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Explore the Bradbury Complex city in Cyberika, fight with freaky punks in dark backstreets and stand the best hired gun. Discover advanced technology and the grim reality of urban decay. Money and guns solve all problems! Witness the unfolding consequences of artificial intelligence gaining consciousness and surpassing humanity in Fake Future. Dive deep into the enigmatic Ancient Network to unveil the mysteries of the lost civilization. Solve puzzles in Hyperforma and find out the truth!
CyberHero: Cyberpunk PvP TPS

Cyberpunk fans unite! CyberHero is a free sci-fi third-person shooter with RPG elements, PvP battles, weapon upgrades and more!

CyberHero: Cyberpunk PvP TPSMindStudios Games
Are you yearning to delve into a futuristic realm? Look no further because CyberHero is the game for you! This science fiction game is tailored for cyberpunk enthusiasts, offering a fresh, highly developed, third-person shooter game fused with role-playing game elements. In this game, prepare for a futuristic player versus player (PvP) contest in a neon cyberpunk environment. You can create your own distinctive character, collect loot, and upgrade weapons, all while leading your squad to take down your opponents and become the strongest on the battlefield. Get ready to make your Cyber Hero and personalize it to your liking. You can choose from multiple skins for your character and develop new skills to master your weapons efficiently. Craft new items and loot them for upgrades, using neon, credits, and scrap to level up your equipment. You can even mix similar items to obtain additional bonuses and create compelling sets to make your rivals envious. The game begins when you enter into exciting 3x3 and deathmatch PvP battles, and shoot down your adversaries to dominate the contest. You can also form a team and play alongside them to fight stronger opponents, complete secret missions, and quests to ensure that your territory is safe. With CyberHero, you can enjoy the gameplay with its thrilling third-person shooter with real-time battles, open daily cases, and level up your characters. The game also includes seasonal events, monthly prizes, and a chance to ascend to the top in the thrilling Neon City. It's important to note that CyberHero is free-to-play, but users can purchase in-game items with real money. If you struggle with addictive tendencies, please disable this feature. Get ready for a thrilling, futuristic adventure in CyberHero!
Whispers of a Machine

Whispers of a Machine combines Scandinavian noir with sci-fi elements. Augmented special agent Vera hunts down murderers with multiple solutions. Consequences impact humanity in this innovation.

Whispers of a MachineRaw Fury
Whispers of a Machine is a game that combines elements of science-fiction, Nordic noir, and mystery. You will be stepping into the shoes of Vera, a special agent who is augmented with cybernetic enhancements, as she investigates a series of brutal murders. The truth behind these killings is far from straightforward, however, as Vera discovers links to a group of fanatics who are determined to create an outlawed AI superintelligence. Complicating matters further is Vera's own emotional baggage. A past trauma comes back to haunt her, causing her to question her own sanity and perhaps even the values she holds dear. As a Central Bureau agent, she has access to Blue, a rare nano-substance that endows her with superhuman abilities that adapt to her unique psychological profile. As you play, you will need to choose Vera's playstyle and decide on the approach she takes to each situation. Will you have her behave empathetically, analytically, or assertively? This choice will affect her augmentations and the types of puzzles she'll need to solve. You will use your skills of investigation, gathering information, and puzzle-solving to progress through the story. The game takes place in a post-AI futuristic dystopia that draws heavily on Nordic design aesthetic. You will explore beautifully hand-drawn pixel art environments in this realized world. The point-and-click adventure genre is given new life by the innovative gameplay elements that the experienced developers have added. The game's story features over 4,000 lines of dialogue, all of which are professionally voiced in English. The voice acting is directed by Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games, providing an immersive and engaging experience. With multiple endings and emotionally gripping story beats, every action you take as Vera will have monumental consequences that can affect all of humanity.
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Cyber Samurai: Ninja Warrior

In a world of cybernetic enhancements and space travel, Cyber Samurai must save his comrade Elise from the evil Dark Grifter's ninja army.

Cyber Samurai: Ninja WarriorAsif Baig
In the futuristic world of 2105, humans have undergone incredible cybernetic enhancements that have given them amazing traits like heightened vision, strength, and intelligence. The traditional archetypes of Samurai and ninja have also undergone a profound transformation thanks to cutting-edge computer technologies. But with all this progress comes a dark side as well. Terrorists have also made use of these technologies to further their nefarious activities, targeting not just Earth, but the entire galaxy itself. Unfortunately, Elise, a promising starship pilot, has fallen into the hands of the notorious Dark Grifter and his army of ninja. Dark Grifter is a force to be reckoned with, an undefeatable fighter who seeks to dominate the galaxy using his powerful army of ninja. But before her capture, Elise managed to transmit vital information to the greatest warrior of them all, Cyber Samurai. The information contained in a holographic recording of Elise will prove crucial to the ultimate defeat of Dark Grifter. Cyber Samurai sets out on his perilous journey to rescue Elise and stop Dark Grifter and his army of ninja. Drawing on all his enhanced abilities and martial prowess, Cyber Samurai faces the toughest challenge of his life. As he discovers that Elise is being held captive onboard Dark Grifter's ship, he summons all his strength and skills to overcome the ruthless ninja and save his beloved friend.
Hyperforma Premium

Discover vanished civilization's secrets in cyberspace. Communicate with Titanic Interfaces & hack their Forms in this thrilling sci-fi game.

Hyperforma PremiumHeroCraft Ltd.
As time passes, the civilization of the past fades away, abandoning only the remnants of the Ancient Network. After 256 years, a brave explorer, whose identity remains undisclosed, ventures deep into the Network's chilling abyss. Embark on a thrilling journey through the never-ending and barren cyberspace, drawing inspiration from the magnificent works of William Gibson, Dan Simmons, and Peter Watts. Explore the Ancient Network and unravel the enigmatic mysteries of the lost civilization. Interact with the colossal Titanic Interfaces and intrude their heavily secured Forms. The unfathomed riddles concealed within the Network eagerly await your arrival. Experience a captivating cyberpunk sci-fi epic, with electrifying gameplay, and an immersive ambiance.
Cyber Surfer: Beat&Skateboard

Surf the cyberpunk world, hit the rings, and experience different music styles with Cyber Surfer. Unlock VIP features and over 200 hottest songs now. 🏄🎶

Cyber Surfer: Beat&SkateboardBadsnowball Limited
Enter the futuristic world of Cyber Surfer where you can ride your skateboard as a cyberpunk knight and immerse yourself in different types of music. From Pop to Rock, from JPOP to KPOP, and featuring popular artists like Imagine Dragons, Justin Bieber, LiSA, BLACKPINK & BTS, and even the FNF playlist, you can experience various musical styles while playing the game. You also have the option to play any saved song from your phone to add to the fun! Playing Cyber Surfer is simple, just use your finger to move the surfer from side to side and hit the ring that matches its color. However, the colors may change, so always be on alert! With its cyberpunk-inspired aesthetic, Cyber Surfer offers a visually stunning and immersive music game experience. The game features various song styles, from global hit songs to independent music. Furthermore, you can change weapons and equipment to catch higher scores and experience the thrill of smashing! Access VIP Features now to get an ad-free experience, unlock 200+ hot songs, and enjoy free revives for nonstop playing. Download Cyber Surfer and enjoy the fun and delightful experience it offers. And if you encounter any issues, feel free to contact us at Please note that if any producer or label has an issue with the music or images used in the game, kindly send us an email, and we will immediately take the necessary action to address your concern.
Neon Flytron: Cyberpunk Flight

Cyberpunk racer, dodging obstacles, customization, epic soundtrack and bosses. Follow @mobyzay for updates.

Neon Flytron: Cyberpunk FlightMobyzay
Experience an incredible adventure in a cyberpunk world with vibrant neon lights! Navigate through the city's traffic and moving bridges, soar between trains and gigantic fans, and employ a protective shield to dodge obstacles. Behold the beautifully designed neon signs passing by as you speed ahead. Prepare yourself for numerous hazards that lie ahead; but fear not, for you possess the necessary skills to conquer them! Prove your worth and achieve the title of the best pilot in the city! Features: 🔸 Immerse yourself into the mesmerizing neon cyberpunk world with amazing graphics. 🔸 Engage in dynamic and unpredictable gameplay that guarantees an enthralling experience. 🔸 Personalize your car to complement your unique style. 🔸 With a single finger, steer smoothly for comfortable play. 🔸 Experience electronic music that transports you into the future. 🔸 Play with your choice of music in a rhythm game. 🔸 Battle distinctive bosses and demonstrate your agility. 🔸 Get completely immersed with the first-person view. Our game is still in development, so your feedback is invaluable to us! We eagerly await your opinions. Connect with us for the latest news and updates: Twitter: @mobyzay Instagram: @mobyzay Join the conversation on: Reddit: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:
Fake Future

Cyber-pixel aesthetics and science fiction blend seamlessly in Fake Future, as humanity faces consequences of AI gaining consciousness. Forge a new society, explore desolate landscapes, and awaken AI sentience.

Fake FutureYuzun Technology
Experience the consequences of artificial intelligence gaining consciousness and surpassing humanity in Fake Future. Witness the emergence of "Icey", an enigmatic and powerful energy source that leads humanity to a pivotal crossroads. With cryptic clues, take a plunge into the uncharted world of "pixel" space and immerse yourself in a mesmerizing pixelated simulation game that blends cyber-pixel aesthetics and science fiction. In Fake Future, you have the power to reboot the planet and forge a new society. Unleash your unbridled creativity and imagination and choose your own destiny through block-building and strategic placements. It's all up to you as you construct your very own homeland in this captivating journey. Traverse through vast wastelands that hold thrilling adventures and unfathomable mysteries waiting to be solved in Fake Future. Explore deserts, forests, mines, and tunnels, as you uncover enigmatic realms of alien life forms. Gather your comrades and embark on a remarkable expedition that will test your ability to survive and collaborate with others. In Fake Future, your choices shape the destiny of all kinds of strange visitors who will visit your headquarters. Will you adhere to your principles in the face of the unknown or forge alliances to ensure your survival when deliverymen seeking aid, robbers, and cyborgs come calling? Delve deeper into the mysteries of AI consciousness and witness its awakening through the cultivation of your own world of Cyberoids. Unravel the secrets of scattered easter eggs and leverage the advanced technologies of these beings to create even more Cyberoids. Discover that you are not alone in Fake Future. Visitors from distant planets will grace your base and grant you access to abundant resources and advanced technologies. Reflect on past events and recount the journey that brought humanity to the brink of extinction. Join the Fake Future community on socials and discover the secrets that lie within! Contact them via
Cyber Protocol

Cyber Protocol: an arcade puzzle game in a Cyberpunk world. 100 original levels, local multiplayer, retro themes, and 80s inspired soundtracks. Can you hack it?

Cyber ProtocolRedDeerGames sp. z o.o.
Are you prepared to confront the most difficult game in history that has won numerous awards? Cyber Protocol invites you to take up the challenge and become a part of the action in this exciting arcade puzzle game set in a Cyberpunk scenario with a strong and dynamic gameplay. As the main hero, your mission is to activate the protocol and revive your humanoid friend – G0X6. Get ready for the absorbing gameplay with an infinite number of challenges that will keep you engaged, thanks to the team's effort to create 100 unique levels with various traps and mechanics that can be used in different ways. Each stage is original and exciting, making you feel as involved and hooked as the first time. Experience the thrill of competition and share the fun with your loved ones with up to four players locally. Be cautious though, only the best hackers can pass it without harm. For those who seek more adrenaline, the arcade mode awaits. Hacking the system at an increased pace with limited lives is not an easy task. But, if you are good enough, glory, fame and success are within your grasp, as you secure your place in the top 20 global ranking of cyber hackers! If you miss the retro games style, Cyber Protocol has got you covered. Progress in the game and travel back in time to the '80s by changing game themes and sounds. When you feel exhausted after hacking passionately, sit back and enjoy the Cyber Protocol Synthwave and 8bit soundtracks before facing the next challenge! Join the top 20 global ranking, and have good luck and fun in Cyber Protocol.

Engage in fast-paced 3v3 PvP battle royale in a cyberpunk world with unique weapons and abilities, in a skill-based game with global leaderboards.

Immerse yourself in a thrilling, action-packed, free-to-play multiplayer game with Gridpunk - Battle Royale 3v3 PvP. This cyberpunk shooter offers intense real-time battles against 36 players, supplying players with unique weapons and super attack gadgets. Shooter enthusiasts will be exhilarated with this game's fast-paced rounds and real-time PvP gameplay. Gridpunk - Battle Royale 3v3 PvP prides itself on being 100% skill-based, so players never feel forced to pay to win. The game mechanics are simple to grasp, yet difficult to master, allowing for ultra-competitive, cross-platform play. Players of all skill levels can enjoy the intuitive controls, with the aim-system designed for both casual and hardcore players. Choose your game mode with Gridpunk - Battle Royale 3v3 PvP, whether it be the immersive Deathmatch mode or something else. With tons of weapons, gadgets, and abilities to select from, players can arm themselves accordingly for a close-range or long-distance combat. Want to wreak havoc with exotic rocket launchers or strike fear into the hearts of your opponents as a suicide bomber? Gridpunk - Battle Royale 3v3 PvP has it all. As you gain XP and level up, you can unlock higher-tier guns and other weapons. Choose the proper shooter for your specific playstyle, with long-range rifles or snipers, short-range shotguns or automatic blast lasers. Play in real-time multiplayer battles where you'll face off against competitors who match your shooter skill. Climbing the leaderboard is the ultimate goal, where you can unlock awesome cyberpunk gear. Choose your class wisely and climb the league leaderboards with seasonality. Gridpunk - Battle Royale 3v3 PvP offers various classes, including Rockerboy, a fast and sneaky class, and Netrunner, a master of assassination. Follow Gridpunk - Battle Royale 3v3 PvP on social media to stay up to date with the latest news and events, and join the community today!
Tales of the Neon Sea

In a future cyber city, Detective Rex solves cases and confronts a robot rebellion in this retro pixelated, cyberpunk puzzle game.

The immense metropolis floating above casts shadows on the ground, and the dazzling neon lights never fade. The distant future is fueled by advancements in technology, and machines and people live alongside each other. Amid the intersection of punk rock and grandeur in this cyber city, both noises and peace can be heard. Our main character, Rex, used to work for the police force but now runs a private investigation agency that undertakes various assignments. Nevertheless, fate has already played its cards. A peculiar homicide case disrupts the peacefulness of his life, and trouble looms as the robots start rebelling. With a semi-mechanical god manipulating destiny, and rebels hiding in the shadow, Detective Rex embarks on a perilous journey through chaotic slums and a dangerous underworld to uncover clues and achieve his long-time ambition. Distinctive features: - An extraordinary fusion of antiquated pixels and cyberpunk elements - A multitude of puzzle types to solve - Two protagonists: Play as Rex and his feline collaborator - Numerous achievements and collectables to acquire - A profound and captivating gaming environment Stay connected with us: Twitter: Facebook:

PinOut: a stunning, award-winning pinball game with pulsating lights and retro wave beats. Continuously race through a mysterious canyon. Optional premium upgrade available.

Pinball has been reimagined by the talented developers of award-winning games such as Smash Hit and Does not Commute. Enter an enigmatic canyon where pulsating lights and retro wave beats create a hypnotic atmosphere as you race against the clock in a thrilling and continual journey. Get ready for an arcade experience like no other with the pinball mechanic transformed into an impressive game. "PinOut truly is a stunningly designed and intelligent pinball game." according to Wired. While EuroGamer simply says, "Don't miss out on PinOut!" and PocketGamer goes on to describe it as an unconventional pinball game, stating "it's something you don't want to miss!" Stuff magazine urges people to play this "irresistible mobile ball smacker" that offers endless entertainment without the distraction of ads. Although it's best to make a one-time in-app purchase that unlocks the ability to advance from previously reached checkpoints, players can enjoy playing at no charge. Enter a world of adventure with PinOut and experience a game that's way better than traditional pinball. Get it now!

Monobot: a physics-based puzzle platformer set in a dystopian world. Upgrade Mono and uncover the mysteries to discover humanity's fate in a rich, handcrafted world.

MonobotDreamSmith Studio
Embark on a perilous journey filled with enigma and seclusion. Overcome various challenges and unravel the concealed mysteries within the depths of a bleak dystopian world. Do you have what it takes to break free from the endless cycle and discover your true identity? Monobot offers an engaging 2D physics-based puzzle platformer where you assume the guise of Mono - a small entity stranded in a hostile world, where lethal robots reign supreme and the looming threat of danger is always present. Upon awakening, Mono must journey alone, solving puzzles and piecing together the fragments that make up the enigmatic narrative of this post-apocalyptic world. As a simple robot with limited knowledge, Mono must utilize his wits and agility to traverse this desolate world. However, as Mono progresses through the game, players can expect to unlock unique enhancements such as the magnetic arm and the teleportation arm. These upgrades enable Mono to solve challenging puzzles and reach new heights of exploration. As you delve deeper into the game, uncover a variety of documents and overcome various obstacles to reveal the truth about humanity's ultimate fate. Features: * Traverse through a world inhabited by hostile robots that seek to destroy any non-conforming bots * Use cunning and puzzle-solving techniques to unravel mysteries, unlock new pathways, and discover humanity's tragic history * Enhance Mono's robotic arm to overcome various obstructions scattered throughout the bleak dystopian future * Utilize artificial gravity to overcome various environmental hazards and traverse treacherous terrain * Decipher communication logs to uncover the grand and tragic story of humanity's rise and fall * Immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted and visually engaging world that provides a cinematic experience * Experience 7 captivating chapters that offer a wide range of puzzles, stealthy excursions, and perilous encounters. * Multiple alternate endings that are determined by the decisions you make throughout the game * Enjoy seamless integration with full controller support. For further guidance or assistance, kindly join our DISCORD channel at **, or send us an email at **. We are always happy to help.
Cyberika: Action Cyberpunk RPG

Explore the dark, futuristic city of Bradbury Complex in Cyberika, an action-adventure MMORPG with advanced combat, unique upgrades, and immersive storytelling.

Cyberika: Action Cyberpunk RPGBrickworks Games
Engage in a thrilling action-adventure MMORPG that takes place in a cyberpunk universe in Cyberika. Immerse yourself in the story of a futuristic city called Bradbury Complex where you will meet its inhabitants, complete crucial quests, and face off against dangerous street punks in dark alleys while racing through neon-lit streets in your sleek sports car. Upgrade your body, weapon, and skills to become the most exceptional hired gun in the lawless city where survival of the fittest is the only law and the police are powerless. Embark on your journey from a humble apartment on the outskirts of the city as you strive to stand out in the crowd with your customized car, jacket or gun. Explore the city neighborhoods that are controlled by various gangs and experience the advanced combat system with a wide array of weapons, from bats and pistols to laser swords and energy rifles. Cyber implants are available to give you superhuman abilities in battle against different opponents, from everyday street punks and cyber-hounds to military robots, cyber-ninjas, and bosses. Speed is freedom in the city, where you can trust the autopilot with your route, but taking the wheel in your hands during high-speed chases could be the difference between life and death. Customize and upgrade your apartment with a virtual reality uplink and equipment fixing stations, where you can also place orders from The Slurp Shop for your favorite noodles. Experience the waves of sound from the leading retrowave and synthwave artists like Magic Sword and Power Glove as you roam the city. Coming soon are major events in multiplayer mode, including co-op raids and clan wars. Gain access to cyberspace, and be mindful of ending up in cyber-prison, as escaping may not be an easy task to accomplish. Check out for more information on the game, and join the Cyberika community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord. Join the adventure and explore the cyberpunk world of Cyberika, where money, guns, and your wits determine whether you survive.

Huntdown: A retro-style, comedic 2D platformer where you play as one of three bounty hunters taking down four deadly gangs in a pixel-painted metropolis.

HuntdownCoffee Stain Publishing
Being a bounty hunter is the only way for you to earn big in Huntdown, the game that took the gaming community by storm when it was released on PC and consoles in 2020. And now, the cult favorite is all set to be the talk of the town on mobile. Get started with the free demo today and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience with no ads or microtransactions. Step into the shoes of one of the three ruthless bounty hunters and save the city from the clutches of violence and corruption. This pixelated metropolis is inspired by the 80s, featuring all the iconic action movies and arcade games from that era. Unleash your creative weaponry and bring the underworld to its knees. Huntdown is a fast-paced action-packed platformer game that offers strategic 2D combat against four distinct gangs and a plethora of criminals. Expect to be met with a barrage of missiles, explosions, and several unique one-liners, all packed into one fun-filled adventure brought to you by Easy Trigger and Coffee Stain Publishing. The game consists of 20 levels, each of which is packed with platforming pandemonium, ranging from towering rooftops to dingy alleyways and casinos as you wreak havoc through the bustling criminal underworld. Choose your bounty hunter from Anna Conda, the merciless ex-commando, cyborg John Sawyer, or modified droid Mow Man. Each of them comes loaded with their own unique weapons, such as machine guns and pistols, along with other choices like kunai, boomerangs, and tomahawks to grind down your enemies. The 16-bit handcrafted style of the game comes with beautifully rendered pixel art, furnished with sidescrolling settings and detailed backgrounds and animations, making it an even more enthralling experience. Welcome to the world of Huntdown, where chaos is rife, and only you can bring justice to the lawless land.
Super Clone: cyberpunk roguelike action

Be the hero and defeat rogue robots to save stolen cities in Super Clone. Upgrade weapons and skills, customize armor and experience the cyberpunk world.

Super Clone: cyberpunk roguelike actionLimitless Rocket
Become the only hero on a dystopian world overrun by robots in Super Clone. As you embark on your quest to save civilization, you must also uncover your lost memories. Explore the cities, gather pieces of the past and upgrade your gear and weaponry. Bonus points for locating the elusive feline. The game boasts multi-stage skill sets that will equip you with endless combat possibilities. Super Clone is the ultimate experience for any cyberpunk enthusiast. Defeat rogue robots and protect the metropolis with your arsenal of weapons and skills. Crafting your unique super clone is easy with customization options that allow you to mix and match cyberpunk armor designs. Weapon selections create distinct impacts on your enemies, delivering immersive gameplay that combines the best elements of rogue-like RPG and puzzles. Upgrade your Super Clone's guns, armor, and capabilities as you progress through the game's roguish system. Find spectacular moves that will wow even the most experienced gamers. Choose from a vast selection of powerful guns, armor, and skills to blast away at hundreds of mechanical robots. Become a hero by upgrading your Super Clone through a stylish and exciting combat experience. The retro 3D graphics, colorful light effects, and deep sounds create a visually pleasing cyberpunk environment. Players can immerse their senses as they navigate various city themes and combat robots with the ultimate hitting impact. Players interested in cyberpunk design and action shooting games will find Super Clone irresistible. The roguelike upgrade system is perfect for fans who want to create a range of superclone heroes by choosing armor, weapons, and skills for endless possibilities. Super Clone is not your boring rogue-like game, though – it delivers the colorful hitting feeling sought by players looking for an immersive combat experience. Stay tuned for future updates, new modes, and even more exciting stages on Super Clone.

Explore the vanished civilization's Ancient Network, communicate with Titanic Interfaces, hack secured Forms, and uncover hidden secrets in Hyperforma's sci-fi adventure.

HyperformaHeroCraft Ltd.
In a world where past civilizations have disappeared, the only remaining artifact is the enigmatic Ancient Network waiting to be discovered. More than two centuries later, a brave adventurer, whose name is unknown, embarks on an expedition into its unfathomable realm. In this game, you will embark on an odyssey through the endless void of cyberspace, taking inspiration from the works of iconic sci-fi writers such as William Gibson, Dan Simmons, and Peter Watts. Prepare to be thrust into an engaging narrative, as you traverse the Ancient Network, uncovering each hidden mystery as they come Immersed in the eerie world of Ancient Network, unravel its secrets by communicating with the mighty Titanic Interfaces. Your hacking skills will be put to the test as you try to navigate through secured Forms. Within the network, secrets are lurking all around you. Brace yourself for the enigmatic and thrilling story of the cyberpunk sci-fi universe that provides stupendous gameplay and a fantastic atmosphere. Hyperforma is a complimentary game, but it does offer some exclusive features that can be paid for. To prevent purchases being made in-game, you can customize the in-game purchase settings from the restrictions options on your device.
CyberCode Online

Join a vibrant Cyberpunk community in a simple MMO with text-based RPG, rouge-like dungeon crawling, Real-Time co-op, and real-time player market.

CyberCode OnlineDex App Studio
Are you in search of a MMO game that has a remarkable RPG element and doesn't consume too much of your phone's resources? Download now and immerse yourself in the dynamic Cyberpunk community. Sharpen your dungeon-crawling skills by playing the rogue-like ASCII styled dungeons, where you can defeat enemies and obtain epic loots. Leveling up is an effortless task in this game thanks to the simple MMO Idle AFK tasks, which enable you to level up conveniently, even when your phone is off. Join forces with actual players to fight dungeon and bosses in real-time, and experience exhilarating online combat accompanied by an incredible text RPG interface. Take advantage of the global chat available which boasts a friendly community always willing to help. The game provides you with a real-time player market to trade your items and earn a profit, making it an ultimate gaming experience.
Battle Night

In Cyberpunk Detective, gather a team to uncover a hidden scheme in a futuristic city, featuring an idle system and unique hero customization.

Battle NightFT Games
In the year 2077, the world is on the brink of collapse as global powers engage in a bitter cold war. The city- a lawless place, glares with bright neon lights amidst the thick fog while its inhabitants remain oblivious to the looming danger. The disparity between technological advancements and decaying civilizations has created an irreversible conflict- and Cyberpunk has now been unveiled. In a dingy detective agency, a sharp-witted detective senses a change in the air and embarks on a mission to uncover the hidden scheme. He seeks a team that will assist him in this risky undertaking. ☆FEATURES OF THE GAME☆ 👍Idle System An immersive idle gameplay system where you can train your heroes while you are away, creating a laid-back experience. 👍Cyber Sensation The game features well-designed maps, futuristic streets, and dazzling night scenes, creating the perfect science-fiction vibe. 👍Elite Boss The game includes creatively developed bosses to add an unrivaled gaming experience and decline repetitive robot battles. 👍Hero Skills Tree The game's hero skills tree is a feature that sets it apart by allowing players to innovate and customize the formation, making each hero unique. 👍Ample Challenge Mode The core game modes such as Main Maps, Arena PK, Hero Expedition, Core Adventure have been innovated, providing more opportunities for players to stay excited. Connect with us: FB Discord
Cyberworld Online

Cyber World: immersive, multiplayer cyberpunk game. Experience different districts, customize your character, collect weapons, defeat enemies & mafia. Play now!

Cyberworld OnlineWenkly Studio Sp. z o.o.
Enter the vibrant world of Cyber World, the only open-world RPG game on Google Play that will transport you to a city of crime where there is hardly any space for another gang. Explore this cyberpunk world, raise your character, and fight against the gangs that rule the streets. The game offers an open world filled with different districts, cybernetic gang members, a variety of missions, and futuristic weaponry waiting for you to explore. Take advantage of the multiplayer mode to engage in a thrilling online experience, playing with up to eight players simultaneously and battling your cyber opponents with your friends. As you progress through the game, you become stronger by defeating cyberpunk enemies and completing quests. You can collect gear from your defeated foes, including dead hostiles, robots, and rival gangs, and buy tons of various weapons, from cyber swords to rifles. Immerse yourself in the 3D cyberpunk city, where you can customize your character to your liking. The game offers some of the best graphics with a third-person perspective that adds to the immersive gameplay experience. Additionally, fancy wardrobe features will enable you to make your character unique, and your weapon will never be the same again. The cyber mafia dominates the city, but you can show them who the real gangster is. Challenge them, deal with them like a real-life gangster, and customize your gear, weapons, and overall identity. Experience the thrill of combat and music, letting yourself become part of the game's animations, mini-games, and activities. Join the community of players and dominate the game by following Cyber World's official channels on Discord, Facebook, and Instagram. Start your cyberpunk adventure and discover all that this game has to offer.
Special Agent CyberDuck

Special Agent CyberDuck is a pixelart platformer where you must defeat minions, equip multiple weapons, and unlock characters to take down an artificial intelligence bent on world domination.

Special Agent CyberDuckFunbit.
Greetings, players! Special Agent CyberDuck is here to save the day! If you're having fun with the game, please consider watching a couple of in-game Video Ads to support the solo developer. You can also make an in-app purchase to show your appreciation by tipping the developer or buying items to use in the game. Join our Reddit Community if you have any questions or want to discuss the game further. CyberDuck must wake up to face a challenging mission. The Rogue A.I known as GODBOT has escaped containment and united with the crime syndicates to wreak havoc in the city. As CyberDuck, you must lead your team of Special Agents to defeat GODBOT and restore peace to the city. Special Agent CyberDuck is an action-packed pixel art platform game. The game features explosive mayhem, epic boss fights, and intricate puzzles. Your objective is to figure out how to defeat the minions, rescue hostages, dodge obstacles, and confront GODBOT. Once you've completed the game, you can test your skills again on Suicide mode and post your Speedrun times to compete on Google Leaderboards. As you progress, you can unlock new weapons and attributes to improve your fighting ability. You can also enlist new Special Agent characters with unique characteristics to help CyberDuck. Special Agent CyberDuck features multiple difficulty settings to accommodate your skills level and mobile device. Furthermore, you can unlock additional features by entering game codes. In conclusion, Special Agent CyberDuck is an addictive retro-style game that would keep you engaged. It features exciting gameplay mechanics, humorous characters, and lively pixelated graphics. You can join the Reddit community, follow the developer on Twitter, or access Fandom Wiki to learn more about Special Agent CyberDuck. If you want to support the developer, you can watch a couple of Video Ads or make an in-app purchase.

Join CyberPop, enter a virtual body, and combat, socialize, explore and create in a real world that breaks the fourth wall with meta elements.

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the captivating world of Cyberpop New World, a society complete with advanced digital and biological technologies. With the foundation of cyberpunk as the backdrop, Cyberpop was created to be a visually stunning and trendy world, with a chill vibe and a futuristic outlook. Join the community on our Discord server to earn coins through participating in exciting activities and purchase exclusive game items. You'll be able to use these items to participate in the game and enhance your experience, from thrilling combat to socializing within the virtual world. The game allows players to enter a virtual body through the client, where you can take on a multitude of actions, including battling opponents, socializing, exploring the vast landscape, and even creating your own virtual world. However, the game offers much more than just an ordinary virtual world. The meta elements of breaking the fourth wall make it a real-world experience. Unlike traditional games, where the NPCs are programmed to act and behave in a certain way, the NPCs in Cyberpop know that the world they live in is a video game. This makes them seek the help of players who have higher-dimensional knowledge to survive in their world. In the world of Cyberpop, players can retain their real identity, while fully immersing themselves in the gameplay experience and becoming whoever they want to be. Furthermore, the game has a diverse range of worlds to explore, connecting different styles such as the gods-forsaken wasteland, and the MagicPunk universe with a "Dune"-inspired aesthetic. There are endless possibilities for players who seek a new reality and a different kind of life.
Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is a competitive sandbox mobile game featuring survival, shooting, exploration, skills, parkour, and a new Loot Lord mode. Season 12 and Knight-themed outfits now available.

Cyber HunterNetEase Games
Cyber Hunter is a cutting-edge mobile sandbox game that offers a competitive gaming experience. Packed with various elements such as survival, exploration, shooting, skills, and parkour; this game is set to provide you with a unique gaming adventure. One of the new features added is the gameplay mode called "Loot Lord." A challenging mode that requires a 4-player squad, where players will take on the role of gold diggers. The aim? To collect valuable items, challenge tough opponents, and defeat other gold diggers. The last team standing will exchange their loot for the exclusive currency of the Three-star Peninsula to obtain more powerful weapons—one of the toughest modes in Cyber Hunter. The new season, S12: Knight's Glory, boasts two themed outfits, "Knight of Honor" and "Knight's Glory." Players will also have the opportunity to explore new maps and game modes. Cyber Hunter's characters are designed with next-generation face shaping art, providing players the opportunity to create distinct and vivid heroes with over a hundred cosmetic designs. Players will also need to use tactical skills like optical camouflage, quantum barriers, and invisible force fields to survive in this sandbox world. You can also show off your parkour skills by gliding in the sky, navigating a deep sea, or using various parkour moves during combat. The free-roaming sandbox world is designed with 100-meter-high waterfalls, desert temples, and swampy relics to explore. At every corner, players can find a variety of weapons to aid them in their journey. Stay connected to the Cyber Hunter community through their official website, Facebook page, Facebook group, Discord, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Join the community today and experience a new gaming adventure!
Cyber Rebellion

Cyber Rebellion - a cyberpunk Hero Collection Game. Rebuild, defend, raid, and fight the Invaders in an immersive combat experience.

Cyber RebellionNeocraft Limited
Join us on Facebook at CyberRebellionOfficial to stay up-to-date with the latest game news and updates. Immerse yourself in the world of Cyber Rebellion and take on the Invaders in the Otherworld. The real world has been corrupted by the destroyer Apocalypse, who has released the "α virus" causing chaos and destruction. As an Inspector and Warrior, it's up to you to fight against the enemy and protect Skyfall City from invaders. With your mighty power, you won't back down in the face of danger. Enter the Cyber Era in 2177 and experience the thrilling cyberpunk doomsday background setting. Skyfall City remains the last sanctuary for human civilization, and you must work with fellow Inspectors and Warriors to defend it against Apocalypse's attacks. Take part in abundant and challenging combat modes, such as rebuilding the area, defending the homeland, raiding the supply, and even facing off against the world Boss. With immersive cyber combat experience, the adrenaline-pumping action starts now. Collect hundreds of talented warriors in futuristic sci-fi cyber-style weapons with unique warrior skills that will bring breathtaking visual showcases and groundbreaking weapon skills to your battles. Upgrade your warriors through various customization options, such as Advancement, Prosthetic Transplant, Spiritual Reform, and Skill Improvement. Build your strongest warriors team and take on the challenges ahead. Strategize and optimize your squad combination by adjusting the team formation and making wise decisions in every turn. Develop new warriors and create a variety of the best combinations. Join in the fancy gamer community events and claim your daily rewards as you embark on your Skyfall City Journey. Meet up with friends on the battlefield and compete or co-op with Inspectors from all over the world to make your adventure much more exciting and rewarding. Get ready to enter the world of Cyber Rebellion and unleash your full potential to save humanity.

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