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Myth: Gods of Asgard

Myth: Gods of Asgard is a Norse mythology-based action RPG with stunning graphics, where you become the gods and fight against Ragnarok.

Myth: Gods of AsgardMomo Technology HK Company Limited
Travel to the land of Norse mythology and embody the gods themselves in Myth: Gods of Asgard! Unleash your inner warrior in epic battles against legendary foes such as Nidhogg, Fenrir, and Jörmungandr, experiencing the ultimate rush of Hack 'n' Slash combat and fighting your way through the fate of Ragnarok. Experience visceral violence in battle, with realistic slashing sensations and dazzling skill effects that will make each encounter unforgettable. Your skill and strategy will be put to the test, with each boss battle determined by your combat talents and the timing of your attacks and dodges. Enjoy the high-quality graphics and immersive battle system, which are identical to those of PC games. With hundreds of challenge maps, each expedition brings new experiences and thrills. Build your power with a talent system that is as vast as the galaxy, and with a variety of divine bonds and combinations that generate unimaginable powers. With the wisdom and power of runes, you can control attributes and search for lost supernatural artifacts to claim victory on the battlefield. Based on various masterpieces such as Eda, Song of the Nibelungen, Beowulf, and the Gospel of Loki, the game vividly reproduces authentic Norse mythology. You can incarnate yourself as well-known characters like Valkyrie, Siegfried, Thor, Ullr, and Freya, exploring the unknown allies and enemies that lie ahead. Hundreds of wonderful stories can be turned into divine cards, trying to form the strongest power to fight against Ragnarok together. If you need any help during the game, you can contact the in-game customer service center or reach out to us on our social media platforms such as Facebook or Discord. Enact the mythology of the gods and stop Ragnarok with Thor!

Fly, shoot and collect items in this 2D roguelike shooting game with randomly generated ruins. Lose everything when you die.

Looking for a game that packs heart-pounding action and shooting? Look no further than this 2D roguelike game, tailor-made for smartphone users! Get ready for some seriously addictive gameplay, featuring arcade-style action that's easy to pick up but hard to put down. Each gameplay experience is unique, thanks to the ever-changing ruins that await you. But don't worry - the game is designed to make it easy to recover items, so you can keep going and keep having fun. You'll love flying around the game with your fingers as you flick to move, tap to shoot, and long-press to aim a full 360 degrees. Ready to tackle the ruins? Collect equipment by exploring the field and opening the treasure boxes scattered throughout. Once you've stocked up, it's time to dive in and aim for the depths of the ruins! Be warned - this game operates on roguelike principles, meaning that if you lose all of your lives, you'll start from the beginning and lose your equipment. To keep moving forward, you'll need to rely on your skills and your memory to overcome the challenges that await you. So what are you waiting for? Download the game now and see what's waiting for you in the depths of the mysterious ruins!
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Defy gravity in a unique 2D platformer as Dandara fights oppression and discovers the mysteries of Salt. Trials of Fear edition adds new areas, story focus, and mechanics.

DandaraRaw Fury
Experience the immersive and enchanting world of Salt, teetering on the edge of collapse, leaving its once-free inhabitants suppressed and alone. Hope is not lost, as a hero emerges from the fear and darkness of the aether to shine a light on the miserable city - her name is Dandara. Embark on a one-of-a-kind 2D metroidvania platform game that will take you on a magical journey filled with mystical creatures and boundless exploration. Jump with ease between floors, walls, and ceilings, defying gravity itself. Explore the hidden terrains of Salt and its diverse denizens, uncovering secrets, and uncovering mystical powers to help Dandara win the fight for survival and liberation. In the Trials of Fear Edition of the game, you have the chance to explore three brand new areas, defeating an all-new giant boss, gaining new powers, and utilizing new tools, while enjoying a revamped soundtrack and many other quality of life upgrades and features. Uncover The Salt - Trials of Fear Edition, which adds an all-new layer to the story, filled with additional character descriptions, dialogues, and cutscenes that flesh out the lore of Salt and its inhabitants. With innovative controls designed for both gamepad and touch screens, movement and combat has never been so smooth or seamless. Enjoy unrestricted movement across Salt's fascinating world, jump off any surface, unhindered by gravity, in exquisitely designed environments. Test your combination of speed, skill, wits, and reflexes to solve puzzles, collect power-ups, unblock new areas, and make your way through the challenges. Enjoy the breathtaking world of Salt through stunning, hand-drawn pixel art, coupled with an original soundtrack that will merit a marvel of the musical world. As a bonus, the Trials of Fear Edition is available for free to all pre-existing owners of Dandara. Awaken Dandara, unite the forces of freedom and restore balance to a desolate city with aim, skill, and determination.
Dead Cells

Return to Castlevania DLC features new storyline, biomes, monsters, weapons, bosses, outfits & soundtracks. Play Dead Cells "Roguevania" mobile game with new DLCs.

Dead CellsPlaydigious
Experience the ultimate vampire slaying adventure in the Return to Castlevania DLC, where you will join Alucard and Richter Belmont to defeat the Ruler of Darkness and explore Dracula's Castle and its outskirts. With two new biomes and nine new monsters awaiting you, you'll have to master the 2D combat using 14 new powerful weapons, including the legendary Vampire Killer and Holy Water. Challenge yourself with three new bosses, including Dracula himself, and dress as your favorite Castlevania characters with 20 new outfits. The game features an alternative soundtrack with 51 original tracks and 12 reimagined ones in the style of Dead Cells, providing an immersive experience. Dead Cells is a thrilling roguevania action platformer available on PC, consoles, and mobile. Explore the sprawling castle and try to unravel the mysteries of the gloomy island while fighting deadly minions and bosses. In this game, you'll have to master frantic 2D combat with a vast array of weapons and skills to survive permadeath. Enjoy the replayability of a rogue-lite and the thrill of nonlinear progression with new levels and paths to unlock every time you die. You can explore every nook and cranny of the castle at your own pace, or rush to the end and find out what happens. The game includes two DLCs, The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls, which add new levels, monsters, weapons, and bosses to the game. In The Bad Seed, you'll fight new monsters like the Jerkshroom and Mama Tick, while in Fatal Falls, you'll explore three new biomes, including the Fractured Shrines and the Undying Shores, and battle the Scarecrow. In the Queen and the Sea DLC, you'll take the fight to the sea with two new biomes, a throwable shark, and two new bosses, including the Queen. Dress up your character with new outfits and get a not-so-cute pet while you bash new enemies. The mobile version of the game is carefully redesigned with a revamped interface and custom controls, including touch controls and MFi external controller support. You can choose between two game modes, Original and Auto-Hit, and change the button's position and size to your liking. The game does not feature ads or F2P mechanics. However, devices with less than 2gb of RAM may not run the DLCs correctly, and customers are advised not to purchase them in that case. In case of any issues, please contact with as much information as possible on the problem.
Juicy Realm

In a futuristic world, plants have taken over and gained self-awareness. As an explorer, fight bizarre fruits and discover the secrets of this new plant empire.

Juicy RealmSpaceCan Games
Disorder in the Order In the distant future, the vegetation has begun to dominate the world and humans are fearing for their lives. However, the tables have turned as plants have evolved into self-conscious creatures with limbs and abilities that humans had never imagined before. Humans are struggling to come to terms with the massive evolutionary change that the plants have undergone within a relatively short period of time, something that took millions of years for animals to achieve. It's time for humanity to rise and fight back or risk losing their spot at the top of the food chain. Gameplay Get ready to be one of the first explorers in the newly discovered world where plants have taken over. You have to be courageous and fight your way through the enemy's lair, exploring deeper zones while fighting off their weird, colorful fruits to gather new weapons, resources, and to defend your base. But, if you think that's easy, think twice! The destructive force of the plants can be overwhelming, and it's nearly impossible to defeat them alone. Why don't you invite your friends to join forces and help uncover the hidden secrets of this strange, and new world together? Game Features With exciting and random zones, monsters, and treasures, be ready to experience rogue like gameplay and loads of unique and special weapons and items. Be mesmerized by the stunning and intricately detailed art style that this game boasts of. Follow us on Twitter: /@XDNetworkInc or join us on Facebook: @XDNetworkInc for regular updates and unleash your queries at Come and experience the thrilling game brought to you by X.D. Network Inc. All rights reserved, ©2020.
My Heroes: Dungeon Raid

My Heroes: Dungeon Raid is a pixel-style barrage shooter RPG game with exciting battles, team-ups, gear collection, and multiple gameplays. Join the adventure and be the strongest hero now!

My Heroes: Dungeon RaidReality Squared Games
My Heroes: Dungeon Raid is an old-school RPG game with retro pixel art graphics and intense bullet-hell battles. The thrilling combat system will keep you on the edge of your seat. The game features a vast open-world that provides you with complete freedom to explore the Diablo-style dungeons and undergo character development. You can demonstrate your superior maneuvering skills, reaction time, and strategic thinking in high-stress combat scenarios, and cut your way through the challenging bullet mazes with ease. In addition to that, you can team up with your friends to embark on spectacular journeys that will give you memories to cherish forever. The gameplay also includes collecting various equipment and upgrading them, which includes five classes, 176 legendary gears, 88 unique weapons, and 91 highly specialized abilities. The combinations are endless and can take a lifetime to try! The game offers multiple gameplay options, including battles in the Hunting Grounds, breathtaking Arena matches, and much more! Each mode brings something unique and entertaining to the table. So brace yourself, put your gear on, and prepare for an epic adventure full of thrills, excitement, and surprises. The game also provides an in-depth diversity of vibrant avatars, accessories, emojis, outfits, and pets that will enliven your journey. You can take care of your own pets and let them grow alongside you, indicating your commitment to your virtual life. Join the Hero's City today and fellowship with like-minded individuals who are passionate about nothing but having a good time with their friends!
Soul Knight

Retrieve a magical stone stolen by aliens in this easy-to-play shooter game. Choose from unique heroes and weapons to battle through randomly generated dungeons.

Soul KnightChillyRoom
In a world overrun by high-tech extra-terrestrial invaders, a precious magical stone that is key to the planet's equilibrium has been stolen. The fate of the world hangs in the balance and it's up to you to recover the mystical stone. But instead of deep contemplation and strategic planning, you'll be mowing down alien enforcers in this intense shooter. With controls that are simple and easy to understand, this game offers a seamless and immersive experience, enriched with rogue-like gameplay elements that are guaranteed to keep you hooked for hours. This shooter boasts over 20 distinct heroes to choose from, including a dexterous rogue, a nimble elven archer, and a mystic magician. Each character caters perfectly to your style of play. With over 400 weapons available that range from guns, swords, and shovels, you will have access to numerous ways to blast your way through the hordes of enemies. The game features randomly generated dungeons, from dark forests filled with goblins to medieval chateaus overrun by zombies, where you get to loot treasures and meet diverse non-player characters (NPCs). An auto-aim feature allows for super intuitive control that enables you to dodge, fire, and cast spells, scoring incredible combos with just a few simple taps. If you prefer to team up with your friends, multiplayer mode offers a fantastic option to play with people around the world in an online co-op adventure or an offline multiplayer LAN game. The game also provides outstanding features and assorted game modes where you can work on a strategy to hold off constant enemy attacks in tower defense mode. This pixel-style, rogue-like, shoot’em up game includes offline options and combines action with survival. With tons of intense action, you can take up the gun and begin your dungeon adventure! Don't forget to keep up with us on social media and follow the game's latest updates on our website, Facebook, email, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Note that to use the screen recording function, permission to write to external storage is necessary, while thanks go to everyone who contributed to our fantastic localization team.
Pathos: Nethack Codex

Choose from 13 classes in Pathos and journey deep into a dungeon filled with danger. Defeat your nemesis and escape with all the loot you can carry.

Pathos: Nethack CodexCallan Hodgskin
Pathos is a captivating game that will take you on an epic adventure inspired by Nethack's rule set. With the option to choose between 13 diverse characters, you can courageously venture deep into the dungeon filled with numerous levels and unexpected twists and turns. Prepare yourself for the ultimate battle against your nemesis in the fiery pits of hell, all while collecting and carrying the loot you gather throughout your journey. For assistance and updates, you can reach out to the creators via email at, or connect with them on Twitter at Join the Pathos community on Reddit at, or through their Discord server at Notably, the game was developed with Invention, which speaks to the high quality you can anticipate from the game's mechanics and graphics. Embark on an unparalleled adventure with Pathos and experience the thrill of the dungeon like never before.

Fight to reclaim the royal palace from awakened monsters in Guidus, a pixel roguelike game with various heroes, unique skills, and diverse bosses to battle.

Embark on an epic journey to reclaim the royal palace from the awakened monsters of the abyss in Guidus, a thrilling Pixel roguelike game. As the last warrior to awake in the dungeon, it is up to you and your companions to rescue the true heir to the realm and defeat powerful bosses and monsters. Discover an array of unique heroes, including a swordsman, archer, wizard, sylph, and monk, sealed within the bonfire, each with their distinctive skills and powers like Shockwave, Thunder Hammer, and Nova. Be prepared for a challenging adventure through various regions and overcome treacherous traps, while you find hidden treasures. The game offers innovative gameplay and growth factors in role-playing that keep you growing while challenging yourself. Your skills and heroes will constantly evolve, making you stronger. Guidus features adorable and sophisticated pixel graphics created with dots that allow for full immersion into the game. You can communicate with the developers through various social platforms like Instagram, Discord, and email. Join Guidus and become the hero that saves the royal palace and the entire realm.
Birk's Adventure

Save the kingdom in retro-styled "Nidhogg 2" Metroidvania platformer. Non-linear gameplay, collect weapons, and explore to upgrade your character.

Birk's AdventureDonut Games
EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT! 40% price cut!!! ################## Discover a brand new exploration-based platform game in Metroidvania style from the acclaimed makers of 'Traps n' Gemstones' (2014 Gamezebo GAME OF THE YEAR). THE STORYLINE As mysterious forces appear in the thunderous skies over the Kingdom of Nidala during a dark and rainy storm, Birk, a brave townsman, ventures towards the old tower of Merlin, seeking assistance from the elder. Birk discovers that the King has vanished without a trace and the holy stone tablets which have safeguarded the kingdom for centuries have been snatched away. Journey with Birk and embark on an enchanting pixel-retro adventure, to untangle the secrets and bring back harmony to the kingdom. Engage with locals and explore the kingdoms, gathering weapons and upgrading your character along the way. Features: * Non-linear gameplay: Roam freely about the universe * Non-destructive gameplay that's favorable to casual gamers: Should you fail, restart from the last room rather than starting from the beginning * Interact with NPCs, barter items, and receive leads * Accomplish weapons and valuable collectibles * Enhance your character's strengths * Discover concealed treasures spread across the kingdom * Check the overview map to keep track of already visited sites This game is optimized to support joy pads and external keyboards that use Android OS friendly key codes such as KEYCODE_DPAD_LEFT, KEYCODE_BUTTON_A and more.

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