Sakura School Simulator

Sakura School Simulator

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Game overview

A school life simulator game with two ways to play: make friends or go on a rampage. No blood or death. Control and change 4 players.

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To ensure a smooth playing experience, it is recommended that your device has a minimum of 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 820. In the event that your device does not meet these requirements, the game will face performance issues such as lagging, shutting down and low memory problems. If you encounter such issues during gameplay, restart the game or device and try changing the setting to "decrease students and people" for smoother gameplay. Since the game utilizes a significant amount of CPU and GPU, it's best to close any applications running in the background.

There are two ways to enjoy this game. Firstly, make friends and lovers as you wish and enjoy a fabulous school life. Alternatively, go on a rampage and borrow weapons from the YAKUZA office, which can be yours by flying for them.

If you have any queries or confusions about the game, refer to the "HELP" section within the game. This game is a simulator, and many ways can be adapted to defeat the enemies. You can either eliminate them using weapons or without them.

Also, note that there is no depiction of blood in the game. Instead, it stuns the people in the game, and there isn't any concept of death in the game. Those who get stunned today will awake to hate you tomorrow.

In this game, you can control and change four players on the same stage (the two are valid after watching ADS). Your choice of sentences will change randomly, and you can defeat your enemies through simulations without fighting them. The game has no endpoint, so you are free to make the situations according to your preference, and you can play the game any way you want.

The developers will add more content and features to the game in the future. The additional material will be added as a "new" context on this page.

Although the game uses character models of AOI and TAICHI, AOI is not a free asset, but TAICHI is a free asset. Anyone interested in using these assets for game contents or otherwise may do so.

Thank you so much for playing the game! Scrub-chan (C) Bijuu Mike
Garusoft Development Inc.
Release date
Oct 10, 2018


tails the fox
tails the foxfrom Skich app
Pls make for 7 im just 7 year's old and i want to play...

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