European War 7: Medieval

European War 7: Medieval

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Game overview

Conquer Europe and build your empire as a resourceful general in European War Medieval. Experience history and epic battles.

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Command your troops and conquer the tumultuous European continent to build your own empire in a new and exciting war-game. Immerse yourself in the historically accurate medieval age and experience the breath-taking battlefields through countless maneuvers and strategies that can lead you to your own epic.

The Roman Empire has fallen, the barbarians are invading, and the European continent is in continuous wars, which has led to the emergence of various forces like the Vikings, the Britons, the Franks, and the Holy Roman Empire. Will you witness the heroic deeds and historical incidents among European countries and emerge as a triumphant leader? Come and play European War 6: 1914 to experience the war-filled medieval age that will leave you wanting more!

Appreciate the changes of the times through hundreds of battles with over 14 chapters,120 famous campaigns, 150 countries and forces. Experience fascinating stories based on historical incidents, including Rise of Byzantium, Viking Invasion, Burning Crusade, and Hundred Years' War that will leave you believing in epic medieval battles.

Fight and strategize between countries in the Medieval Age with Barbarian Invasion, Rise of Byzantium, and Legend of the Vikings. European War 6 presents a unique diplomatic system in the conquest model feature that allows players to convince other parties to join their force via diplomatic methods. Build cities to increase material output, research policies to change the direction of the country, and change the consuls to get more tax revenue. The occurrence of historical events will affect the battlefield situation, and completing missions will earn you battlefield rewards.

With the availability of hundreds of generals and distinctive armed forces, you can command the likes of Frederick I, Saladin, Beowulf, Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, Richard I, and William Wallace to fight in the war. Over 10 countries boast of more than 300 basic military forces, including prominent entities like the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller, and Teutonic Knights.

With over 30 war gears and more than 60 kinds of military equipment, such as the Viking Longship, Dromon, and Orban's Cannon, that can expand your sphere of influence and help you to gain the final victory.

Treasures of Pharaoh, John Lackland, Solomon, and Knights Templar await you to explore and discover them. Enjoys the cloud archive function that allows users to change their devices without losing their data.

Experience the enhanced audio-visual effects with the new game engine that will take you to the new highest level of playing strategy games. Join us today and let yourself be immersed in the exciting medieval world of European War 6: 1914.

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Release date
Feb 21, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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