Chronicle of Infinity

Chronicle of Infinity

Neocraft Limited
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Game overview

Answer: <br>Astral Alliance summons a Guardian to stop the Obsidian Army. Apex Guerilla mode, Random Dungeons, and Open World decisions. Wings and pets aid in combat.

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Join the quest and reap the rewards by following us on our website and Facebook page at and, respectively.

As an Astral Alliance Guardian, you have answered the call to defend your world against the never-ending violence from the Obsidian Army. Welcome to Astrapolis, where your skills will be put to the test.

Get ready for a truly unique and thrilling ARPG experience that sets a new industry standard. With its revolutionary graphics and combat system, you will be awed by the spectacular special effects that will assault your screen. The Ultimate skills, complete with fancy animations, will take your breath away. And that's just the beginning! Suit up and transform into the Armor Status to be stronger than ever.

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Enter Apex Guerrilla, the intense 150-player PVP Battle Royale where the rule is simple: win or die. The wealth, fame, and exclusive title await the winner.

Dungeons are not just for farming - they are for finding Legendary Equipments! The dungeons are entirely random, with the structures, monsters, chests, NPCs, entrances, and everything else being different for each dungeon. The rewards are great, but watch out for well-designed traps.

Your decisions will ultimately influence the fate of an Open World that relies on your courage and wisdom. Immersive yourself in the MMORPG experience, where random events in the dynamic Sandbox world shape the game. And best of all, keep an eye out for numerous Easter Eggs hidden in different corners over the world.

The wings and pets are your trusty guardians in Chronicle of Infinity. The adorable pet may look innocent, but they deal the most brutal damage. The avians will swoop in to transform into a pair of wings when you are in danger. Join the fray and adventure awaits!
Neocraft Limited
Release date
Apr 07, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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Chronicle of Infinity CBT Gameplay (Android, iOS)Techzamazing
Let&#39;s Play Chronicle of Infinity #1 ⚡️ Das neue MMO - zwischen Bugs &amp; Autoplay ★ (Deutsch / German)xHeaven
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