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Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

Play as Lo Wang, a legendary Shadow Warrior battling demonic forces with an arsenal of weapons, wit, and skill in this cult classic shooter.

Shadow Warrior Classic ReduxDevolverDigital
Shadow Warrior Classic Redux is the ultimate version of the well-known shooter game. With not one but two massive expansion packs, this game will keep you entertained for hours on end. In a world where corporations dominate every aspect of life, Shadow Warriors are employed as one-man armies to eliminate any opposition and ensure the power of their employers. Zilla Corporation, the most powerful conglomerate in Japan, is no exception. Their unrelenting pursuit of absolute domination is unrivalled and they're willing to use any means necessary to attain it. Lo Wang, the legendary Shadow Warrior of Zilla Corporation, uncovers their plot for power and the malicious forces being summoned to accomplish it. Driven by his sense of integrity, Lo Wang takes on these demonic powers with his arsenal of explosive weapons, his stealthy blade, and his sharp intellect. This game includes two episodes of the original edition plus the Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon expansion packs. It offers highly adaptable touch controls for a personalized gaming experience and can be played with a game controller. Challenging Google Play achievements await only the most skilled warriors. Get lost in the fantastic world of Shadow Warrior Classic Redux and experience the thrill of being the ultimate hero.
Neon Shadow

Defend the universe against a mechanical army in a cyberpunk first-person shooter featuring multiplayer, multiple game modes, and a variety of weapons.

Neon ShadowGameClub
Welcome to the cyberpunk-themed first-person shooter game where you are the universe's last hope. A sinister power has gained control of the space station's defenses and weapons, and it's planning on expanding its reign of terror. As the only person who can save the world, you have to fight against the malevolent machines, which won't be an easy task. You'll face flying drones, powerful cannons, and more. Fortunately, you'll have access to an array of weapons, starting with your primary rifle, which does the job against minor machines. However, for the significant threats, you'll need explosives. Explore various sections of the space station and expand your arsenal, so you're always equipped for whatever comes your way. If you're looking to take a break from the primary story, challenge yourself by playing against bots in multiple modes of play. And once you are ready, compete against other players online. Neon Shadow is a fast-paced and action-packed shooter that brings back the old-school science fiction genre. Be prepared to face machines and drones of all types; otherwise, they'll swarm you in numbers. Get your hands on rifles, plasma guns, grenade launchers, and other advanced weapons of destruction. With intuitive touch controls, you'll be a pro shooter in no time. Experience the thrill of multiplayer combat with various modes like Death Match, Mutant, and Instakill, as you battle up to three opponents trying to dominate over others. With a variety of environments to choose from, including Proving Ground, Weapons Lab, Shotgun Alley, and many more, you'll always have something new and challenging to play. Neon Shadow is available for free, and you can unlock more features and sections by subscribing to GameClub Pro, an optional monthly subscription. The game contains no other in-app purchases. If you choose to subscribe, your Google Play account will be charged at the confirmation of purchase. You can manage your subscriptions from the account settings and turn off auto-renewal 24 hours before the end of the current period. The free trial period won't incur any charges. The unused portion of any trial period will be confiscated upon purchasing a subscription. For details, refer to the Terms of use and Privacy Policy.
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Devil War (Early Access)

In Devil War, lead a team to destroy the portal to hell and save humanity by defeating lords, developing pets, and upgrading weapons. Immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, and rich content.

Devil War (Early Access)707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Welcome to Devil War, an engaging science fiction shooting game that will provide you with plenty of action. The story takes place in 2033 when humans activated the "Ring of Hera" and opened a portal to Hell, allowing countless devils to pour into Earth. By 2053, devils had taken over the planet, and your mission is to bring peace back to the world by leading a team and undertaking "Finality," a mission to destroy the portal. Are you ready to eliminate deadly sins and defeat the devil menace? With seven areas to complete, seven lords to defeat, and a range of dangerous obstacles, you must fight to resist the devil's attacks to obtain powerful equipment. The pet function is at your disposal – upgrade the imp and let it help you in battles. To increase your chances of winning, equip yourself with robust weapons, create an arsenal, and handle all battles with ease. The top equipment and advanced hero will make you unbeatable. With every mission you complete, plentiful rewards await. In this free-to-play science fiction shooter, you get to experience an engaging storyline, an immersive experience and valued gameplay. Simplified controls, automatic aiming, and shooting, fast battle rhythms, ingenious game level design, and optimum graphics will enhance your overall experience. The unique development system, which includes hero advancement, equipment collection and pet upgrade, plus a wide range of hero skins to choose from will keep you hooked. Enter the world of science fiction warfare, experience battles and immersive story-campaign modes. Kill the devils, complete the levels, stop the spread of evil and protect human existence. With Devil War, leading the charge to destroy the evil forces will become an epic experience for you. Join the Devil War community on Discord (, or visit us on Facebook ( and get ready for an epic battle!
Rise of Demons

Rise Of Demons: a fast-paced, old-school FPS arena shooter where you must slay demons and zombies with futuristic weapons. Get creative, learn your enemies, upgrade your skills!

Rise of DemonsHRC Logic Inc
Step into the gruesome world of Rise Of Demons, the mobile-based first-person shooter game that checks all the boxes for old-school style gameplay with a fresh new perspective. Battle it out side by side against hordes of zombies and demons, all while discovering unique gameplay features and fast, responsive controls. With a unique approach to dangerous enemies and gameplay mechanics, you will be given countless ways to master each level. From the fast-paced mode of time trial to those extra life pickups, imagine the sense of freedom you will have as you blaze through the game slaying everything in your path. To succeed, you'll need to be wildly creative and develop your very own play styles. Keep on your toes, stay mobile, and adapt quickly to your enemies' attacks. The demons you will encounter are a force to be reckoned with, each with their own abilities that can make wrong choices fatal. Their attacks will be swift, and you must use the JUMP & DASH to your advantage. As you make progress, upgrade your skills using the unique and exhaustive SKILLTREE. You'll have your choice of amazing abilities, from mid-air jumps to increased damage while wearing full armor. With fast-switching for weapons and quicker grenade cooldown timing, you won't need to lift a finger off your device. The enemies you'll encounter are hard-hitting and fast, and they won't hesitate to throw everything at you, from fireballs to hammer strikes. Your survival depends upon your reaction time and how quickly you can move. It's up to you, turn the arena into your personal playground and play it your way. You can try and wipe out the whole area with grenades, or use the Boom Barrel's shotgun to blast your way through. With Rise Of Demons, you now have access to a free offline FPS that is available for download. Don't miss out on the chance to enter the bloody fray and join the battle against the demons. The time to start slaying is now.
Wall of Insanity

Descend into a kingdom of anxiety and madness in Wall of Insanity, where survival depends on caution, reaction speed, and weapon accuracy.

Wall of InsanityRay Spark
From the imaginative minds behind the Slaughter game series comes Wall of Insanity, a new project that promises to take players on an intense, edge-of-your-seat adventure. Brace yourself for a journey into a world that's dead and smouldering, riddled with anxiety and madness where hopelessness awaits at every turn. The story begins with the disappearance of a police squad on a mission to arrest a dangerous cult's sectarians, and it's up to the Special Unit soldiers to investigate what happened to them. But when they reach their destination, all they find is an empty and abandoned house. Will you take up the challenge and delve deeper into this mystifying world? Get ready for an enthralling experience combining horror, action, and mystery. In Wall of Insanity, you'll need to be alert and quick with your weapon accuracy to survive against lethal enemies. Use the environment around you to your advantage and plan your escape from this hellish world. As you make your way through a labyrinth of traps and mysterious enemies, investigate your surroundings with caution. Don't take unnecessary risks and take the time to study your opponents. Strategize carefully and make the most of your ammo to keep yourself alive. Your journey wouldn't be complete without expanding your arsenal along the way. Look out for hidden items like weapons and documents to help you prevail against all odds. Experience Wall of Insanity with simple controls, gamepad support, and top-notch graphics, giving you a personalized gaming experience that's bound to leave its mark on you. Embrace the darkness, and see how far you're willing to go to conquer your fears.

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