GamesZIC: Survival & Zombi

Game overview

Survive the apocalypse as the only non-infected survivor of a plane crash. Explore, craft, and fight in a world full of undead in ZIC: Survivor.

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ZIC: Survivor is a thrilling combination of free shooter, survival and RPG game. In this game, your objective is to build up your shelter, explore the vast open world and craft a variety of weapons to defeat the walking dead. Experience the apocalypse and become a skilled zombie hunter!

The story follows a grim plot where the virus has taken over the airplane crew and passengers, leading to an eventual crash. You are the lone survivor who has escaped the wrath of the virus. After the accident, you find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar terrain surrounded by undead and a handful of scientists who are on the brink of death.

The world has suffered from the zombie apocalypse, causing the entire environment to turn into a dead zone. In this pandemic, your goal is to survive at all costs and halt the spread of the zombie infestation before it's too late. If you die, humanity shall meet its end. The plague must be stopped, and it's your responsibility to make sure every dead person finds their way to the grave.

Key features of the game include an exciting storyline, interesting quests, a wide range of NPCs and undead creatures, stylish cartoon graphics and a range of crafting and building options in an open world. The game also offers dynamic day-to-night transitions, so you must craft a torch to find your way around during dark nights. The game has charismatic characters who engage in intriguing dialogues and an incredible soundtrack that truly immerses you in the apocalypse.

The game includes a rich arsenal of weapons, ranging from a simple knife to a powerful rifle, that you can use to take down the zombies. Moreover, the game is an ongoing project, with regular updates expected to bring new features and exciting gameplay mechanics.

Your feedback on the game is crucial, and the developers encourage you to report any bugs or issues that you come across. Write your review on their social media pages or in-game forums to help them enhance your experience.

Surviving the apocalypse is never easy, but with ZIC: Survivor, you have the tools required to overcome the challenges and become a skilled zombie hunter. Good luck, and have a thrilling gaming experience!
Release date
May 06, 2018
Single player