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Chess - Play & Learn

Play chess online with 130 million players, 100 chess variants, 350K+ tactics puzzles, interactive lessons, and videos, and 100 computer opponents.

Chess - Play &
Looking for a way to improve your chess skills and connect with millions of players from all over the world? Look no further than! With over 130 million players and counting, is the ultimate online destination for chess aficionados of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to learn the game, has everything you need to take your chess game to the next level. Enjoy unlimited 3D chess games, more than 350,000 tactics puzzles, and over 10 million games played every day. Plus, enjoy interactive lessons and videos to help you master the game, along with access to over 100 challenging computer opponents. And with, you can play chess online for free in a number of exciting modes. Play against your friends in the 2 player chess mode, or join thousands of other players around the world in online tournaments. Whether you prefer lightning-fast bullet chess or long-form correspondence games, has everything you need to keep the game exciting. But isn't just about playing the game – it's a thriving community of chess enthusiasts from all over the world. Meet players of all levels, from novice to grandmaster, and join in on the hundreds of chess lessons and videos created by masters of the game. Plus, join the active community forums or watch some of the most popular chess superstars, such as Hikaru, GothamChess, Botez, and Magnus, with millions of followers. So, whether you're looking to hone your chess skills or just connect with like-minded chess enthusiasts, is the ultimate destination for all things chess. Play offline against the computer and develop your opening repertoire with the opening explorer. Enjoy in-depth performance stats and challenge your friends to a game. With, playing chess online has never been easier or more fun. Join the millions of players already enjoying today!
Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes

Build armies and lead heroes in Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes. Participate in campaigns and multiplayer PvP battles with unique units and strategic depth.

Hex Commander: Fantasy HeroesHome Net Games
Get ready for an immersive turn-based strategy game with Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes. Experience an epic war between Humans, Orcs, Goblins, Elves, Dwarves, and the undead while leading your troops towards victory. Make use of the unique skills of your heroes and units and take advantage of terrain covers and buildings to gain an edge over your enemies in single, multiplayer, and skirmish modes. Embark on thrilling campaigns and encounter powerful enemies while protecting your people and commanding various combat units such as Infantry, Cavalry, Mages, Elven archers, powerful siege machines, Dwarven riflemen, and many more. Take on the role of Percival Kent, an experienced paladin, in the Human campaign investigating Goblin activity in a Human settlement and preventing an invasion by forging the right alliances. Awaken an exciting adventure as the Elven archer, Arcaena, trying to find Sylvius, a wise druid, while facing a powerful goblin mage and his allies. Control a mighty dragon and his sneaky goblin friend Vulpis in the Orcs and Goblins campaign, finding the source of unnatural floods that have forced your people to find a new home. The Dwarven campaign takes you into the midst of epic battles to stop the evil forces from spreading across the world while facing new enemies and heroes with unique abilities. Gain a tactical advantage over your enemies by using magic beyond deploying specialized mage units. Your heroes are equipped with powerful scrolls that can turn the tide of battle in your favor, with undead beings, golems, fire, and toxic clouds. Build and expand your castle, create your preferred fighting style, and upgrade your army and heroes to improve your teleports and gain an edge in battles. Test your skills in the challenging PvP multiplayer and various modes such as battle, capture the flag, and royale. Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes offers a balanced and complex strategy game with simple rules to play and tactical depth to suit your preference. Get completely absorbed in captivating single-player campaigns featuring unique heroes, units, and enemies in a well-balanced game with varied races, units, and features.
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European War 7: Medieval

Conquer Europe and build your empire as a resourceful general in European War Medieval. Experience history and epic battles.

European War 7: MedievalEasyTech
Command your troops and conquer the tumultuous European continent to build your own empire in a new and exciting war-game. Immerse yourself in the historically accurate medieval age and experience the breath-taking battlefields through countless maneuvers and strategies that can lead you to your own epic. 【Introduction】 The Roman Empire has fallen, the barbarians are invading, and the European continent is in continuous wars, which has led to the emergence of various forces like the Vikings, the Britons, the Franks, and the Holy Roman Empire. Will you witness the heroic deeds and historical incidents among European countries and emerge as a triumphant leader? Come and play European War 6: 1914 to experience the war-filled medieval age that will leave you wanting more! 【Features】 Appreciate the changes of the times through hundreds of battles with over 14 chapters,120 famous campaigns, 150 countries and forces. Experience fascinating stories based on historical incidents, including Rise of Byzantium, Viking Invasion, Burning Crusade, and Hundred Years' War that will leave you believing in epic medieval battles. Fight and strategize between countries in the Medieval Age with Barbarian Invasion, Rise of Byzantium, and Legend of the Vikings. European War 6 presents a unique diplomatic system in the conquest model feature that allows players to convince other parties to join their force via diplomatic methods. Build cities to increase material output, research policies to change the direction of the country, and change the consuls to get more tax revenue. The occurrence of historical events will affect the battlefield situation, and completing missions will earn you battlefield rewards. With the availability of hundreds of generals and distinctive armed forces, you can command the likes of Frederick I, Saladin, Beowulf, Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, Richard I, and William Wallace to fight in the war. Over 10 countries boast of more than 300 basic military forces, including prominent entities like the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller, and Teutonic Knights. With over 30 war gears and more than 60 kinds of military equipment, such as the Viking Longship, Dromon, and Orban's Cannon, that can expand your sphere of influence and help you to gain the final victory. Treasures of Pharaoh, John Lackland, Solomon, and Knights Templar await you to explore and discover them. Enjoys the cloud archive function that allows users to change their devices without losing their data. Experience the enhanced audio-visual effects with the new game engine that will take you to the new highest level of playing strategy games. Join us today and let yourself be immersed in the exciting medieval world of European War 6: 1914. 【About Us】 Visit us at EasyTech Official: Follow us on Facebook at, on Twitter at, on YouTube at and on Discord at
Grow Empire: Rome

Grow Empire: Rome is a tower defense and war strategy game where you build and expand your empire, conquer enemy cities, and defend against waves of enemy troops.

Grow Empire: RomeGames Station Studio
Immerse yourself in the magnificence of Ancient Rome with Grow Empire: Rome, an addictive game that combines Tower Defense and war strategy. Transform your humble village into the most dominant empire in history by strategically upgrading your walls, towers, and warriors, and defending yourself against waves of enemy troops and siege weapons. Protect your kingdom from barbarians, Gallic, Iberian, and Carthaginian warriors, and advance your empire throughout Europe and Africa. Ensure the safety of your colonies and amass riches by accepting their tributes. Rise through the ranks and become the leader Rome is looking for. Seize control of enemy cities and obtain chests filled with treasures including gems, gold, potions, and cards! Create an unbeatable army of heroes, legionaries, mercenaries, and siege weapons to cement your place in history as the most feared Caesar. ⚔ Features: ⚔ ★ +1500 waves to put your defense/courage to the test. ★ +120 cities to conquer. ★ Master your archer skills with exhilarating Tavern mission modes. ★ +1000 building upgrades. ★ +35 different Roman soldiers to enhance your army. ★ Take on 4 enemy factions to satisfy your thirst for glory. ★ Command war elephants and siege weapons during battles! ★ 7 heroes with unique abilities that will bolster your conquests. ★ Improve your attack and defense strategy by using 18 abilities of 20 different levels. ★ 18 offensive and defensive cards to enhance your gameplay. Are you ready for an exciting adventure? Download Grow Empire: Rome and start your journey of conquest now! ⚔ Follow us on social media for the full Grow Empire: Rome experience: Instagram @growempirerome/ Facebook @growempirerome/ YouTube Discord: ⚔ Calling all conquerors! If you are a video creator or streamer, we would love to feature your content on YouTube. We support and promote channel creators, so if you want us to showcase your videos or know more about our game, email us at 👉 Encountering problems? Contact us at 👉 Read our terms of use and privacy policies at
Steel and Flesh 2: New Lands

Conquer 20 states or create your own empire in this medieval strategy and action game with online battles, realistic sieges, and skill development.

Steel and Flesh 2: New LandsVirtualStudio
Enter the world of medieval times in 1212 with this exceptional strategy and action game. Follow your passion for large-scale battles and build your own empire or swear allegiance to one of the 20 large states displayed on a vast global map. Participate in the authentic and intriguing battles of up to 300 people, including swordsmen, archers, crossbowmen, and knights, either on open fields, in cities or castles, ports, or villages. You can create various combat formations and lead your warband to glory. Immerse yourself in the realistic siege of fortresses where you can use the rams, siege towers, and catapults to push the siege guns against the walls while defenders shoot arrows at you. Political decisions can impact your empire significantly, so be cautious in deciding to keep the total war at bay. Choose from an array of armors and weapons, including helmets, suits, boots, shields, swords, spears, maces, axes, clubs, bows, javelins, darts, and throwing axes to sharpen your blade and go into battle. Invite players from around the globe to join online battles, where you can dress your character in any armor and choose any weapon. Your empire-building journey begins with a single city, which will become profitable. As your cities and castles expand, neighboring states will see you as a threat, leading to heavy battles and sieges, but you will emerge victorious and gradually earn the title of King. Choose to focus on your character's skills, whether strong, agile, smart, hardworking or charismatic, to follow your unique development path. Additionally, there are 30 other skills to improve your hero, and you can always hire companions that will take on some responsibilities. Experience the various realistic landscapes according to the different regions of the globe, from snowy winters in the North to hot deserts in the South, mountainous areas, and more. You can now have it all - the thrilling battles, the epic sieges, the empire-building, and the diverse landscapes - in one game! There are many more features waiting for you to discover in this game. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy the most ambitious and realistic 3D first-person battles, and build your empire!

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