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Explore Nidala and restore peace in a non-linear platformer. Upgrade your character, find hidden treasures, and interact with locals. JOYPAD-supported. #Metroidvania

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Don't miss out on the limited time LAUNCH SALE! Get 40% off on this captivating platformer, developed by the same team who brought you "Traps n' Gemstones", awarded Gamezebo's GAME OF THE YEAR in 2014. This new game is a twist on the classic Metroidvania genre, emphasizing exploration and adventure.

The plot of the game begins on a dark, stormy night above the Kingdom of Nidala. Strange creatures appear in the sky, signaling ominous forces at play. As a brave townsboy named Birk, the player sets out to investigate the situation by seeking counsel from the powerful wizard Merlin. The elderly wizard reveals that the kingdom is in peril: the King has gone missing and the ancient stone tablets, responsible for protecting the realm for generations, have been stolen. In this charming, pixelated world, follow Birk's quest to restore peace to the kingdom and uncover the mysteries behind these strange events.

Enjoy the non-linear gameplay and explore the kingdom at your leisure, free of limits. The game offers casual-friendly, NON-DESTRUCTIVE gameplay that allows you to respawn in the last room upon defeat, without having to start over. Interact with various characters throughout the game, trade items and receive helpful hints. Collect weapons and valuables to aid you during your adventure, and upgrade your character to become an unstoppable force. Search high and low to uncover secret treasures hidden throughout the vast kingdom. Keep track of all the places you’ve visited through the helpful overview map.

Experience this game with ease, using JOY PADS or EXTERNAL KEYBOARDS compatible with Android OS. These compatible devices include key codes such as KEYCODE_DPAD_LEFT, KEYCODE_BUTTON_A, and many more. Embark on a remarkable journey through a beautifully crafted retro-styled world in this exciting game.
Donut Games
Release date
Dec 03, 2019
Open world
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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