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Dune: Imperium is a deck-building and worker placement board game, offering players the ultimate blend of strategy and intrigue in a deeply thematic game.

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Prepare to dive into the world of Dune and witness the ultimate combination of strategy and intrigue. Travel through the dangerous landscapes of Arrakis with the award-winning board game Dune: Imperium. You can compete online, locally with AI, or face off against the formidable House Hagal. Earn Achievements to show off your leadership skills and embark on more than a dozen Challenges to test your wit and cunning. Compete for badges in the rotating Skirmish Mode where every game is different! Rule over the Spice, rule over the Universe. It's time to take control of your destiny on the desert planet - Arrakis. With the Great Houses of the Landsraad forging alliances and espionage, whom will you influence, and whom will you betray? The choices that you make will determine whether you emerge victorious or succumb to the power of the Empire.

In Dune: Imperium, you must balance deck-building and worker placement to lift your Great House to supreme control over Arrakis and its Spice. The game is played over ten rounds, each of which is defined by a new Conflict on the planet's face. Some conflicts reward critical resources, and others provide Victory Points that will gain you domination. However, be wary of stretching yourself too thin, as your enemies might grow too powerful to face. Every round, you'll draw a hand of five cards from your deck. As you add new cards to your deck, it will become increasingly stronger. Each card can be played in one of two ways. You can send an Agent on missions to earn resources, or reveal the card at the end of the round to purchase new powerful cards. Finding the right balance between these two strategies will help you make the most of the resources that are available to you.

Over the course of the game, you will vie for Influence with four factions of the Imperium: The Emperor, the economically powerful Spacing Guild, the mysterious Bene Gesserit, and the ferocious Fremen of the deep deserts. Each faction's Influence will help you earn the Victory Points you need to carry out your plan of domination. Will you compete with your rivals to gain the favor of every faction, or betray alliances to suit your needs? The game presents numerous strategies, and there are countless paths to victory. The cards are in your hand, and it's time to make a move. The fate of the Imperium awaits you.
Release date
Mar 01, 2024
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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