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Assemble a team of Almost Heroes and send them on epic adventures in this AFK Clicker Heroes RPG. Unlock characters, rings, and pets to make your team stronger in nonstop battles.

If you're searching for the most competent, intelligent, and lethal heroes for an incredible idle journey, then look away! The Almost a Hero game offers you a team of feeble-minded heroes that needs your guidance to turn into true Heroes. This game is an AFK Clicker Heroes RPG where you assemble a troop of champions and send them on adventures, into dangerous dungeons, and seasonal challenges. Unlock more Hero Characters, new powerful Rings, fantastic Pets, and permanent Artifact upgrades to make your journey a little less fatal. Create the right tactics and enjoy nonstop thrills in your action-packed idle adventure. The game introduces 17 absolute zeroes that require your aid to become slightly good heroes. You can pick between different idle heroes like a cannon fodder knight, a blacksmith dwarf, a pyromaniac, a blind wizard, a paper bagged bard, a thieving goblin, a cuddly granny, and an angry tree to assemble your team of idle heroes. If things don't work out, you can restart your adventure by prestiging and begin anew. Your idle heroes will keep fighting, dying, reviving, and fighting again nonstop even when you are away. The game provides nonstop fun as your champions continue to battle, and you tap to collect their rewards while playing the strategy. You can unlock new game modes to test your strategic abilities while your heroes battle it out with epic bosses in the Adventure mode. There are timed trials, battles, and weekly Seasons with tough challenges suitable for the foolhardy. Additionally, the game presents pets such as a sheep, an armadillo, and a spectacularly dumb pigeon that you can take into battle. To make your Almost Heroes even more powerful, you can customize their outfits and upgrade their equipment to more epic versions. You can also give them trinkets that will assist them in battle. Are you up for the challenge? Embrace the excitement of your next idle clicker adventure in Almost a Hero game!
Release date
Mar 23, 2017
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

almost a hero 4000 stage in 13 minutesgazetki promocyjne
Almost A Hero 9 minute 5000Vũ Pake
Almost a Hero - Launch TrailerBee Square Games


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