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Mickee RucitaMickee Rucitafrom Skich app
Resident Evil 4

Survive a European village horror with modern gameplay in Resident Evil 4. Rescue the president's daughter and relive the revolutionized survival horror.

Resident Evil 4CAPCOM
The aftermath of the biological crisis in Raccoon city plagued survivors until six long years have passed. One of the surviving agents, Leon S. Kennedy, receives a mission to retrieve the president's daughter who has been kidnapped. In his attempt to rescue her, he journeys to a secluded European village only to encounter an eerie situation that makes him doubt the true intentions of the locals. What follows is a story of rescue and horror where bravery and desperation merge into a single path. Resident Evil 4, with its reimagined scenario, modernized gameplay, and impeccable detail in graphics, sets a new standard for the gaming industry. The rebirth of this survival horror gaming giant gives players the chance to relive the nightmare that had frightened many in the past. A limited version of the game can be freely enjoyed, but to experience the full spectrum, an in-app purchase is necessary.
Cyberlords - Arcology

Take control of the Augmented Resistance in Asgard Arcology to fight against the corporate security forces in this sci-fi RPG.

Cyberlords - ArcologyHandyGames
Enter the world of Asgard Arcology where citizens are living in fear because of security forces employed by the corporate heads. In this game, you get to play as the leader of the Resistance and take charge of saving the world from total surveillance – all while enjoying an AD-FREE experience. This science fiction RPG offers real-time combat with four team members. You can even use the tactics mode to pause the action at any time, giving you complete control. The game has four levels of difficulty, so there's something for everyone, no matter your skill level. To survive in this world, you can improve your skills with biomechanical augmentations, which will make you stronger and better in combat. You'll have access to over 20 different weapons, including blades, guns, grenades, and mines, to help you succeed. Specialize your team members in stealth, combat, or hacking skills to make every mission a success. With many achievements to hunt down, you'll never run out of challenges. The year is 2173, and the world is controlled by massive megacorporations, leaving people with no political power. However, they still have control over their own bodies, thanks to NanoGear implants that grant superhuman abilities. Your goal is to lead your four-man team of augmented cyber-warriors on infiltration missions. Hack into camera systems and computer terminals, take over security robots and lure enemies into ambushes with mines and sentry guns. Whether you prefer stealth, clever tactics, or brute force, the choice is yours, and never forget: the future lies in your hands. Are you ready to take on this mission? Play Asgard's Wrath and become the Resistance leader the world needs!
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In SARCOPH, search, survive, and escape an abandoned building, recover stolen idols, and outsmart the Occupant in this action-packed horror game.

SarcophDavid Turkiewicz
HUNT, ENDURE, FLEE THE ULTIMATE BATTLE ROYALE! Get ready to face the terrifying SARCOPH creature in a thrilling twist on the Action Horror genre! You find yourself imprisoned on an obscure level of a deserted edifice. Locate and retrieve the 5 coveted idols to gain access to the elevator. Beware of the menacing Occupant who will do everything in their power to halt your progress. Employ cunning methods and make use of your equipment to outsmart and outlast your opponent.
Scary Bigfoot Siren Head Game

Scary Bigfoot Siren Head GameThe Gaming Studio
Case: Animatronics

In <strong><font color="red">CASE:</font> Animatronics</strong>, survive the night as overworked detective John Bishop while being followed by unknown and horrifying animatronics. Can you solve the mystery and escape?

Case: AnimatronicsOOO VALNAT
In Animatronics, you'll face a night of terror as you try to survive and uncover the truth behind the madness. The game is a first-person stealth horror that will test your skills and keep you on the edge of your seat. As Detective Bishop, you find yourself trapped in a police department that's been hacked by an anonymous culprit. Power has been shut off, and you're being pursued by mysterious animatronics with glowing red eyes and clanking metal sounds. To survive, you'll have to think quickly and use your environment to your advantage. Hiding and staying on the move are key strategies to avoid detection by the animatronics. You'll need to solve puzzles and complete quests to uncover the cause of the chaos and put an end to the horror. But be careful, you can't always trust what you see. Constantly listen to your surroundings and check security cameras to stay ahead of the danger. Your tablet will be your lifeline as you navigate the dark, claustrophobic halls of the police department. But be mindful of the battery life and use the charging station strategically. In Animatronics, every move counts, and one wrong decision could mean the end of the line for you. If you're a fan of horror games, Animatronics won't disappoint. The game is one of the most-watched horror games on YouTube, with over 100 million views. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey full of scares, tension, and adrenaline.
Elf's Scary Little Nightmares

Elf's Scary Little NightmaresChaos studios
Little Nightmares

Escape The Maw by solving puzzles & running from its inhabitants. Rediscover childhood fears in Little Nightmares' eerie vessel, now on mobile!

Little NightmaresPlaydigious
Little Nightmares, the spine-chilling adventure game, popular on PC and consoles, now available on mobile! Step into a world of darkness and fantasy that will encounter you with the deepest and most haunting of your childhood terrors. Help the young protagonist Six get out of The Maw, a large, mysterious vessel housing sinistrous souls seeking to devour their next meal. Embark on a journey through the twisted and grotesque world of Little Nightmares. Explore the disturbing dollhouse where you will find a prison that keeps you captive and a playground that holds many secrets to uncover. Your mission is to reconnect with your inner child to rediscover your imagination and, most importantly, find your way out. In Little Nightmares, you will experience a perfect blend of action and puzzle-platformer mechanics which are rooted in a spine-tinglingly creepy art style and chilling sound design. Use all your wit and stealth to sneak your way out of the Maw's labyrinthine maze and evade the abominable monsters that lurk in the shadows. Can you escape your childhood fears? FEATURES: - Sneak your way through a dark and exhilarating adventure - Confront your childhood nightmares inside a forbidding vessel and escape from its menacing inhabitants - Climb, crawl, and hide through nightmare-inducing environments to solve challenging platform puzzles - Fully immerse yourself in The Maw's eerie environment with spine-chilling sound design. Make sure your device is linked to Wifi to download the game for the first time. If you come across any issue, please contact us at, and we will look into it at the earliest.
Poppy Playtime

Survive vengeful toys in an abandoned factory. Use your GrabPack to hack electrical circuits. Explore the mysterious facility and avoid getting caught.

Poppy PlaytimeMOB Games Studio
Embark on a spine-chilling puzzle adventure and fight tooth and nail to survive the wrath of the malevolent toys that await you in the deserted toy factory. Armed with the GrabPack, you can manipulate electronic circuits and seize items from a distance. Traverse through the enigmatic facility and evade detection at all costs. Welcome to Playtime Co. – a toy manufacturing empire that went bust overnight due to the mysterious disappearance of its staff. Now, years after the incident, unravel the secrets behind the abandoned factory. Meet the vibrant characters of Playtime Co. – Bot, Huggy, Catbee, Poppy, and many more. During your quest, why not pay them a little visit and form enduring friendships? After all, Playtime Co. was renowned for its masterful artistry and craftsmanship in creating the finest toys.
Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 - Fly in a Web

Explore Playtime Co's Train Station with games, a playground, and more. Discover new toys and use the innovative Green Hand to swing and grapple.

Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 - Fly in a WebMob Entertainment
Discover Playtime Co.'s most popular destination in this game, The Train Station. It's more than just a stop-over; it's a hub of entertainment with games, a playground, and other exciting features. Not to mention, the train provides a direct link out of the factory. Unravel the mysteries of the factory filled with remnants of a shady past, you can explore deeper. Ask Bunzo Bunny or perhaps PJ Pug-a-pillar on how to do so. Or maybe even Mommy has some answers. Introducing the newest addition to the GrabPack family, The Green Hand. It lets you transfer power without those pesky wires! And not only that, this amazing device can grapple too! Get ready for a new level of innovation. The possibilities with The Green Hand are endless! From grabbing onto pipes and swinging across missing flooring to getting a more accurate grapple for flying straight up. The fun is not over yet, join us for more exciting adventures. Don't miss the chance to play Chapter 1, and experience the thrill:
Bunker 2: escape room games

Bunker 2: escape room gamesLaplace Games
The Baby In Yellow

Babysit an unruly child in this creepy game, featuring puzzles, hidden collectibles, ragdoll physics, and jump scares.

The Baby In YellowTeam Terrible
As a babysitter, you are no stranger to dealing with difficult children, but this particular job may push you to your limits... Will you have what it takes to maintain control? ★ Embark on a journey through 5 chapters of the most bizarre babysitting gig of your life. ★ Discover concealed collectibles that unlock exciting secrets, such as the highly coveted BIG HEAD MODE. ★ Get a laugh out of the hilariously realistic ragdoll physics while carrying the baby. ★ Complete tasks and solve riddles to advance to the next level. ★ Beware of shocking jump scares that will make your heart race! Originally crafted within an impressive 48-hour window for the GMTK Jam 2020.
Horror Tale 2

Solve the mysteries of Lakewitch and discover the secrets of the kidnapper in Horror Tale 2, an icey horror adventure with puzzles, scary twists, and unexpected turns.

Horror Tale 2Euphoria Horror Games
Embark on a terrifying and hair-raising adventure into the latest icy horror game co-developed by Death Park and Mimicry! Prepare to be fully immersed in a spine-chilling and gripping story with a cast of engaging characters. In Lakewitch, children have been missing for an extended period, and it's up to you to unravel the chilling mystery. Who is the abductor, and what is their motive? Where are the children being taken, and how can you save them? Can you solve the puzzles and uncover the truth without waking up your neighborhood with your terrified screams? The game continues with Samantha's story as you help her escape from prison. Along the way, you'll uncover more secrets about the terrifying kidnapper, leading you deeper into a world of bone-chilling discoveries. Brace yourself for a heart-stopping adventure filled with puzzles, jump scares, unexpected twists, and plenty of excitement. The story unfolds rapidly, taking unpredictable directions, and offering a fun and scary adventure set in a 90s American neighborhood. Horror Tale 2 offers an array of features that will keep you engaged for hours. Enjoy a thrilling and mysterious storyline with a scary antagonist that will push you to your limits. Meet interesting neighbors, solve puzzles, riddles, and go on scavenger hunts in five diverse locations. The stylized graphics and original author's soundtrack will enhance your experience further. Horror Tale 2 is similar to Ice Scream, Evil Nun, and Hello Neighbor, but with an added element of intrigue arising from the gripping storyline. Immerse yourself in a thrilling and entertaining adventure with your friends and neighbors. Get ready to scream your way through this multi-part horror series!
Reporter - Scary Horror Game

Reporter - Scary Horror GameAGaming+
Reporter 2

Survive the horror in "Reporter 2" as you uncover the dark history while being followed by a mysterious girl in your nightmares. System requirements are high.

Reporter 2AGaming+
Prepare to be shaken to your core with the continuation of the wildly popular action-horror gaming experience, "Reporter," crafted by the talented team at AGaming+ studio. As you delve deeper into the darkness, make sure you turn off the lights and put on your headphones, for only the most attentive and cautious of players can hope to unravel the enigma at the heart of this macabre tale. Though you may have escaped from the hospital with your life, don't relax just yet. A mysterious call about 7 days is still haunting you, and the clock is ticking. So, kiss your carefree dreams goodbye and prepare to be shackled by the fetters of a waking nightmare, where every new dawn brings ever more horrifying and realistic terrors. You're desperate to uncover the truth about the girl who is plaguing your dreams. Fortunately, one of your friends has uncovered some promising leads. It's time to act! Get ready to face your fears head-on. Important note: For the ultimate experience, it's recommended that you play on Ultra settings - though you'll need a top-of-the-line device to do so, sporting processors such as Exynos 8890 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and higher.
Reporter 2 Lite

Reporter 2 LiteAGaming+
Undiscovered House

Undiscovered House is a story-driven horror game where players find themselves trapped in a mysterious house with strange happenings and no way out. Solve puzzles, find keys, and experience jump scares.

Undiscovered HouseSysreb games
Immerse yourself in the unsettling world of Undiscovered House, a spine-chilling, first-person horror game that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The game's ominous atmosphere, profound sense of apprehension, and taut storytelling are sure to give players goosebumps. In this game, players must put their puzzle-solving abilities to the test to progress through the game. You will need to find and use keys throughout the game to unlock doors, uncover hidden secrets and find supplies to light up the seemingly endless dark hallways. Every step of the way, you will feel the rush of adrenaline as you experience bone-chilling jumpscares. Embark on a journey of darkness and terror as you assume the role of a man returning home late one evening. Faced with an unexpected roadblock on a deserted forest road, the protagonist is involved in an accident caused by a strange creature, and his vehicle is badly damaged. With no means of travel, he seeks refuge and stumbles upon a house. Soon after, the inexplicable starts to happen, and the only way out of the house is to unravel its dark secrets. Explore the eerie darkness of the Undiscovered House, uncovering its mind-bending story, and face the unknown lurking in the shadows. Will you be able to make it out alive, or will you succumb to the horror that lies within? Find out by playing Undiscovered House, the ultimate horror experience.
The Brothers' Horror Cave

The Brothers' Horror CaveLackops Horror Games
Lens of Dread:Horror Anomalies

Lens of Dread:Horror Anomaliessanydev
Hello Neighbor

Sneak into your neighbor's house to uncover secrets, but beware of advanced AI that learns from your moves. Can you escape?

Hello NeighbortinyBuild
Experience the thrill of stealth and horror like never before with Hello Neighbor. As a player, you are tasked with sneaking into your neighbor's house, but be aware of the advanced AI that learns from your every move. With every step you take, the neighbor is one step ahead of you, and every attempt to sneak around his house increases the intensity and fear. What lies in the basement of your neighbor's house remains a mystery, and it is your job to expose their dark secret. Will you be able to uncover the secrets that your neighbor is keeping from the world? Hello Neighbor takes place in a neighborhood that seems ordinary on the surface, but once you step into your neighbor's yard, the game completely changes. You must think quickly and make smart decisions as you try to make your way around the house undetected. Be careful not to make too much noise or trigger any traps that your neighbor has set. Hello Neighbor is full of surprises, and you never know what danger lies around the corner. Plan your moves carefully, or you will find yourself face-to-face with the enemy before you know it. The advanced AI in Hello Neighbor will keep you on your toes as you try to outsmart your neighbor. Every move you make is being watched, scouted, and learned by the neighbor. To outsmart him, you must be quick, agile, and always thinking ahead. This game is sure to give you a unique experience filled with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With every attempt to sneak into your neighbor's house, you will learn, gain skills, and level up your gameplay in ways you never thought possible. In Hello Neighbor, your only goal is to find out what's in your neighbor's basement. Will you be brave enough to sneak into the house and reveal the dark secrets that your neighbor is hiding? Experience the thrill of horror and adventure in this incredible game that will keep you hooked from start to finish.
Hello Neighbor Nicky's Diaries

Investigate your sinister neighbor's house to uncover his secrets. Solve puzzles, sneak past cameras, and equip yourself to uncover the truth.

Hello Neighbor Nicky's DiariestinyBuild
Are you ready to unravel the dark secrets of your enigmatic Neighbor? Rumors circulate that he is a heartless murderer. Enter his home and conduct a dangerous investigation to uncover the truth. This psychopath's house is ever-changing and growing, posing a formidable challenge for you to conquer! Can you uncover the spine-tingling secret in town and reveal the fate of Mr. Peterson's missing son? Only one way to find out! Welcome to the world of Hello Neighbor: Nicky's Diaries! Get ready for a spine-chilling adventure of stealth, horror, and puzzle-solving, all wrapped up in a lively and familiar setting. This first-person adventure will take you to a suburban neighborhood like no other. Your Neighbor, Mr. Peterson, is still lurking around. Meet your unpredictable neighbor, whose behavior changes based on your every move. He is always watching, learning, and waiting to obstruct your progress. Numerous perplexing puzzles are waiting to be solved. To uncover Nicky's dark past, you must crack complex puzzles and ingeniously utilize hidden objects scattered throughout the setting. Sneak past the CCTV cameras, deactivate the motion sensors around doors, and use all the tools at your disposal. The HOW is entirely up to you. Equip yourself with essential tools. Utilize JUMP BOOTS to reach high vantage points, X-RAY GLASSES to locate the Neighbor and slip past him unseen, EMP devices to disable traps, or even GLUE to neutralize the infamous Neighbor's threat. Brace yourself for the dreaded BASEMENT. Take a deep breath before entering the basement because more challenges await than initially meets the eye. That's correct; you'll face more than one challenge. Achieve mission success. Master each mission, earn a 3-star rating, and unlock all rewards. Expect side missions to unveil even more than you bargained for. Daily login rewards. Claim your consecutive login rewards daily, from rewards like Scraps to EMPs, Goggles, or Glue, and use them all to outsmart the Neighbor! Jump into side missions. Have you completed all the missions with 3 stars? The adventure isn't over yet! Dive into the side missions and delve deeper into the lore to uncover what the sinister Neighbor has done!
Slendrina: The School

Find 8 fuses, 1 belonging & keys in an old school to unlock a door and please Slendrina to win. Watch your health. Scary game!

Slendrina: The SchoolDVloper
Get ready for a spine-tingling experience as Slendrina makes an eerie comeback!
The School: White Day

Survive a haunted Korean high school, face possessed janitors and ghosts, choose your own ending, and experience a renewed classic horror game.

The School: White DaySONNORI
★ [Instructions for game download for those with a previous purchase] If you're someone who bought The School: White Day before April 30, 2018, and want to download the game again, then all you need to do is use the link below. This page is exclusive to those with an old purchase and need to utilize their existing data and purchase history. (Only accessible to those who have previously bought the game) ★New Buyers Can Get the Lovers of the Beach Outfit for Free ★Resource Download Information When you first play the game, game resources will be downloaded. It's important to note that around 2 GB of data will be downloaded, so you should make sure you have enough storage space, and a reliable Wi-Fi connection. ★Introduction to the Game ★ The School: White Day has arrived, and it's back with a new 3D look. The impressive horror game, The School: White Day, presents innovative 3D graphics, a strong storyline, and a real sense of immersion, all combined into a fantastic horror game experience. The School: White Day is a revision of the original PC game, "White Day: A Labyrinth Named School" which first came out in 2001. The first game was greatly successful in South Korea, and continues to be remembered fondly by fans. The game also attracted a cult following in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and other states. The School: White Day has a distinctly Asian atmosphere and implements a narrative that revolves around a high school overflowing with supernatural tales and riddles. The storyline is about Hui-Min, alongside other pupils, who find themselves locked up in the school late at night. ★Game Features★ The School: White Day rejuvenates the anxiety levels by trapping players in the school after hours! Even though a school setting is very familiar for everybody, Yeondu High School in The School: White Day presents strange aspects, including demoniac janitors, ghosts with mysterious stories, and all kinds of dangers and macabre scenes. Run for your life! Unlike regular horror games, there are no violent or gruesome scenes in The School: White Day, there are no weapons like knives or guns to defend yourself. The player is just an ordinary student who has to run away from the lurking dangers in the school in order to survive. A unique storyline with various possible endings! The School: White Day portrays the story of the protagonist and his fellow female students who are held captive in the school and struggle to stay alive. Their stories unfold in an elaborate and engaging style that rivals console games regarding duration. Moreover, the player’s choices and actions throughout the gameplay determine the game’s result, giving a total of seven distinct endings. ★All 8 Supported Languages: - Korean, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), Russian, Japanese - English voice actor provided - Chinese voice actor provided ★Game Support and Customer Service If you have any inquiries while playing the game, please contact us by emailing at The minimum hardware requirements for The School: White Day are given below. Recommended: Quad-core CPU, 1GB+ RAM
Mimicry: Online Horror Action

The asymmetric survival horror game Mimicry pits 8 players against one monster in a battle royale. Customize your character, communicate in real-time, and lead your team to victory.

Mimicry: Online Horror ActionEuphoria Horror Games
Mimicry is an online horror game that falls under the Battle Royale genre with a twist: one monster against eight survivors who are trying to avoid a dreadful death. The matches are unpredictable, and players can customize their characters making every match unique. The game offers voice chat during battles, various locations, and terrifying monsters that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Survive with your friends while communicating with them through voice chat as you complete tasks and escape from the killer. In this survival horror game, 1 monster and 8 players try to annihilate each other. You can play fear-inducing hide-and-seek online, loot your enemies, assist your friends, or find a weapon and start hunting the monster. It's up to you to do whatever it takes to stay alive, so lead your team to victory. Become a formidable monster and try to decimate the entire squad of armed people. You have the ability to transform into other people to deceive and remain unknown, making it even easier to scare them all to death. They can shoot at you as much as they want, but the key is not to let yourself get burned. Create your unique character in the horror game by choosing facial features, hair, clothes, and accessories for your avatar. Whether funny, cute, fashionable, or scary, the choice is yours. Some features of Mimicry horror game include Battle Royale in "8vs1" format, real-time communication, unique mutants that can transform into any player, and an atmosphere where nobody can be trusted. This game offers character customization which includes hairstyles, clothes, and facial features. You have diverse maps to choose from such as Polar Base, School, and Space Station. The horror game has a spooky and dark atmosphere that will make you think you're a part of a horror movie. The game developers, who drew inspiration from old titles movies such as the Thing, Alien, and Silent Hill, aimed to recreate the same feeling in the game. To summarize, Mimicry is a multiplayer online survival horror game that is not for the faint of heart. It is a horror Battle Royale game that delivers goosebumps to even the most ardent horror enthusiasts.
Cartoon Scary Cat Horror Game

Cartoon Scary Cat Horror GameHorrifying Games Studio
TV Monsters: Escape Survival

Experience 100 scary monster games, each with a different challenge, from evil dolls to haunted toilets and sinister nuns. Solve puzzles and escape from monsters.

TV Monsters: Escape SurvivalFutoo Family Casual Games
Welcome to 100 Scary Monster Games, where your television acts as your gateway to the terrifying world of haunted escape rooms, filled with monsters of all shapes and sizes! From malevolent dolls to haunted lavatories and ominous nuns, each virtual channel introduces a new terrifying test of your courage. Siege these FNF horror games right away and escape from the horrors of these shadowy realms by flipping eagerly from one channel to the next, confronting unique challenges each time. Conquer the various Monster Games Channels: Every time you commit to a different monster-filled channel, you'll be thrust into a sinister gaming environment, sprawling with monsters ready to pounce. Each channel in these horror games is similar to a complex escape room, filled with ghoulish puzzles that might keep you up at night. You'll experience the pulse-quickening suspense and horror of escape monster games, the enigmatic thrill of palace escape games, the rush of escape-room monster run and the sheer excitement of FNF escape room games that will help you weather the terrifying landscapes of these scary games. Tackle Tricky Puzzles within our Scary Games: Rummage through haunting escape games clues about the infamous monster legends, keenly scouring the escape rooms of ghost games to unravel the mysteries surrounding you. Can you effectively navigate the creepy challenges of these and succeed in finding the exit that leads you to safety? Immerse yourself in the world of monster games and horror games, where ghostly encounters and the chill of Halloween await. Lose yourself in the enigmatic ambiance of escape room experiences and explore the twisted world of ghost games, fully engaging in the captivating escape room games to reach the heights of the spooky games on offer. Step up to celebrate the haunting season with Halloween games and overcome the suspenseful challenges that await you in each level of palace escape monster run. Escape the Ghostly Threat of the Spooky Toilet: The Spooky Toilet is hot on your heels and you must evade it! Swiftly leap and dodge perilous obstacles that cop up from behind the stunning platforms you've chosen to run on. Experience the intense mixture of thrills offered by scary games and escape games while enjoying the surreal ambiance of ghost games. Get ready to engage in this high-stakes running race, melding the best of escape room experiences with a gripping tale that puts you to the test as you try to stay ahead of the Toilet, outmaneuvering it every step of the way. Battle the Scary Nun with Our Horror Games: You've landed within the confines of a creepy games church and things are starting to get scary...The Scary Nun is on the warpath! This creepy encounter layers in elements of Halloween games and the sinister atmosphere of escape room hunting. Fully immerse yourself in the creepy experience of spooky games and navigate the eerie ambiance of creepy games that is sure to keep you on edge. Escape From the Evil Doll House with These Halloween Games: You've got to collect all the scattered doll parts and eventually gift them to the good side of the evil doll, thereby restoring her to her rightful place. Get on board with it! Salient Features: - Conquer 100's of Monster Channels in our Ghost Games Collection. - Engage in Tricky Puzzles and Escape Rooms that Challenge your Brain. - Experience Thrilling Jumping and Running using Our Spooky Games Interface. - Collect Hidden Items and Unlockable Prize-packs in Our Creepy Games Levels. - Enjoy Cool 3D Environments within Our Ghost Games Levels that Look Like Real Life Settings. Jump right into this incredible gaming universe filled with ghost games on TV where only the bravest and smartest players survive these super-scary fnf escape games!
Scary Evil Teacher - Evil Nun

Scary Evil Teacher - Evil Nun17th Game Street
Teddy Freddy: Scary Games

Survive the terrifying world of Teddy Freddy, a first-person horror game with deadly puzzles and a scary maniac. Can you escape the haunted house?

Teddy Freddy: Scary GamesTortuga Ltd
Enter a nightmare world full of terror and horror with Teddy Freddy - a challenging first-person stealth horror game that will have you on the edge of your seat. Evil controls this creepy house, and the terrifying maniac known as Teddy Freddy is on the loose. This game will give you goosebumps like no other horror game can. The power of the horror game has been turned off, and Teddy Freddy is getting closer... Do you have what it takes to survive the horror? Do you wake up in a cold sweat after playing terror games or bhoot games? If so, then it's time to challenge yourself with Teddy Freddy, one of the scariest offline games out there. But be careful! The scary maniac called Teddy Freddy by locals is lurking around every corner in this deadly horror game. Choose your level of difficulty and prepare for a thrilling, heart-pumping adventure. With hauntingly beautiful graphics, intricate puzzles, and unique storyline, the atmosphere of the game will keep you on your toes. Silence is key as you creep around the haunted rooms of the house to find your way out and escape the horror maniac. Get ready to solve intriguing puzzles and use clues to navigate through the creepy mansion, but be warned; the levels of difficulty in the evil thriller are not for the faint of heart. Only the bravest gamers will survive in this world of terror and become a winner in the creepy games world. The game features various levels of difficulty in the evil thriller. If you're up for a thrilling adventure like classic ghost games, then Teddy Freddy is the game for you. Alongside the spookiness, the game boasts an immersive soundscape, making it all the more realistic and terrifying. Be careful not to make a sound and give away your position, or Teddy Freddy will find you. Teddy Freddy will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about soft toys and stuffed animals. You'll be left wondering what hides beneath the guise of the maniac freddy terrorizing the town. With our survival horror clue games and scary hidden object games, you may just figure it out. Prepare for an intense experience when you play with headphones on, as you step into a world of darkness. The road to being a survivor in the horror run games is filled with challenges and obstacles, but with the right mindset and a bit of luck, you may make it out alive. Get ready to be scared with Teddy Freddy, the horror game that features ads.
Jeff the Killer: Horror Game

Jeff the Killer: Horror GameSU Company Games
Under: Depths of Fear

Survive a haunted ship with flooding decks, hordes of malicious entities and a traumatized WWI veteran in this classic horror game.

Under: Depths of FearRogue Games
Are you ready to enter into the nightmare of a traumatized veteran? Alexander Dockter is still struggling to survive from the traumatic experience he had in World War I, but now he finds himself aboard a sinking ocean liner in a turn-of-the-century era. You must take control of Dockter and help him escape from the liner and survive through the frenzy of water filling. But, it’s not that simple! For somebody, this is not just a shipwreck but a tempting opportunity to take revenge and haunt Dockter for the things he has done in the past. It would be best if you stay vigilant and discover what is waiting for you in this fearful and prying quest. Surviving in this survival horror game will take a lot of efforts, and you need to have nerves to fight the bone-chilling fear that is awaiting in every corner of the game. This game sets a race against an ocean, and your every move forward and controlling the situation will become an obstacle in the course of this thrilling adventure. The immersive storyline will keep you engaged as you unravel why you're trapped and what you can do to escape this horror world. The game captivates the player with its cutting-edge presentation and horrifying visuals, making it one of the most anticipated horror games of the year. Get ready to get engaged in a frightening adventure that you're never going to forget.
FNaM 4 (Classic Version)

FNaM 4 (Classic Version)Manuel Genaro
Scary Subway Escape Horror

Scary Subway Escape HorrorNext Generation Gaming
Yaten's Horror Session

Yaten's Horror SessionYEDgames
Sundel Bolong Revenge

Escape a haunted building while avoiding Sundel Bolong's revenge, solve puzzles and find items to unlock doors. Watch out for the ghost and don't get caught.

Sundel Bolong RevengeLazySoft Studios
Prepare to be trapped in a haunted edifice and chased down by the menacing Sundel Bolong ghost who seeks vengeance for her wrongful death. Your mission is to locate an escape route and evade the ghost's relentless pursuit while simultaneously cracking puzzles that hold the key to your escape. Keep a keen eye as you explore, as you may stumble upon useful items that can unlock doors and crucial pathways. Beware of getting caught, failure to escape will be your fate. Run and hide in designated areas to avoid detection and survive the ghost's wrath. Indonesian folklore comes to life with the Sundel Bolong ghost, adding a terrifying local flare to the game. Immerse yourself deeper into the horror experience with spine-chilling music that sets the ominous mood. Feel the horror unfold with added new storylines. Find yourself challenged with varying difficulty levels and diverse obstacles to overcome. Enhance your gaming experience with headphones to fully immerse yourself into the spine-tingling gameplay.
Hadal: Indian Horror Game Demo

Hadal: Indian Horror Game DemoArkhive Studio
Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Protect yourself from Freddy and his friends until 6am with only a flashlight. Watch the doors and listen for unwanted creatures. #FiveNightsAtFreddys

Five Nights at Freddy's 4Clickteam USA LLC
Experience terror at its peak with Five Nights at Freddy's, the ultimate horror game. This remastered version is better than ever, available now on PC. You'll need a device with a minimum of 2 GB RAM to run it smoothly. The last chapter of the original Five Nights at Freddy's story is more chilling than ever before. You'll find yourself yet again fighting against the infamous Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy. This time, you'll also have to contend with much worse creatures that skulk in the shadows. As a child with an unknown role to play, you must safeguard yourself through the long night until 6am. Watch the doors and keep an eye out for any unwanted visitors lurking in the closet or hanging out on the bed behind you. You must rely solely on your flashlight to protect yourself. The beam will keep any creepy creatures at bay, but be careful! Listen closely, and watch for movement. If something is too close, shining your flashlight directly into its eyes will make it curtains for you. You can expect a more immersive experience with this remastered version, including interface and audio in English with subtitles available in French, German, Dutch, Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean. Five Nights at Freddy's is guaranteed to have you on edge every step of the way. Get it now and feel the horror! #MadeWithFusion
Chucky The Killer Doll 2

Chucky The Killer Doll 2Abner Winchester
Dunia Lain

Dunia LainLazySoft Studios
Evil Nun 2: Origins

Face terror in the school as you escape Sister Madeline and her monsters in Evil Nun 2, with bigger rooms and puzzles, but beware of jump scares.

Evil Nun 2: OriginsKeplerians Horror Games
Beware, Evil Nun is making a comeback and this time she's bringing her reign of terror to the school! If you're a fan of Keplerian's horror games, then look no further. This is the ultimate scary game you've been waiting for and it promises to be the most spine-chilling experience of your life. If you're a lover of horror games 3D, haunted house games, adventure escape games, or any horror game genre, Evil Nun 2 is the game you've been craving. The storyline is based on the dark past of Sister Madeline, a character that you will love to hate. The thrill of playing this terrifying game is on par with Mr. Meat or the ice cream man from Ice Scream - you'll be screaming your way through the game! In our Evil Nun sequel, you will face scary challenges that are as dangerous as those of a serial killer. Your beloved horror character is back, and the stakes are higher than ever before. This game is not for the faint-hearted, as it will scare you more than any horror stories can! Remember, this is not a game for kids if you're looking for something mild. This is a horror game for serious gamers and horror buffs looking for a thrilling experience. In Evil Nun 2, you'll be trapped in an immersive environment and will have to use your wit to escape from the school. This game is not just a simple point-and-click style game, you'll have to craft weapons and solve puzzles to progress through the game. You'll have to be careful not to make any noise, as Sister Madeline and her monsters can hear you. Keep your eyes open as you navigate the corridors of the school. Be aware that monsters roam the hallways, and you'll need to run for your life when they get too close. But wait, there's more! This is not just a pure horror game. It's also an adventure escape game that features a great storyline with various twists and turns. You'll learn about the dark forces that plague the school and unravel the mystery of Sister Madeline's past. The sense of adventure in this game is palpable, and the feedback from players has been overwhelmingly positive. If you're a fan of horror games for free, then Evil Nun 2 is the perfect game for you. It's a well-crafted game with excellent graphics, atmospheric sounds, and stimulating gameplay that will keep you engrossed for hours. Download it now and brace yourself for the ultimate horror escape experience! Don't forget to leave your feedback in the comments, as we'd like to hear about your nightmarish journey.

AngkerOfficial RiMa Studio
Slender: The Arrival

Slender: The Arrival is the official video game adaptation of Slender Man. Survive as you're stalked by Slender Man, with added features for online competition.

Slender: The ArrivalBlue Isle Studios Inc.
Venture into the unknown. You're stranded, without any assistance. You'll be voiceless. You're in for Slender: The Arrival, the ultimate game manifestation of Slender Man. It's the product of Eric "Victor Surge" Knudson, the mastermind behind the paranormal phenomenon that's been triggering curiosity and nightmares all around the globe. The game has been developed in collaboration with Mark Hadley and Blue Isle Studios. Enhancements: - Slender Man's reach is infinite and will pursue you wherever you roam. Be awed for the first time or get an adrenaline kick re-playing the game you hold dear- directly on your mobile. - Get competitive and climb up the leaderboard competing against your pals in daily, weekly, and lifetime score challenges. - Unlock mobile awards. - Support for mobile devices controls. Reviews: "Compelling storyline and an even more sinister ambiance." 90 – The Escapist "A game that will shake you to the bones." 85 – GameSpot "The Arrival got me teetering on the brink of lunacy. Its combination of petrifying visuals and disturbing audio makes it one of the most nerve-racking horror games out there." 85 – 4Players
Case 2: Animatronics Survival

Animatronics Survival is a sequel to a challenging horror stealth game. Survive at all costs while avoiding the animatronics.

Case 2: Animatronics SurvivalOOO VALNAT
Get ready to face your fears in Animatronics Survival, the spine-chilling sequel to a first-person stealth horror game that will push your survival skills to the limit. In the wake of a terrifying tragedy that shut down a popular amusement park, the city is plagued with disturbing leaflets and rumors of missing people. Was it truly an accident or a deliberate act of terror? You'll play as Jack, a man who's lost everything and now must pay for his crimes. With a well-constructed storyline that's uniquely its own, Animatronics Survival delivers unforeseen twists and turns, as well as an array of game locations that offer a truly immersive gaming experience. To survive, you'll need to use a tablet to manage security cameras and monitor the situation, all while solving challenging puzzles that will put your strategic thinking to the test. But be careful, as the animatronics are always watching - each with their own deadly attacks. Your ultimate mission is to stay alive - at any cost! Make strategic use of shelters and move quietly to avoid being caught. However, be aware that even small missteps can be deadly. Whether you're a seasoned horror game fan or just love a good scare, Animatronics Survival is sure to keep you on edge. Don't miss your chance to experience one of the scariest horror games featuring animatronics!
Mommy Long Legs

Mommy Long LegsAdrenaline Ltd
Slendrina: The Cellar 2

Slendrina: The Cellar 2DVloper
Dark Deception Maze

Dark Deception MazeDadoo Games

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