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Dead Cells: Netflix Edition

'The Netflix edition of Dead Cells offers pixel art platform action and intense combat as players battle their way through a changing castle to escape.'

Dead Cells: Netflix EditionNetflix, Inc.
Only Netflix members have the privilege of playing this one-of-a-kind roguevania action platformer game. The premise involves getting out of a massive, everchanging castle in true undead fashion. As you make your way through, you must take down the boss and find secret treasures along the way. No matter how many times you perish, you'll start back at square one and continue to fight with renewed vigor. The journey begins with a failed experiment that transformed you into an undead entity within an abandoned castle. You must possess a body to escape as you navigate your way through endless rogue enemies and surreal bosses in a constantly changing, 2D pixel-infused landscape. With every run, learn to improve your skills in nonstop action-packed combat and platform exploration to develop your strengths and discover all the hidden dungeon secrets. Fear not, for many piles of corpse-y goodness await in the dungeon for you to reincarnate into. Still, it's a rigorous process that entails fighting, learning, and dying. Every time you're reborn, the castle's design morphs into new shapes, guaranteeing a fresh new challenge that pushes your limits beyond your wildest imagination. The Netflix content edition encompasses all the paid and free downloadable content of the base game. Explore the secret Arboretum in “The Bad Seed” expansion, refine your combat skills in “Rise of the Giant,” battle monsters from dungeon to shore in “Fatal Falls,” challenge the ultimate boss in “The Queen and the Sea,” and recruit characters from the iconic Castlevania franchise such as Alucard and Richter Belmont for a nostalgic  ride with the retro “Return to Castlevania” DLC. The game features an array of biomes and distinctive enemies, all with their own special abilities, making each run a unique experience. As you progress, gather new weapons, enhancements, genetic perks, and level up to build your perfect hero. Unlock hidden areas to attain even greater rewards by taking on more menacing foes. Motion Twin, Evil Empire, and Playdigious have teamed up to deliver what is one of the most exhilarating action games to hit the market. A must-play for all action and retro-game fans.
MythWars & Puzzles: RPG Match3

Join an epic war against evil gods in MythWars & Puzzles. Train your army, build a magical city, and collect legendary heroes in this unique RPG game.

MythWars & Puzzles: RPG Match3Karmagame HK Limited
The realm of humans is amidst destruction and turmoil with the gods battling each other. You can be the hero that saves this world in MythWars & Puzzles. Step into a magical realm filled with magic and stories and take up the mantle of a powerful Lord, chosen to stand against the evil gods. Your task is to construct a magical city, recruit legendary heroes and train a mammoth army to brave the warzone against the enemy forces. In this exceptional and engaging RPG game, you have to use the classic Match-3 puzzle mechanism to empower the gods and march towards the enemy, vanquishing all enemies of hope. With captivating features and gameplay, MythWars & Puzzles promises a mesmerizing experience, which includes: • Classic Match-3 Puzzle Gameplay - The gameplay is entertaining, straightforward, and it requires strategic brilliance. • Massive Battlefield- Command your legion, bands of heroes and unleash magic to eliminate the foes. • Construct a Majestic Castle - To begin moving ahead in the game, you need to create your castles into magical structures. Build barracks, alchemy factory, and gigantic walls to ensure your city is protected from harm. • The Lore of Gods - Delve into the mythical world of independent mythology scenes, and discover divine mysteries of the gods. • Collect Heroes - Thousands of gods and heroes are available to be called into action. • Worldwide Social - Enjoy the game with millions of players from worldwide and build alliances. • Arena Ladder - Climb up the ladder by forming a team that challenges players around the world. • Endless Content - The game offers unlimited events that get you free items and can be played several times without any timezone limitations. Follow MythWars & Puzzles:
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Battle Lines: Puzzle Fighter

Match 3 RPG puzzle combat with epic boss fights & alien invasion campaign. Charge up your gloves and punch your way to victory!

Battle Lines: Puzzle FighterAzur Interactive Games Limited
Get ready to delve into the captivating world of Battle Lines, where puzzle solving and epic combat collide! In this thrilling puzzle combat RPG, you'll equip your hero with powerful gear, match lines to unleash devastating attacks, and take down bosses one by one. As if an alien invasion wasn't enough, you'll also be facing these intergalactic threats with just your fists... unless you equip the newly-invented punching gloves! Strategically match lines to power up your gloves and deal critical blows to your enemies. But that's just the beginning! With over 250 unique opponents to face, a world map to explore, and a colossal collection of over 100 gadgets and equipment sets, this game promises endless hours of entertainment. There are tons of achievements to unlock, numerous rewards to claim, and constant opportunities for hero leveling and gear upgrades. Battle Lines is the ultimate hybrid of match 3 puzzles, combat RPG, and fighting games, making it the perfect choice for discerning players who want a challenge. Summon your mightiest heroes, solve puzzles, and unleash your inner ninja with epic puzzle battles that will keep you engaged for hours!
Puzzles & Chaos: Frozen Castle

Rebuild a frozen land, recruit heroes & train units, and raise a dragon in the match-3 fantasy game Puzzles & Chaos.

Puzzles & Chaos: Frozen Castle37GAMES
Puzzles & Chaos is a thrilling fantasy strategy game that will immerse you in the mystical realm of a Frozen Land. You will embark on a quest that dates back to ancient times, where a once flourishing continent has been subjected to the strange magic of the undead. As a result, the inhabitants of this land, including humans and dragons, have either perished, fled, or been forced to seek refuge in barren territories. It is your mission as a valiant warrior to shatter the frozen spell, awaken the long-dormant dragon, and rebuild your homeland through your inherent strategic abilities. Match-3 Battles are the bread and butter of this game. Successfully matching magic tiles is your key to unlocking hero skills, which is critical if you hope to overcome the obstacles that will come your way. You will have to face unrelenting foes, relentless environmental hazards, and challenging puzzles, but more importantly, you will have to use your strategic prowess to emerge victorious. Exploration is the lifeline of this game. You will have a vast map at your disposal, and it's up to you to chart your path across this magnificent land. Before you embark on your journey, it's recommended that you visit the Seer's Hut, which will serve as your primary resource hub. You will get a much-needed head start on resource gathering, which is essential for progress. Strategic Deployments are key to defeating the undead forces that have overrun this land. You'll need to amass a powerful army, recruit skilled heroes, and train your units to become an unstoppable squad. Command your army to victory, and vanquish your foes once and for all. Free Construction gives you the liberty to create your dream castle. You can customize the layout of your fortress however you please, and you can place buildings anywhere you wish. This feature adds an extra layer of fun to the game, as you can design your castle to suit your playing style. Unite With Allies to make the most of the game's cooperative gameplay. Rally against your foes, share resources, and cooperate with fellow players to achieve common goals. You can create or join an alliance, and socialize with players from around the world while you work together. Raise the Dragon and become the most powerful entity in the land. You can obtain a Dragon's Egg that will grant you immense power. You'll possess the unfathomable strength of the dragon at your fingertips, which is precisely what you need to overcome the challenges and emerge victorious in this magical, frozen world!
Laya's Horizon

Fly with enchanted capes & ancient powers in an open-world inspired by wingsuit flying, complete challenges & explore to improve skills.

Laya's HorizonNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively available to Netflix subscribers, become a master of the skies in this open-world adventure. Glide across the vast, tranquil world and unlock new abilities by exploring mountains, forests, and rivers. Utilize the power of enchanted capes to take on challenges and soar through obstacle courses like never before, inspired by the real-world sport of wingsuit flying. Control your flight with intuitive and independent thumb movements, changing the shape of your cape just like a bird's wings. Race through challenging obstacle courses or enjoy the stunning surroundings of the island by flying aimlessly. With over 50 missions, 40 levels of challenges, and more than 100 collectibles scattered across the world, there's always something new to experience. Upgrade your abilities with capes and charms to provide that extra boost when you need it. Conquer the skies by flying close to the environment, from hot air balloons to snowy slopes, and reap the rewards of the island's energy. Use your skills to navigate through narrow caves with ancient ruins, dodge raging geysers, and skillfully maneuver over massive waves. With Snowman's unique set of abilities and techniques to unlock, finding your own way to fly has never been more exciting. Meet the Windfolk, an interesting group of people as diverse as the land they live on, and interact with them on your journey. With the inclusion of original music and handcrafted audio, the game creates an immersive experience that adapts its audio to the movement and intensity of your flying. Enjoy the orchestral score that sets the serene tone to your flight and environment, and get lost in the magic of the Windfolk world.
Raji: An Ancient Epic

Save humanity & rescue your brother in Raji, an action-adventure game set in ancient India, developed by Nodding Heads Games, available exclusively on Netflix.

Raji: An Ancient EpicNetflix, Inc.
Exclusive to Netflix subscribers, embark on a visually stunning action-adventure inspired by Indian culture in which you are selected by divine beings to fight demons, scale ancient ruins, and fulfill your destiny to save humanity. In this award-winning gaming odyssey set in the ancient world of India, Raji, a young woman, must face off against an invading demonic force to rescue her younger brother and confront Mahabalasura, the demon overlord. After a thousand years of tranquility, humans, having forgotten the ancient ways of alchemy, are caught off guard by the demon's sudden invasion and massive assault. Cities crumble, fortresses are obliterated, and innocent children are taken from their homes. Amidst the chaos, only Raji emerges as the last hope to defend human civilization. The game was developed by Nodding Heads Games.

Escape a flooded world and uncover rumors of Mars escape in this story-driven adventure game with turn-based combat and immersive music.

HighwaterNetflix, Inc.
This post-apocalyptic adventure is exclusively available for subscribers of Netflix. The future seems bleak, and the only hope for survival for the ultra-wealthy seems to be evacuating to Mars. Immerse yourself in a world where natural disasters have caused widespread flooding, and where Hightower is one of the few remaining safe havens. Between the different regions, there is the decimated War Zone and the elitist compound of Alphaville. Amidst rumors of the wealthy fleeing, embark on an epic journey through the water-filled world as a regular survivor, team up with allies, face off against insurgents, and scavenge for food - all with the ultimate goal of reaching the spacecraft rumored to be heading towards Mars. This atmospheric and engaging story-driven game is 3D, featuring a cast of memorable characters ranging from friends and foes to quirky creatures. Take in the breathtaking views of urban islands along the way, and encounter an array of unexpected twists and turns, including turn-based combat with a puzzle-solving twist. The game also features an exclusive Highwater Pirate Radio soundtrack, with in-game characters even performing original songs. Demagog Studio and Rogue Games have combined their efforts to bring this one-of-a-kind experience to adventurous gamers everywhere.
Puzzles & Conquest

Lead an alliance of races to battle an undead army in the match-3 game Puzzles & Conquest with legendary heroes, exploration, and global competition.

Puzzles & Conquest37GAMES
Saurland, once a magnificent kingdom, has fallen victim to the vicious attacks of the Undead Army. The army's destructive path is marked by darkness and flames, leaving no hope in its wake. Deceased individuals have been resurrected, and the horrific army continues to grow, pushing the continent to the brink of devastation. The various races - including humans, elves, and dwarves - have come together with a unified goal: to defeat the army of darkness and survive. But, to do so, they require an exceptional leader with the skills and strategies to lead them to victory. Will you be that leader? The game features a unique combination of puzzles and strategic gameplay in match-3 battles, where players can utilize hero skills and match-3 combos to defeat powerful enemies. Recruit heroes from various mythologies to aid in your conquest across the boundless world, filled with valuable resources, exquisite treasures, and dangerous monsters. Build alliances with players from different corners of the world, embark on a journey of glory and fame, and test your skills in cross-server competitions. Challenge players from all over and prove your strength. Stay updated with the game's latest events by following the Puzzles & Conquest fan page on Facebook. Note that Puzzles & Conquest is a free-to-play mobile game that includes in-app purchases. Players must be at least 12 years old to play the game and should use devices with internet access. If you encounter any issues during gameplay, contact the in-game customer service center or send an email to Read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information. Join the Puzzles & Conquest community on Facebook and Discord to stay connected.
Spider Fighter 3

Play as Peter, the iconic spider hero, battle city gangs & villains, unlock new suits, and swing through iconic locations. An immersive and action-packed spider hero experience.

Spider Fighter 3Starplay DMCC
Are you prepared to transform into the ultimate spider protagonist and safeguard the city from devastation in the long-awaited movie game? As Peter Parker, get ready to embody the role of the legendary spider hero and defy notorious city mafia and malicious villains. This game offers an exhilarating hero action experience that allows players to employ their spider abilities to swing through the city streets, evade obstacles, and confront enemies in epic battles. The game comprises magnificent graphics and an immersive plot that brings the spider hero world to life in an unprecedented manner. Fans can explore the iconic movie and comic locations like Times Square and Oscorp and battle different villains. As you advance through the game, you will unlock new suits and abilities that come with their exceptional powers and features ranging from the classic suit to the enhanced iron suit. These powers will give you the energy to face any challenge thrown at you by the city gangs. The game's open-world sandbox mode offers limitless exploration opportunities, where you can swing across the city, complete side missions, attempt various challenges, and discover hidden collectibles. This feature provides an ideal way to escape from the main storyline and experience the city's essence. This game offers the ultimate spider protagonist experience; it is more than a mere game. Fans of the comics, movies, and action-packed games can become involved, affiliated with the legend and fight like a genuine superhero. With fascinating gameplay, stunning graphics, and an epic storyline — this is the ultimate opportunity to save the city as the ultimate spider hero. Download now and witness the journey of the most iconic spider hero of all time!
Faraway: Puzzle Escape

Solve mysterious puzzles and escape ancient temples in Faraway: Puzzle Escape. Explore immersive 3D worlds and discover the secrets of a missing father.

Faraway: Puzzle EscapeSnapbreak
Immerse yourself in the world of Faraway: Puzzle Escape, where you will explore ancient temples filled with challenging and intriguing puzzles that will put your puzzle-solving abilities to the test. The game's story is captivating as you walk in the footsteps of your missing father who used to collect unusual artifacts. Your journey will take you through deserts and oases, as well as old, crumbling ruins of a civilization that constructed devices and puzzles to determine your worthiness to discover their secrets. To escape the temple labyrinths, you must observe your surroundings, collect items, manipulate devices, and solve perplexing puzzles. With 18 grand temples packed with escape puzzles, the game has plenty of compelling puzzles to explore. You need to turn, explore, think and open your eyes to experience the best in this excellent combination of escape games and 3D relaxing puzzle games. The game also has an easy-to-navigate 3D world that holds more secrets than it appears on the surface. And with its mesmerizing graphics and ambient soundtrack, you will feel completely immersed in the game. As you collect pages from your father's missing diary, you unravel an intriguing mystery to find out what happened to your family. This puzzle game will challenge your mind and fully engage you. You can try Faraway: Puzzle Escape for free before you decide to purchase the entire game. The first nine levels are available free of charge, allowing you to experience the story of Faraway and its immersive original puzzles. Additionally, the game looks beautiful on new 18:9 phones and shines on tablet devices, ensuring that you enjoy stunningly detailed graphics that look exquisite. Take on the challenge of room escape games and puzzles in all-new, astonishing worlds with Faraway: Puzzle Escape!
Blades of Brim

Become the ultimate knight in Brim, with unlimited weapon upgrades and challenging missions. Collect treasures, defeat enemies, and earn achievements!

Blades of BrimSYBO Games
Join the thrilling adventure to become the most remarkable knight Brim has ever witnessed. Embark on an extraordinary journey where enchantment and disorder lurk around every corner, overflowing with thrilling errands and infinite weapon and armor upgrades to choose from. Embark on a journey as one of Brim's awe-inspiring heroes to defend the land against the invasion of the Goon army. Jump over breathtaking cliffs and sword-fight the gruesome bosses and Goons with your magical sword. Gather glittering golden coins and valuable treasures, whilst evading and slaughtering your way through the army of Goons, to enhance your legendary characters and blades. Explore the murky portals and ancient temples to achieve unbelievable accomplishments unlocking even more gears and objectives. Leap energetically over majestic cliffs and outrun the Brim Goons. Navigate through the obstacles and foes as you make your way towards greatness. Collect mystical items and glimmering coins to discover extraordinary heroes and blades. Thrash the monstrous opponents with astounding weapons. Welcome extraordinary pets such as elementals, wolves, steeds, and mystical dragons into your world. Boost your equipment and level up to strengthen your abilities. Execute rapid hit-combos as you venture towards becoming the greatest hero of all time. From the makers of the revered Subway Surfers, this game offers hours of jouissance and limitless entertainment. Set out on a peril-filled mission and start playing now!
GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is a free-to-play strategic card game where players clash in fast-paced online duels using decks made up of iconic Witcher-world heroes.

GWENT: The Witcher Card GameCD PROJEKT S.A.
Experience the excitement of one of the most popular card games within The Witcher universe with GWENT. This one-of-a-kind game incorporates elements of both CCG and TCG genres, and challenges you to engage in rapid-fire PvP battles that call for on-the-spot decision-making, careful deck selection, and cunning bluffs. Take command of your favorite iconic heroes, like Geralt and Yennefer, as you hone your skills, and amass a customizable repertoire of spells and special abilities, that can completely shift the tides of battle in your favor. GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is completely free to play, and comes with a fair and entertaining progression system. Compete in battles, collect cards, and build your decks from scratch, for a truly unique experience every time. With its stunning, hand-drawn art, dazzling visual effects, and addictive gameplay, GWENT is truly the complete package. GWENT combines luck and skill in a way that makes every round challenging. Do you possess the brute strength to crush your opponents or will you outsmart and outmaneuver them with your intricate tactics? The choice is yours. Whether you're engaged in a high-pressure and competitive PvP matches or prefer something more casual, like classic, seasonal, or Arena modes, you're guaranteed non-stop gaming action with GWENT. Battle your way to the top of the leaderboard and experience the thrill of victory with GWENT. Sling cards from your deck into melee or ranged grids, collect points and win rounds against your opponents to claim ultimate glory. With no predetermined hands or other limitations, you'll have the freedom to customize your strategy and develop your own unique style of play. GWENT is not for the faint-hearted, but it's well worth the effort. Start playing today and dominate the game!
Puzzle Forge 2

Craft weapons, sell to heroes, gain gold and experience, meet strange requests, and improve skills in Puzzle Forge 2.

Puzzle Forge 2Tuesday Quest
The help of the gamers is needed urgently for the Heroes of Burning-Blade! As the new metallic worker of the realm, you have to gather resources by placing them on the panel and craft formidable weapons by using a unique creation system in Puzzle Forge 2. After creating the weapons, you can sell them to warriors for gold coins and obtain valuable experience points to increase proficiency in your craft. This might lead to attracting new heroes to your shop. Puzzle Forge 2 offers a choice of crafting 2000 different weapon types, providing a deep and captivating crafting experience. Gems and spells can be added to the final products in order to make them even more outstanding. The game offers a vast range of challenges and obstacles that players must overcome in order to gain access to powerful spells and enchanted items, which can be put to good use to enhance and further improve your creations. In addition, just like any other RPG game, gamers have to earn experience points to raise individual skills. Heroes with unique quests requiring customized weapon sets will visit you often. SUPPORT & FEEDBACK You can join the discussion about Puzzle Forge 2 on the official TuesdayQuest forum: If you have any feedback or queries, please don't hesitate to contact as your satisfaction is our priority! You can keep in touch with the latest news, tips, and updates by following @TuesdayQuest on Twitter: If you're fond of social media, find us on Facebook: MORE TUESDAY QUEST GAMES You can also download and play the following Tuesday Quest games: Hungry Cat Mahjong Hungry Cat Picross Goblin Rush Fruits'n Goblins For Terms and Conditions, please visit the following link:

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