, the game provides a subscription service known as SANDBOX which enables players to create their skateboarding experience with the player's custom board stats & graphics, even allowing them to manipulate gravity. Sanbox provides several incredible community-made skateparks, boards, DIYs, skins, and apparel options. Join SANDBOX and compete in global leaderboards, connect with friends and play challenges, or games of "S.K.A.T.E." True Skate supports playing on a big screen with an iOS device or a gamepad as a controller in landscape mode. To play, connect the iOS device to an Apple TV (or AirPlay compatible smart TV), via wi-fi, or using a Lightning Digital AV Adapter via cable, and pair the Gamepad with your iOS device via Bluetooth. Note that True Skate has In-App Purchases and requires an internet connection to access some features. Subscriptions will renew automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period, and payment will occur at confirmation of purchase in the Google Play account. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Check the Terms of Service on before playing.

Join 80 million players in Brawlhalla! Cross-play, training room, game modes, esports events, and fair free-to-play. Unlock 50+ characters without pay-to-win.

Brawlhalla is a popular platform fighting game that boasts of having more than 80 million players in its gaming community. The game is designed to embrace cross-play where up to 8 players can join online in a single match. With each update that comes, Brawlhalla guarantees new characters, currently standing at 50, and fresh gaming options with exciting features. You can start by joining the casual free-for-all gaming sessions, queueing for ranked matches, or create a custom room to play with your friends. The game has several features, including online ranked 1v1 & 2v2, 4-player online free-for-all, cross-play custom rooms, various game modes, and training rooms to keep you engaged. All these features come with additional perks such as best-in-class spectating, match recording and replay, single-player tournament mode, and much more. Training sessions are part of the game's outstanding features where players can learn new combos, sharpen their gaming skills, and explore detailed frame data, hitboxes, and hurtboxes. Other game modes include Brawlball, Bombsketball, Capture the Flag, Kung-Foot, and many other fun party game modes. The game has tons of free features for players, including frequent updates, fast matchmaking, regional servers for low-latency online play, excellent support for keyboard and controllers, career history, and cool progress rewards. Additionally, players earn gold by playing any online game mode, which they can use to unlock more Legends. One of the essential aspects of Brawlhalla is that it is a free-to-play game. There are no pay-to-win advantages or any in-game purchases that keep you from the action. You can access all the game features without any premium content that affects gameplay. Every week the Legend rotation of eight free-to-play characters changes, and players have the option of buying "All Legends Pack" which immediately unlocks every character the game has ever made or will ever make. In conclusion, Brawlhalla is an exciting game with an ever-growing online community. It is user-friendly and has been designed to accommodate different players' gaming styles. Players can access Brawlhalla on multiple platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and reach support when needed.
The Walking Zombie 2

Survive the zombie apocalypse while completing story quests and leveling up skills in this offline FPS/RPG, with crafting, vehicles, and a karma system.

The Walking Zombie 2Alda Games
The world that you'll be entering in Walking Zombie 2 is a bleak one where a zombie apocalypse has occurred. Born into this post-apocalyptic world, survival will be your number one priority as you fight against different types of zombies, bandits, and boss monsters. Take on story and side quests, level up your abilities and strengths, buy and sell equipment, and interact with survivors in this mobile FPS/RPG game that can be played offline. Combining survival RPG and first person shooter elements, the game offers numerous quests and various weapons with different ammo as you battle against the zombies who rule the world. You can use melee weapons, grenades, and guns to take them out, all while healing yourself with food and medkits. Each completed quest will earn you better equipments, improved skills, and perks that make your character even stronger. You have the choice to increase the number of hit points, improve your lockpicking skills, or reduce fuel consumption and limit the influence of the undead on the planet. The game boasts features such as a single player post-apocalyptic FPS set in a polygonal graphics style, a karma system where your moral choices affect the gameplay, a variety of stories and side missions, and numerous weapons, protective gear, and other equipment to suit your survivalist needs. Enjoy optional crafts and building in the game's open-world part, weapon skins, traders in settlements, car and truck rides, and humorous mini-games. You play as the chosen one, blessed with the gift of immunity to the zombie virus, and destined to save the world. However, your story starts on a tragic note. Team up with allies and uncover the truth about your birth, while searching for a cure to end the zombie apocalypse. The game keeps expanding, with new content being added to introduce new mechanics of crafting tables and other tools to ensure your survival. Your actions in the game can also lead to hostility from certain survivors such as bandits, corrupt politicians, cultists, and gangs, on top of the zombie enemies. With these challenges, you'll need to keep on fighting and enduring. Are you ready to take on the challenge of survival against the zombie apocalypse? Play Walking Zombie 2 on your mobile device today!
Medieval: Defense & Conquest

Medieval knight builds settlement, manages economy and defenses, trains army, and conquers enemy outposts in unique mix of tower defense, war strategy, idle, and kingdom management game.

Medieval: Defense & ConquestVojtech Jesatko
Medieval: Defense & Conquest is a game that combines various genres, including wave tower defense, war strategy, idle game, and kingdom management. Whether you're a fan of one or all of these genres, this game offers a unique blend that will leave you thoroughly entertained and engaged. The best part? This entire game has been created by a single developer, Vojtech, who has poured his heart and soul into bringing this game to life. As a medieval knight, you have been offered the chance of a lifetime by your king - to lead a crusader ship to an unexplored island and start a new settlement. As the leader of this settlement, you will be tasked with managing both the military and economy of your fledgling colony. Your goal is to build up your resources through trade and farming and then use that income to strengthen your army and fortifications. You'll need to construct robust walls, manned by archers and ballistas, to fend off never-ending waves of enemy attacks. Your army must be continuously trained, upgraded and research new unit types to expand and solidify your warrior empire. Once your settlement's economy is thriving and your army is powerful, it's time to take the offensive. You'll expand your stronghold and launch assaults on enemy outposts, conquering their walls, and turning them into an additional source of idle income for your growing settlement. Along with skilled merchants, traders, and farmers, you'll use these resources to build even better defences, expand your deep network of money-making outposts, earn more money farming valuable crops, and strive to unite the entire island under your just reign. To protect your growing settlement from constant enemy attacks, you'll need to train your soldiers from common peasants to fierce and accomplished warriors. Building robust walls with skilled archers, ballistas and researching for better weapons from the blacksmith will be necessary for defending your settlement against increasingly complex hordes of enemies and mighty bosses. This game features diverse enemy units with unique stats and skills, as well as big bosses with diverse challenges, upgradable soldiers including knights, archers, and fast horsemen at your command. Build your walls from simple wooden fences to massive stone castle walls where archers and ballistas can be positioned to enhance defensive capabilities. Manage your economy through lucrative trade and tapping into the boost provided by your outpost colonies via automating gold collection through the bank. Also, the blacksmith will intensify the improvement of your gear, armor, swords, and sharper arrows to withstand enemy attacks. With continuous updating and support for future development and new projects, Medieval: Defense & Conquest promises to provide you with hours of fun. Join the Discord community where other fans and the developer are keen on providing feedback and support. Play Testament to the dedication, effort, passion, and creativity poured into bringing this unique game to life.
Fallout Shelter

Build and manage a thriving community living in an underground vault. Customize outfits and explore the wasteland for resources. Fallout Shelter is free-to-play perfection.

Fallout ShelterBethesda
Fallout Shelter is an award-winning mobile game that has won numerous prestigious awards, including the Google Play Best of 2015 and 2016 DICE awards for Mobile Game of the Year, and the 2015 Golden Joystick for Best Handheld/Mobile Game. According to GamesBeat, it "might just be the best free-to-play game out there," while Gizmodo considers it "probably the best game of E3 2015." With glowing reviews like these, it's easy to see why Fallout Shelter has become so popular. In Fallout Shelter, you have the opportunity to create the perfect underground vault by choosing from a variety of modern-day rooms that will help you turn an excavation beneath 2,000 feet of bedrock into the ultimate image of Vault Life. You will also need to oversee a thriving community of Dwellers, getting to know each one personally and providing them with the tools and training they need to improve their abilities and lead fulfilling lives. As the game progresses, you will need to customize your dwellers by turning worthless junk into useful items with crafting, or by updating their appearance in the Barbershop. One of the most important aspects of Fallout Shelter is prosperity. To achieve this, you will need to build a Radio Room to attract new Dwellers or take an active role in their personal lives by playing matchmaker, and exploring the wasteland that lies above ground. Doing so will enable you to discover new armor and weapons, gain experience, and earn Caps. But exploring the wasteland can be dangerous, so you must exercise caution and protect your vault from threats both inside and out. After all, the idyllic Vault life you've worked so hard to create could be disrupted at any moment. Fortunately, Vault-Tec has provided all the tools you need to build and maintain your ideal underground dwelling. Now it's up to you to put them to good use and create the perfect post-apocalyptic community. So what are you waiting for? Start building your Vault today for free!
Super hot mobile

Super Hot Mobile is a tactical shooter game with a unique time format: time moves only when you do. Strategize and defeat computer enemies with smart AI.

Super hot mobileHot dogs
Super Hot Mobile is an exceptional single-player game that captivates players with its innovative time mechanics. This game operates on the principle of time freezing when the player is not in motion. Your goal is to defeat a multitude of computer adversaries using your strategic and logical thinking and slow-motion abilities. This game is renowned for its challenging and demanding gameplay that requires you to think quickly and react even faster. The feature that sets Super Hot Mobile apart from other games is its innovative time feature that urges players to move to make time move forward. The artificial intelligence in this game is superb, making it an even more exciting and thrilling experience. Another remarkable quality of Super Hot Mobile is its stunning graphics, which immerses you in the game's surreal world. The shading and effects are masterfully done, which will keep you engaged and captivated for hours. Lastly, this game is a tactical shooter, requiring a great deal of strategy, careful thought, and precision aiming. Overall, Super Hot Mobile is an excellent game that deserves your attention. It is a game that will entertain and challenge you while providing an immersive and unique gaming experience that you won't find anywhere else.
Don't Get Fired!

Climb the ranks from intern to president in South Korea's harshest work environments and don't get fired in this popular, free-to-play survival game!

Don't Get Fired!QuickTurtle Co. Ltd.
A sensation that took Korea by storm! This indie game has gathered over 1 million downloads! People who were seeking jobs were unable to put their phones down, while contract workers were moved to tears by this addictive game! Be ready for a hardcore experience! 'Don't get fired!' has arrived! This survival game is perfect for all job seekers out there!! You play as an individual who has no money or connections to make a name for themselves. Your mission is to climb the ladder of corporate success from an intern to the president. The best part? You can play 'Don't get fired!' for free! With easy controls, this game will show you the harsh realities of the working world in Korea. How many companies will you have to go through to make it to the top? Take up the challenge! This game is a dream come true for those tired individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. But remember, the journey to the top is tough, so remember the golden rule: Don't. Get. Fired! There's more to this game than meets the eye! Get ready to be amazed. ----------------------------------------------- In order to provide smooth game play, this game requires the following privileges: - GET_ACCOUNTS This allows you to use Google Play service and access all your Google account information. - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE These permissions are necessary to store and retrieve data for the game. These permissions will only be used for game play purposes, and no information will be stored or used for any other reason. ----------------------------------------------- If you have any questions or requests, please email us at
Soul Knight

Shoot aliens to retrieve a magical stone! Rogue-like elements and multiplayer mode add to the easy control and smooth gameplay.

Soul KnightChillyRoom
In a world where guns and swords reign supreme, a group of high-tech extraterrestrials have stolen the magical stone that maintains balance in the universe. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, it's up to you to retrieve the magical stone and save the day. Thankfully, you won't be going it alone in this action-packed shooter game. This game features intuitive and easy-to-use controls that make gameplay smooth and enjoyable. The addictive blend of action and survival, combined with rogue-like elements, will have you hooked from the moment you take your first steps into the game. You can choose from a wide variety of characters - including a rogue, an elf archer, and a magician - that will perfectly suit your unique playstyle. With over 400 weapons to choose from, including guns, swords, and shovels, there are numerous ways to take out the enemy hordes. The game includes randomly generated dungeons that are populated by goblins, zombies, and other monsters. You can raid these dens for treasures and NPC encounters, unlocking the full potential of the game. This offline pixel-style roguelike shoot’em up game comes with an auto-aim mechanism for intuitive control. You can dodge, fire, and cast spells all at once with ease, scoring high combos in just a few taps. Furthermore, the game supports controllers for players who prefer a more traditional gaming experience. If multiplayer is your thing, then this game has got you covered. You can team up with friends for online co-op, or gather with your group for an offline multiplayer LAN game. There are several game modes and features available, including the tower defense mode, which requires players to devise defensive strategies to withstand constant enemy attacks. This fantastic game comes with an extensive list of features and is available for download now. So, pick up your gun and start your dungeon adventure today. You can follow the developers on their official website, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter handles. Note that permission to write to external storage is required for using the screen recording function. The developers would like to thank the localization teams, Matthais Bettin, Numa Crozier, Jun-sik Yang, Iván Escalante, Oliver Twist, Почеревин Евгений, Алексей С., Турусбеков Алихан, and Tomasz Bembenik.
Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers' Halloween update features Haunted Hood and an exciting new game mode, Plant Invasion. Dash, dodge trains, and escape the inspector with cool characters and colorful graphics.

Subway SurfersSYBO Games
Step into the bone-chilling Halloween atmosphere with Haunted Hood! Encounter a fresh and exciting game mode in Subway Surfers, Plant Invasion, dodge the perilous vines, and test your reaction speed. Put the pedal to the metal and RUN as fast as you possibly can! STEER away from the incoming trains! Lend Jake, Tricky, and Fresh a hand as they flee from the Inspector and his dog with their tails between their legs. ★ With your exceptional crew, pump up the jam and prank with the trains! ★ Experience vibrant high-def graphics that are colorful and visually appealing! ★ The newly integrated mode, Hoverboard Surfing! ★ Energize your gameplay with a Paint-powered jetpack! ★ Employ lightning-fast swipe acrobatics to amp up your moves! ★ Collaborate with your buddies and face challenges together! Strap on your running shoes and join the most daring chase of your life! A Universal App with high-definition optimized graphics to dazzle your senses. This game is the result of the co-development efforts between SYBO and Kiloo.
Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse

Explore a vast open world RPG. Survive by gathering, crafting, and upgrading your special forces team with powerful weapons and support. Join Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse now.

Bad 2 Bad: ApocalypseDAWINSTONE
◆ Disclaimers The game developers will not be responsible for any data lost as a result of uninstallation or device switches. Kindly take extra precautions to safeguard your data before changing devices or reinstalling this game. ◆ Features + A Vast and Open World RPG awaits your exploration! + Enjoy exploration, gathering, fishing, and crafting as you strive to survive! + Discover an array of items and weapons, over three times greater than that in the previous game + More detailed character customization and appearances are available! + Discover over 60 maps and regions - an adventure unlike any other! + Engage in Worldwide Missions that spanning the globe + Create and upgrade your team of special force operatives + Access to Artillery Support, Air Support, and Powerful Drones! + Climb into and engage in combat with "Battle Armor" + Experience the game with advanced graphics and upgraded systems ■ About “Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse” “Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse” is the follow-up to both “Bad 2 Bad: Delta” and “Extinction,” featuring a more extensive world and richer content. In Apocalypse, the Delta Team, led by Major Pan, sets out to save and rebuild a world laid low by the Human Forces virus. Join Delta Team's journey from survival to rebuilding a new world. ■ Rebuild and Survive Survive by exploring, gathering, fishing, crafting, upgrading your base camp, and crafting equipment fit for defeating virus-infected Wilders and powerful enemy forces to rebuild the world. ■ Improved Customization Enjoy more detailed customization through weapon remodeling and character appearances. Accessory items have been added, including Night Vision to provide more customization options compared to previous games. ■ Your Own Special Forces Apocalypse boasts a more powerful customization and squad system, allowing for flexibility in changing tactics to suit any situation. Tactical changes and the importance of each squad member are pivotal to your success in Apocalypse. ■ Powerful Support Weapons In addition to the powerful tactical weapon, "Battle Armor", which you can climb into and use in battle, your squad can also enjoy Artillery support from self-propelled artilleries, air support from attack helicopters, and combat drones. ◆ Dawinstone E-Mail: ◆ Dawinstone Facebook:

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