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No jokes. It’s horror games

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If horror movie characters could hear our comments, everything would turn out well... Prove it and immerse yourself in horror, make decisions, escape and stay alive in our collection games
Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight™ update invites players to experience the thrill of being both killer and survivor. Customize your strategy and play with iconic horror characters. Fits in your pocket.

Dead by Daylight MobileBehaviour Interactive
Experience the thrill of the hunt in the intense multiplayer horror and action game, Dead by Daylight™, now enhanced with a massive update. Immerse yourself in The Fog and prepare for a game of deadly cat and mouse. Are you ready to take on the roles of both Killer and Survivor in this pulse-pounding game of hide and seek? Form your friends into a crack team of Survivors and see who can outlast the others. Alternatively, step into the role of a Killer and sacrifice Survivors to The Entity. With five players in the Killing Grounds, expect the unexpected and brace yourself for some unforgettable jump scares. Dead by Daylight Mobile delivers you iconic characters from your favorite horror franchises and offers you the chance to play as legends of horror. The Realms and Trials offered are dynamic and unpredictable, providing you with the perfect opportunity to experience the game through the eyes of the killer. The Killers and Survivors each come with their own perks and abilities, providing you with plenty of unlockables that can be customized to fit your personal game strategy. Understand your surroundings, adopt the right approach, and leverage the might of your experience and skills to either hunt your prey or escape the Killer's clutches. The fully optimized mobile version of Dead by Daylight is designed to provide you with pocket-sized access to the survival horror game you love on your console or PC, and the eerie ambiance, music, and chilling environments combine into an unforgettable experience. Are you brimming with curiosity to know more about this game? Check out our official site or follow us on Twitter at DbDMobile today. If you have any queries, contact our customer service desk at Dead by Daylight Mobile requires an Android version of 7.0 (Nougat OS) or higher and a Samsung Galaxy S6 or an equivalent.
SILENT HILL: Ascension

Pre-register for free on Google Play for Silent Hill: Ascension, a Genvid Interactive streaming series where decisions impact the story with daily live story scenes.

SILENT HILL: AscensionGenvid Entertainment LLC
Don't miss out on this opportunity! Register for FREE via the Google Play Store and be one of the first to experience SILENT HILL: Ascension. Mark your calendars for October 31st and tune in at 9pm ET / 6pm PT for the live world premiere of this Genvid Interactive Streaming Series. SILENT HILL: Ascension places the fate of the narrative in the hands of the community, impacting the canon of the SILENT HILL universe. Follow the journeys of various main characters from around the world as they battle new and terrifying monsters lurking in the shadows. These abominations threaten to consume entire towns as recent murders and long-suppressed guilt and fears draw innocent people into the darkness. Join the immersive journey, as every decision you make will shape the story and potentially lead to moments of redemption, suffering, or damnation. Witness daily live story scenes, with each day presenting a new set of challenges based on your actions and the audience's choices. Plus, catch up on demand if you miss out on any of the excitement. This chilling series allows an audience of millions to work together to help characters survive or change their fateful trajectory. The stunning high-fidelity streaming visuals will immerse you on your phone into the horrors of SILENT HILL. Copyright © 2023 Genvid Entertainment LLC, Konami Digital Entertainment, and Bad Robot Games. Please refer to the Privacy Policy on
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911: Prey

Survive the cannibal's house in the scary game 911: Prey with puzzles, multiple endings, and hidden tasks. Can you outsmart the cannibal and escape?

911: PreyEuphoria Horror Games
911: Prey is a newly released addition to the spine-chilling Hide & Seek horror game series enriched with some perplexing puzzles. 🕯️ The storyline of the game revolves around the kidnapping of the player, who finds themself in the possession of a cannibalistic maniac. Upon regaining consciousness, the main objective of the player becomes to escape the place by gathering useful items and solving puzzles to access hard-to-reach areas. However, it is essential to remain cautious and avoid leaving traces that could potentially alert the cannibal to the player's presence. The question arises - are you capable of using your wits and evade the potential threat without losing track of even a single detail, or will you get captured and eventually end up as dinner? Your survival is exclusively dependent on your alertness, vigilance, and memory. 🧠 Explore the creepy house to uncover the maniac's diary, showcasing the gruesome story of the weirdest cannibal in Minnesota. Gain insights into the maniac's history to execute decisions that can impact the game's outcome. As you progress in the game, you'll discover multiple endings, but only one of them will leave you with a feeling of triumph. To survive, players must resolve all the hidden secrets and combat the horror that has taken over the protagonist's mind. 911: Prey Horror Adventure Game provides you with: ★ Multiple endings based on your decisions ★ A distinctive investigative narrative ★ Engaging and enthralling puzzles ★ The captivating plot and investigation ★ A combination of horror elements, hide and seek, and survival mechanisms. ★ High-quality audio and a microscopically detailed edifice Download the horror game with an appetite for challenge and try to survive the cannibal's trap. Test your puzzle-solving skills, run for safety, and avoid getting devoured at all costs! Are you up to the challenge? 🔪
Slender: The Arrival

Slender: The Arrival is the official video game adaptation of Slender Man. Survive as you're stalked by Slender Man, with added features for online competition.

Slender: The ArrivalBlue Isle Studios Inc.
Venture into the unknown. You're stranded, without any assistance. You'll be voiceless. You're in for Slender: The Arrival, the ultimate game manifestation of Slender Man. It's the product of Eric "Victor Surge" Knudson, the mastermind behind the paranormal phenomenon that's been triggering curiosity and nightmares all around the globe. The game has been developed in collaboration with Mark Hadley and Blue Isle Studios. Enhancements: - Slender Man's reach is infinite and will pursue you wherever you roam. Be awed for the first time or get an adrenaline kick re-playing the game you hold dear- directly on your mobile. - Get competitive and climb up the leaderboard competing against your pals in daily, weekly, and lifetime score challenges. - Unlock mobile awards. - Support for mobile devices controls. Reviews: "Compelling storyline and an even more sinister ambiance." 90 – The Escapist "A game that will shake you to the bones." 85 – GameSpot "The Arrival got me teetering on the brink of lunacy. Its combination of petrifying visuals and disturbing audio makes it one of the most nerve-racking horror games out there." 85 – 4Players

Survive the nightmarish world overrun by zombies, explore new locations, and eradicate the undead with your arsenal of weapons.

REM CITYAndrei Chernyshov
Prepare to enter a chilling and horrifying world in this mobile game that will leave you breathless. The nightmare's stronghold has been vacated by evil, leaving behind a world overtaken by an endless onslaught of flesh-eating zombies. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping experience as you take on the mission to fight off the hordes using an arsenal of deadly weapons and striking moves. Experience a spine-chilling gameplay with atmospheric horrors lurking in every corner. Explore captivating and mysterious locations that conceal hidden secrets and challenging obstacles. Your survival in this nightmarish world depends on your ability to adapt and overcome the relentless attacks of the undead. In this terrifying mobile game, every decision you make is critical. Scavenge for valuable items scattered throughout the game to improve your chances of survival. Upgrade your weaponry to unleash your full potential and increase your chances of survival. Venture deep into the darkness, conquer your deepest fears and ultimately emerge as the last survivor. Will you be able to beat the odds and overcome the unrelenting onslaught of the undead, or will you succumb to the horrors that await you? Your fate is in your own hands.
Eyes - The Horror Game

Escape the mansion while being chased by a terrifying monster. Play with friends in multiplayer mode for added fear and thrills.

Eyes - The Horror GameFearlessGames
Experience the spine-chilling game and face your fears with "Eyes - The Horror Game". Here, your goal is to escape the huge mansion, but beware because there's a monster on the loose and it's coming after you! This multiplayer horror game will put your survival skills to the ultimate test, and with every player, the level of fear and excitement intensifies. In this terror-stricken game, you must endure the evil jump scares and escape from ghosts while chasing through the dark mansion. The gameplay overflows with heart-thumping terror and scary creatures, and the only way to survive is to never play alone in the dark. Are you brave enough to face this horror? With each step you take, the decaying rooms reveal horrors beyond imagination. The game infuses flickering lights, rattling books, and a scary TV bursting with static, bringing out the sheer horror of the menacing ambiance. The game offers multiple scary monsters and avatars to choose from or create your own with custom visuals and audio. The game has various levels to unlock, including an old haunted house, abandoned hospital, and desolate school, with more added frequently. While playing "Eyes-The Horror Game," you can use mystical Eye runes that allow you to see through monsters' twisted vision and help you plan your next move using a hand-drawn map. This game also offers multiple gameplay modes to keep you engaged with fellow adventurers on global leaderboards or compete offline. Download "Eyes – The Horror Game" right now and unlock the perfect horror and thriller game, full of sudden jump-scares and a chilling atmosphere. Will you be able to escape the mansion, or will you become prey to the ghosts' wrath? With the highly anticipated multiplayer mode, survive the terror together with others. Let the chase begin!
Mimicry: Online Horror Action

The asymmetric survival horror game Mimicry pits 8 players against one monster in a battle royale. Customize your character, communicate in real-time, and lead your team to victory.

Mimicry: Online Horror ActionEuphoria Horror Games
Mimicry is an online horror game that falls under the Battle Royale genre with a twist: one monster against eight survivors who are trying to avoid a dreadful death. The matches are unpredictable, and players can customize their characters making every match unique. The game offers voice chat during battles, various locations, and terrifying monsters that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Survive with your friends while communicating with them through voice chat as you complete tasks and escape from the killer. In this survival horror game, 1 monster and 8 players try to annihilate each other. You can play fear-inducing hide-and-seek online, loot your enemies, assist your friends, or find a weapon and start hunting the monster. It's up to you to do whatever it takes to stay alive, so lead your team to victory. Become a formidable monster and try to decimate the entire squad of armed people. You have the ability to transform into other people to deceive and remain unknown, making it even easier to scare them all to death. They can shoot at you as much as they want, but the key is not to let yourself get burned. Create your unique character in the horror game by choosing facial features, hair, clothes, and accessories for your avatar. Whether funny, cute, fashionable, or scary, the choice is yours. Some features of Mimicry horror game include Battle Royale in "8vs1" format, real-time communication, unique mutants that can transform into any player, and an atmosphere where nobody can be trusted. This game offers character customization which includes hairstyles, clothes, and facial features. You have diverse maps to choose from such as Polar Base, School, and Space Station. The horror game has a spooky and dark atmosphere that will make you think you're a part of a horror movie. The game developers, who drew inspiration from old titles movies such as the Thing, Alien, and Silent Hill, aimed to recreate the same feeling in the game. To summarize, Mimicry is a multiplayer online survival horror game that is not for the faint of heart. It is a horror Battle Royale game that delivers goosebumps to even the most ardent horror enthusiasts.
Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper

Immerse in a scary adventure to solve a creepy mystery, fortify your tree house, and evade the terrifying kidnapper in Horror Tale.

Horror Tale 1: KidnapperEuphoria Horror Games
Embark on a spine-tingling adventure full of frights and chills in the latest horror game created by Death Park and Mimicry developers. Enter a world filled with thrilling and exhilarating encounters alongside compelling characters. Several children have been missing for an extended period, and your job is to solve the enigma. Can you find the kidnapper responsible and save the missing children? Brave the game's challenges and make sure not to scream too loud and alarm your neighbor! As you progress through the narrative, you team up with your friend Harry, who hatches a plan to safeguard you and other neighborhood children from the abductor while you wait for your parents to return home. Together you will try to reinforce the treehouse to avoid the kidnapper. Expect to encounter riddles, hair-raising moments, surprises, and twists throughout your journey. Horror Tale is similar to games like Ice Scream, Evil Nun, and Hello Neighbor, but with an intriguing story that spans multiple episodes. Horror Tale is a spooky, fun-filled adventure to the neighborhood of America in the '90s. Enjoy several unique features such as an engrossing story, an antagonist that will have you screaming, and a fascinating cast of neighbor characters. Engage your mind with puzzles, riddles, and item searching as you explore five diverse locations with stylishly designed graphics. Expect an original author's soundtrack to match the game's suspenseful ambiance. Experience a chilling multi-part horror series with friends and neighbors in this hauntingly fun adventure. The game's mystery and excitement are sure to keep you on your toes. So, are you brave enough to confront the kidnapper and save the children? Play Horror Tale and find out!
Witch Cry: Horror House

Immerse yourself in a tragic, horror-filled fairy tale as Timmy, solving puzzles to uncover the reasons for the crying witch's despair in Witch Cry.

Witch Cry: Horror HouseKeplerians Horror Games
In a far-off land, there lived a family of sorcerers who resided in a small house nestled in the thick forest. The family had mastered the art of hunting with their magical abilities and had even taken on daunting beasts. However, their blissful life took a dreadfully dark turn when their beloved pets, the maleficent fairies, escaped from the confines of their home, leaving behind a trail of catastrophic events. Following their escape, the mother of the family turned into a despondent witch who couldn't stop crying over the disastrous incidents. What happened to the fairies? Where is her family? It's up to you to find out what occurred. Become Timmy, a youngster who's been kidnapped by the witch, and unravel the game's riddles while investigating this new antagonist. Witch Cry is a game that boasts of charming cartoon visuals, never seen before in Keplerian's collection. The game's puzzles mesh seamlessly with the supernatural surroundings, and you'll stumble upon some rather peculiar obstacles (such as an arm shielding a chest and a nose on a door). The storyline is a fusion of tragedy, horror and fantasy, borrowing inspiration from classic fairy tales. You'll be forced to confront the evil witch in multiple ways and even knock her out for brief periods. The game offers an intense chase sequence inside the haunted home of the witch, along with an AI that will take you by surprise. To up the ante, different levels of difficulty have been included to test the limits of your abilities. Discover and unleash a plethora of spells while flaunting your 'wand-slinging' skills. Even in case you get stuck, the game offers a hint system to point you in the right direction. Download Witch Cry now for a spine-chilling experience. Share the story of the weeping witch with your friends and family. Honi Games has developed the game, and we're certain you'll love it as much as other Keplerian games. For a better experience, we recommend playing the game with earphones. It contains advertisements.
Resident Evil Village

Survival horror at its best. Play Resident Evil Village for intense first-person action and masterful storytelling. Requires network connection and in-app purchase.

Resident Evil VillageCAPCOM
Resident Evil Village, the 8th major entry in the Resident Evil franchise, promises to set a new benchmark for survival horror. The game features intense first-person gameplay, detailed graphics and cutting-edge storytelling, all of which combine to create one of the most realistic horror experiences to date. Before playing the game, please take note of the following important information. Firstly, the game requires an internet connection to start, and a user must agree to the End User License Agreement prior to starting the game. If the user is 13-18 years old (or between 13 and the age of legal majority in their country of residence), or has limited capacity, they must obtain approval from their legal guardian and ensure their guardian agrees to the provisions set out in the Agreement. Additionally, please note that keyboard and mouse are not supported for this game. Instead, players are recommended to use a controller to enhance their experience. While the game can be played on an iPad, it is recommended to use a compatible controller to get the most out of the gameplay. It is also worth mentioning that only a limited portion of the base game can be played for free. If players wish to experience the full game, they will have to make an in-app purchase. Please note that this application is approximately 16GB in size, so it is recommended that the game be downloaded in an environment with good connectivity. Save data can be uploaded and downloaded via iCloud Drive, but cannot be transferred between MacOS and iOS devices. Please note that signing out of your Apple ID may cause issues with save data, so it is recommended that you avoid doing so if possible. Lastly, the game has an in-app store where players can purchase items like the Trauma Pack DLC, Survival Resources Pack, Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm, and more. If players want more content, they can also purchase Winters' Expansion that includes Third Person Mode, The Mercenaries Additional Orders, and Shadows of Rose. All in all, Resident Evil Village promises to be an amazing addition to the franchise with its stunning graphics, enthralling gameplay, and captivating storytelling. Get ready for the ultimate horror experience!
The Baby In Yellow

Babysit an unruly child in this creepy game, featuring puzzles, hidden collectibles, ragdoll physics, and jump scares.

The Baby In YellowTeam Terrible
As a babysitter, you are no stranger to dealing with difficult children, but this particular job may push you to your limits... Will you have what it takes to maintain control? ★ Embark on a journey through 5 chapters of the most bizarre babysitting gig of your life. ★ Discover concealed collectibles that unlock exciting secrets, such as the highly coveted BIG HEAD MODE. ★ Get a laugh out of the hilariously realistic ragdoll physics while carrying the baby. ★ Complete tasks and solve riddles to advance to the next level. ★ Beware of shocking jump scares that will make your heart race! Originally crafted within an impressive 48-hour window for the GMTK Jam 2020.
Evil Nun: Horror at School

Escape Sister Madeline's evil plan in "Evil Nun: Horror at School". Solve puzzles, explore the large map, and find multiple escape routes. Suitable for all skill levels.

Evil Nun: Horror at SchoolKeplerians Horror Games
Dread has already consumed more than 50 million players! In Evil Nun: Horror at School, you play as someone who has received a cryptic invitation to a summer camp only to be apprehended by Sister Madeline at Eagle's Junior High School. You will have to outsmart your captor and escape the premises before Sister Madeline carries out her heinous plot. Every nook and cranny of the school holds clues and puzzles that you must unravel to secure your freedom. The game features a slew of spine-tingling aspects that fans of the horror genre will relish. One of its main draws is the intricate riddles that you must solve to break free. These challenges come in various forms and will test your acumen through mini-games. You may also discover multiple ways to flee from the school, making each playthrough exciting and different. Evil Nun: Horror at School thrives because of its massive map that you can explore at your leisure, which also harbors secrets that will set you free. The narrative that unfolds will have you on the edge of your seat, uncovering the truths buried in the walls of Eagle's Junior High School. The game offers different difficulty levels to cater to players of varying skill. For those who want to enjoy the game's spooky atmosphere without pressure, they may partake in Ghost Mode. Those who want to challenge themselves will find that Sister Madeline proves to be a formidable foe. Evil Nun: Horror at School allows players to customize the game to fit their preferences. Unlock additional weapons, decorate the premises, and even dress up the titular character, Evil Nun, in different skins. This freedom to personalize the game sets the bar high for player enjoyment. This terrifyingly fun game is appropriate for all ages and will give you the scare of a lifetime. For the best experience, play with headphones and immerse yourself in the eerie ambiance. Don't forget to share your thoughts on the game in the comments!
Ice Scream: Horror Brawl

Multiplayer online horror game: annihilate everyone, collect crystals, change appearance, unlock rewards, and play with friends. Free to download with in-app purchases.

Ice Scream: Horror BrawlKeplerians Horror Games
Horror Brawl is an online multiplayer horror game that pits you against the notable characters of the Keplerians saga in their infamous settings. The goal is to be the first to escape through the Nazrat portal using your shooter skills. Throughout each game, your objective is to annihilate all other players. To do so, explore the stage and arm yourself with powerful weaponry while also scrounging around for healing kits and Chaos Crystals in chests. Collecting four crystals transforms you into either Evil Nun or one of the other notorious villains like Ice Scream or Mr. Meat, giving you access to their unique abilities and a greater chance of victory. Reveal the best hiding spots when the horrors close in. Search through the dimly lit rooms for secrets to gain an advantage over your opponents. All games in Horror Brawl are standalone, providing endless possibilities! Complete various missions to earn experience and unlock exclusive rewards through the Horror Pass. Change outfit appearances, equip backpacks and bats for fun outfits, and unlock weapons of all rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) to customize your game experience. Additionally, utilize emotes and graffiti to taunt opponents, both in-game and in the lobby. With daily, weekly, and seasonal missions, you can level up all your characters while receiving exclusive Keplerians rewards. As development continues, players can anticipate new maps and character additions each season. The game will expand to include new game modes, accessories, the ability to play with friends, rankings, and much more. To keep up-to-date, be sure to accept all updates. Note that this game is free to download and play with optional in-app purchases. Be sure to disable these purchases in your device settings if you choose not to make any. Please also note that our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy state that players must be at least 12 years old to download and play Horror Brawl. Take on the Horror Brawl, if you dare!
Moth Lake

Moth Lake is a 2.5D pixel art game with unconventional puzzles, 6 different endings, and character choices that affect their relationships, all with a horror theme.

Moth LakeSui Arts
Moth Lake is a game that unravels the mystery of a small town hiding a terrible secret behind its facade. Only a group of teenagers with an unsteady life can reveal what's been kept hidden for generations. The game intensifies from the eve of a solar eclipse, taking you through the shadows and the souls of the protagonists. The game's art style is 2.5D pixel art that supports touch, mouse, keyboard, and controllers. It has simple controls, unconventional puzzles, and stealth-action, with choices that can alter the characters' dynamics and the experience's soul. The game has thrills, suspense, horror, bad humor, strong language, and even emotional scenes that might move you to tears. Moth Lake is heavily driven by the story, with over 20k words of textual content and over 300 different scenes. The script takes you on a long journey through mystery, horror, and the characters' hearts, filled with sad topics and nonsensical jokes. The artwork is modern, with a broad color palette and a lot of frame-to-frame animations, including talking, walking, running, crouching, climbing, pushing, punching, throwing, and much more. The scenarios have some modern lighting and shading work, with particle effects, to simulate a 3D environment. There are six main characters and over 50 NPCs, each with their own personality and look, with their eyes moving, and expressions changing. As the story progresses, taking choices affects not only the characters but the plot as well. The characters' moods and personalities are expressed through their animation and dialogues. There are hidden scenes which can be unlocked by the general mood of the characters. Most puzzles require players to use their skills and personality to solve them, sometimes requiring the whole squad's cooperation. The game intends to give psychological horror vibes, so some scenes might be disturbing, anxiety-inducing, and even sad. The characters are called to face and overcome their difficult past and present. From hiding to taking tough choices, even fighting for their lives, every decision counts towards one of the six different endings. If you fail, don't worry, try again, and explore new ways to uncover the town's dark secret.
3 Days to Die

Escape the haunted house of Jason before Friday the 13th to save your life in 3 Days To Die. Beware of the ferocious and cunning killer.

3 Days to DieSpice Game Studio
Ready for a true spine-chilling experience? 3 Days To Die Prepare yourself to embark on a terrifying adventure with this spine-tingling horror game. Horror Games Haunted House Escape Story You find yourself trapped inside the ominous, eerie home of Jason, your spooky neighbor, on Friday the 13th. Your life now hangs in delicate balance, as the threat of fear and terror looms over you. With only three days to escape before Jason claims your life in this scary game, you must avoid him at all costs. Unlike other horror games, Jason is a ruthless foe, cunning and vicious in the darkness. You will need to utilize your adventure skills and knowledge to solve puzzles, find keys, and hide from him to escape the haunted house. Freddy's house is treacherous, and your time is running out. Beware and be cautious, or you'll become Jason's next victim. Jason is an intelligent killer with an insatiable hunger for blood in this horrifying game. Every move you make, every breath you take, he is watching you with bloodthirsty intent. You have only three days, starting from Friday the 13th, to escape with Jason and Freddy in hot pursuit. Time is of the essence, make sure to use it wisely. In this horror game, explore the dark, foreboding rooms of your neighbor's house with caution, searching for a way to escape. Discover clues, hidden objects, and keys, but beware of the dangerous lurking around every corner. The horror sounds of Freddy and the eerie ambiance will chill you to your bones, so make sure to use your headphones to hear your heart beat faster as the killer gets closer. Survival is key in this horrifying game of escape and puzzle-solving. Don't let your fears consume you and hide from the wrath of evil Jason. Use all of the tools at your disposal to solve the puzzles, find the hidden objects, and escape the grasp of the horror games nemesis. It's a race against time, and only your wits will keep you alive in this spine-chilling game. Features of 3 Days to Die: Horror Escape Scary Game: - Immersive 3D graphics - Terrifying horror villain - Gripping and engaging levels - Dark, ominous atmosphere - Spine-tingling horror sounds Download 3 Days to Die - horror games and experience the fear yourself. Face off against Jason in this haunted house escape game and escape his clutches before it's too late.
Happy Game

Help the little boy escape his three nightmares while solving puzzles and avoiding creepy creatures in this psychedelic horror game with a haunting soundtrack by DVA.

Happy GameAmanita Design
In this brand new adventure game, a young boy experiences a horrific nightmare from which he needs rescuing. You will immerse yourself in this psychedelic horror experience and face three unforgettable nightmares that will test your skills. Throughout the game, you will be tasked with solving deeply disturbing puzzles in charming yet eerie surroundings. Beware of suspicious smiley faces and pink bunnies that could be lurking around any corner! As you progress through the game, you will be enveloped in the creepy, haunting songs and screeches of the Czech freakfolk band DVA. Your mission is to help the young boy endure and escape his nightmares, restoring happiness and normality to his life. Will you be able to navigate the nightmares and solve the puzzles to awaken the boy from his terrible dream? This game promises a unique, spine-tingling experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its distinctive visuals and impeccable sound design, it creates a world of terror and wonder that will leave an indelible mark on you. So, take on the challenge and embark on this hair-raising adventure to rescue the young boy and bring him back to the light.
Case: Animatronics

In <strong><font color="red">CASE:</font> Animatronics</strong>, survive the night as overworked detective John Bishop while being followed by unknown and horrifying animatronics. Can you solve the mystery and escape?

Case: AnimatronicsOOO VALNAT
In Animatronics, you'll face a night of terror as you try to survive and uncover the truth behind the madness. The game is a first-person stealth horror that will test your skills and keep you on the edge of your seat. As Detective Bishop, you find yourself trapped in a police department that's been hacked by an anonymous culprit. Power has been shut off, and you're being pursued by mysterious animatronics with glowing red eyes and clanking metal sounds. To survive, you'll have to think quickly and use your environment to your advantage. Hiding and staying on the move are key strategies to avoid detection by the animatronics. You'll need to solve puzzles and complete quests to uncover the cause of the chaos and put an end to the horror. But be careful, you can't always trust what you see. Constantly listen to your surroundings and check security cameras to stay ahead of the danger. Your tablet will be your lifeline as you navigate the dark, claustrophobic halls of the police department. But be mindful of the battery life and use the charging station strategically. In Animatronics, every move counts, and one wrong decision could mean the end of the line for you. If you're a fan of horror games, Animatronics won't disappoint. The game is one of the most-watched horror games on YouTube, with over 100 million views. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey full of scares, tension, and adrenaline.

Play as David in No Rest, an action horror game with simple gameplay, a terrifying story, bloodthirsty enemies, optimized graphics, and a disturbing environment. Headphones recommended.

Step into the terrifying world of No Rest, an action-packed horror game that will have you on the edge of your seat. Take on the role of David, an unwitting victim who's stumbled upon a seemingly harmless town with a dark secret lurking beneath its surface. Get ready to experience:
A captivating and straightforward playstyle that will keep you hooked for hours.\nDiscover a spine-chilling story that will haunt you long after the game has ended.
Face off against an enemy so bloodthirsty, it will have you quivering in fear.
Immerse yourself in the frighteningly realistic environment, complete with optimized graphics.
Brace yourself for the hauntingly disturbing atmosphere.

Don't forget to put your headphones on to fully immerse yourself in this ghastly adventure.

In SARCOPH, search, survive, and escape an abandoned building, recover stolen idols, and outsmart the Occupant in this action-packed horror game.

SarcophDavid Turkiewicz
HUNT, ENDURE, FLEE THE ULTIMATE BATTLE ROYALE! Get ready to face the terrifying SARCOPH creature in a thrilling twist on the Action Horror genre! You find yourself imprisoned on an obscure level of a deserted edifice. Locate and retrieve the 5 coveted idols to gain access to the elevator. Beware of the menacing Occupant who will do everything in their power to halt your progress. Employ cunning methods and make use of your equipment to outsmart and outlast your opponent.
Teddy Freddy: Scary Games

Survive the terrifying world of Teddy Freddy, a first-person horror game with deadly puzzles and a scary maniac. Can you escape the haunted house?

Teddy Freddy: Scary GamesTortuga Ltd
Enter a nightmare world full of terror and horror with Teddy Freddy - a challenging first-person stealth horror game that will have you on the edge of your seat. Evil controls this creepy house, and the terrifying maniac known as Teddy Freddy is on the loose. This game will give you goosebumps like no other horror game can. The power of the horror game has been turned off, and Teddy Freddy is getting closer... Do you have what it takes to survive the horror? Do you wake up in a cold sweat after playing terror games or bhoot games? If so, then it's time to challenge yourself with Teddy Freddy, one of the scariest offline games out there. But be careful! The scary maniac called Teddy Freddy by locals is lurking around every corner in this deadly horror game. Choose your level of difficulty and prepare for a thrilling, heart-pumping adventure. With hauntingly beautiful graphics, intricate puzzles, and unique storyline, the atmosphere of the game will keep you on your toes. Silence is key as you creep around the haunted rooms of the house to find your way out and escape the horror maniac. Get ready to solve intriguing puzzles and use clues to navigate through the creepy mansion, but be warned; the levels of difficulty in the evil thriller are not for the faint of heart. Only the bravest gamers will survive in this world of terror and become a winner in the creepy games world. The game features various levels of difficulty in the evil thriller. If you're up for a thrilling adventure like classic ghost games, then Teddy Freddy is the game for you. Alongside the spookiness, the game boasts an immersive soundscape, making it all the more realistic and terrifying. Be careful not to make a sound and give away your position, or Teddy Freddy will find you. Teddy Freddy will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about soft toys and stuffed animals. You'll be left wondering what hides beneath the guise of the maniac freddy terrorizing the town. With our survival horror clue games and scary hidden object games, you may just figure it out. Prepare for an intense experience when you play with headphones on, as you step into a world of darkness. The road to being a survivor in the horror run games is filled with challenges and obstacles, but with the right mindset and a bit of luck, you may make it out alive. Get ready to be scared with Teddy Freddy, the horror game that features ads.
Evil Escape Scary Game

Escape the Evil's house with puzzles, strategy, and a gun. Beware of zombies and Evil's acute senses. A heart-pounding, immersive experience.

Evil Escape Scary GameHosni Macabando
Step into the terrorizing world of Evil's Horror Place, where your survival instincts will be put to the test. You'll find yourself locked in the twisted lair of a psychotic Evil with nothing but your cleverness to protect you. Every sound you make is heard by the evils, paving their way to find and capture you. Prepare yourself for a spine-chilling encounter with zombies, ghosts, and other sinister creatures lurking in the house. You must collect clues and arm yourself with a gun if you want to stand a chance of escaping alive. What sets Evil Escape apart from other horror games? First, the game immerses you in terrifying environments with an abundance of interactive objects, allowing you to carefully plan every move you make. And second, the evils are incredibly intelligent and will adapt to your actions. They listen and learn from your behavior, making it hard to predict their moves. But the game isn't just about seizing objects or running for your life. It's also about solving mind-bending puzzles that will test your intellect and logic. These challenges may seem daunting, but with your wit, you can decipher clues and unlock each enigma that stands in your way. In addition to the game's complex puzzles, the sounds and visuals of Evil Escape are impacting and frightening. From the creaking floorboards to the ominous whispers, every element in the game is crafted to make you feel like you're truly in the presence of evil. This game is not for the light-hearted, as it will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The game gives you freedom in strategy, allowing you to make your own tactical decisions to escape. You can either make a run for your life, or carefully plan each move and wait for the perfect timing to make your final dash for freedom. Evil Escape offers everything you expected from a quality horror game, from an immersive and challenging environment to heart-racing confrontations with unimaginable evil.
Death Park 2: Horror Clown

Death Park 2: Scary horror game with a creepy clown, puzzles, and monsters. Solve riddles and fight to save your sister in this intense adventure.

Death Park 2: Horror ClownEuphoria Horror Games
Take on the challenge of surviving in one of the most terrifying horror games available - Death Park 2 - as you traverse through a mysterious and eerie city filled with secrets, monsters, and adventures. Embark on a mission to rescue your sibling from the creepy clown and uncover the secrets behind Death Park and the horrifying clown. Are you brave enough to confront your fears and take on the various monsters in Farland? Can you handle the complex puzzles that await you on your journey? With eight different sites to explore, including the streets, hospital, cemetery, sewer, and military base, step into an alternate reality where you have to solve challenges and fight against deadly creatures by switching back and forth between the waking world and the dream world. The game developers paid special attention to providing challenging puzzles, and now they are available at two difficulty levels. Are you ready to challenge yourself and embark on an adventure through Death Park 2? Only a few players can complete this game with challenging puzzles, will you be one of them? If you are fond of science fiction and horror classics such as Silent Hill, Dead Space, Evil Nun, and Granny, then Death Park 2 is a must-try. The shooter boasts multiple endings that solely depend on the player's actions and decisions. Can you unlock all the endings and survive through the thriller? The game of Death Park 2 features a wide range of scary clowns, evil monsters to tackle, and an array of weapons to defend yourself. The game has eight different endings, and the ultimate outcome will be based on the choices you make throughout the game. The game world is extensive, with eight unique locations and laced with outstanding graphics. The author's original soundtrack adds to the overall horror experience, making the game even more intense. Explore the vast world of Death Park 2 for free and face the scary Clown, an adventure that's sure to satisfy all your horror needs. Play now and immerse yourself in the ultimate horror experience of sudden screams, impossible challenges, and ghastly atmosphere. Enjoy the game and have a pleasant play!
Billy Wants To Play: Horror

Escape from the shelter of evil clown Billy in "Billy Wants to Play". Solve riddles, interact with objects and avoid being caught while discovering secrets.

Billy Wants To Play: HorrorOOO VALNAT
Are you a game lover? Meet Clown Billy who is a huge admirer of games! 🤡 Get ready as he has brought his most favorite game "Billy Wants to Play" and you are the player!🎉🎈 The challenge for you is to run away from Billy's hideaway which he has created himself.😈🤡 Be cautious! Billy will be chasing you relentlessly hoping to obstruct your exit! Get engrossed in the eerie first-person horror ambience! Explore the abandoned hallways of an old mental asylum and uncover its hidden secrets. Solve the enigmas and riddles laid out by the terrifying clown Billy!🤫🤡 Checkout various objects and figure out their use. Interact with any object that can help you survive! Make an escape plan or try to halt the insane clown, however, keep in have only three chances!🎈🎈🎈 Game Features: - Addictive gameplay focusing on interaction with the game's surroundings. - Intelligent clown AI. - Captivating hidden storyline. Unveil the story piece by piece! - Four thrilling endings. Can you unlock them all?
Year Walk

Year Walk. Explore Swedish folklore in an atmospheric first-person adventure full of puzzles, supernatural creatures and a search for a lover's fate.

Year WalkSimogo AB
Step into an immersive world to discover the secrets of Swedish folklore with Year Walk, a one-of-a-kind game for iOS. This first-person adventure blurs the line between reality and the supernatural, challenging you to embark on a vision quest in the dark and eerie woods of 19th-century Sweden, and encounter strange, enigmatic creatures along the way. Year Walk tasks you with deciphering cryptic puzzles and using your senses to explore the forest and foresee the future to find out if your beloved loves you back. But be warned, the game is not just about exploring the unknown and solving riddles; it's a journey of discovery that may require you to lose yourself between fact and fiction, and delve deeper into the game's enigmatic narrative. The game's uniqueness and originality have been praised by critics, and with good reason. From the artful and sophisticated design to the thrilling and spine-tingling jump scares, Year Walk is a gripping and somber game that keeps you engaged until the end. The atmosphere of the game is immersive, and the visuals and sounds transport you right into the eerie and forbidding forest. Year Walk is more than just a game; it's an experience that will stay with you long after you've put your phone or tablet down. The game is a showcase of the narrative power of interactive media, and it's sure to become influential in the years to come. If you want to get the most out of Year Walk, we recommend downloading Year Walk Companion, a free app that explores the folklore on which the game is based. So get ready for a journey you'll never forget and experience Year Walk, a brave and original work of art that will leave you spellbound.
Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break

Play as Rebecca, Mr. Meat's daughter, in an all-new setting to escape from the prison taken over by the butcher in Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break.

Mr. Meat 2: Prison BreakKeplerians Horror Games
In the latest sequel of the game, Mr. Meat, the infamous criminal, has been imprisoned and is set to be executed for his heinous crimes. The game introduces a new protagonist, Rebecca, the daughter of Mr. Meat. She is plunged into a new nightmare when she goes to witness her father's execution and has to escape from him and solve puzzles in the prison. The prison is now overrun by the butcher and his pigs, making the escape more challenging. The game features clever puzzles that need to be solved to escape from jail, as well as multiple endings that can happen based on the player's decisions. The game brings back Mr. Meat and Pig 13 as two of the main enemies, and players will encounter various challenges and threats throughout the game. One of the highlights of the game is the new hint and mission system, which helps players progress through the game by providing a step-by-step guide. The game also comes with different difficulties, with the ghost mode offering a safe pace for exploration and the higher difficulty levels testing players' skills against Mr. Meat and his cronies. The new protagonist, Rebecca, is on a mission to save her family and acquaintances while escaping from Mr. Meat, making the game equally terrifying and fun. The game has an original soundtrack, immersing players in Mr. Meat's world with unique music and voices recorded exclusively for the game. Explore a whole new setting and enjoy the game's many features, including a large cast of characters, in-game cinematics, and various routes to escape from prison. The game is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience. If you're up for an experience of terror and fun, play "Mr. Meat 2: Prison break" now!
Poppy Playtime

Survive vengeful toys in an abandoned factory. Use your GrabPack to hack electrical circuits. Explore the mysterious facility and avoid getting caught.

Poppy PlaytimeMOB Games Studio
Embark on a spine-chilling puzzle adventure and fight tooth and nail to survive the wrath of the malevolent toys that await you in the deserted toy factory. Armed with the GrabPack, you can manipulate electronic circuits and seize items from a distance. Traverse through the enigmatic facility and evade detection at all costs. Welcome to Playtime Co. – a toy manufacturing empire that went bust overnight due to the mysterious disappearance of its staff. Now, years after the incident, unravel the secrets behind the abandoned factory. Meet the vibrant characters of Playtime Co. – Bot, Huggy, Catbee, Poppy, and many more. During your quest, why not pay them a little visit and form enduring friendships? After all, Playtime Co. was renowned for its masterful artistry and craftsmanship in creating the finest toys.

Escape Granny's house in 5 days while being quiet and avoiding her. Can you survive? Advertisements included.

Introducing Granny - a bone-chilling, immersive horror game experience. This game beckons you to explore the eerie confines of Granny's house. But beware, Granny has no qualms about keeping you locked within her house. Your task is to free yourself from the clutches of Granny and make a daring escape. Hush now! Noise made from any source is instantly detected by Granny, and she will promptly hunt you down. Your only hope of survival is to stay hidden and remain alert. Seek refuge in wardrobes or under beds to stay concealed. You have a limited duration of 5 days to plot your escape, so make sure you act fast and smart. Best of luck survivor, you're going to need it. As you embark on this horror survival journey, brace yourself for an adrenalin-pumping ride. The game promises you an immersive experience like no other, complete with gripping visual and audio cues that keeps you on edge. Please note that the game includes advertisements.
Alien: Isolation

Play as Amanda Ripley in her quest to uncover the truth behind her mother's disappearance on Sevastopol space station, while evading an unknown menace and a deadly alien.

Alien: IsolationFeral Interactive
Ellen Ripley made a promise to her daughter to be back before her 11th birthday, but fate played otherwise. After fifteen years, Amanda Ripley finds out that the flight recorder from her mother's ship was found at Sevastopol space station, and she decides to unravel the mystery of her mother's vanishing. However, there is an unknown threat, and Amanda must use her instincts and valour to survive and find the truth. Alien: Isolation is a game that delivers a horrifying survival experience with its exquisite visuals, compelling storyline, and intense atmosphere. It's an exceptional survival horror game made available on mobile. The mobile game has a revamped interface with full customisation options that let you run, hide, and survive in the space station. You will need to use all of your skills and grit to survive in Sevastopol station as you explore it and scavenge for resources to piece together weapons and deterrents. The Alien is after you, and you need to make calculated moves to avoid it in the shadows and ventilation ducts. The game has been inspired by Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror masterpiece, Alien, and delivers a similar vibe through art direction and production. Alien: Isolation - The Complete Collection includes all seven DLCs, including 'Last Survivor,' which features Ellen Ripley's final mission aboard the Nostromo. Alien: Isolation requires Android 10 or later and a minimum storage space of 11GB. Recommended to have a minimum of 22GB free space for installation. The game is officially supported by several devices, including ASUS ROG Phone II, Google Pixel 3 / 3XL / 6 / 6a / 6 Pro, Motorola Moto G100, OnePlus 6T / 7 / 8 / 8T / 9 / 10 Pro 5G, Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e / S20 / S21 5G / S22 / S22+ / S22 Ultra, and many others listed below. Lastly, Alien: Isolation is developed by Feral Interactive and © 2021 20th Century Studios. SEGA owns the game software, excluding 20th Century Studios elements, and Creative Assembly Limited originally developed it. The Creative Assembly logo, SEGA logo, and Android are trademarks of The Creative Assembly Limited, SEGA Corporation, and Google LLC, respectively. Feral Interactive Ltd owns Feral and the Feral logo, while all other logos, trademarks, and copyrights belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved.
The School: White Day

Survive a haunted Korean high school, face possessed janitors and ghosts, choose your own ending, and experience a renewed classic horror game.

The School: White DaySONNORI
★ [Instructions for game download for those with a previous purchase] If you're someone who bought The School: White Day before April 30, 2018, and want to download the game again, then all you need to do is use the link below. This page is exclusive to those with an old purchase and need to utilize their existing data and purchase history. (Only accessible to those who have previously bought the game) ★New Buyers Can Get the Lovers of the Beach Outfit for Free ★Resource Download Information When you first play the game, game resources will be downloaded. It's important to note that around 2 GB of data will be downloaded, so you should make sure you have enough storage space, and a reliable Wi-Fi connection. ★Introduction to the Game ★ The School: White Day has arrived, and it's back with a new 3D look. The impressive horror game, The School: White Day, presents innovative 3D graphics, a strong storyline, and a real sense of immersion, all combined into a fantastic horror game experience. The School: White Day is a revision of the original PC game, "White Day: A Labyrinth Named School" which first came out in 2001. The first game was greatly successful in South Korea, and continues to be remembered fondly by fans. The game also attracted a cult following in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and other states. The School: White Day has a distinctly Asian atmosphere and implements a narrative that revolves around a high school overflowing with supernatural tales and riddles. The storyline is about Hui-Min, alongside other pupils, who find themselves locked up in the school late at night. ★Game Features★ The School: White Day rejuvenates the anxiety levels by trapping players in the school after hours! Even though a school setting is very familiar for everybody, Yeondu High School in The School: White Day presents strange aspects, including demoniac janitors, ghosts with mysterious stories, and all kinds of dangers and macabre scenes. Run for your life! Unlike regular horror games, there are no violent or gruesome scenes in The School: White Day, there are no weapons like knives or guns to defend yourself. The player is just an ordinary student who has to run away from the lurking dangers in the school in order to survive. A unique storyline with various possible endings! The School: White Day portrays the story of the protagonist and his fellow female students who are held captive in the school and struggle to stay alive. Their stories unfold in an elaborate and engaging style that rivals console games regarding duration. Moreover, the player’s choices and actions throughout the gameplay determine the game’s result, giving a total of seven distinct endings. ★All 8 Supported Languages: - Korean, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), Russian, Japanese - English voice actor provided - Chinese voice actor provided ★Game Support and Customer Service If you have any inquiries while playing the game, please contact us by emailing at The minimum hardware requirements for The School: White Day are given below. Recommended: Quad-core CPU, 1GB+ RAM

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