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Mar 11 - 17, 2024 New games

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SkichSkichfrom Skich app

Swipe and race your Vroomie to victory in Championships, with upgrades and challenges, and check global leaderboards. Build the perfect Vroomie with 12 upgrades.

VroomiesUnordered Games
Vroomies offers a high-speed racing adventure, expertly crafted for the effortless use of your fingertips! With the use of uncomplicated swipes and taps, you will maneuver your Vroomie to supremacy against your logic-defyingly competitive opponents. Take your dexterity to new heights with the Championship mode that puts your racing abilities through a grueling test of proficiency. Compel your way to the top of the standings, while unwrapping upgrades and challenges that give a new and rejuvenating experience each time you engage. This will demand considerable strategy, and swift reflexes to make it to the apex. Dare to venture and surpass all obstacles to conquer this challenge! Discover your global standing and compare yourself to other world-class racers with the enormous help of the global leaderboards! Customize and tailor make your gaming experience with the ability to experiment with 12 different upgrades and 3 distinctive Vroomie types. Construct your perfect build and revel in the unique challenges that await!
CookieRun: Witch's Castle

Escape the Witch's Castle in CookieRun! Solve unique puzzles with the help of adorable Cookies and amazing Cookie skills. Pre-register now for this sweet adventure.

CookieRun: Witch's CastleDevsisters Corporation
Get ready for an exciting puzzle adventure in CookieRun: Witch’s Castle. Join GingerBrave, who has managed to escape the oven only to find himself trapped in a mysterious and magical castle filled with the witch's dangerous traces. Help him navigate through the castle and assist him in his mission to unveil the secrets of the Witch's Castle. Experience sweet and delightful tap-to-blast gameplay and solve challenging puzzles in immersive levels with explosive combinations and powerful boosters. Use amazing Cookie skills and strategy to blast away the blocks and overcome obstacles. Dive into an intriguing story set in the deliciously spooky environment of the Witch's Castle. Explore and discover the castle's secrets, and meet new Cookie friends along the way. Unveil empty rooms and create a cozy ambiance by decorating them with adorable decors. Customize the castle and make it your own style. Collect various Cookies, residents and decorations with a simple roll of the dice. Be careful, as dangers lurk around every corner and traces of the witch are everywhere. Join forces with the Cookies to defeat the dreadful witch and escape the castle! Want to join the adventure? Pre-register now and prepare to enter the mysterious and enchanting Witch's Castle!
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Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond

Discover a world of swords and magic, as you awaken long-sealed memories to save the Emond Continent from the evil thoughts eroding it in "Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond". Enjoy easy gameplay and immersive storylines, with vintage pixels and exquisite illustrations, deep gameplay, passionate battles, and exciting rewards.

Pixel Heroes: Tales of EmondHaoPlay Limited
Upon entering the Emond Continent, you are transported to a world filled with swords and sorcery, all rendered in stunning pixelated graphics. "Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond" is an entrancing blend of classic Japanese-style role-playing game nostalgia, coupled with idle and casual play features. The magical civilization of Emond is in danger, as dark forces threaten to awaken the long-dormant Demon King. As memories from your past begin to surface, you realize that your true identity is that of a figure long fabled in Emond history- a resolute hero determined to rid the realm of the encroaching darkness. In "Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond," gameplay is designed to be simple yet engaging, with a focus on offering players high welfare rewards and a host of unique content. Drawing characters is easy, and you can use them to obtain resources through idle play. Dungeons offer up equipment and additional resources, all of which you can use to upgrade and enhance your party. Battles are semi-turn-based and semi-real-time, with the system automatically controlling the combat process. This reduces the skill casting threshold, making it easier for newcomers to enjoy the game while also preserving strategic depth. The game features a sleek retro pixel art style, a rarity among modern idle games. Each character is incredibly detailed in both 2D anime-style illustration and classic pixel art. Live2D form is used for story dialogues, providing enhanced visual impact. The game also offers traditional idle gameplay, including the collection of experience materials and equipment, even while being offline. For more dedicated players, the River of Forgetfulness, Eternal Throne, Endless Sea, and other mini-games provide numerous gameplay options. In addition to casual play, "Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond" offers deep and exciting competition modes, such as boss battles, cross-server battles, and various competitive dungeons, alongside honor rankings. You can even create your own guild and make friends with players from all over the world, leaving your mark on the Emond Continent. The game's story is intriguing and immersive, with a team of top-notch voice actors passionately bringing each character to life. The 300,000-word main plot shares the tale of your legendary rise and fall within the floating continent. Watch as unknown hero to world-renowned champion, explore the world's storyline from a third-person perspective. Rewards abound in "Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond," with 10 daily hero summons and a host of year-long adventures that will keep you engaged at all times. Attaining VIP status is no problem, giving you access to the finest five-star heroes and more. Craft the ultimate party without spending a penny and even invite others to play for astounding rewards. The best part is that all of this can be experienced while enjoying the game's relaxing and casual gameplay.
Dune: Imperium Digital

Dune: Imperium is a deck-building and worker placement board game, offering players the ultimate blend of strategy and intrigue in a deeply thematic game.

Dune: Imperium DigitalDire Wolf Digital
Prepare to dive into the world of Dune and witness the ultimate combination of strategy and intrigue. Travel through the dangerous landscapes of Arrakis with the award-winning board game Dune: Imperium. You can compete online, locally with AI, or face off against the formidable House Hagal. Earn Achievements to show off your leadership skills and embark on more than a dozen Challenges to test your wit and cunning. Compete for badges in the rotating Skirmish Mode where every game is different! Rule over the Spice, rule over the Universe. It's time to take control of your destiny on the desert planet - Arrakis. With the Great Houses of the Landsraad forging alliances and espionage, whom will you influence, and whom will you betray? The choices that you make will determine whether you emerge victorious or succumb to the power of the Empire. In Dune: Imperium, you must balance deck-building and worker placement to lift your Great House to supreme control over Arrakis and its Spice. The game is played over ten rounds, each of which is defined by a new Conflict on the planet's face. Some conflicts reward critical resources, and others provide Victory Points that will gain you domination. However, be wary of stretching yourself too thin, as your enemies might grow too powerful to face. Every round, you'll draw a hand of five cards from your deck. As you add new cards to your deck, it will become increasingly stronger. Each card can be played in one of two ways. You can send an Agent on missions to earn resources, or reveal the card at the end of the round to purchase new powerful cards. Finding the right balance between these two strategies will help you make the most of the resources that are available to you. Over the course of the game, you will vie for Influence with four factions of the Imperium: The Emperor, the economically powerful Spacing Guild, the mysterious Bene Gesserit, and the ferocious Fremen of the deep deserts. Each faction's Influence will help you earn the Victory Points you need to carry out your plan of domination. Will you compete with your rivals to gain the favor of every faction, or betray alliances to suit your needs? The game presents numerous strategies, and there are countless paths to victory. The cards are in your hand, and it's time to make a move. The fate of the Imperium awaits you.
Farm Sim 2024

Build your agricultural empire by farming crops, managing animals, and upgrading your skills in this realistic farming simulator.

Farm Sim 2024Ovidiu Pop
Get ready to experience the thrill of being a farmer with this unique farming simulator game. Immerse yourself in an open world full of farming tasks where you'll get to harvest multiple types of crops, take care of your livestock, transport hay and wood, sell your produce in the marketplace, and expand your farm to become a renowned farmer. In this challenging driving game that falls under the simulator games category, you'll be put to the test as you learn to operate a tractor or harvest with a combine. You can upgrade your skills and manage your farm's finances and resources to maximize profits. This real farming simulator features a wide range of vehicles and machinery such as tractors, harvesters, semi trucks, and sprayers, among others. Living the life of a farmer has never been more engaging, with our realistic farming simulator challenging players to cultivate crops like wheat, corn, oat, sunflower, and more. Additionally, players can also enjoy animal management in this farm game, allowing them to raise a variety of farm animals like pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, and sheep. Every decision and action you take affects the land realistically in this game, thanks to its impressive graphics. With our game's unique features such as the Weather System and dynamic Day/Night Cycle, players will experience the full spectrum of nature's elements. Explore a vast Open World Career Mode that gives players an authentic farming experience with every decision impacting their farming journey. Experience the weight and power of every vehicle as you navigate through challenging terrain. The realistic sound effects make the gameplay come to life, giving players an immersive experience. You'll feel like you're in the driver's seat, revving the engine of a powerful truck or hearing the hum of a tractor. Take control of your farming experience, grow your farm and become the best farmer in the region. Get ready to play Farm Simulator 2024. Follow OvilexSoftware on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, and check out their official website for more information and their privacy policy.
Game Dev Tycoon NETFLIX

Design, build, and manage your own game development empire from the 80s to present-day in this tycoon simulation game, exclusive to Netflix members.

Game Dev Tycoon NETFLIXNetflix, Inc.
This Netflix exclusive game lets you dive into the exciting world of video game development, design legendary games, and establish your own game development company. You will have a chance to become a part of the history of classic retro games. The game features unique elements such as creating movie-based games and growing your fanbase through livestreaming. To succeed, you must use your time effectively, make wise decisions, and learn from your experiments. In each release, you must upgrade your developer skills and expand your fanbase to reach the top of the game development industry. As an entrepreneur and leader in your company, you must make strategic decisions about the theme, genre, platform, and audience of each game. With each project, you will research new technologies and manage a growing team. Though the industry is constantly evolving, from its humble beginnings in the 1980s to the present day, you must be prepared to ride the right waves and make strategic investments- because the wrong decisions could mean your company's downfall. In this game, the reviews of your games hold immense power - but do not allow the critics to discourage you. Take the feedback you receive, use it to create better projects, and build a fanbase that will support you with every release. This Netflix edition offers many exclusive features that allow players to develop licensed games based on popular movies and shows. By completing story events and receiving special reviews, you can unlock new rewards and strategies. Livestreaming is also available for growing your fanbase and boosting sales. Greenheart Games and Rarebyte have done an excellent job of creating a game that is both fun and challenging, and appeals to gaming enthusiasts and fans of business simulations. So, buckle up and get ready for a journey in technological time travel because in this game, you will be a pioneer in the world of video gaming.
Dungeon Legends 2 SE

Embark on an epic quest through 12 levels filled with danger, customizable abilities, and dynamic NPC interactions in Dungeon Legends 2: Tale of Light and Shadow Special Edition.

Dungeon Legends 2 SEDreaming Wizard Games
Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the depths of darkness with Dungeon Legends 2: Tale of Light and Shadow Special Edition— an enthralling RPG adventure now available on Google Play! As you journey through the game, brace yourself to save your city from an impending chaos- by exploring forgotten tunnels of Drakensberg Castle that are full of grim energies and formidable monsters. The game boasts of 12 extensive levels, each fraught with secrets and danger, where you will encounter various NPC quests, intricate puzzles, and ferocious monsters. Dungeon Legends 2 allows you to customize your character's abilities with four main traits: Strength, Agility, Endurance, and Magic. Use powerful spells and weapons to overcome the challenges that lie ahead, and gain access to special spellbooks that can help you cast potent spells and defeat your enemies with ease. The game features an innovative AI-supported dialogue system that crafts dynamic and personalized conversations with NPCs. The narrative of the game evolves according to your choices and actions, ensuring an unforgettable gaming experience. The Special Edition features enhanced interactions and new quests, promising an immersive and captivating gameplay experience. Dungeon Legends 2 has rich and moody visuals and captivating music that perfectly captures the sense of mystery, danger, and adventure associated with dungeon-crawling RPG games. With hundreds of items to discover, diverse enemies to defeat, and endless possibilities for exploration, this game promises hours of thrilling gameplay for RPG enthusiasts. As you journey into the unknown depths of the abandoned dungeons, you will unveil secrets within the enigmatic chambers of the castle. Make use of your character's strengths to vanquish the deadly foes lurking in the shadows, and develop their traits by honing your skills, discovering powerful items and potions, and mastering the arcane forces pulsating through the environment. At the end of your journey lies the ultimate trial- the Dragonblood Crystal, safeguarded by the ancient king of dragons in a majestic lava cavern. Dungeon Legends 2's innovative AI-driven dialogue system offers dynamic and personalized conversations with NPCs through advanced natural language processing. Your choices and interactions shape the game's narrative, unlocking new quests and pathways, making the experience truly immersive. To sum it up, Dungeon Legends 2: Tale of Light and Shadow Special Edition is a classic dungeon-crawling RPG game that offers a rich storyline, immersive atmosphere, and enthralling gameplay experience. Download now and become a legend as you journey where light and shadow collide, and the fate of the city hangs in the balance.
Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter

Bro Royale: a topdown shooter game with unique survivor and PvP elements, dynamic battles, diverse characters, strategic combat, and non-stop action. Join forces with clans in co-op or solo competition and become the ultimate bro force.

Bro Royale: Mayhem ShooterDonut Lab
Bro Royale offers a new twist on topdown shooter games, combining survivor and PvP elements to create an unparalleled experience. Players are plunged into a world of arena battles where every shot counts, with strategic combat and intense brawls at the forefront. The game introduces dynamic "1 vs All" and "2vs2" modes, challenging players to make use of their bro force and strategic skills in thrilling shooting multiplayer engagements and teamfight tactics, aiming to liberate the arena from chaos. With adrenaline-pumping shootouts and relentless action, players must arm themselves with an extensive arsenal of diverse weapons and unique characters. They must employ cunning strategies, weapon mastery, and outwit opponents in battle royale and survivor games to emerge victorious and craft a path to liberation. Players can stand alone or ally with clans, experiencing the thrill of teamwork in cooperative modes or the rush of solo competition, showcasing the strength of bro force. Ranked battles and hardcore challenges push players to test their mettle, leading the bro force to victory. Each round is a symphony of strategy and precision, where only the sharpest shooters survive the chaos and emerge victorious. Bro Royale sets the stage for the ultimate multiplayer shooter experience, offering fierce battles, strategic gameplay, and competitive shootouts. Players can rally their comrades, gear up, and step into Bro Royale, ready for action-packed challenges that push their limits in survivor and battle royale modes. Whether teaming up or facing off solo, they can immerse themselves in the definitive blend of action and competition. This game redefines the shooting game genre, inviting players into a battleground where tactics and timing are key. Overall, Bro Royale promises to revolutionize third-person shooter games. It offers a unique mix of survivor and PvP elements, breathtaking battles, and compelling gameplay, all centered around the power of bro force. Get a taste of the action and join the battle today.

Experience realistic medieval Europe with magic in ONLINE PC MMORPG NIGHT CROWS. Featuring gliders, PvP, and inter-server economies. Stand in the middle of colossal battles in the name of God.

NIGHT CROWSWemade Co., Ltd
Night Crows is an exciting new game, built using Unreal Engine 5, that invites you to explore the European continent during the 13th-century where magic still exists. In this game, you'll experience the clash between opposing forces such as day and night, light and darkness, order and chaos, and oppression and rebellion. Everything comes to a head on the medieval continent of Europe. Enjoy the ultimate realistic experience as you adventure through this world brought to life with Unreal Engine 5. In this RPG, you'll create a unique character who will shape their way of life by the choices you make. You won't have to rely on luck or chance as you'll be able to put time and effort into growing your character and advancing their position within the Night Crows, a renowned group of warriors. Experience the thrill of soaring in the skies using Gliders, which will enable you to glide, hover, and use various strategies to engage in three-dimensional combat. You can fight in the air and on land, and there are no limits to the battlefield. Engage in true action battles in Night Crows! You'll experience intense battles with monsters, where the damage taken and the specific weapon you use will create a vivid hit impact. Choose from a variety of weapons including one-handed swords, two-handed swords, bows, and staffs. Immerse yourself in an exciting and realistic battlefield in this game. Join the colossal war in Night Crows where battles are fought in the name of God. The Battlefront, enabled by inter-server technology, brings together more than a thousand players from three servers. Experience PVP skills specialized for each class, fly in the sky using Gliders, and utilize three-dimensional battlefields that allow for elevation differences. Feel the thrill of being in the middle of a colossal battlefield. Everything is connected in the Night Crows game. The three servers are connected by inter-server technology, which allows for all individuals within them to collide and compete while collaborating. Engage in the world of Night Crows where one market, one economy, and one world exist. Gain better rights, achieve faster growth, and become the ultimate warrior. You'll need to grant permission to access photo/media/file saves for downloading resources and saving in-game data, community, customer center, and gameplay screenshots. Android 6.0 or higher allows for configuration or revocation of permissions by following specific steps. If your operating system version is lower than Android 6.0, upgrading the OS is required to change settings or delete the app. Upgrade to 6.0 or higher to fully enjoy everything that Night Crows has to offer. Contact or visit for any support-related queries. Join the biggest war of the 13th-century European land with Night Crows!
Paragon Pioneers 2

Build your empire with over 300 diverse buildings in Paragon Pioneers 2, an engaging city-building idle game with extensive content promising months of immersive gameplay.

Paragon Pioneers 2Tobias Arlt
Embark on a remarkable journey with Paragon Pioneers 2, an intriguing game of city building that promises to provide months of captivating play. Customize your empire by discovering and conquering various islands, ensuring that you fulfill the needs of your citizens. Even with a limited amount of time for gameplay, this simulation allows you to experiment with various strategies to enhance your realm and become the most renowned leader in Paragon's history. Build an impressive palace and establish your legacy as a leader. Paragon Pioneers 2 offers over 300 diverse buildings to build your kingdom. With intricate production chains, you can produce more than 130 goods. Tailor your playstyle with over 200 unique perks through research. Explore three distinct regions, each with its unique challenges. The intuitive and multifaceted combat system allows you to conquer any island with ease. The gameplay is not only easy-to-learn but also free from ads and online requirements. Relax as you know your empire grows, even when you're not actively playing. Inhabitants of this charming medieval/fantasy world scurry about, which you can observe. Every island has a unique map generator to suit your needs. Adapt the game's difficulty to your preferred play style and enjoy extensive replayability with powerful custodians that grant unique abilities. The sequel to Paragon Pioneers has many new major features, such as a brand new research system featuring over 200 unique perks that significantly influence gameplay. Explore three distinct regions, each with its mechanics and exclusive production chains. Tailor your adventure with customizable difficulty levels. Your islands now have rivers, and you can build water mills. Encounter more than double the number of buildings, goods, and units than before. Delve into even more complex production chains for optimization. Enjoy numerous quality of life improvements inspired by the awesome Discord community, including enhanced stability and more device adjustment options, all in landscape mode for tablets. Join Tobias' Discord community for latest updates and connect with fellow gamers or personally reach out to him. Paragon Pioneers 2 is his passion project, and he invites you to join this journey and share your experiences. Happy building!

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