Special Agent CyberDuck

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Special Agent CyberDuck is a pixelart platformer where you must defeat minions, equip multiple weapons, and unlock characters to take down an artificial intelligence bent on world domination.

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Greetings, players! Special Agent CyberDuck is here to save the day! If you're having fun with the game, please consider watching a couple of in-game Video Ads to support the solo developer. You can also make an in-app purchase to show your appreciation by tipping the developer or buying items to use in the game. Join our Reddit Community if you have any questions or want to discuss the game further.

CyberDuck must wake up to face a challenging mission. The Rogue A.I known as GODBOT has escaped containment and united with the crime syndicates to wreak havoc in the city. As CyberDuck, you must lead your team of Special Agents to defeat GODBOT and restore peace to the city.

Special Agent CyberDuck is an action-packed pixel art platform game. The game features explosive mayhem, epic boss fights, and intricate puzzles. Your objective is to figure out how to defeat the minions, rescue hostages, dodge obstacles, and confront GODBOT. Once you've completed the game, you can test your skills again on Suicide mode and post your Speedrun times to compete on Google Leaderboards.

As you progress, you can unlock new weapons and attributes to improve your fighting ability. You can also enlist new Special Agent characters with unique characteristics to help CyberDuck. Special Agent CyberDuck features multiple difficulty settings to accommodate your skills level and mobile device. Furthermore, you can unlock additional features by entering game codes.

In conclusion, Special Agent CyberDuck is an addictive retro-style game that would keep you engaged. It features exciting gameplay mechanics, humorous characters, and lively pixelated graphics. You can join the Reddit community, follow the developer on Twitter, or access Fandom Wiki to learn more about Special Agent CyberDuck. If you want to support the developer, you can watch a couple of Video Ads or make an in-app purchase.
Release date
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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