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Devil War

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Game overview

In Devil War, lead your team to close a portal to hell and defeat powerful demons, with a variety of weapon upgrades and pet development.

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Devil War is a thrilling 3D first-person shooter set in an imaginative science fiction world that offers a diverse gameplay experience. The story takes place in 2033 when humanity stumbled upon the "Ring of Hera," which inevitably opened a portal to Hell, flooding the earth with malevolent devils. 20 years later, with Earth virtually lost to the demons, your mission as a hero is to lead a team and embark on the "Finality" mission to destroy the portal and restore peace to the world.

The game offers seven areas to explore, seven lords to conquer, and sinful enemies to destroy. Through the battles, you can collect powerful equipment and develop a pet Imp to aid you in the fights. The game offers various weapons to suit your combat abilities, and you can further customize your arsenal as you progress in the game. Upgrade to the best equipment available, improve your attributes, and unlock various divine skills to advance as a hero.

Devil War has a fascinating storyline that immerses players in an intense and bewitching experience. The gameplay is designed with simplified controls for easy and seamless handling of the game elements. The battles are fast-paced, and the visual effects are phenomenal, offering a sense of realism.

The game offers exquisite graphics and animations that bring the characters, equipment, and maps to life. Devil War has ingeniously designed game levels that require the players to use organs to progress. It also features a comprehensive development system, where you can level up your hero, upgrade your equipment, and pet.

The game has a host of engaging features, such as hero skins and various rewards to unlock by completing missions. You can immerse yourself in the vast world of science fiction warfare, battle the demon forces, and levelling up your hero, pet, and equipment, all in one game.

Devil War is a free-to-play game that delivers an unparalleled experience to the players. You can join the fight against the malevolent forces, be a part of the community, and share your experience on Facebook or Discord. Join us and destroy the evil forces and devil world as a demon hunter.
707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
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