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NEOCRAFT is a global game publisher and developer founded by a group of game lovers, who know how to do RPGs right.


Order DaybreakRelease date: Jun 20, 2024
Embrace the dawn of a new era in Order Daybreak! This apocalyptic RPG seamlessly blends resilience, sci-fi wonder, and anime inspiration into a captivating adventure. Engage in combat from a dynamic 2.5D view, where skillful play and strategic movement are keys to success. Take on the role of an Aegis Warrior [异能战士] and rally allies to combat the corruption that threatens a world on the brink of collapse. Order Daybreak features: [Allies in the Apocalypse] Forge strategic alliances with unique allies across treacherous terrain in a world beset by despair. Develop their skills and combine your strengths to overcome challenges in style. [Strategic Combat Synergy] Refine your reflexes and engage with precision – every move counts in Order Daybreak's real-time combat system. Your skills on the battlefield make the difference between victory and defeat. [Shape Your Legacy] Choose your own path as you progress through various classes, each with its own set of skills and abilities. Whether you prefer to lead the charge or support from the shadows, your choices shape your legacy. [Survival in Style] Equip your character with gear that is both stylish and sturdy. Take control of mounts that are engineered for dominance on the battlefield in this reclaimed world. [Global Alliances] Join forces with fellow players from around the world in an ever-shifting landscape of cooperation and competition. Witness alliances and rivalries in a seamless integration of cross-server play. As the world wakes up from a long, dark night, it's up to you to shape its future. Will you rise to the challenge and bring about a radiant new era, or falter in the face of nightfall? Your choices and actions determine the story of tomorrow in Order Daybreak.

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