Bhop PRO

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Bunny hop for speed, jump, and bhop your way to success in Bhop Pro, the most realistic bunny hop game for Android!

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Experience the most realistic bunny hop game ever on your mobile with Bhop Pro! Jump and bunny hop in fps mode and show off your skills with the scores and durations you achieve. To succeed, continuously turn right or left and jump simultaneously for accurate bunny hops. With its portable mobile bhop style jumping game, you can even qualify for new rankings by completing parkour quests. If you're truly skilled, you can become a 'bhop pro'.

Bunny hopping is a technique where you utilize air strafing to gain speed and avoid losing control, giving you a chance to test your skills on your Android device. With easy bunny hop maps, you can start the game without any tutorial or tips, but like most things, bunny hopping is easy to learn and tough to master.

Bhop Pro has been updated to version 1.6, receiving new Deathrun Mode, in-game online chat, and new maps like Ski, Arena, and Eztrap. In update 1.5, new Speedrun Mode and online multiplayer were added, along with new maps like Mood, Careful, Ether, Niwa, Beyond Space, Airdrop, Blocks, Serenity, and Pillar. Also, new knife skins such as Spitfire, Break, Guardian, Monster, and a Booster Case were introduced. Version 1.4 added new maps like Columns, Helena, Cyberpunk, and Lava, along with Karambit Scratch, M9 Bayonet Fire, and new items available in case opener. Additionally, new Operation, Ice World, was added with a new surf map, Nova.

Update 1.3 added new Operation: Safe Bounce, knife case, Karambit skins, Portal System, Random Mode, and butterfly knife. New player skin was also added. Surf maps introduced in this update were rainbow, night, northern, snow, neon, tundra, maori, hyde, alp, throne, and nova. Update 1.2 introduced surf mode with beta surf maps, new M9 Bayonet skins like default, forest camo, desert camo, snake, koi, ruby, saphire, emerand, tiger, and razor. Bunny hop maps such as stone, line, sky, mechanic, reactor, slim, rekt, bunnywood, maple, rush, trap, and dungeon were also added.

Update 1.1 brought new maps, improved game dynamics with new rank system, competitive mode, map selection feature, and screenshot sharing. Bunny hop maps included were Base, Aqua, Pyramid, Forest, and Hell. New ranks added were Silver I-IV, Silver Bhoper, Silver Bhoper Master, Gold Bhoper I-III, Gold Bhoper Master, Master Bhoper 1-2, Master Bhoper Elite, Distinguished Master Bhoper, Legendary Bhoper, Legendary Bhop Master, and Supreme Bhoper First Class.

Don't miss out on this thrilling game and test your skills with Bhop Pro!
Release date
Nov 16, 2016
Single player


Skich User
Skich Userfrom Skich app
Прикольная ,но играть скучно иногда!!...
from Skich app
Игра понравилась, но нет мультиплеера и становиться скучно...
Skich User
Skich Userfrom Skich app
Игра крутая но как там проходят за 3 секунды если я почти прохожу за 4 сек...
Skich User
Skich Userfrom Skich app
You this game is 👌lit👌 I recommend it very much...
Tortozifrom Skich app
Avatar antis
Avatar antisfrom Skich app
from Skich app
Lord Garmadon
Lord Garmadonfrom Skich app
Cool but very very hard...
Iceyfrom Skich app
Pretty decent game

Gameplay & Streams

NOOB VS PRO VS GOD in BHOP PRO | Bhop Pro | RyuGamezRyuGamez
bhop pro speedrun-Color run 34.927Sacuz214
Bhop Pro Speedrun -Retro Run- Montage #bhopproMD Dvn Trztn
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