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Valefor: Strategy RPG (Early Access)

Collect, synergize, and battle unique heroes on strategic maps and dungeons with a kingdom-building feature, plus a unique soundtrack.

Valefor: Strategy RPG (Early Access)Valefor
Embark on a thrilling adventure as you collect a multitude of remarkable heroes in Valefor. Discover the perfect combination of heroes by utilizing their unique races and classes to dominate the battlefield. Utilize auto-battle on intricate strategic maps to outsmart your opponents. In rogue-like dungeons, explore different builds to find the one that suits your playstyle best. Enhance your heroes by developing your kingdom and expanding your influence. Valefor's captivating lyrics and soundtrack will leave you spellbound. Do you have any creative ideas that could improve this already exceptional game? Your opinion is valued, so please share them with us! We aim to make Valefor the ultimate gaming experience by incorporating all your fascinating ideas. Explore Valefor and discover the incredible strategy game it has to offer. Download now, and let the splendid saga of Valefor begin.
Riftbusters (Early Access)

Riftbusters: join the co-op to fight alien invaders, loot epic gear, and customize your weapons in stunning 3D realms.

Riftbusters (Early Access)Phantom Gamelabs
Welcome to Riftbusters, where explosive team action, powerful loot, and non-stop adventure are at the heart of the game. As a freelance defender in Safeguard, your ultimate assignment is to keep alien hordes at bay and ensure the future of Earth. Get ready for the challenge of a lifetime as you equip yourself with uniquely designed weapons, gather allies, and brace yourself for mayhem! Enter the world of Riftbusters and embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure. Will you defend Earth and rise to become the hero who saves the world from alien invasion? UNIQUE CO-OP MODE Prefer company during your fight for humanity's salvation? Engage in thrilling co-op missions with other players. Strategize with your team, and execute moves in unison to conquer your alien foes. ULTRA-POWERFUL LOOT Customize your fighter with a vast range of weapons, gear, and upgrades. Go after legendary loot, unlock special abilities, and turn the tide of battle with ultra-powerful gear. The best loot awaits those who have the guts to face the fiercest opponents. UPGRADES AND CUSTOMIZATION Fine-tune your gameplay style with exciting weapons, grenades, and gadgets. Tailor your weapons and gear to match your unique style of play, thus paving your way to conquering the battlefield. EXPLORE STUNNING WORLDS Feast your eyes on stunning 3D environments, from night-time futuristic cityscapes to terrifying alien-infested territories. Explore hidden secrets and discover the mysteries behind the rifts. ENGAGE IN FIERCE BATTLES Engage in action-packed fights against waves of relentless alien invaders and heart-stopping boss fights. Experience the adrenaline rush as you blast, loot, and defend Earth against annihilation.
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World Eternal Online (Early Access)

Althea: MMO/RPG/MOBA hybrid with PvE, PvP, guilds, and boss battles. Fight to survive, collect gear, and ascend in hero rank.

World Eternal Online (Early Access)Core Loop Games, Inc
Introducing a fresh game that blends the best elements of MMO, RPG, and MOBA genres. Immerse yourself in the mystical realm of Althea and engage in a thrilling mix of Battle Royale and Extraction modes that include PvE, PvP, Guilds, Bosses, and an impressive collection of heroes to forge. Join forces to vanquish the Boss, gather rare armory, and rise to fame with your heroes. The fate of your survival hinges on your strategic gameplay. How will you choose to approach the battle?
Empire of Night (Early Access)

Conquer cities, recruit powerful heroes, and build a powerful empire as a vampire while facing off against werewolves, hunters, zombies, and barbarians in a three-dimensional battlefield.

Empire of Night (Early Access)Bozzy Games
In a realm where Vampires, Werewolves, and Hunters are engaged in constant conflict and invasions from Zombies and barbarians threaten the stability of the empire, only the most dominant will survive! As a player, you will explore and take over Dracula's castle, become a Vampire, recruit powerful Heroes, train your armies, capture cities, and bring glory to your Faction. Through your exceptional skills, you will climb the ranks of your Faction from a common member to Vassal and finally to Faction Overlord. Create an extraordinary empire with the help of your Guilds, embark on an amazing adventure, and commemorate unlimited victories! Game Features: 1. Castle Management - Evolve as a Vampire Players will delve into the secrets of the Vampires, and eventually take over Dracula's castle. Players need to manage their thirst for blood, avoid sunlight, and become a true Vampire Earl! 2. Diverse Troop Classes - Strategize to Succeed Choose between melee, ranged, or flying troops, with a total of 12 unique subtypes. The races each have their unique strengths, with Werewolves possessing Frenzy Talents and Vampires having Lifesteal Talents. The battlefields, depicted in three-dimensional graphics, create realistic combat scenarios, and test your commanding abilities! 3. Form Your Own Faction - Create Your Own Empire Players can form their own Factions by collaborating with Guilds, establishing cities, and shaping the game world. By relying on their intelligence, players can survive the war between Factions and write history on their terms! 4. Mysterious Heroes - Unique Adventures Players can acquire mysterious Vampire and Werewolf Heroes to assist them on their voyage, collecting magical treasures along the way. Players can also capture dominant beasts in the wilderness, tame them to conquer cities, or run a manor and create gifts to impress a variety of Heroes.
Wild Forest (Early Access)

Wild Forest: Mobile PvP strategy game with RTS battles, base building, resource management, and card collection.

Wild Forest (Early Access)Zillion Whales
Are you a fan of old-school real-time strategy games or collecting cards? Then Wild Forest is the perfect mobile game for you! Engage in intense player-versus-player battles that will test your skills and strategy. The game features captivating card-collecting elements that will keep you engaged and excited. Wild Forest takes you on an adventure through a beautiful and mystical forest, filled with challenges and battles. The game offers a unique blend of old-school RTS gameplay and modern elements that make it both challenging and fun. Build your base and manage your resources to lead your army to victory. With direct micro-control of individual units, you have complete control over your army. This means you can make precise movements and strategic decisions that can change the course of a battle. Explore the forest and discover new units, abilities and cards to add to your collection. Experience fast-paced battles that will require your quick thinking and sharp decision-making skills. With macroeconomic resource management, you need to maintain a balance between building your base, gathering resources and training your units. Wild forest offers an immersive and engaging gameplay experience that keeps you coming back for more. With stunning visuals and captivating sound, you will be transported to a magical and mythical world. Join the adventure and test your skills against players from all over the world. Defeat your opponents and become the ultimate strategist in the wild forest!
Chest Master: Idle Heroes (Early Access)

Summon heroes, merge chests, and collect rewards in Chest Master, an idle RPG. Compete in PVP Arena and become a true legend!

Chest Master: Idle Heroes (Early Access)CyberJoy Game
Chest Master is a thrilling idle RPG game that allows you to summon and collect a cast of epic heroes to fight in endless arena wars. You can choose heroes from different factions, each with unique skills, to assemble a powerful team. Strategize your gameplay to take on countless adventures and become a true legend. With hundreds of heroes available, you can build your own battle team, selecting the best character traits and abilities to gain an advantage in the game. Gain access to epic costumes or armor by merging chests to get better items for your heroes, equipping them with gear to enhance their strength and battle prowess. In this game, you can collect rewards 24/7, even when you are AFK. Your team can fight for you in various adventures, allowing you to collect abundant idle rewards when you return to the game. Test your tactical skills in real-time PVP arena battles against players from all around the world to climb the leaderboard and win great idle rewards. With a variety of game modes available, Chest Master is the perfect platform to challenge your abilities and come out victorious. Join Chest Master today and start building your team of heroes, competing in PVP arena battles, and fighting for victory to create a legend in this RPG game!
Hero Tale - Idle RPG (Early Access)

Embark on an adventure on a medieval fantasy island, beating enemies to grow stronger and customizing equipment. Do quests, gain experience, and explore the world.

Hero Tale - Idle RPG (Early Access)Weird Johnny Studio
Embark on an exciting medieval journey with a young adventurer in a thrilling fantasy island. Overpower your foes, gather valuable items from their remains and modify your gear to suit your preferred tactics. Every encounter with enemies enhances your abilities in both long-range and melee warfare. Complete challenging quests, amass experience points and allocate skill points into an extensive skill tree. With the aid of a detailed map, traverse through the island's vast terrains and unravel its secrets. The unpredictable journey ahead requires agility, strategy, and courage to overcome the obstacles and triumph in this enthralling adventure.
Idle Dungeon Raiders (Early Access)

Assemble a team of heroes to conquer dungeons and collect loot in this addictive idle RPG adventure game.

Idle Dungeon Raiders (Early Access)Pyre Games
Embark on a thrilling adventure in this captivating RPG! In Idle Dungeon Raiders, you'll become a mighty dungeon master who gathers a band of heroes to venture into perilous dungeons and combat revolting monsters. This engaging idle role-playing game offers hours of pleasure as you progress through various levels and conquer difficult dungeons. Recruit a wide range of heroes, each with their own exceptional capabilities and strengths. Enhance their abilities, skill sets, and gear in order to master tougher dungeons. Get your hands on valuable loot by taking down monsters, which can then be used to develop your heroes even further. Upgrade your own dungeon master abilities along with your heroes, allowing you to conquer the game's more challenging dungeons. Enjoy peace of mind as Idle Dungeon Raider's unique idle RPG mechanism collects loot and rewards even while you're away. When your heroes reach retirement age, receive their accumulated experience in order to level up new characters and discover more powerful abilities. Don't pass up the chance to play this must-try game if you're a fan of idle RPGs and dungeon-crawling escapades.
Raziel Rebirth: Dungeon Raid (Early Access)

Raziel Rebirth: Classic Adventure Action RPG with six iconic classes, pet system, and hack-and-slash gameplay. Explore a vast world solo or play online.

Raziel Rebirth: Dungeon Raid (Early Access)Loongcheer Game
Welcome to the thrilling adventure of Raziel Rebirth! The game has been updated with exciting new events and rewards. Upon logging in, players will receive an S Pet, S costume, and a Dark Gold Weapon! In this classic adventure action RPG, players can obtain all gear through demon hunting without any paywalls. The game has a unique system that requires players to fight and raid to gain enormous power, without ever having to pay to win. However, in a world invaded by darkness where allies have become undead enemies, players must choose between fighting or dying. Sorrow and terror have taken over the land, and your destiny is in your own hands. Explore more demonic stories and equip yourself for this adventure! Game FeaturesDifferent Classes to Choose From and Limitless Customization Capabilities Raziel Rebirth presents six iconic classes with unique abilities to choose from. The Guardian Knight, Death Ranger, Ice Priestess, Blazing Elf, the Beast Master, and the Puppet Master, each with their own distinct skills, and every skill comes in 4 different formats and stats. The game starts easy, but the skill moves become more tactical at higher levels. Gear up with new sets and legendary weapons, identify the legendary gear to choose the stats you want to keep. Enhance your preferred gear and weapons to boost your power. With the Pet and Mercenary System, bring pets and mercenaries on the field to support your fight. ■Hack, Slash, and Slay Your Way Through Your Enemies Kill demon enemies and challenge the strongest bosses in the game. Enjoy the tense and thrilling battle, with Normal, Hard, and Hell modes waiting for you to explore. Each successful encounter comes with new gears and clashes that help you become the most powerful player in the cave and dungeon war. The directional controls make movement easy, while tapping to release skills on your foes is a breeze. Even if you are new to ARPG, you can still show off your power and slay your foes. ■Play Solo or Multiplayer with Others Enjoy your own adventures in different dungeons to explore and challenge various enemies or bosses. With countless opportunities to meet and socialize with other players in the world of MMORPG, Raziel Rebirth brings players together to challenge the darkest dungeons. Players can build a guild to get more resources to grow! Whether you enjoy playing alone or having fun with worldwide players, Raziel Rebirth is a great choice. ■Explore and Experience the Rich Demonic Story Travel from the east village to the Marina Plain on the open world. The various scenes and different enemies bring a rich story that awaits your discovery. Contact Us Join our Facebook page: You can also join our Discord channel:
Crash Course Builder (Early Access)

Create and conquer impossible courses in Crash Course Builder, an intense and hilarious racer with ragdoll physics, explosions, and user-generated content.

Crash Course Builder (Early Access)Wombat Brawler
Experience the adrenaline rush as you drive your kart through challenging obstacle courses that will keep you engaged and eager for more. Crash Course Builder is the ultimate game of quick reflexes, rhythm, and speed, complete with realistic physics and devastating explosions that will shake your screen and leave you rolling in laughter. Think you have what it takes to master the game? Think again! With unpredictable turns and tricky obstacles to overcome, Crash Course Builder will keep you on your toes at every turn. But don't worry — the more you play, the better you'll become! Ready for a new challenge? Why not build your own custom course and challenge other crash test dummies to beat your record? With endless possibilities and limitless creativity, the only limit is your imagination. So, what are you waiting for? Step onto the track today and experience the thrill of Crash Course Builder!
Eternal Dragons (Early access)

Lead armies of mythical creatures in fast-paced battles in Eternal Dragons. Command dragons, minions and become the ultimate Dragon Master.

Eternal Dragons (Early access)Trailblazer Games
🐉 Take control of dragon warfare in the fast-paced Eternal Dragons auto-battler game! Manage Dragons and lead Minions into epic battles, where the ferocity of these mystical creatures knows no bounds. 🔥 Key Features include: • Collect and Claim Mystical Creatures: Explore a diverse range of Dragons and Minions with unique abilities and awe-inspiring powers, and upgrade them as you build your unbeatable army. • Dynamic Auto-Battles: Experience epic battles where tactical gameplay meets heart-pumping action! Watch as your Dragons and Minions come to life and battle it out on the battlefield. • Epic Game Modes: Immerse yourself in a captivating Story Mode, challenge other players in challenging multiplayer strategy PvP battles, or participate in regular special challenges. • Continuous Updates: Expect a LiveOps approach that will provide you with new and exciting features to keep the game fresh. • Become the Best: Build your collection, prove your tactical prowess, and become the ultimate Dragon Master. 🏰 Take control of your fate, lead your armies, and dominate your opponents in this thrilling game of strategy! Download Eternal Dragons now and let the battle begin!
Merge Chronicles: Idle RPG (Early Access)

Merge gear and tap for monster-slaying in T-Bull's Merge Chronicles: Idle RPG. Manage heroes, upgrade stats and defeat hordes of otherworldly creatures.

Merge Chronicles: Idle RPG (Early Access)T-Bull S.A.
Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure through dark dungeons in Merge Chronicles: Idle RPG, the newest game from acclaimed studio T-Bull. With a fascinating combination of merge mechanics and idle RPG gameplay, this game offers an immersive experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Its alluring 2D visuals and moody atmosphere will pull you into a captivating world of gear merging, monster slaying, and party management. ⚔️ Unite merge and idle mobile genres to create a unique gameplay experience. ⚔️ Engage in multi-tasking gameplay that will keep you hooked and engaged. ⚔️ Use weapon mergers to enhance your character's strength and power. ⚔️ Collect and improve various heroes to battle mighty opponents. ⚔️ Upgrade your abilities, including Health, Critical Hit, and Bonus Damage. ⚔️ Choose Rescue mode to save the day and receive hero cards as a reward. ⚔️ Tap the screen to fight off monsters more effectively and quickly. ⚔️ Enjoy captivating 2D visuals that immerse you in a dark fantasy world. 🧟 HORDES OF MONSTERS AWAIT🧟 Prepare yourself for an epic journey into the shadows and fight off a variety of monstrous creatures. Merge Chronicles takes you to a world of peril where you must play the hero. Foul surprises await you in the dark, as the story unfolds in unexpected ways. 🏹 ENGAGING MERGE MECHANIC 🏹 Merge Chronicles introduces a new and engaging gear-merging system allowing for a vast amount of equipment items that merge to greatly improve your hero’s abilities. The more gear you merge, the stronger your character becomes. Try different combinations of party members to create the perfect formation and face off against menacing foes. 👆 TAP TO SLAY👆 Aside from merging, the game offers a fast-paced tapping mechanic. Engage in thrilling battles by tapping to unleash powerful attacks on enemies. The better your accuracy and speed, the more capable you are of tackling the game's challenging creatures. Hone this skill to become an unstoppable force on your journey. 🗡️ MANAGE YOUR HEROES 🗡️ A fundamental aspect of the game is managing your heroes strategically. You start your adventure with Sir Ralf, but as you progress, you'll unlock a slew of companions like Deidre, Sogen, Jarvo, Hortus, and more. With each member having their own unique abilities, create the best team possible to take on the trials within the dungeons. 🎮 CHALLENGING GAME MODES 🎮 With multiple game modes, Merge Chronicles offers hours of vibrant entertainment. In Rescue mode, partake in rescue missions to free your companions and unlock an abundance of heroes. These newfound allies will aid you and unlock a clearer path through the dungeons. 🕸️ DARK FANTASY 2D GRAPHIC 🕸️ Merge Chronicles leverages stunning 2D graphics to immerse players in a dark and moody atmosphere. The richly detailed character design and magnificently crafted battlegrounds, steeped in mystery and danger, will leave you awestruck. Step up to the plate and prove your skills in this riveting blend of merge and idle RPG game. Download Merge Chronicles: Idle RPG now, and take on an odyssey that tests your ingenuity and grabs your interest. Your destiny is waiting! Join now our Discord community 👉
Poclands (Early Access)

Embark on an adventure in the mystical realm of Poclands! Train and evolve your Pocmon to conquer challenging battles and advance through the beautiful land.

Poclands (Early Access)PineappleGame
Welcome to Poclands - an enchanting land inhabited by supernatural beings! Embark on an expedition throughout this fresh territory with your Pocmon. Dive into an absorbing game of fights! Choose your favorite elemental Pocmon to embark on a magnificent journey in Poclands. As you navigate through this island, stay alert! You could encounter a single monster or even come across a whole group of them! Prepare yourself - conquering all of them is an arduous task! Ascertain that your Pocmon evolution emerges triumphant to progress to the subsequent stage and explore this exquisite kingdom. With every level, you will get points to invest in upgrading and developing your cute monsters. Focus on training and refining your Pocmon companions to augment their growth and secure triumphs in battles. The stronger your creatures, the more seamless will be your advancement through the stages. **Game Features: Idle clicker gameplay mechanics Simple and easy-to-grasp controls Poclands - a visually stunning world longing for exploration Discover rarer monsters as you progress Have faith in yourself and your Pocmon's capabilities! Begin your expedition! Engage in fights with other Pocmon, accumulate riches, and progress through this game. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:
Surfero: City Guardian (Early Access)

Save the world by battling aliens with various weapons and upgrades in Surfero: City Guardian, a modernized shooter with addictive gameplay and fantasy graphics.

Surfero: City Guardian (Early Access)ABI Games Studio
Immerse yourself in an epic adventure of unexplored galaxies! This action-packed game takes place in a dystopian world shattered by alien invasions. Your mission is to take up arms, hop on board your spacecraft, and navigate through time and space to save humanity. You are their last line of defense! Surfero: City Guardian is a thrilling online shooting game inspired by classic shoot ‘em up games that combines modern shooter mechanics. You will encounter an ever-increasing number of enemies in hazardous surroundings as you progress through this battle. The game's impressive graphics and fantastic weapon variety will keep you engaged and entertained. If you're a fan of the shooting game genre, this game is a must-play. Start with a basic weapon and progressively upgrade to the mightiest tool to create thousands of unique skill combinations to overcome all challenges and survive all waves of enemy attacks. HOW TO PLAY: - Use sliding controls to move and attack. - Collect coins and items to strengthen your weapons and fight colossal adversaries. - Strategize with different weapons for each level and boss encounter. FEATURES: 🌟 An easy but addictive game. 🌟 Stunning high-resolution graphics. 🌟 Effortless controls. 🌟 Different alien boss fights. 🌟 A range of items for power boosts. 🌟 Immersive space battle experience. Get Surfero: City Guardian for free and get lost in this exceptional online shooting game! Begin your adventure today! 🔥🔥🔥
Valorborn (Early Access)

In Valorborn, save a lost civilization by leading an army, raising heroes, forging alliances, conquering lands, and building a prosperous empire.

Valorborn (Early Access)Puzala
Embark on an epic adventure to save a lost civilization in Valorborn, a real-time strategy game where ancient civilizations collide. Assume the role of a commander as you create a powerful army, expand your hexagonal empire, and form indestructible alliances to recover the lost Atlantis civilization. Develop your land, train your heroes, and fight to build an empire that will last! A new world is arriving and a legendary adventure is about to begin. Commander, it's your responsibility to lead your empire's forces in the epic battle to fight with players from all around the world and save a lost civilization! The glow of the old world has dimmed with time, and a mysterious force has emerged through a scarlet veil. As the old world's glory fades into the distance, an enigmatic power rises from the mist, seeking to establish a new order and unite all civilizations under its banner. Valorite's radiance has become inactive; Atlantis, the ancient city, has gone silent; its devoted inhabitants have been captivated by a puzzling force, and its great defenders have been entombed under its high walls. Among the ruins, one steadfast leader stands tall. VALORBORN GAME FEATURES: DEVELOP YOUR DOMAIN: Develop your land, summon heroes and clash in huge battles to construct a powerful empire in this civilization strategy game. Lead your forces in fights against players from all around the world and save a lost civilization- Atlantis, and it's up to you to resist and revive this ancient civilization. RAISE HEROES: Summon heroes from Valhalla and train them to become unstoppable warriors. Command archers, infantry, magi, and shield bearers and use your tactical expertise to build an unbeatable army. FIGHT WITH ALLIES: Form alliances with other players and get involved in large-scale, epic battles to assert dominance over the continent. Set off on an adventurous journey to explore lost ruins, enigmatic caves, and the deep ocean. Discover hidden treasures and ancient city walls to strengthen your army and kingdom. SHAPE YOUR EMPIRE: Start with a single plot of hexagonal land and construct a thriving city by sensibly allocating resources, assigning citizens to different jobs, constructing functional buildings, and upgrading everything to create a prosperous empire. Conquer lands, face the Scarlet Legion, and use your tactical expertise to defeat enemy armies and seize victory. EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN SEAS: Embark on a daring expedition through the unknown oceans, where untold wonders await. Dive deep into the water and uncover legendary treasures hidden beneath the waves. Encounter immense powerful ancient creatures, testing your courage and skills. With unyielding determination, venture forward fearlessly to conquer the untamed lands, and assert your dominance as the master of the seas. CLEAR A PATH TO VICTORY: The menacing Scarlet Legion poses an ever-present danger within the haunting ruins of lost Atlantis. Driven by an insatiable hunger for resources, they engage in epic wars, leaving behind only destruction. As the commander, tactically deploy your legions, command your heroes, and exploit the terrain to gain the advantage over the enemy armies. Seize victory with cunning tactics and unbreakable resolve and establish your dominance once and for all. BUILD A PROSPEROUS CITY: Sensibly allocate your resources and ensure that each citizen contributes to the prosperity of your empire. Construct various functional buildings from farms to workshops to support the growth of your city. Upgrade your structures and technology to unlock new possibilities as you aspire to dominate with a mighty and prosperous new empire.
Junkineering (Early Access)

Craft robots from junk with an AI core-brain in Junkineering, a post-apocalyptic RPG. Battle enemies in wastelands and PvP arenas.

Junkineering (Early Access)Coleplay LTD
Immerse yourself in the world of Junkineering, a turn-based role-playing game where you utilize your creativity to assemble a team of robots using ordinary scraps that are given life by an intelligent core program. You'll have to confront various adversaries in famous locations while exploring both beautiful and desolate terrain, and engage in player-versus-player encounters for a humorous and thrilling sense of adventure at the end of the world. The game combines the elements of strategy and action as you make use of your surroundings to eliminate enemies. Turn your boring trash into a group of state-of-the-art robot warriors that can take on any foe. Discover new locations and secret spots to uncover the thrill of a post-apocalyptic society. Enter into PvP battles with other players and compete for supremacy in this exciting adventure. With Junkineering, your possibilities are endless.
Pixel Civilization (Early Access)

Grow your civilization through epochs, build structures, manage resources, research technologies, and cultivate culture in 'Pixel Civilization'.

Pixel Civilization (Early Access)Kudos Games (Pty) Ltd
Step into the world of ‘Pixel Civilization’, an idle and casual simulation strategy game that leads you into an exhilarating adventure through human history. With a peaceful setting focused on growth, expansion, and progress, you can establish the most innovative and flourishing civilization. Begin your journey from the earliest stage of the Stone Age, guiding your society towards the ultimate destination of the Space Era. Numerous resources will be available for you, and your wisdom and strategic planning will help you unlock the vast potential of your civilization. Set your hands to work and extend a helping hand in the construction and upgrading of a wide array of structures, which include homes, farms, schools, and research facilities. Each building occupies a pivotal role in the growth of your civilization, providing valuable resources, facilitating the advancement of your economy, and unlocking incredible technological achievements. Efficient resource management is imperative for ensuring the success and progression of your society. Keeping a balance in the production of multiple materials and knowledge is crucial in your civilization’s thriving. Dive deep into a comprehensive tech tree, exploring and discovering technologies that assist in propelling your civilization to unsurpassable heights. Research matters from the inception of fire to progressions of the space age, every single research contributes to your society's prosperity and advancement. Shape a unique culture for your civilization that directs the way of life, traditions, and overall progress of your society. See how your civilization evolves and adapts over time, reflecting on the choices and inclinations you make as a leader. Celebrate your society's progress by accomplishing a series of milestones and achievements that capture significant moments in your civilization’s journey. Learn from the challenges and aim towards a brighter future. ‘Pixel Civilization’ is easy to play and navigate, with user-friendly controls and interface, suitable for all ages and players of different experience levels. Challenge even the most strategic of minds with its entertaining and engaging gameplay. Begin your adventure of growth, innovation, and progress by creating an enduring legacy in ‘Pixel Civilization’. Download now and commence the construction of your civilization.
Soul Archer Skull - Roguelike (Early Access)

Join Princess Mononoke and her monster allies in a 3D rogue-like game. Equip the best gear, choose unique skills, and fight against various enemies!

Soul Archer Skull - Roguelike (Early Access)Loongcheer Game
Get ready to embark on an epic adventure in this captivating 3D rogue-like indie game. It's time to team up with various companions and conquer a plethora of foes! Arm yourself with the most powerful weapons, gather valuable items, and pick your skills wisely as they will come in handy on your journey. ■Plot In this unusual tale, which deviates from the norm, you take on the role of Princess Mononoke, fighting alongside monsters against humans. Your mission is to partner with these creatures, strengthen your resolve and fight for justice in this realm. Gameplay -A vast collection of 30+ gears with diverse attack capabilities. - Choose from 5 elements including Ice, Dark, Drug, Fire, and Thunder, and pick your preferred skill set. -Find numerous treasures and remainders to significantly empower your moves. -Engage in an exclusive partnership system, never venturing alone as you'll always have a random companion by your side. -Enhance your abilities with the special talent system that'll boost your strategic output. -Unlock bonus chest during combat to improve your odds of success. Community Come join our online community! Facebook: Discord:

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