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LewisLewisfrom Skich app
Father and Son

Father and Son" takes players on an adventure through ancient Naples and Pompeii, exploring the past to better understand the present. Completion time: 50-60 minutes.

Father and SonTuoMuseo
Explore the wonders of the world through a thrilling adventure in Father and Son. The tale begins at the National Archaeological Museum located within the heart of Naples, which houses some of the most extraordinary and valuable treasures from the history of humankind. You embark on a journey that started with a son who had never met his father, but quickly transcends into a profound and timeless narrative. As you progress through the game, you will discover the beauty of Naples, witness the final moments in Pompeii before Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79, and delve into the routines of everyday life in Ancient Egypt. The past holds the key to our present reality and Father and Son offers an immersive experience that will make this connection come alive. The game requires 50-60 minutes to complete and checking in at the Archaeological Museum of Naples, who is the game's publisher, will unlock some additional sections in the game. The Father and Son soundtrack is also available for download on the official site, allowing you to relive the journey even after the game is over.
Lona: Realm of Colors (Lite)

Explore art and nature in Lona: Realm of Colors, a point-and-click adventure where you bring balance to her paintings across two contrasting worlds.

Lona: Realm of Colors (Lite)Yongling Ou
Immerse yourself in a magnificent adventure with “Lona: Realm of Colors”, a unique point-and-click game that departs from the traditional fetch puzzles and dialogue and instead focuses on art and narration in a natural setting. In each level, Lona's story is represented through abstract interpretations that will test your skills to bring balance and restore peace to each painting. You will encounter two opposing sides in each level; the chaotic side is personified by Ms. Schmidt, the cat, while the dark side is represented by Mr. Ruppel, the crow. Your objective is to bring balance to both worlds by switching between them and using the items and objects that you find to make an impact on both sides. In this game, even the smallest action could have a ripple effect. Be transported to 15 unique locations that tell Lona's story through her paintings and memories, each with a chaotic and dark side. The world of "Lona: Realm of Colors" is waiting for you to bring balance and peace, but don't get too carried away. The lite version of the game is free and allows players to access the first two levels, but if you want to experience the full adventure, we encourage you to support us by purchasing the full version.
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Pixel art dungeon crawler with 28 unique monsters, deadly traps, power-ups, and diabolical spells. Survive the sorcerer’s corrupted arena and unlock new levels.

GhorChris Rodenhurst
Get ready for a thrilling experience with this classic-inspired game where defeating all the opponents in each room is key to progress to the next level. It's not all fun and games, though; you'll need to summon all your barbaric strength and cunning to triumph! The handcrafted pixel art and animation create a unique environment full of grotesque and slimy monsters. With over 28 unique creatures waiting to pounce, ranging from armored rats and slavering devil dogs to scythe-wielding wraiths, every battle will be a test of your skills. You'll need to unlock the game's five distinct arenas to see everything this medieval world has to offer. Explore the ruins of an ancient castle that's been corrupted by a wretched curse to reveal devastating power-ups and diabolical spells. Slay monsters in an endless score attack mode where you'll face the unrelenting onslaught of the castle's horrors. Tread carefully, as hidden spikes, unholy flames, and deadly traps await in the shadows. The game has an atmospheric chiptune soundtrack that transports you to an ancient epoch of arcade sword and sorcery, ensuring you never leave the edge of your seat. Unlike most games today, this classic offers a one-time purchase without in-app purchases or advertisements. It's more affordable than a flagon of mead, but the thrill is immeasurable. The bravest champions may discover a secret chamber hidden in the castle - will you be the one to find it?

Explore mysterious ruins in a stunning abyssal world created with advanced technology in the new COLOPL Creators app.

COLOPL Creators is an innovative brand that aims to share cutting-edge technology. With this app, players can witness the latest technological advances first-hand. This game is a thrilling adventure where a brave explorer falls into a cave while on an expedition. As she moves deeper into the cave, she discovers evidence of previous human presence and ancient ruins. The mysterious atmosphere builds as the player delves deeper into the darkness. Experience stunning high-definition graphics and spatial audio as you explore an abyssal underground world. This captivating game immerses you in a world of darkness and mystery, where you will unravel the secrets of the ancient ruins. Please note that this app does not have a save data function, but the lack of monetization means that players can enjoy the game without any distractions.

Engaging quiz-based games for all. Join live, challenge friends, create your own Kahoots, and learn something new. Free for teachers and students.

Immerse yourself in an exciting world of interactive quizzes with Kahoot!. Whether you're a student, teacher, or lifelong learner, our app offers endless opportunities for expanding your knowledge while having fun. With the ability to create, join, and share quizzes on a multitude of subjects, everyone can indulge in learning in the best way possible. As a student, the app allows you to participate in live quizzes and workshops, and if you prefer to study alone, you can complete self-paced challenges or study on-the-go with the help of flashcards and other study modes. Additionally, you can compete with your friends in study leagues or challenge them with the quizzes you created. For families and friends, Kahoot! is a great way to spend quality time together while learning about any topic you desire. You can even create your own quizzes, add various image effects, and host them live on any device or platform. Teachers can take advantage of millions of ready-to-play quizzes on any topic or create their own in just a few minutes. Our app allows for various question types, assessments, and student-paced challenges, which makes it perfect for distance learning or in-person classes. Finally, for business users, Kahoot! offers advanced features to create interactive presentations, events, and e-learning quizzes that engage and inspire audience participation. With polls and word clouds, everyone can stay connected, regardless of their geographical location. While Kahoot! is mostly free, we offer optional upgrades that unlock advanced features, such as a vast image library and advanced question types like puzzles, polls, and slides. To take advantage of these features, users will need a paid subscription. Join Kahoot! today and experience learning in the most exciting way!
Palm Reading Premium

Analyze and master palm lines and fingers with Palm Reading Premium, the luxury palmistry software. Understand yourself and others with entertaining image tests and accurate predictions.

Palm Reading PremiumCrazy Soft Apps
Palm Reading Premium is a top-of-the-line and professional palmistry and chirology software that allows you to analyze, read, and become an expert in palm lines and palm fingers without the need for prior knowledge of hand reading. With its simple, quick, and fun image tests, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and your loved ones. Get deep insights about your palm or your friend's palm and unlock all its secrets and mysteries about the future. Palmistry is a historic art that dates back to Hindu Astrology, Chinese Yijing, and Roma fortune tellers, and our app brings forth the accuracy and authenticity of this ancient art. Our state-of-the-art application uses entertaining image tests to provide accurate results in terms of palm lines, palm fingers, and palm marks. Unlike other hand reader apps, our results are based on reliable information from the ancient art of palmistry and real-world trends. Avoid using generic or random results from automatic photo analysis and finger scanning apps and try Palm Reading Premium for quality outcome and future predictions. Discover your weaknesses and improve on them, all while learning how to read your hand yourself, empowering you to predict your future by knowing your inner self. Our application offers a variety of benefits, including self-discovery and better understanding of others, by training yourself in the art of palmistry. You can impress and surprise your peers, entertain your family and friends, and even check the compatibility of your relationships. The app is divided into three main categories - Palm Lines, Palm Fingers, and Palm Extras. It covers Heart Line, Head Line, Life Line, Saturn Line, Apollo Line, Mercury Line, General Finger, Thumb Finger, Jupiter Finger, Saturn Finger, Apollo Finger, Mercury Finger, Palm Gifts and Marks, Hand Shapes and Relationship Compatibility. The app comes with some incredible features, such as high-quality graphics, multi-language support (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Japanese), and the ability to save five different user profiles. You can save results for different users, and even export the data directly to your email. The app also enables living room multiplayer with up to five users at a time! Overall, Palm Reading Premium is the perfect app for anyone looking to delve into the fascinating world of palmistry.
Simulacra: Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams: a cursed video game causes Teddy to black out and forget, solve puzzles, uncover secrets, and find multiple endings. New story, characters, and apps from SIMULACRA.

Simulacra: Pipe DreamsKaigan Games OÜ
Pipe Dreams is a complimentary spin-off of SIMULACRA, a game that received a lot of positive feedback. The game offers a fresh story with an updated interface, live-action character performances, and a whole new set of terrors to uncover. As you navigate through Teddy’s journey, you’ll witness his desperate struggle to break free from the curse of a viral game. Teddy's life begins to crumble as he forgets vital aspects of his life. He discovers unread messages in his phone that he has no recollection of sending! Additionally, he frequently finds himself losing huge chunks of time without any memory of what happens during those periods. Strangely enough, the mayhem in Teddy’s life begins after he downloads a game titled "FlapeeBird." Although it's not a requirement, playing SIMULACRA beforehand can potentially enhance your experience of Pipe Dreams. NEW PHONE, NEW PLOT! Pipe Dreams will still provide you with a compelling horror narrative experience, this time with new characters, puzzles, and a distinct storyline. GAME WITHIN A GAME! Pipe Dreams' story unfolds solely on the screen of a mobile phone via well-known apps such as Jabbr and Surfr, in addition to a brand new mobile application called FlapeeBird. MULTIPLE ENDINGS! Every decision you make will determine your fate. Can you unravel all the different endings that Pipe Dreams has hidden within it? UNCOVER SECRETS! Dive deeper into the bewildering world of SIMULACRA! Gain an understanding of what exactly the "SIMULACRA" are and uncover the connection between "Gateway 31" and the curse that’s befallen Teddy’s life. The clues that reveal the answers are all around you, waiting for you to unravel their meaning.

Become the ultimate machine gladiator by battling opponents across the universe for cheers, support, and bounties.

StarenaLemon Jam Studio
Embark on an intergalactic adventure as a highly advanced robot gladiator, where you must engage in thrilling battles against both machines and beasts alike in order to secure cheers, support, and valuable rewards from your spectators. Take up arms and fight your way through the vast expanses of the universe with the ultimate aim of claiming the title of champion. As a skilled and powerful machine, you must utilize all of your abilities to outmatch your opponents. With each battle you win and every challenge you overcome, you get ever closer to your ultimate goal. Whether it's charging headfirst into battle or employing strategic maneuvers, you must do whatever it takes to emerge victorious and continue your journey towards glory. As you make your way through the universe, you'll face a variety of unique enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You'll need to adapt quickly to their tactics and make use of your own specialized equipment and weaponry in order to emerge victorious. But it's not just your combat prowess that will bring you success on your journey. The cheering of the crowd, their support and their bounties can all be used to boost your status and power. The more you achieve, the more your fame will spread and the more lucrative your rewards will become. So join the ranks of the finest mechanical gladiators in the universe, and pave your way to glory in a game that combines thrilling action, engaging strategy, and endless potential for adventure!
Labyrinth Legend II

Hone your skills and defeat bosses in randomly generated dungeons with unique mechanics, wielding an array of weapons and skills in a nostalgic pixel-art fantasy world.

Labyrinth Legend IIシノビゲームズ
Take up arms and fight against the demonkind to save the world in this thrilling sequel of the hack-and-slash Action RPG. Showcase your skills using a wide range of weapons and abilities while plunging into randomly generated dungeons that offer new challenges with every playthrough. Defeat your enemies to collect strong gears, and power up your character to retake the world from the clutches of the demonkind. Get ready to emerge victorious against the powerful bosses as you progress through the levels of the game. Their challenging attack patterns can be mastered with a strategic change of skills and equipment. The fight will be tough, but with enough knowledge about their moves, it is possible to dodge an attack and strike back with a powerful blow. There will variety of mechanics and enemies in each dungeon; hence, completing them will take more than just sheer power. By strengthening your characters, enlisting the help of NPCs, and mastering different skills and abilities, you can reach the lower levels of the dungeon to collect rare treasures. In addition to a wide range of weapons and skills, you can find equipment and customize your character's appearance. Choose the armor and equipment that suit your fighting style and embark on a quest to achieve victory. The game world is full of mysteries and portrayed in classic pixel art style. Meet interesting NPCs and enemies at every turn while immersing yourself in a thrilling fantasy world and experiencing all kinds of exciting events. Join Discord to share your experience with other players and become a part of an active and engaging community.
Strange Telephone

Strange Telephone: Point-and-click adventure, pixel art graphics. Collect items, solve puzzles, and escape with Graham the telephone's help.

Strange TelephoneHZ3 Software
At the beginning of the game, a pop-up may appear asking for permission to write data to your SD card. However, please note that only game save data will be written. Experience a unique pixel art style point-and-click adventure game with multiple endings called Strange Telephone. You play as Jill, a young protagonist who finds herself waking up in a mysterious, dark, and eerie place with no way out except an intimidating, locked door. But don't worry, Jill has a classic telephone friend named Graham who can help her out. Graham's dialpad can summon different worlds for Jill to explore. Your main goal is to search for scattered items in different worlds and use them to solve puzzles that will ultimately lead to your escape. Explore various worlds to discover items and change the world to your liking. Simply start by placing a phone call, and each unique phone number will generate a distinct world. You can share the numbers with your friends outside of the app. Basic gameplay involves tapping on objects to inspect them closely and using the "Call" button to access the dialpad and generate a new world.
ZIC: Survival & Zombi

Survive the apocalypse as the only non-infected survivor of a plane crash. Explore, craft, and fight in a world full of undead in ZIC: Survivor.

ZIC: Survival & ZombiDuhnich Dmitrij
ZIC: Survivor is a thrilling combination of free shooter, survival and RPG game. In this game, your objective is to build up your shelter, explore the vast open world and craft a variety of weapons to defeat the walking dead. Experience the apocalypse and become a skilled zombie hunter! The story follows a grim plot where the virus has taken over the airplane crew and passengers, leading to an eventual crash. You are the lone survivor who has escaped the wrath of the virus. After the accident, you find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar terrain surrounded by undead and a handful of scientists who are on the brink of death. The world has suffered from the zombie apocalypse, causing the entire environment to turn into a dead zone. In this pandemic, your goal is to survive at all costs and halt the spread of the zombie infestation before it's too late. If you die, humanity shall meet its end. The plague must be stopped, and it's your responsibility to make sure every dead person finds their way to the grave. Key features of the game include an exciting storyline, interesting quests, a wide range of NPCs and undead creatures, stylish cartoon graphics and a range of crafting and building options in an open world. The game also offers dynamic day-to-night transitions, so you must craft a torch to find your way around during dark nights. The game has charismatic characters who engage in intriguing dialogues and an incredible soundtrack that truly immerses you in the apocalypse. The game includes a rich arsenal of weapons, ranging from a simple knife to a powerful rifle, that you can use to take down the zombies. Moreover, the game is an ongoing project, with regular updates expected to bring new features and exciting gameplay mechanics. Your feedback on the game is crucial, and the developers encourage you to report any bugs or issues that you come across. Write your review on their social media pages or in-game forums to help them enhance your experience. Surviving the apocalypse is never easy, but with ZIC: Survivor, you have the tools required to overcome the challenges and become a skilled zombie hunter. Good luck, and have a thrilling gaming experience!
Say No! More

Say “NO” to absurd requests in this hilarious adventure game and change the world. Customize your character and irritate your colleagues with witty responses!

Say No! MoreThunderful Publishing AB
In a universe where conformity is king, take on the role of a plucky intern determined to shake things up with the awesome power of the word "NO!" Armed with this new ability, you'll be able to shut down any absurd requests that come your way. This engaging adventure tackles a variety of timely topics, including social etiquette, friendship, and workplace norms. The game's late 90s video game aesthetic will transport you back in time with its bold, colorful graphics, lively animations, and catchy tunes that you simply won't be able to resist. With easy-to-use controls, start your career on a predetermined path within a quirky office. In addition to using different emotional states to say "NO!" confuse your colleagues with various actions to lower their guard. Charge up your "NO!" for even more powerful effects on unsuspecting coworkers. KEY FEATURES - Choose from various ways to say "NO!": Heated No! Cold No! Lazy No! Wacky No! - Charge up your "NO!" for maximum impact! - Irritate and annoy your colleagues with hilarious antics! - Laugh at, clap at, and hmm at your colleagues! - Pretend you're listening to them, but with a heavy dose of sarcasm! - Say "NO!" in multiple languages! - Customize your character to make them uniquely you! - Defeat malicious coworkers, supervisors, and bosses in battles! - Make new friends during your lunch break! - Prepare to laugh out loud, because this game is seriously funny! - Plus, learn how to say "NO!" more effectively in your own life!

Fight your way up a mysterious tower filled with enemies, relics, and secrets to turn off the light that's been keeping Magic Duck awake in M.Duck.

Accompany Magic Duck in his thrilling quest to climb up a mystical tower that has kept him awake at night, and fight against fierce adversaries, collect new artifacts, unveil the tower's secrets, and finally shut off that disturbing light source for good! M.Duck is an exceptional single-player game that blends roguelite characteristics with classic shooting games to deliver a distinctive gaming encounter. Key Features: - Confront more than 40 distinct antagonists and 8 bosses, each showing unique strengths, across the tower's 4 zones - Unearth over 80 artifacts and 9 different weapons, each incorporating an assortment of dissimilar builds and gaming styles - Flap your wings adroitly between defense and offense as you avoid enemy attacks, expose their weak points, and use your enchanted stick to take them down - As you climb up the tower and surmount distinct obstacles, complete challenges and fill Magic Duck's field notes to unlock added background stories, unprecedented relics, and numerous other fantastic gaming characteristics - Immerse yourself in the game's thrilling musical scores, all composed by Calbert Warner. Through M.Duck, experience a unique, mesmerizing game that will transport you into the heart of a magnificent tower full of action-packed battles, secrets, and unexpected twists and turns at every step!
Unreal Life

Unravel mysteries with Hal in Unreal Life, explore a stunning pixel-art world with a talking traffic light and multiple endings!

Unreal Liferoom6
Experience the magic of Unreal Life, a captivating indie game now available on Google Play. Explore a mesmerizing pixel-art world while accompanied by a loquacious traffic light, one of the first titles from the Yokaze indie game label. Yokaze boasts of games that transport you to vivid worlds and leave you with unforgettable emotional impressions. The game's storyline centers on a lost memory girl who can only recall the name "Miss Sakura." Her journey to find Miss Sakura is aided by her gifted ability to read the memories of inanimate objects and a talking traffic light. Unreal Life narrates the story of her journey of discovery. Players can compare past memories to present events, solve mysteries and immerse themselves in a captivating atmosphere of adventure and puzzles. In Unreal Life, players control the girl named Hal as she embarks on her journey to decipher her lost past. Hal can read the memories of touched objects, which are essential to solving puzzles within the beautiful pixel-art world. The game offers four different endings that are influenced by a player's decisions and actions. Unreal Life is a perfect game for lovers of adventure and fantasy, where players are transported to magnificent and detailed pixel-art worlds that you could spend hours exploring. Published by room6, Unreal Life is a game that promises an unforgettable gaming experience to immerse yourself in for hours.

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