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Project Lion (Project L)Release date: TBA
Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with an upcoming combat game developed by Riot Games. Project L allows you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Runeterra. Choose two types of champions: the main character - Point, responsible for most of the moves, and the Support - Assist. The game lets you switch champions between the two roles, adding unpredictability and excitement to every battle. Additionally, Project L has three systems, which considerably intensify the gaming experience. The first system called Assist Actions provides unique special abilities available to each champion. These abilities can only be activated once during a match. The second system called Handshake Tag allows players to switch roles with their champions as long as they are both on the screen. This system allows for more control over the battle. Lastly, Dynamic Save is a combo breaker that enables players to summon the Assist champion to interrupt the opponent's combos and reverse the tide of the battle to their advantage. Currently, Project L is in the Research and Development phase where the developers are experimenting with different techniques to make the gameplay more engaging and intense. The official release date of Project L has not yet been disclosed, but pre-registrations are available to ensure players are the first to try the upcoming title. Project L is anticipated to be a major success among gamers due to its distinctive gameplay, remarkable visuals, and immersive storyline. In conclusion, Project L is set to provide gamers with an exciting and captivating fighting game experience reviving the genre for new and old players.
Valorant MobileRelease date: TBA
Immerse yourself in a dynamic and pulse-pounding world with Valorant Mobile! This action-packed game will keep you on the edge of your seat with its exciting gameplay. Show off your tactical skills and quick reflexes in a game where they are paramount. Step into the shoes of skilled agents, each with their unique abilities and playing styles. This variety adds depth to the gameplay and allows for endless possibilities. Take part in thrilling matches in futuristic landscapes where every decision you make could determine the winner. Dive into meticulously designed maps that range from vibrant urban settings to desolate industrial zones. Explore these maps to get a truly immersive gaming experience. Strategize with your teammates and outmaneuver your opponents. In Valorant Mobile, you will have a diverse arsenal of weapons available to you. From precise pistols to powerful rifles, choose your tools of destruction and eliminate your foes with surgical precision. The game will test your sharpshooting skills, and only the best ones will rise to the top. Adaptability and quick thinking are critical in Valorant Mobile. You must be ready to adjust your approach and capitalize on your enemies' weaknesses as the tides of battle shift. Your success depends on how well you can adapt to the situation. Join forces with friends or meet new comrades in Valorant Mobile's social features. Share your victories and epic moments and climb the ranks of the game's competitive ladder together. Conquering challenges as a team adds a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment that is unmatched. Valorant Mobile is a fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping game that will keep you coming back for more. Its top-tier graphics and thrilling gunplay will transport you to a world of tactical brilliance. Are you ready to prove your mettle and achieve victory with your skills and teamwork? The time has come to enter the world of Valorant Mobile!

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