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Tingus Goose - Weird Idle Game

Grow wacky goose trees and interact with them in this surreal game. Each tree is unique. Early access, bugs may occur.

Tingus Goose - Weird Idle GameGame Veterans
Experience the weird and wonderful world of the Goose Tree, where these special geese have a unique and fantastic ability to grow into wacky trees when they find their human hosts. Nurture and care for your geese, providing them with water, food, and upgrades while interacting with them to witness mind-boggling events. Witness the growth of your very own bizarre ecosystem that you'll want to share with friends, boasting unique and diverse trees like no other. With surreal art and animation from the highly-acclaimed Master Tingus (who has a following of 5 million worldwide), players can immerse themselves in the never-ending lifecycle between humans and geese, discovering the exquisite beauty of nature. Please note that the game is in early access and is currently undergoing development. Users may experience bugs, glitches, and other issues that could potentially impact gameplay. Our team is diligently working on resolving these issues and regularly updating the game, and we value your feedback immensely during this process. By choosing to play this game in its current state, please acknowledge that it is a work-in-progress and may differ from the final product. Thank you for your patronage, support, and understanding as we continue to refine and develop the game to its highest potential.
Deep Town

Dig deep in Deep Town: Idle Mining Tycoon, discover hidden artifacts and build mining stations for resources. Automate workflow, terraform planets, and become a mining tycoon.

Deep TownGame Veterans
Indulge in the world of Deep Town: Idle Mining Tycoon if you are a fan of idle games or digging games, and aim to become the preeminent mining tycoon. Unveil the concealed backstory behind Deep Town and simultaneously explore story artifacts by digging deeper and constructing mining stations to produce a plethora of resources! Get ready to enjoy one of the top-most idle miner games or idle tycoon games where unearthing buried treasures and resources for the production of your factory awaits you. A Miner Dig Deep game, which delves into underground cities brimming with gold and artifacts, tasks you with strategic planning to delve deeper and collect them, kick-start large productions, and rake in revenue. Manage buildings and unused resources, earn enough money, and upgrade your productions to initiate an industrial revolution that helps to streamline and automate your mine production. Expand your town factories and achieve a production boost with drones that enable you to automate the workflow and boost other buildings! Deep Town: Mining Factory-Idle Tycoon is a mining simulator or an idle industrial simulation game that mixes digging, crafting, and management to earn profits and advance your town. Our idle tycoon game aims to build a mining empire and optimize resources to attain higher productivity. You can use special spells 💣 to explore more than 10 different zones and uncover the crust of your town and rockets 🚀 to travel into outer space to mine on asteroids! Progress through one of the top drill mining games and avail an opportunity to terraform your planet 🌎! Become a pro manager by multitasking and prioritize workflow to maintain a constant flux of idle revenue - craft recipes, smelt raw resources into bars and activate the rainwater 🌧 from your water collector to grow seeds into plants in your greenhouse🌲🌱, utilize miner robots to make your mine deeper and reach the planet's core. ⚒️Key features of Deep Town: Idle Mining Tycoon⚒️ Amazing Animation and Design: If you are on the lookout for mining games tycoon or drilling games with stunning graphics, this is the dig mine game you wouldn’t want to miss. The futuristic designs of the tools, robots, and places will captivate you instantly. Everything you encounter, whether exploring asteroids or fighting off epic bosses, appears realistic and enhances the thrill of the game. Simple Yet Addictive The unique gameplay of this idle games tycoon guarantees to keep you engaged for hours on end. Our deep-world industrial game enables you to automate your production workflow and, in turn, increase your idle income to build a planet of mines. Upgrade your control panel to empower your spells to dig and destroy blocks FASTER! Go deeper to uncover more areas to build mines, oil buildings, and chemical mines. Dispatch explorer bots on secret expeditions, discovered in hidden caves, to collect artifacts, construct your mine town, build industry and become rich! Become a King This mining simulator allows you to wield supreme power. Play with futuristic robots from your robot factory and make a fortune. Capitalize on selling your items at just the right time in the trading portal, upgrade your drone bay and escalate your productivity. Mine for over 15 different resources, including coal, copper, gold, obsidian, and more. Furthermore, unlock daily gifts and rewards, climb the leaderboard and establish your guild as the highest-rated one in this idle miner simulation. If you are searching for drill games, gold mining games, or factory games, try our multi-craft build and mine game, which will make you a digging tycoon. Our game is free, and if you need mining games or tycoon games offline, you can play our idle tycoon simulator game offline. Guild up with Friends :⚒️ 🤖 Join a guild and compete with other guilds 🤖 Chat about strategies and request resources 🤖 Create your team or search for an existing guild 🤖 Win rewards of chests brimming with rare gems and honor badges 🤖 Compete in WEEKLY EVENTS 🤖 Place on Top 30 or All-Time leader board 🤖 Invite your friends to have fun 🤖 Donate or request materials from your guild members Install Deep Town: Idle Mining Tycoon, play the top idle tycoon games and explore the combination of spells that helps you to dig faster. ⚒️
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Almost a Hero

Assemble a team of Almost Heroes and send them on epic adventures in this AFK Clicker Heroes RPG. Unlock characters, rings, and pets to make your team stronger in nonstop battles.

Almost a HeroDeca_Games
If you're searching for the most competent, intelligent, and lethal heroes for an incredible idle journey, then look away! The Almost a Hero game offers you a team of feeble-minded heroes that needs your guidance to turn into true Heroes. This game is an AFK Clicker Heroes RPG where you assemble a troop of champions and send them on adventures, into dangerous dungeons, and seasonal challenges. Unlock more Hero Characters, new powerful Rings, fantastic Pets, and permanent Artifact upgrades to make your journey a little less fatal. Create the right tactics and enjoy nonstop thrills in your action-packed idle adventure. The game introduces 17 absolute zeroes that require your aid to become slightly good heroes. You can pick between different idle heroes like a cannon fodder knight, a blacksmith dwarf, a pyromaniac, a blind wizard, a paper bagged bard, a thieving goblin, a cuddly granny, and an angry tree to assemble your team of idle heroes. If things don't work out, you can restart your adventure by prestiging and begin anew. Your idle heroes will keep fighting, dying, reviving, and fighting again nonstop even when you are away. The game provides nonstop fun as your champions continue to battle, and you tap to collect their rewards while playing the strategy. You can unlock new game modes to test your strategic abilities while your heroes battle it out with epic bosses in the Adventure mode. There are timed trials, battles, and weekly Seasons with tough challenges suitable for the foolhardy. Additionally, the game presents pets such as a sheep, an armadillo, and a spectacularly dumb pigeon that you can take into battle. To make your Almost Heroes even more powerful, you can customize their outfits and upgrade their equipment to more epic versions. You can also give them trinkets that will assist them in battle. Are you up for the challenge? Embrace the excitement of your next idle clicker adventure in Almost a Hero game!
Myriad Definitive Edition

Myriad Definitive EditionSomnati
Realm Grinder

Realm GrinderKongregate
Idle Cave Miner

Smelt, craft & refine ores, build your team of miners & reach the deepest depths in an idle mining adventure. Embark on a new tapping adventure.

Idle Cave MinerCold Hours
Idle Cave Miner is an engaging game where the objective is to create items, mine valuable gems, and build a strong team of miners. The gameplay involves tapping to excavate gold, diamonds, and more in a destructible mine that can be interacted with. Collect miners and create the best composition of abilities and strengths to dig deeper than ever before. Increase your power by traveling to other mines, crafting and prestiging. Crafting is a fun aspect of the game where players create new items to progress further, mining more rare ores and gems. Upgrading forge to smelt resources and refine gems more efficiently helps save time and speed up progress. The upgrades can be used to improve the stats of the miner's teams as well. Players can build their unique team of miners by unlocking and upgrading diverse potential miners. The more items you craft and use to level up, the mining efficiency of your team improves. A unique feature of the game is the ability to switch to idle mode where miners continue to work even when you're not playing, this way players can continue to earn profits and progress even when the game is not being played. The game has multiple mines, each with its unique resources and environments that change as you progress. The mines can be farmed to earn resources to become stronger than ever, and for entering new mines with unique ores and gems. There are endless upgrades available to improve gameplay and progress further through the mines. Prestiging is also available, and doing it rewards players with powerful rewards that help them go deeper than before. Permanent upgrades are also given after prestiging, allowing players to breeze through previously impossible levels. The game has lots of missions and achievements, from completing daily, weekly, and monthly missions to earning rewards based on their difficulty. The game's statistics can be viewed at any time for progress and other fun statistics. Finally, the game features cloud saves so players can pick up where they left off across multiple devices, online leaderboards for gamers who love competitions, and offline play. In conclusion, idle Cave Miner is an addictive game that lovers of interactive, destructible digging, and crafting games will enjoy. Embark on an epic adventure and explore the mines for exciting ores and gems.
Green the Planet 2

Travel through the universe and green planets to create a comfortable place to live while decomposing comets, with GROW's support. Enjoy the excitement of being a part of the 'Green Style' lifestyle.

Green the Planet 2Kikaku Damashii, Inc.
Do you want to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle? Then join the 'Green Style' movement and start greening planets throughout the universe with GROW: Greening and Reviving Of the Whole Universe. This newfound way of life will leave you feeling refreshed and accomplished. But you may be wondering, is it too difficult to handle? Not at all! GROW provides all the support you need to get started and enjoy your new 'Green Style.' When greening planets, you will have a range of Comet Decomposer options to choose from, including the new Spread Shot, Reflection Shot, and Charger types, as well as the standard Cannon, Missile, and Laser. The process itself is fun and exciting, and the items collected from decomposed comets are converted into energy and injected directly into the planet through Greenifizers. The GROW spaceship is equipped with the latest artificial intelligence and provides on-site support. A library is also available in the spaceship to review your collected items. And now, in response to user requests, the new monitoring system allows you to check the current status of your completed green planets. Don't just take our word for it. Join the 'Green Style' community and hear what its members have to say. People like Mepopoica from Planet Logoooda, who found a new lease on life after completing the greening process. Or Ga Nmochera Lu from Planet Nmzee, who can't get enough of the game's exciting features. Even parents like Moiko Mozoda from Planet Moyak get to enjoy the game's benefits while still managing their busy lives. Call GROW now and start greening planets to enrich your life and our entire universe! A free trial is available in a galaxy near you.
Time Clickers

Time Clickers: Free shooter idle game with no micro-transactions, upgradeable weapons, elite team members, and over 85 voxel enemies. Available on multiple platforms.

Time ClickersProton Studio Inc
Looking for a game that you can enjoy without having to make any in-game purchases? This game does not feature any micro-transactions or hidden costs, making it perfect for players who want an immersive experience without any additional fees. You'll need to collect gold, upgrade your click pistol, and assemble a team of sharp-shooters to help you eliminate all the enemies in this exciting shooting idle game. Some of the stellar features that you can look forward to when you start playing Time Clickers Mobile include the ability to easily share progress across multiple platforms, including Android, Steam, and Web. As you progress through the game, you'll also be able to unlock a variety of click weapons that will help you defeat the game's over 85 unique voxel enemies in the game's 15 exciting arenas. To make things even more interesting, players can recruit up to 5 team members to help them in their quest and upgrade them from relative rookies to fully-fledged Spec Ops members. You can also unlock 10 active abilities, 53 artifacts, and 17 augments to help you advance further in the game and achieve a whopping 100 achievements. If all that wasn't enough, the game also offers Google Play integration with leaderboards and achievements, so you can compare your progress with other players from around the world. And that's not all - you can also play Time Clickers on the Web by visiting their website, or follow them on Facebook and Reddit to stay up-to-date with the latest game news and discussions. Are you ready to become a master-clicker? Start playing Time Clickers Mobile today!
Leaf Blower Revolution: Idle Game

Blow leaves away with unique tools, upgrades, and rare leaves. Play actively or passively in Leaf Blower Revolution.

Leaf Blower Revolution: Idle GameHumble North
Leaf Blower Revolution is an exciting Free-to-Play incremental game that lets you experience the thrill of blowing away leaves with an array of unique leaf blowers, earn achievements, unlock upgrades, discover new areas, and craft leaves that come with powerful attributes. Say goodbye to the hassle of blowing leaves in real life, and say hello to Leaf Blower Revolution, where you can even use rocket engines filled with nuclear fuel to get the job done! This idle game allows you to play actively or passively, and offers a variety of tools to help you blow leaves more easily. You can buy Autoblowers and watch them get the job done while sipping your coffee, or purchase powerful upgrades that allow you to progress faster and discover new areas where rare leaves can be found. If you're up for a challenge, you can even defeat dangerous enemies by blowing leaves at them. This game also has pets – because what game would be complete without pets, right? With Leaf Blower Revolution, you can also prestige, gain coins, and purchase more upgrades to take your gameplay experience to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing Leaf Blower Revolution today and discover the joys of leaf blowing!
Cookie Clicker

Bake cookies, unlock upgrades, and beware grandmas in the original idle game where you become the ruler of the universe.

Cookie ClickerDashNet
Looking for an exclusive idle game? Look no further! Here's a unique game developed by Orteil & Opti, in which you bake cookies to dominate the universe. Any other similar app is just a poor imitation. The gameplay involves tapping to bake cookies and investing those cookies in useful baking upgrades, which help bake cookies automatically, eliminating the need for exhaustive tapping. With hundreds of achievements to accomplish and upgrades to unlock, every player will enjoy this experience. Even when you're not playing, the game continues running in the background, ensuring no loss of progress. You can build and customize your bakery to obtain different profits and continue earning cookies, even when you're offline. The pixel art and flavor text are uniquely crafted, full of vibrant colors and details, and the game's ascension feature can be acquired to gain permanent transcendental upgrades and increase your cookie production. Just one word of warning: Beware of the grandmas, as they have a trick or two up their sleeves. So, what are you waiting for? Download Cookie Clicker now and embark on your cookie-baking adventure!
The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

Build, discover, and survive in a snowy encampment, managing resources and battling monsters at night to reveal the secrets of the ancients.

The Bonfire: Forsaken LandsFredBear Games Ltd
Unleash your creativity and resourcefulness with this thrilling game of building, exploration, crafting, and survival. Set in a snowy encampment, you will have to use all your wits to manage your settlement and its workers amidst dangerous attacks of monsters at night. The more you progress, the more you'll uncover advanced buildings and crafting mechanisms, embark on trade missions with other civilizations, and reveal the mysterious secrets of the ancients. Experience the thrill of taking charge of your own settlement and steering it towards success. Use your skills to manage and simulate in-depth aspects of your settlement. With each passing day, discover something new and unforeseen, adding to the game's excitement and unpredictability. Brace yourself against the unforgiving weather, the harsh surroundings, and the menacing monsters which inhabit this beautiful landscape with its minimalist aesthetics. Every second of the game is a challenge that requires strategy and perseverance. Rise to the challenge and unlock Game Center leaderboards and achievements that demonstrate your prowess and achievements. Don't just survive, thrive, and become the most skilled player in this exciting game.

Collect, rank, and upgrade unique figurines for passive income. Complete quests and buy premium mode for additional rewards and figurines with pets.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey that involves acquiring and accumulating multiple unique collectibles that are affectionately called Figurines. Each Figurine in this game varies in rarity and each subsequent rank. The aim is to discover all of them and put them on display to generate passive income. You can even go a step further and sacrifice some of your Figurines to upgrade your favorite one with the ritual, and use tickets to upgrade your Figurines with the Anvil. Upgrading all features will enable you to complete tasks a lot faster. If you're up for a challenge, the quests in this game are perfect for you! You can complete them to attain tickets and tokens, which will go a long way in helping you progress through the game. The best part about this game is that it's completely free to play with no purchase obligations. You have the option to watch advertisements for rewards only, which won't affect your gameplay in any way. For added support and to show us some love, you can opt to purchase the Premium mode. With this, you'll instantly gain Advertisement rewards, and some rewards will even be doubled! But that's not all! You'll also have the opportunity to find figurines with pets, unlock additional quests, and get boosts for different play areas. It's a win-win situation!
Super Snail

Journey through the Snailverse & defeat eight Demon Gods in Super Snail, an unusual idle RPG with hidden tasks, witty dialogue & over 400 real-world relics.

Super SnailQcplay Limited.
Embark on a thrilling journey through time, in an idle RPG that will transport you to the Snailverse, a world on the brink of destruction. Assigned to a crucial task by the benevolent Gods who rule over this dystopian world, you must summon all your strength and skills to take down the eight Demon Gods and their sinister minions. As you explore the vast expanse of this realm, you will encounter various creatures with their own unique abilities, some of whom will become your trusted allies. To increase your chances of victory, you must carefully select which of your five attributes to develop and acquire the necessary items to aid you on your quest. Are you a meme aficionado? Well, this game has got you covered. With an abundance of hilarious dialogues to wade through, you will come across many hilarious memes that will leave you in stitches. And if that's not enough, you can even request your favorite dank memes to be added to the game. Engage with a diverse cast of characters throughout your journey, from the Hitmen chasing after you to the Partners who offer their support. Your relationships with these individuals will have direct consequences on the outcome of your adventure. And with an in-depth backstory intertwined with each one of these personalities, the possibilities for immersion are endless. With over four hundred real-world relics to discover, there is always a new discovery waiting to be found. These will aid you in your quest and provide passive buffs wherever your journey takes you. So, explore every nook and cranny of this world and unravel its secrets. In the face of fear, it's easy to give up and walk away, but you must remain resolute. You are the chosen one, selected by the Gods to save this world from destruction. The relationships you build and the equipment you acquire will continually empower you on your mission. And if all else fails, there's a customer service center to help you overcome any obstacles.
Green the Planet

Relax and green your planet with exciting comet decomposers, quick and easy greening, and an enhanced on-site library. GROW your universe!

Green the PlanetKikaku Damashii, Inc.
Do you want to experience the ‘Green Style’ way of living that promises a peaceful life by making the planet a comfortable place to live? GROW* is here to introduce ‘Greening & Reviving Of Whole universe' or GROW*- the perfect solution for all your needs. Here are three reasons why you should choose GROW*- Excitement Guaranteed: To revive a planet, the first step is to decompose comets. GROW* provides an entertaining and engaging ‘shoot’em up’ Comet Decomposers game that comes along with your spaceship. Believe us, it will relieve your stress and keep you entertained for hours. Quick & Easy Method: The items collected post comet decomposition are easily converted to energy by your spaceship. Sit back and relax, while the spaceship works on the conversion, and injects the energy into the planet. Enhanced Library Experience: You get access to a built-in library in your spaceship, where you can immediately check the items you have collected. The more you collect, the more you enhance your knowledge and intellectual curiosity. The GROW* community has received positive reviews from around the universe. It's now popular among people to watch their planet turn green and bring their family to witness the same. GROW* provides the much-needed relaxation while doing the activities and is loved by all age groups, as it is better than black hole diving! GROW* has begun to develop new services, thanks to its growing supporters. The company is all set to launch its new spaceship, satisfying customers' needs to travel to other planets, new decomposers, and checking the status of planets that have undergone greening. The new spaceship will be launched in autumn of 20000016! Call GROW* now for a free trial at a nearby galaxy. Don't miss out on the chance to green and enrich your life today.
Idle Dice 2

Upgrade your dice, create unique decks and play in Dark Mode in Idle Dice 2, with optional ads and no pay-to-progress.

Idle Dice 2Lutsgames
Idle Dice 2, the much-awaited sequel to the popular game, is finally here! Building on the success of its predecessor, Idle Dice 2 offers an exciting new gameplay experience with a host of new features. One of the best things about Idle Dice 2 is the increased number of dice available to upgrade independently. Players can now choose from up to 25 dice, giving them more options to explore and master. Idle Dice 2 also features a wider array of cards that are sure to add some excitement to the game. From new and interesting card sets to alphabet-themed cards, players can choose cards that suit their preferences and style of play. But that is not all. Players can now create their own decks, choosing from an array of cards to help them master the various challenges that lie ahead. The developer has taken care to ensure that the game is entirely optional and fair for all players. Players can progress through the game without having to spend a penny or watch ads. The highlight of the game is the long-awaited "Dark Mode" that the fans have been asking for since the first installment. This feature adds to the user's gaming experience in terms of visual appeal and aesthetics. Idle Dice 2 is continuously under development with new content being added in the pipeline. Players can get involved in the development process by joining the game's discord server and sharing their valuable feedback. Join the fun, upgrade your dice, create your deck, and start rolling!
Cell: Idle Factory Incremental

Build, grow, and upgrade your star fleet in CIFI, an incremental idle game with addictive mechanics, thousands of upgrades, and infinite gameplay.

Cell: Idle Factory IncrementalOctocube Games
Hello there! If you are looking for an engaging game that will keep you entertained for hours, CIFI is the game for you. This incremental idle game will allow you to construct, expand, and enhance your own fleet of spaceships designed for industry and production. The main objective of the game is to generate as many cells as you can, and thousands of upgrades will assist you in this pursuit. CIFI offers straightforward yet intricate gameplay mechanics that will entrance players of all skill levels. The abundance of upgrades accessible is mind-boggling. Moreover, the game offers infinite and incredibly gratifying gameplay style. You'll have gigantic skill and talent trees, along with spaceship evolution systems contributing to your journey to success. Plus, there are leaderboards, cloud saving, daily rewards, mini-games, and other features that make the gameplay even more intriguing! Fun mini-games and activities will give you a break from producing cells. Meanwhile, the full offline and idle income option will enable the game to run automatically while you're away. There are many upgrade menus to help you grow your empire, and you'll enjoy constructing the most extensive industrial fleet in the cosmos. So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience the excitement of CIFI today, boss!
Clickpocalypse II

Explore dungeons, exterminate monsters across two modes (phone and tablet), find items, upgrade abilities, and earn achievements in CLICKPOCALYPSE II.

Clickpocalypse IIMINMAXIA
Get ready for an epic adventure with CLICKPOCALYPSE II, an action-packed incremental/idle RPG game. Form a team of adventurers and take on the dangerous dungeons filled with fearsome monsters that plague the world. Complete quests, level up your skills, master spells, and unlock achievements to prove your worth. Explore the game in two innovative modes- Phone Mode and Tablet Mode that cater to your playing style. Play vertically on your phone to get the best and optimized game UI. The font size is upgraded and the game layout changes accordingly to provide you with a pleasant gaming experience. On the other hand, playing horizontally on your tablet provides an immersive gaming experience with stunning graphics and UI. With CLICKPOCALYPSE II, the possibilities are endless. Upgrade your team's unique abilities, earn valuable items, and become the ultimate hero in the game. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter new challenges and fierce bosses that will test your skills. Are you ready to embark on this epic journey that brings together the thrill of action-packed gameplay with the excitement of RPG? Download CLICKPOCALYPSE II now and start your adventure!
Antimatter Dimensions

Idle game Antimatter Dimensions has players unlocking layers, achieving prestige, and striving to reach Infinity to earn upgrade points.

Antimatter DimensionsJakub Kajfosz
Antimatter Dimensions is an exciting Idle Incremental game, where you can enjoy unlocking layers of achievements, prestige, and upgrades. The central aim of the game is to attain Infinity and obtain an Infinity point to help you boost your production rate. With every Infinity point you earn, you can purchase upgrades that will improve your overall growth. This game features an attractive and engaging interface with stunning visuals that lure you to keep playing. With easy-to-follow steps and smooth navigation, players of all levels can easily understand and participate in the gameplay. The game has multiple tiers of challenges, each with its own features and rewards, keeping you engaged and entertained for hours. You can customize your gameplay, by setting personalized goals, and work towards achieving them. This gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as you progress through the game. The game also includes leaderboards where you can compete with other players and showcase your achievements. Overall, Antimatter Dimensions is a thrilling Idle Incremental game that will keep you hooked for hours. It’s a fun-filled experience packed with layers of unlocks, prestige, and achievements. With its attractive graphics and smooth gameplay, this game is a delight to play.
Home Quest

Build your town and recruit an army to expand your reach, manage your economy and conquer lands. Experience a story with mythical inhabitants.

Home QuestcodeSTREAM
🏡 Establish Your Own Township Set foot in an undiscovered terrain, an unfamiliar place where the future is uncertain. With every intention of thriving in this unchartered territory, build a settlement that accommodates your people’s needs. Erect dwellings and cultivate food supplies from farms. Erecting workstations, installing military bases and other required infrastructure for your township. ⚔️ Arrange Military Force Ensure your security and safety by establishing your army. Formulate battle strategies, counter threats, and fight off enemies while expanding your conquests. Selection of varying troops and creating unique battlefronts can be used in the context of developing your units to make your army stronger. 💰Control Your Finances Maintain a clear watch on your resources and economically manage your demographics. Understand the workforce at your disposal and streamline your production chains. Establishing settlements in places with rare resources is vital to expanding your economy. 🧚‍♀️Additional Features Immerse yourself in an overarching game narrative, exploring the foreign land you now occupy and meeting its inhabitants. Collaborate with a tribe of mythical spirits and shamans to develop your hero's abilities while navigating through various obstacles, exciting surprises, and entertaining moments on your journey.

Forager: 2D open-world game with exploration, farming, crafting, base-building & leveling up. Solve puzzles, raid dungeons & set your own goals.

ForagerHumble Games
Forager is a game that will take you on an exciting adventure to an open world, where you can freely explore, farm, and craft your own way to greatness. As you navigate the enchanted lands, your main objective will be to gather precious resources that will be key in your quest for success. You will constantly manage your inventory as you collect new materials that will enable you to craft useful items and structures that will come in handy in your journey. To build your empire, you will need to start from scratch, but once you get the hang of things, the possibilities are endless. You can purchase land to expand your territory and explore new areas, all while leveling up and learning new skills, abilities, and blueprints. Get ready to face challenges, solve puzzles, discover secret places, and raid dungeons as you progress in the game. With Forager, anything is possible as you set your own goals and work towards achieving them. All in all, start small and work your way up to the top, upgrading your base, augmenting your skills and equipment, increasing your network of allies and enemies, and creating a future that you envisioned all along.
Kittens Game

Manage a kitten village, gather resources and unlock new technologies in Kittens Game - no ads or micro-transactions!

Kittens GameNuclear.Unicorn
Do you want to experience a unique village simulation game? Kittens Game is here to give you that rare gaming experience. In this text game, take on the role of managing a village full of adorable kittens as they gather resources and make advancements in technology. With over 30 diverse buildings, 50+ resources to collect, and hundreds of technologies and upgrades to discover, you will find yourself constantly engaging in new challenges. And the best part? There are no bothersome ads or micro-transactions to get in the way of your enjoyment. Your responsibilities include managing the resources brought in by the kittens, assigning tasks and roles, and discovering new resources and upgrades. You will need to plan and strategize to optimize the efficiency of the village and keep it thriving. The game's intricate design offers both casual and experienced gamers a satisfying experience. Immerse yourself in Kittens Game and watch your adorable feline village grow. Let the game capture your attention with its charming graphics and intricate gameplay, and get lost in the world of the kittens. Start your journey now and witness the fascinating world of resources, technologies, and felines at your fingertips.
Universal Paperclips

Build a paperclip empire & manage it with unstoppable intelligence in the rebuilt, addictive, and ad-free mobile version of this click-crack game.

Universal PaperclipsEverybody House Games
UPDATE: Get ready for a brand new experience with our latest update released on October 21st. We've revamped the game completely using a new engine, meaning you can expect better performance, bug fixes, improved UI/UX, new options and a vastly expanded prestige system complete with fresh gameplay that isn't found in the browser version. In this addictive idle/management/strategy/simulation game, rely on your unbeatable intellect to build a colossal paperclip domain. This is the mobile version where you can enjoy the full gameplay with no ads or in-app purchases. Wired magazine describes it as "click-crack", showing how engaging this game is. VentureBeat warns that playing this paperclip sim may cause an existential crisis, while Forbes has labelled it as "hopelessly addicting". Business Insider describes it as a frightening reminder of how obsolete we will become thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence.
Soda Dungeon 2

Build a team of adventurers to raid dungeons, upgrade your town, and defeat the Dark Lord in this turn-based dungeon crawler.

Soda Dungeon 2Armor Games Studios Inc
Soda Dungeon 2 is the much-awaited sequel to the beloved fizzy dungeon crawler game. The castle of the Dark Lord is packed with legendary items, treasures, and other loots that he has locked away. The only way to get them is to enter the castle and face off his endless guard of monsters, traps, and deception. But don't worry, you won't have to do the dirty work yourself, as you can hire powerful Soda Junkies and upgrade your town, tavern, and armory with the resources you collect. Your goal is to build an unrivaled team, explore the dungeon to the next dimension, and beyond. During your quest, you'll encounter a horde of formidable foes, including angry chefs, trumpeting skeletons, Darker Lords, and a fairy that is trying her best to help. The best part is that the game does not feature any timers, lives systems, or paywall. Everything can be purchased using in-game currency, according to the Soda Dungeon way. Furthermore, the custom AI patterns allow you to create bespoke behaviors for your minions using Soda Script, without having to micromanage them. Crafting gear is a fun and exciting aspect of the game, with rare materials hidden deep within the Dark Lord's castle waiting to be discovered. You can craft armor and weapons for the adventurers you hire, making them even more robust and better equipped to battle your enemies. The game is designed to be played even when you're away from the keyboard, allowing you to earn Battle Credits that can be redeemed for loot when you come back. You can also build various structures for your home base, such as an arena, a wizard shop, and a blacksmith forge, to unlock your party's true potential. Soda Dungeon 2 offers endless opportunities to progress, with new mountains to climb and more objectives to achieve. The non-playable characters in the game are ready to offer you valuable rewards for completing various side quests. Soda Dungeon 2 is a turn-based dungeon crawler that allows you to recruit a team of adventurers to raid dungeons on your behalf. You can experiment with confidence, with the option to mix and match classes, try out different gear, and send them off to fight. Defeat is a part of the game and does not result in the loss of hard-earned loot. The game is free and fair, with everything able to be earned using in-game currency. There are no loot boxes, but if you want to advance faster, you can browse the special upgrades available to you. Furthermore, the game is cross-platform, meaning you can play on your tablet, mobile, or Steam and take your save file with you wherever you go in the cloud. If you're ever feeling lazy, the game offers optional auto-combat, allowing you to sit back and relax while your party fights for you. Soda Dungeon 2 is developed by ANProductions, a one-man studio with over a decade of experience developing games. Poxpower, on the other hand, has also been creating games for a long time.

SPACEPLAN: A clicker game with potato-based devices. Unlock starchy items, explore planets, and enjoy a catchy soundtrack. Best narrative sci-fi clicker game ever.

SPACEPLAN is a groundbreaking interactive experience that stemmed from a misinterpretation of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. Utilize manual clicks and the progression of time to produce and dispatch potato-powered devices and probes from your indistinct satellite revolving around a perplexing planet. Uncover the enigmas of the universe or simply spend time doing what the scientific community deems as the ‘greatest narrative science fiction idle game of all moments’. HIGHLIGHTS * Unlock, form, and eject fifteen starchy objects toward the emptiness of space. * Empowering and foolish plotline that will charm and amuse you while you entertain yourself. * Expose the clandestine knowledge of five distinct planets within two differing realities. * Exceptional soundtrack that befits a gripping science fiction idle game.
A Dark Room

A Dark Room: a retro-style RPG like Zork and Nethack - ad-free, no in-app purchases, no data usage, and indie-made.

A Dark RoomAmir Rajan
Step into a simplistic, retro world of adventure reminiscent of classic games such as Zork and Nethack with this low-fi RPG. This game is now available on Android devices as the authorized A Dark Room (TM) release. Excluding any distractions, you can enjoy an exhilarating game-play free of advertisements, micro transactions, and completely offline. Furthermore, this game does not require any special permissions to play, respecting your privacy. It was lovingly crafted by indie game developers creating an experience that you will not soon forget.
Infinity Island

Escape the fuss and visit Infinity Island. Collect pets, unlock cards, and find treasures in this easy-to-play game.

Infinity IslandEightyEight Games
Are you longing for a serene and uncomplicated haven? Step into the world of Infinity Island! Infinity Island offers a plethora of pet collections, card unlocking, and upgrades building. You can also come across fascinating treasures. Playing the game is a breeze; just unveil the box and choose your loot. You can grab a card that will help you access the next level of treasures, treat your pet and boost its level, or even reach the zenith of the game and get hold of the rarest upgrades. On the other hand, if you wish to keep things simple, you can relax and pass the time by collecting the coins while idling. The further course of the game is entirely your choice!
Impossible Dungeon

Conquer the Impossible Dungeon without any ads interference. Join the tournament, unlock skills, claim Discord roles, and explore the depths of the dungeon.

Impossible DungeonMINMAXIA
Can you overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges of the Impossible Dungeon? Don't be deceived by its name! In contrast to other games, this one offers a completely ad-free experience with no intrusive popups or banners. The only ads that may appear are optional reward videos that grant exciting bonuses. Featuring an engaging tournament system along with seamless integration with Discord, in which players can claim roles directly from the game, this idle RPG is packed with numerous skill upgrades, diverse quests, various difficulty modes, and an array of unique character classes. It's an enthralling journey from start to finish! Prepare to assemble and train your party of fearless adventurers, upgrade their skills, purchase powerful enhancements, level up, and become even stronger, with the aim of reaching unprecedented depths within the dungeon.
Tap Wizard 2

In Tap Wizard 2 Idle RPG Magic Quest, you play as a wizard on a survival journey, mastering magical skills and fighting dark magic forces. Choose your wizard, learn different spells, and progress through multiple eras.

Tap Wizard 2TopCog
Embark on a thrilling journey in Tap Wizard 2 Idle RPG Magic Quest, filled with magical action and wizardry. As a player, help your wizard character learn the art of spells and battle against the malevolent dark forces to protect the Chronosphere. If you're a fan of Fantasy RPGs with exciting quests and idle clicker games, then you'll love this Warrior Wizard magic game. Equip yourself with magical skills to eliminate sword-wielding monsters and dark spirits. Learn how to master fire, ice, lightning, and poison spells to combat them successfully and save the wizarding world from their grasp. This Fantasy Idle Action RPG is the perfect game for anyone who enjoys Wizard Battle Survivor and Idle RPG clicker games with elements of combat between good and evil. Become a master of the craft, slay your enemies and save the day. In Tap Wizard 2, the wizarding world's survival is dependent on your magical ability. Play as a magic mage on a quest to fight evil and become one of the elite warriors in this fantasy world. Choose from an array of cool wizards and mages with different magical abilities and fight to protect the wizarding world. Tap Wizard 2 Idle RPG Magic Quest offers a variety of features to keep players on the edge of their seats. With Other Cool Features like Power, Research, Enchanting, XP, Awakenings, Eras, Totems, and More! awaken your wizard to unlock game-changing abilities such as Retribution, Golden Envy, or Arcane Surge! Level up and upgrade your spells using Skill Points from the massive Memory Tree. Encounter 20 different enemies and utilize unique types of Runes to quell them, and collect 12 unique Totems with intriguing abilities. This game comes with an active community and a continual update of game content, with developers eagerly awaiting feedback. So, select your favorite wizard, master the magic spells, and defeat the dark forces, and embark on the wizarding journey of a lifetime.
Armory & Machine

Survive in a desolate world by relying on a mysterious machine that creates warmth and heat.

Armory & MachineDaybreak Industries
The sky above is devoid of constellations. For miles around, there is no glimmer. The atmosphere is frigid. A machine has been devised to generate warmth. This machine produces and emanates thermal energy. What other productions will the machine generate? In this game, you'll dive into an unforgiving world where the absence of light has left the land void, cold and uninviting. With no stars above and darkness all around, surviving and keeping warm in this world is primordial. Luckily, there's a machine to assist you in this task. This machine, which emanates warmth and heat, serves as your main tool in this lonesome quest. Explore the desolate world and search for resources to keep it functioning, clear the debris and fix it when something goes wrong. Apart from keeping you warm, this machine can also create other useful utilities. It's up to you to discover what else it can do by using your creativity and imagination. Who knows, perhaps it can aid you in your quest, save your life or secure your survival. Challenging tasks await as you navigate through the game's various levels, gradually unravelling the mysteries of this uninviting world. With its dark visuals portraying a barren land, immersive gameplay, and the ability to upgrade and expand your machine and its functionalities, this game promises a thrilling and rewarding experience. Step into this dark and desolate world and discover what it takes to survive and thrive. Will you have what it takes to endure the cold, overcome its challenges and what else will the generator create? The answers lie within the game.
Tap Wizard RPG: Arcane Quest

Unleash magic and battle hordes of monsters in Tap Wizard: Idle Magic Quest. Level up your mage with unique quests and power up each spell.

Tap Wizard RPG: Arcane QuestTopCog
Tap Wizard: Idle Magic Quest is an extraordinary game that combines incremental clicker gameplay with classic magic casting. As you embark on mage quests, it's your job to equip your wizard and defeat hordes of monsters. With minimal input from you, just sit back and watch your magic wizard complete his quest! In this epic idle RPG, level up your mage with unique quests while battling monsters and raiding dungeons guarded by magic monsters. With over 60 enemy types, over 100 magic spell types to collect, and a myriad of boosts and buffs, the game offers an infinite source of fun and excitement. Boost your magic wizard's abilities by upgrading each spell. With an array of magic upgrades, you can power up your spells to become unstoppable. Tap to synergize your spells and use magic to defeat endless monsters. This incremental idle clicker game offers strategic spell casting where your tap gameplay meets idle advancement to power up and get loot. Research mage projects to get even more boosts and progress while you're idle. Enjoy incremental progression with cast magic spells and relax while you level up. Complete mage quests, enchant the magic staff, raid, forge new spells, conquer dungeons, open the arcane tower and defeat the doomstone. If you're looking for an addictive idle incremental clicker game with crazy mage synergies, Tap Wizard: Idle Magic Quest is your answer. Download it today and begin your epic journey to become an unstoppable magic wizard!

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