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Ryuko: Legend of Shadow Hunter

Play as Ryuko, a last shadow fighter traveling through 5 corrupted regions to find her grandfather in Ryuko RPG, a offline ninja RPG game.

Ryuko: Legend of Shadow HunterMonstermob USA
Embark on a thrilling journey of a shadow ninja in Ryuko RPG and experience a blend of ninja warrior and samurai fighting gameplay. This action-packed game takes place in the corrupted regions of Kurome, where as a last shadow fighter, you face brutal monsters and epic boss fights in an open world adventure in order to find your grandfather. Ryuko Shadow Hunter:Ninja Game takes place in the feudal Japan, where a region called Kurome has been corrupted with greed and the hunger for power. The people of this region are shadow ninja warriors who have occupied neighboring regions, spreading their darkness. Taguchi Sensei, a samurai warrior, went to Kurome to end the corruption, but he was never seen again. That's when Ryuko, a young and brave shadow hunter, embarks on her journey in search of Taguchi Sensei. You will be presented with five corrupted open-world regions that are packed with enemies and fictional characters. In the first region, Black Eye Fortress, you'll learn the basic fight mechanics and stealth kill. You'll also learn about finisher moves, uninterrupted attacks, and using elixir and special abilities. This region acts as a tutorial level where you'll learn how to upgrade weapons, repair them, and level up character level. In Creek Garden, the second region, you'll face more brutal shadow warrior enemies. You'll explore a hunter's castle, a safe place to rest, and also face the first hunter in this region's battleground. Mangle Woods is a stealth region designed to be played in stealth mode, where you'll face fiery demon enemies that can only be killed with stealth attacks from the back. In Deserted Castle, you'll explore a vast and open region of Kurome facing more monsters, ninjas, fiery demons, and hunters. Ministry Town is where you'll face ministry hunters in battle arenas of this region. You'll have to defeat all the ministry hunters to free Taguchi Sensei. Throughout Ryuko RPG, you'll encounter detailed characters, discover landmarks, and uncover hidden beauty of Kurome. You'll use different kinds of swords, elixir, and skills to defeat different kinds of enemies. Every enemy AI is different and requires a particular strategy to defeat them. With realistic battlegrounds, fast travel and death moves, this game is perfect for mixing and matching ninja assassin and shadow fighting game skills. And since it's an offline game, you don't require an active internet connection. The game has many exciting features like character selection, many boss enemies, many types of swords and elixir, stealth mode, and realistic battlegrounds. As a last shadow warrior, your ultimate goal is to play as a brave shadow fighter, rescue your grandfather and end the corruption. This game is perfect for fans of Japanese RPG offline fighting games. If you're looking for challenging non mmorpg games with realistic graphics, then download this finest sword fighting offline game with samurai warrior enemies for free now and experience the pure fun of fighting gameplay. We are constantly improving this game, so your feedback will be highly appreciated.
Sakura School Simulator

A school life simulator game with two ways to play: make friends or go on a rampage. No blood or death. Control and change 4 players.

Sakura School SimulatorGarusoft Development Inc.
ATTENTION: To ensure a smooth playing experience, it is recommended that your device has a minimum of 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 820. In the event that your device does not meet these requirements, the game will face performance issues such as lagging, shutting down and low memory problems. If you encounter such issues during gameplay, restart the game or device and try changing the setting to "decrease students and people" for smoother gameplay. Since the game utilizes a significant amount of CPU and GPU, it's best to close any applications running in the background. There are two ways to enjoy this game. Firstly, make friends and lovers as you wish and enjoy a fabulous school life. Alternatively, go on a rampage and borrow weapons from the YAKUZA office, which can be yours by flying for them. If you have any queries or confusions about the game, refer to the "HELP" section within the game. This game is a simulator, and many ways can be adapted to defeat the enemies. You can either eliminate them using weapons or without them. Also, note that there is no depiction of blood in the game. Instead, it stuns the people in the game, and there isn't any concept of death in the game. Those who get stunned today will awake to hate you tomorrow. In this game, you can control and change four players on the same stage (the two are valid after watching ADS). Your choice of sentences will change randomly, and you can defeat your enemies through simulations without fighting them. The game has no endpoint, so you are free to make the situations according to your preference, and you can play the game any way you want. The developers will add more content and features to the game in the future. The additional material will be added as a "new" context on this page. IMPORTANT: Although the game uses character models of AOI and TAICHI, AOI is not a free asset, but TAICHI is a free asset. Anyone interested in using these assets for game contents or otherwise may do so. Thank you so much for playing the game! Scrub-chan (C) Bijuu Mike
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Steel and Flesh 2: New Lands

Conquer 20 states or create your own empire in this medieval strategy and action game with online battles, realistic sieges, and skill development.

Steel and Flesh 2: New LandsVirtualStudio
Enter the world of medieval times in 1212 with this exceptional strategy and action game. Follow your passion for large-scale battles and build your own empire or swear allegiance to one of the 20 large states displayed on a vast global map. Participate in the authentic and intriguing battles of up to 300 people, including swordsmen, archers, crossbowmen, and knights, either on open fields, in cities or castles, ports, or villages. You can create various combat formations and lead your warband to glory. Immerse yourself in the realistic siege of fortresses where you can use the rams, siege towers, and catapults to push the siege guns against the walls while defenders shoot arrows at you. Political decisions can impact your empire significantly, so be cautious in deciding to keep the total war at bay. Choose from an array of armors and weapons, including helmets, suits, boots, shields, swords, spears, maces, axes, clubs, bows, javelins, darts, and throwing axes to sharpen your blade and go into battle. Invite players from around the globe to join online battles, where you can dress your character in any armor and choose any weapon. Your empire-building journey begins with a single city, which will become profitable. As your cities and castles expand, neighboring states will see you as a threat, leading to heavy battles and sieges, but you will emerge victorious and gradually earn the title of King. Choose to focus on your character's skills, whether strong, agile, smart, hardworking or charismatic, to follow your unique development path. Additionally, there are 30 other skills to improve your hero, and you can always hire companions that will take on some responsibilities. Experience the various realistic landscapes according to the different regions of the globe, from snowy winters in the North to hot deserts in the South, mountainous areas, and more. You can now have it all - the thrilling battles, the epic sieges, the empire-building, and the diverse landscapes - in one game! There are many more features waiting for you to discover in this game. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy the most ambitious and realistic 3D first-person battles, and build your empire!
The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Sail the Caribbean as a pirate in a story-driven campaign with battles, treasure hunts, and upgrades, plus historical context and intense PvP gameplay.

The Pirate: Caribbean HuntHome Net Games
The Ultimate Pirate Adventure Experience the thrill of high-seas adventure during the Age of Piracy, when black flags and white skulls ruled the Caribbean seas. Become the feared Crimson King of the Antilles by navigating your ship through battles, raids, and treasure hunts. With 20 different classes of ships at your disposal and an unlimited fleet size, you can hoist the Jolly Roger and set out to sea. Take control of multiple ships during combat and use a variety of ammo, such as cannon balls, chain balls, grapeshot, bombs, and double-shot. Blast enemy fortresses with heavy mortars or deploy special weapons like explosive barrels, burning oil, battering rams, and pre-boarding attacks. Upgrade your ships with 30 different options and develop your character by unlocking over 20 captain skills, which will give you access to new game features and possibilities. Enjoy the realism of sailing simulation in this game, which incorporates distance and time. Explore hundreds of islands and dozens of ports as you sail through a day/night cycle. Create your own bases by constructing and upgrading buildings and compete against other players for control of multiple player-held bases. Join unlimited sea battles and scenarios like merchant missions, smuggler missions, convoy missions, treasure hunts, and pirate attacks. The game's story-driven campaign is set in a living world full of people, while its historical module features more than 50 years of real history and real events. You can build your reputation in a dozen nations and fight against other players in two multiplayer modes: PvP and PvE. Take on the ultimate pirate adventure and become the greatest captain to have ever sailed the Caribbean seas!

Embark on an epic multiplayer fantasy adventure in an open world of ancient relics, captivating puzzles, and dangerous foes. Survive, build, and explore as you shape your destiny in Dawnlands.

Dawnlands is a captivating MMORPG adventure where you can explore a vast open world that will leave you spellbound. Prepare to embark on a valiant journey to awaken a long-forgotten domain, where the destiny of this universe is in your hands. The game invites you to traverse through breathtaking landscapes, uncover ancient relics, and unravel intriguing puzzles that will enhance your gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the art of exploration, as there are countless diverse biomes, enigmatic relics, and captivating puzzles awaiting your attention in this ancient land. This realm was dormant for centuries, waiting to be awoken to new tales of legend and lore. You have the power to inscribe your own epic saga upon its storied canvas. Survival is crucial, as this unforgiving environment demands resourcefulness to withstand it. Though the past may be long forgotten, the vast richness of nature's bounty is yours for the taking. But beware, lurking in the darkness are dangers that pose a threat to the land. To survive, you will need to illuminate the shadows that threaten to consume the land and quell the encroaching darkness. Unleash your creative architectural skills as you explore over a hundred diverse crafting materials that empower you to construct your dream abode. Sculpt the very foundations of your home, shape the land, and let your imagination soar free. Engage in fierce battles to unlock invaluable recipes, enabling you to forge formidable weapons, fashionable attire, and indispensable tools. You have the power to build and craft with impunity, so let your creativity flow. Forge lasting bonds in the multiplayer realm of Dawnlands. Up to four valiant warriors can join forces within a shared game-world. You have the option to embark on solo odysseys or join your comrades on epic quests. You will experience the joy of visiting your friends' realms or welcoming them into your own domain through the friend system or world invitation codes. Alternatively, venture into uncharted territories and forge new alliances and meet other adventurers. Unite with your comrades and embark on unforgettable journeys together! Destiny has chosen you as the altar of this realm. Dawnlands is an awe-inspiring adventure set in a sprawling open world that will leave you enthralled. Get ready to unleash your inner warrior and begin your journey today. Visit our Facebook fanpage: or join our Discord server: to meet our lively community. For more information, visit our official website at
Epic Conquest 2

Epic Conquest 2 is a classic RPG with intuitive combat and storyline, featuring an open world filled with treasures, crafting and characters customization.

Epic Conquest 2Gaco Games
Embark on an epic adventure with Epic Conquest 2, an Action/Adventure RPG game that will leave you craving for more! Immerse yourself in a captivating story as you fight your way through enemies using unique combat techniques. Experience the hard-to-find action adventure genre through this perfectly crafted game by a dedicated team of 4 creators that bring a refreshing touch to the game atmosphere. [Game Features] ☆ Explore! Unleash your curiosity in an expansive open world filled with hidden treasures and valuable resources that will undoubtedly strengthen your character. ☆ More skills to choose! With eight skills and eight masteries at your service, customizing your character has never been easier. Choose the skills and masteries that best suit your build and adapt to any challenge that comes your way. ☆ Wide options of character build Create your ideal character build with the classic attribute distribution system STR/INT/AGI/DEX/VIT. Play your way in a manner that best suits your gameplay approach. ☆ Classic Blacksmith and Equipment System Get the upper hand with a seamless blacksmith and equipment system that allows you to craft, enhance and upgrade the equipment that is crucial in defeating your enemies. ☆ Variety of Costumes to Collect Personalize your character and boost your power with a vast collection of costumes available for purchase. ☆ Cloud Save No need to worry about losing your precious progress! With the cloud save feature, you can save and load your game across all your devices without fail. ☆ Other Great Features Feast your eyes on the beautifully crafted old-school graphics that are both simple and captivating. Play the game offline anywhere and anytime, and show your support for the dedicated team by choosing to pay and avoid unnecessary ad interruptions.
Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Embark on endless adventures in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, where reality and fantasy collide in a breathtaking world with customizable characters, Familiars, farm decoration, and kingdom building.

Ni no Kuni: Cross WorldsNetmarble
Get ready for an exciting new adventure as you step into the virtual reality game called Soul Divers and enter another world in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, the latest addition to the popular Ni no Kuni game series. Level-5 directs and produces the game, featuring animation from Studio Ghibli and musical compositions by Joe Hisaishi. The game introduces a story that melds fantasy and reality with endless adventure options. The Unreal 4 engine creates an open world that looks straight out of an animated film. Every element from the environment to character expressions has been carefully crafted to bring the world to life. Players can choose from five customizable player characters, the mysterious fencer Swordsman, magic spear-wielding Witch, genius gunner Engineer, mischievous archer Rogue, and brawny hammer-swinging Destroyer. The game introduces some exciting additions in the form of Familiars, mysterious creatures unique to Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. You can collect Familiars, making them stronger by working together. Build your own farm in the Familiars' Forest and enjoy the harvest and cook a tasty meal. Team up with friends and rebuild the fallen Nameless Kingdom. Develop your kingdom by decorating it with interactive Social Objects and get involved in various challenges to become the greatest on the server. You need a minimum of a Galaxy S7 or later with 4GB of RAM to play this game smoothly. The game is available on the official website (, but it comes with in-app purchases. Please check your device's settings to disable this feature. Download Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds today and immerse yourself in this exciting fantasy adventure while agreeing to the game's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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