Under: Depths of Fear

Under: Depths of Fear

Rogue Games
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Survive a haunted ship with flooding decks, hordes of malicious entities and a traumatized WWI veteran in this classic horror game.

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Are you ready to enter into the nightmare of a traumatized veteran? Alexander Dockter is still struggling to survive from the traumatic experience he had in World War I, but now he finds himself aboard a sinking ocean liner in a turn-of-the-century era. You must take control of Dockter and help him escape from the liner and survive through the frenzy of water filling. But, it’s not that simple! For somebody, this is not just a shipwreck but a tempting opportunity to take revenge and haunt Dockter for the things he has done in the past. It would be best if you stay vigilant and discover what is waiting for you in this fearful and prying quest.

Surviving in this survival horror game will take a lot of efforts, and you need to have nerves to fight the bone-chilling fear that is awaiting in every corner of the game. This game sets a race against an ocean, and your every move forward and controlling the situation will become an obstacle in the course of this thrilling adventure. The immersive storyline will keep you engaged as you unravel why you're trapped and what you can do to escape this horror world. The game captivates the player with its cutting-edge presentation and horrifying visuals, making it one of the most anticipated horror games of the year. Get ready to get engaged in a frightening adventure that you're never going to forget.
Rogue Games
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