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Construction Simulator PRO

Operate heavy machines, build your empire and shape the city with Construction Simulator PRO - the most realistic construction sim game.

Construction Simulator PROMAGEEKS SC
Step into the shoes of a skilled constructor and unleash your potential in Construction Simulator PRO, the most lifelike construction simulator available! Assume the role of a beginner contractor and take on small jobs in the city to earn cash. With every completed task, your experience grows, allowing you to buy new vehicles and upgrade your fleet, making it possible to sell buildings at a profit, paving the way to become the best constructor in town. Construction Simulator PRO boasts advanced vehicle mechanics, an extensive map, and an impressive array of construction sites and challenges that positions it as one of the most sophisticated construction simulators in the market. Mastering the art of construction takes time, but it is definitely rewarding! With hours of enjoyable gameplay at your fingertips, climb on a tower crane, bulldoze your way through obstacles, operate heavy machines such as a concrete pump, and make your mark shaping the city to your liking. The game showcases 17 different heavy machines like cranes, bulldozers, and concrete pumps to conquer. Explore a vast map with 2 main cities and 2 villages to admire from the height of the tower crane. Start as a small contractor and build your way up to become an empire. Enjoy a cab view of every vehicle, perform various contracts including skatepark, city hall, church, and wind turbine, progress in the game with the sophisticated experience system, and get ready to experience over 50 hours of non-stop gameplay. Immerse yourself in the world of construction and crane sim with Construction Simulator PRO - the game that promises to keep you engaged and entertained for days!
RFS - Real Flight Simulator

Real Flight Simulator: Explore airports and sceneries in high-res. Fly real-time flights, chat with pilots, and fly in multiplayer. Customize planes, weather, and failures.

RFS - Real Flight SimulatorRORTOS
Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience of flying anywhere in the world and discovering extraordinary landscapes and aerodromes with high-resolution satellite maps, 3D constructions, runways, operations, and air traffic. Embark on real-time flights, communicate with other pilots, and join them in multiple player sessions. Plan your route and converse with ATC controllers. Choose from thousands of community-designed liveries, modify all airplanes, their gauges, incidents, and climatic circumstances. Unleash your inner pilot. Manual/Tutorial: forge your knowledge rfs.wiki.org/wiki FLY NOW: -Elevation, landing, or a whole flight -Automatic construction of flight plan ADVANCED FLIGHT PLAN (PRO only) -Numerous options to create/edit/duplicate difficult flight plans -Date/time: CUSTOM/REAL (with night and day cycle) -Flight Schedule with operations for DEPARTURE, ARRIVAL, APPROACH, and TRANSITION (SID and STAR) -Aircraft: V-SPEEDS, GROSS WEIGHT LIMITS, FUEL BURN, FLIGHT TIME ESTIMATED with configuration of FUEL, PASSENGERS, and CARGO -Weather/Metar Departure and Arrival: CUSTOM/REAL - WIND DIRECTION/SPEED, MAIN WEATHER (CLEAR, FOG, RAIN, STORM, SNOW), CLOUDS, CLOUDS BASE, TURBULENCE, GROUND TEMPERATURE REAL TIME FLIGHTS (PRO only) -40.000 real time flights every day -Real time traffic for the 35 largest airports in the world and their connected destinations -Become a part of any real-time flight and manage it to the final point MULTIPLAYER (PRO only) -Become part of the community of pilots and fly together wherever you like -Have a chat with every multiplayer aviator Attributes: ADVANCED MULTI PANEL SYSTEM: personalize your instruments and gauges AIRCRAFT: Personal liveries, live cockpit in 3D, functioning parts, and headlights AIRPORTS 35+ HD: Airports built down to the tiniest details! 3D Buildings and vehicles, taxiways, departure, and approach procedure. PRO users can expect more coming in the near future! 500 SD: Runways, 3D Buildings, and departure and approach procedures 14000 LD (PRO only): Runways and departure and approach ways Ground and air traffic (PRO only) ATC Air Traffic Control (PRO only) -Interactive multi-voice ATC operations and communication -Frequencies: ATIS, GROUND, TOWER, APPROACH, EN ROUTE, EMERGENCY FAILURES: CUSTOM/RANDOM - ALTITUDE/SPEED SENSOR, FUEL TANK, LANDING GEAR, ENGINE, FLAPS, AILERONS, THRUST REVERSERS, TYRES, RUDDER, SPOILER, BRAKE, ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS, RADAR SATELLITE TERRAIN (PRO only): High-definition worldwide satellite terrain SATELLITE HEIGHTMAPS (PRO only): High-definition worldwide height maps (Satellite data requires online connection to stream data) LIVERIES: Construct liveries on your airplane and then share them with other pilots throughout the world IN GAME: -ADVANCED MULTI PANEL SYSTEM: .INSTRUMENTS: PFD, ND, FMS, Map, Engines, Fuel, Altimeter/Anemo .INDICATORS: Air/Ground/Vertical Speed, Heading, Altitude AGL/ASM, ETE Next/Dest, Destination, Next WP, Nearest Airport, Ground/OAT Temp, Wind, Activity/Flight/UTC/Local/Arrival Time, Fuel, N1, V-Speeds, and more -ILS Instrument Landing System -CONTROLS: Main Throttle, Flaps, Landing Gear, Spoiler, Brake, Rudder, and Pushback -GROUND SYSTEMS: GPU, PBB, PUSHBACK -AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS: HUD, WP/AIRCRAFT/COMMS HUD, APU, ANTI ICE, NAV/BEACON/LANDING/STROBE LIGHTS -ENGINES: Start/Stop Engines, Separated Throttles, ANTI FIRE -FUEL: Weight balancing, fuel dumping, and real fuel consumption -AUTOPILOT: NAVIGATION, APPROACH (Automatic Landing System) + SPEED, HDG, ALT, V/S -MASTER CAUTION ALARM -VDGS: VISUAL DOCKING GUIDANCE SYSTEM on all HD airports -MAP: air topography with airports and waypoints. Detailed airport view (HD Airport) + FMC and flight plan -MULTI CAMERA PAUSE/IN FLIGHT:  -QUICK ACTIVITY: Runway/Gate Elevate, Landing, Short Landing, Next WP and Current Position -DATE/TIME: CUSTOM/REAL -AIRCRAFT: Full customization (Load/Passengers/Fuel) anytime during your flight -WEATHER: CUSTOM/REAL -FAILURES: CUSTOM/RANDOM/OFF The PRO Version requires a subscription Support: rfs@rortos.com
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Top Boat: Racing Simulator 3D

Customize your boat, race in 6 unique classes, reach impossible speeds, win the World Cup, and jet ski in stunning graphics in TopBoat: Racing Boat Simulator.

Top Boat: Racing Simulator 3DT-Bull S.A.
Experience the ultimate racing game by driving the fastest ocean-going powerboats in TopBoat: Racing Boat Simulator. Get thrilled with the extreme mind-blowing visuals that this game offers and choose from 25+ customizable boats, divided into 6 unique boat classes: hovercraft, classic, offshore, catamaran, jet ski, and hydroplane. With TopBoat, you can reach impossible speeds, race for the World Cup and achieve victory for your team, and take part in a selection of hardcore challenges, including the jet ski race. Find the powerboat of your dreams and customize it to perfection by tuning its appearance and adding some decals. Choose from dozens of performance parts, such as fuel filters, gearboxes, engine upgrades, clutch, body, nitrous, and more to increase your boat's power and overall performance. TopBoat has unique world settings and a multi-faceted approach to the player experience, which sets it apart from standard boat racing games. Race to beat the high score and set a new maximum world speed record, compete for the World Cup and win your first world title, and prove your skills by driving the fastest water scooters and race with real opponents. The game offers stunning graphics with realistic world settings and amazingly detailed ocean-going rides on powerboats and motorboats, bringing the exotic style and vibrant world we all need in those long, dark winter months. So, get ready to test your skills and show what you're made of by getting on your offshore powerboat, motorboat, or jet ski, and indulge in the most intense racing game. Download and play TopBoat for amazing stunt boat racing emotions and start a new season of water sports championship! Don't forget to visit T-Bull's official site and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy

EMERGENCY HQ: Rescue simulation game. Control firefighter, police, medical units, SWAT, technical services & save lives. Build-up base, upgrade units, fight fires, and terrorists.

EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategyPromotion Software GmbH
Are you ready to take on the challenge of leading a team of heroes to save innocent civilians and combat fires, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks? If so, then EMERGENCY HQ is the game for you! As the latest installment in the renowned rescue simulation game series, this game puts you in charge of a range of emergency units including firefighters, ambulances, police, SWAT teams, and hospitals. Your mission is to plan and execute rescue operations, manage catastrophes, tackle crimes, and dispatch personnel and vehicles in a seamless and effective manner. With EMERGENCY HQ, you'll have the opportunity to control a diverse team of professionals including firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, doctors, police officers, and special forces. You will be tasked with fighting intense fires, rescuing stranded animals and citizens, thwarting terrorist plots, and much more. Build up your base and assemble a top-notch emergency services team that is up for any challenge. Improve and expand your fire trucks, hospital, and other buildings and units, and enhance your headquarters to ensure that your team can operate at maximum efficiency. Do you have the necessary skills and bravery required to lead a successful rescue mission? Play EMERGENCY HQ now and test your abilities! As a firefighter and rescue simulator game, EMERGENCY HQ is free to download and play. However, some in-game items can also be purchased using real money. You can manage your game's settings to disable in-app purchases if you desire. Don't wait any longer to fight the chaos - download EMERGENCY HQ today!
Truck Simulator Pro USA

Drive powerful trucks, complete challenging missions, manage your resources, and become the ultimate trucking tycoon in Truck Simulation PRO USA. 🚚🏞️

Truck Simulator Pro USAMageeks Apps & Games
🚛🌲 Indulge in the Adrenaline of Trucking with Truck Simulation PRO USA! 🌟🏞️ Prepare yourself to hit the highway like a pro and become an expert trucker in Truck Simulation PRO USA by Mageeks, which provides an immersive and realistic environment to the players. Take control of powerful trucks and navigate through the stunning landscapes across the United States, with the realistic physics and the exceptional graphics offered in this truck simulator game. 📱 Mobile Gameplay, Realistic Challenges: Truck Simulation PRO USA offers a lifelike trucking experience right at your fingertips! 🎮🌟 The game features a wide range of difficult missions and daunting tasks that you have to master. This mobile game allows you to transport cargo, complete challenging deliveries and overcome various obstacles on your path, making you a true trucking expert. You will have an authentic trucking experience that will keep you engaged for hours. 🌟 Realistic Truck Simulation: Capture the sensation of authority and rule of an array of highly detailed trucks, as you drive through ever-changing weather conditions and day and night cycles. 🌤️🌙 Truck Simulation PRO USA delivers a realistic driving experience, from managing fuel consumption to maneuvering tricky road conditions. The precision in the modeling of the trucks and the environments in this game will make you feel like you're driving a real truck on the road. 🌆 Expand Your Trucking Empire: Build your own trucking empire, and be the king of the highways in the United States! 🌎🚚 Shipments can be completed, rewards earned, and new trucks added to your fleet by executing tasks. Establish profitable routes, take the challenges, use your resources efficiently, and let your business grow in this game. Become the ultimate trucking tycoon; an ideal way to prove your skills and develop your empire further! 📥 Download Now and Hit the Road! 🚚🏞️ Truck Simulation PRO USA is a perfect game for all the trucking enthusiasts out there! 🆓📲 Download now, gear up, and embark on an unforgettable trucking adventure in the United States! 🚛🌟Experience the adrenaline of long-haul trucking, explore the picturesque landscapes, and deliver your cargo on time to become the undisputed king of the highways in Truck Simulation PRO USA by Mageeks. 🚛Are you ready to tackle the ultimate trucking experience? Take the driving seat and set off on your journey right away with Truck Simulation PRO USA by Mageeks. 🌟🏞️
Heavy Machines & Construction

Experience a realistic world with over 30 vehicles and more than 100 tasks. Build your business and dominate the roads.

Heavy Machines & ConstructionWebperon Games
Immerse yourself in a lifelike open world full of challenging roads and rugged offroad tracks as you venture into deep mines, bustling cities, busy ports, train stations and other customer-owned industrial areas. Set up shop and start earning money by taking on various jobs spanning road, building and tunnel construction, transportation logistics, and mining operations for your small business. With over 30 types of vehicles available, you can build and grow your own vehicle fleet, unlocking new opportunities for work and revenue. But beware – navigating through treacherous terrain in heavy machinery requires skill and patience. Can you prove yourself as the king of the toughest roads? Experience a world of breathtaking realism with advanced physics that accurately replicate conditions such as rope, mud, excavation, cargo loading, and concrete pouring. The game features a wide array of ultra-realistic vehicles, each with their own distinct mechanics, sounds, and interior designs. You can even attach trailers to your various trucks to easily carry cargo of any type and size. Expect an extensive list of logistics, mining, and construction tasks to take on, including automatic loading and sorting of cargo, as well as an AI traffic system that adds a touch of authenticity to your surroundings. Levelling up unlocks new repeatable tasks, which increase your experience and keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Keep an eye on the fuel gauge, for fuel consumption is realistic in this game. Fill up at designated gas stations before continuing your journey. The game also features a day and night cycle, which adds another exciting dimension to the gameplay. Are you ready to take on this challenge? Put on your helmet and start exploring this vast and dynamic world today!
OffRoad Drive Pro

Off Road drive Pro: Experience Real Off Road drive with 13 different vehicles, 16 Levels, 10 Maps, and 4x4 Off-Road Features like Differential-Lock and Winch.

OffRoad Drive ProLogicMiracle
OffRoad Drive Pro allows you to experience off-roading like a true pro. With all 4x4 off-road vehicles equipped with differential-lock and winch features, you're equipped to take on any challenge. The differential-lock feature can be used in both the career and free-roam modes and can help you regain traction in challenging situations. With improved graphics quality, realistic suspension, and 4x4 off-road features, you'll get an authentic off-road experience. Engage in different techniques such as using 1st gear to tackle steep slopes or obstacles, differential-lock if one wheel loses traction, and winch if your vehicle gets stuck to overcome any terrain. In OffRoad Drive Simulator, you can enable fog and adjust its intensity from the settings menu in free-roam mode. Graphics quality can also be adjusted from the settings menu based on your device specifications. There's support for 13 different languages, and you can choose from 13 different off-road vehicles, each with realistic suspension and off-road features. With 16 levels and 10 maps, you can enjoy the game in free-roam mode by selecting any map or vehicle. You can also choose between day and night mode, engage in rock crawling, and use roll and pitch meters, all while choosing between five different cameras. With 4x4 off-road features such as differential-lock, winch, and manual transmission with tachometer, this game is the ultimate off-road simulator. Use the 1st gear as 4L or 2L gear, and choose between 2WD and 4WD gear to provide power to the rear or all wheels. Unlock locked maps and vehicles by completing levels in career mode and enjoy the true off-road experience. Join us on our Facebook page at https://web.facebook.com/LogicMiracle and subscribe to our YouTube channel at https://goo.gl/HijLbY to stay updated with the latest game developments.
Truck Simulator World

Explore the massive open world with realistic graphics, company management, online multiplayer, and endless customization options in Truck Simulator World by Sir Studios.

Truck Simulator WorldSir Studios
Sir Studios, the renowned game publisher of Ultimate Car Driving Simulator, has developed a sensational truck simulator game, called Truck Simulator World. This outstanding game features an enormous open-world map with the most authentic graphics available and a vast selection of American and European trucks, providing gamers with endless customisation options. • THE WORLD Truck Simulator World boasts the most exceptional open-world map ever created, allowing players to explore continents while transporting their precious cargo. They can experience various vibrant cities, events, and scenic routes all over the world that have been rendered with stunning graphics. • REALISTIC GRAPHICS Truck Simulator World offers an unparalleled driving experience, enriched with the most advanced physics engine that provides gamers with incredibly realistic graphics. They can drive through challenging terrains at any time of day, under varied weather conditions, thus making the game feel like an authentic simulation. • COMPANY MANAGEMENT Truck Simulator World provides players with a unique and exciting opportunity to test their company management skills with their driving skills simultaneously. They can recruit significant industry players, grow their company, and expand their market dominance as a truck driver. • ONLINE Truck Simulator World takes pride in offering an engaging multiplayer experience to gamers who can travel the world with their friends, create a crew, and join big unions to take on the rest of the world. • CUSTOMISATION Truck Simulator World offers a vast range of customisation options to players, allowing them to personalise their trucks to reflect their style and preferences. They can upgrade their trucks with parts and accessories available in their garage, meet the requirements of demanding companies, enhance the truck's comfort and speed, and increase its payload capacity. KEY FEATURES Truck Simulator World is remarkable in its size, with the most massive open-world mobile map. It features multiple interactive options in which players can fill fuel tanks, access company computers, and take help from other drivers. The game's realistic experience challenges gamers with fatigue, hunger, and sleeplessness. Players can access the extensive police database to hire suitable drivers and deliver different cargo types, ranging from repaired tanks to food. They can sit on the truck's cabin seat and adjust mirrors to feel like they are driving a real truck. The game has a strict penalty system, and players can enjoy a unique talent system that offers valuable features. The game also has a personalised company headquarters, an avatar, a license plate, and customisable company logos. The game features various travellers, and players can hitchhike and travel with them, receiving mysterious gifts. The game provides gamers with 30+ American and European trucks and features a realistic truck physics system. Truck Simulator World has a day-night cycle and offers perfect weather conditions, breathtaking landscapes, and unparalleled graphics. The second-hand market also includes dozens of different damaged trucks that players can buy and repair. Download Truck Simulator World now for FREE to enjoy the most authentic truck driving experience ever!
Forklift Extreme Simulator 2

Forklift Extreme 2: a realistic and customizable forklift simulation game with challenging levels, multiple camera angles, and stunning 3D warehouse environments.

Forklift Extreme Simulator 2Last Man Gaming
In Forklift Extreme 2, you'll experience the excitement of driving a forklift in a realistic and highly detailed environment. The game's physics provide an accurate representation of how a forklift handles and moves, making the experience truly immersive ⭐. The game offers two modes of play: a challenging mode where you can tackle a variety of tasks and challenges, and Zen mode 😍 where you can relax and enjoy the game at your own pace, free from time constraints and challenges. Zen mode is perfect when you want to unwind and have some fun. You will explore numerous layouts and designs as you move cargo around in the game. You can control the action from multiple camera angles, giving you a close-up and personal experience or a bird's-eye view. The missions demand that you maneuver through tight corners and narrow passages, testing your forklift operating skills 🕹️. Forklift Extreme 2 offers a range of gameplay options to cater to various preferences. Whether you enjoy simulations or truck-driving games, you will enjoy this game. It's a must-play! The game boasts ultra-realistic and lifelike forklift physics to provide an authentic experience. The driver physics are incredibly accurate, adding an extra layer of realism. You can customize the game to make it your own, and the challenging levels cater to both beginners and pros. The intuitive controls and dynamic camera angles make it easy to drive the forklift and make deliveries lightning-fast 🎥. The stunning 3D warehouse environments are awe-inspiring and immersive. Forklift Extreme 2 offers an exciting and exhilarating journey. Are you ready to stack up the fun 🔥?
Bus Simulator City Ride Lite

Drive licensed buses around Havensburg, explore districts and manage your own transport company to connect the people of YOUR CITY.

Bus Simulator City Ride Liteastragon Entertainment GmbH
Looking for a new and exciting way to test your driving skills? Look no further than Bus Simulator City Ride Lite! This is your chance to experience the newest Bus Simulator instalment from two of the biggest manufacturers in the business: Setra and BYD. Hop behind the wheel and take your first steps in the game's introduction to the city of Havensburg with four amazing missions. If you like what you experience in the Lite version, you can easily purchase the full version through in-app purchase to have access to all the stunning buses, missions, and features available in the game. Step into the driver's seat of a licensed bus from one of ten famous manufacturers - including Alexander Dennis, Blue Bird, BYD, IVECO BUS, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Setra, Volvo, and Vicinity Motor Corp. As you complete campaign missions and drive routes, you'll unlock even more buses, districts, and routes. Set your sights on greatness as you climb the ladder of success, building your very own public transport network. The city of Havensburg is bursting with life for you to explore. Richly detailed and inspired by northern European cities, it has a variety of eye-catching buildings and landscapes. From the bustling warehouse district to the peaceful countryside, there's no shortage of sights to see. As you ferry passengers through Havensburg, they're sure to share colorful stories about their lives and experiences. Take their tales to heart and become the head of your own transport company. Work your way to the top, and make sure the people of YOUR CITY get where they need to be.
Transport Tycoon Empire: City

Build a transport empire and a megapolis, manage dispatchers, collect vehicles, and complete contracts around the world. Become the ultimate transport tycoon!

Transport Tycoon Empire: CityAlda Games
Ready to become the ultimate transport tycoon? In this sim game, you'll collect trains, trucks, ships, and planes to complete transport contracts in an ever-changing map filled with interesting people and places. But it's not just about transportation - you'll need to master the logistics as well by managing dispatchers for your railroad empire and ship captains on their journeys. You'll even become the mayor of a small city and build it up to become a global metropolis, complete with factories to process the goods you acquire with your cargo fleet. Upgrade your vehicles to deliver more and more cargo, from steam trains to futuristic planes. And with every successful job, you'll have opportunities to collect more vehicles and move on to even greater challenges. Transport Tycoon Empire is more than just a transport game. You'll be a tycoon of all delivery methods, with the chance to conquer every port city in the world by land, sea, and air. Become the ultimate train tycoon, truck tycoon, and even airplane tycoon as you build your empire. You'll need to manage dispatchers to handle traffic and become a true transit king and top tycoon. And when you're ready to expand, you can hire even more dispatchers to manage your expanding company. But you're not just a transporter - you're also a city builder. You'll have the opportunity to build and decorate your pocket city, upgrading your company headquarters and building new roads and buildings for public transport. You'll even be able to customize your city to leave your permanent mark on the world. As the game is set in an unnamed land, it offers the best of American and Euro truck simulator games. From the desert to city islands, to terra nil or frozen northland, you'll travel to different regions to build your epic empire. With highly detailed models of every vehicle, from cargo ships to futuristic planes, this game offers the perfect mix of simulation and strategy. You'll be a pocket city tycoon builder, exploring a map full of cool places. The epic introduction scenes for every vehicle will put you in the shoes of European truckers, American train conductors, and airplane captains. Transport Tycoon Empire is a simulation and strategy heaven, with the chance to become the best port city ship tycoon in the world. Transport Tycoon Empire is free-to-play and can be played completely for free, while offering in-app purchases to speed up your progress. Join our community of amazing railway tycoons on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TransportTycoonAndCityBuilder/.
Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War

Customize and upgrade your war machine and weapons in the online PvP game Steel Rage. Battle in vast arenas with up to 30 machines per match.

Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP WarGDCompany
Are you tired of playing with heavy tanks and giant war robots? Download Steel Rage, a new online action-packed car shooter wargame, and compete with players worldwide in a FREE PvP battle with mech rides! Customize your war machine, combat weapons, and abilities according to your taste and playing style. Choose from a variety of metal knight bodies, military weapons, and warrior abilities, and add some colors and camouflage to make your metal knight stand out in the crowd. You can make a fast sport vigilante, an armored machine, or a twisted robot - it’s up to you! Select from 13+ car bodies, each with unique specifications and appearances to cross enemies out in battle rage. From sedans, mini and sports vehicles to muscle, SUV, and vans, you can choose any car that suits your playing style. Use light, medium, and heavy military mech weapons, such as machine-guns, AP projectiles, and missiles. Choose shooter weapons that fit your car PvP tactics! You can even mount up to four different war guns and make a salvo from all of them like a tank. From sport suspension to improve speed, SUV or even 6 wheels to get off-road capability, select tank tracks, and steel robotic spider limbs to increase maneuverability during warfare, choose different action chassis that suits your driving style. Protect yourself with energy shield-like robot and blitz enemies with a barrage of machine-guns and AP shells. Use nitro boost to quickly outflank and destroy enemies or become invisible to attack from ambush or to make a tactical retreat. With enormous arenas, vast territories for exploration and maneuvers, from countryside to city road, make sure to explore magnificent arenas and use terrain, buildings, and other covers to get maximum advantage. Be a champion of warfare by turning your enemy warriors into twisted metal. Experience full-scale warfare with up to 30 mad war machines in every match, dynamic 6v6 car battles, with even more variety of combat and tactics that makes every shooter match unique. Fight in breathtaking cross-out battles with warriors from all around the world nations! Steel Rage features beautiful 3D graphics, thoroughly detailed cars, and arenas, with epic explosions in vivid mech shooter. Enjoy fantastic graphics during the action! The game allows freedom of experiments, so test different wargame builds until you find your own vigilante. Fight everywhere at any time with no energy or other restrictions! The game has easy-to-use controls. Intuitive controls can be adjusted in settings, and the handy User Interface will let your twisted mech join a mad nitro combat immediately. You can also tweak graphics to suit your device's graphics set. Join the online twisted crossout and download the action car warfare game for free now. The game regularly receives updates and new content, making it the online wargame of 2024! Please contact us if you find bugs or issues, and join our community to find friends and ask questions.
Dock your Boat 3D

Dock Your Boat 3D offers an advanced and user-friendly simulator for safe manoeuvring, hoisting sails, and sharing scenes with friends.

Dock your Boat 3Dsfinx-it GmbH
Get ready to sail with the newly designed 3D version of "Dock Your Boat", a popular app that offers an enhanced experience with its upgraded user-friendly features and captivating visuals. The developers, who are avid sailors themselves, have infused their passion for sailing into this game. The core concept of Dock your Boat 3D remains the same as its 2D predecessor. It is a boat and harbour simulator that helps in improving the skipper's skills in safe manoeuvring of yachts, including docking, undocking, handling lines, and fenders. You can set the wind strength individually, depending on the level of difficulty you desire. Version 2.3 introduced new features like hoisting sails, accurately calculating the wind behind mountains. With a subscription, you can use the scene editor, share scenes with your friends and students, and make the most of your experience. Keep in mind that if you don't have a device with high-performance GPU and CPU, let the app run for a minute. It will measure performance and decrease the ocean quality accordingly. You also have the option to change parameters in the system settings of the app. Set sail and perfect your skills with Dock Your Boat 3D – the perfect app for sailing enthusiasts and beginners alike!
Japan Train Models: JR West Edition

Enjoy trains in Puzzle, Layout and Encyclopedia mode. Assemble detailed vehicles, create new cityscapes, and check detailed data and 3D models of train cars.

Japan Train Models: JR West EditionG-MODE Corporation
Experience the ultimate train simulation in Japan Train Models, now featuring the magnificent trains of JR West! Immerse yourself in the captivating world of trains with three distinct modes: Puzzle mode, Layout mode, and Encyclopedia mode! Indulge in your love for trains to your heart's content. Puzzle Mode With Puzzle mode, players can put together train parts like a jigsaw puzzle to create stunning images of trains moving across the screen. Every single vehicle in the game has been officially licensed, so you can enjoy assembling these exquisite models over and over again. But it's not just the trains you can put together! At the end of each level, you can assemble a diorama of the scenic backdrop through which the trains move. Layout Mode The layout base of Japan Train Models - JR West Edition is a brand-new model that differs from the one in the first version of the game. Create your very own cityscape by adding buildings and structures to the layout. You can take splendid photographs by operating your train models from the Puzzle mode on this pristine layout. Select morning, evening, or night time to enjoy the gorgeous scenery that changes with the time of day. There are also varying shooting modes available, such as from the viewpoint of a train window or a cameraman placed on the landscape. You can even move the cameraman around to capture the most captivating images from your favorite locations and angles. Encyclopedia Mode In the Encyclopedia mode, you can access detailed data and 3D models of all the featured vehicles. Study and appreciate your favorite cars by zooming in and rotating them in any direction. Switch to the internal camera view to feel like you're on the train itself! Browse through detailed descriptions of the cars supervised by JR East and marvel at their intricate designs. Equip yourself with a train car! Japan Train Models - JR West Edition boasts of three train cars: 225-100 Series 117 Series 103 Series Create your very own railway space and wallow in the joys of train simulation.
Farm Sim 2024

Build your agricultural empire by farming crops, managing animals, and upgrading your skills in this realistic farming simulator.

Farm Sim 2024Ovidiu Pop
Get ready to experience the thrill of being a farmer with this unique farming simulator game. Immerse yourself in an open world full of farming tasks where you'll get to harvest multiple types of crops, take care of your livestock, transport hay and wood, sell your produce in the marketplace, and expand your farm to become a renowned farmer. In this challenging driving game that falls under the simulator games category, you'll be put to the test as you learn to operate a tractor or harvest with a combine. You can upgrade your skills and manage your farm's finances and resources to maximize profits. This real farming simulator features a wide range of vehicles and machinery such as tractors, harvesters, semi trucks, and sprayers, among others. Living the life of a farmer has never been more engaging, with our realistic farming simulator challenging players to cultivate crops like wheat, corn, oat, sunflower, and more. Additionally, players can also enjoy animal management in this farm game, allowing them to raise a variety of farm animals like pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, and sheep. Every decision and action you take affects the land realistically in this game, thanks to its impressive graphics. With our game's unique features such as the Weather System and dynamic Day/Night Cycle, players will experience the full spectrum of nature's elements. Explore a vast Open World Career Mode that gives players an authentic farming experience with every decision impacting their farming journey. Experience the weight and power of every vehicle as you navigate through challenging terrain. The realistic sound effects make the gameplay come to life, giving players an immersive experience. You'll feel like you're in the driver's seat, revving the engine of a powerful truck or hearing the hum of a tractor. Take control of your farming experience, grow your farm and become the best farmer in the region. Get ready to play Farm Simulator 2024. Follow OvilexSoftware on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, and check out their official website for more information and their privacy policy.
Construction Simulator 4

Construct buildings using more than 80 vehicles, engaging in multiplayer mode, and exploring a Canadian-inspired map with over 100 jobs.

Construction Simulator 4astragon Entertainment GmbH
Get ready to jump back into the world of Construction Simulator with their latest mobile release! This time, you'll be working in the picturesque forests and bays of a brand new, never-before-seen map that draws inspiration from Canada's beautiful landscape. Explore three extensive areas within this unique map that we promise you won't be able to get enough of! The game offers an unprecedented, unique building experience that distinguishes itself from its predecessors. The campaign experience is one-of-a-kind, depending on the individual location you are working on. You will face special challenges that you'll need to overcome with your growing construction empire, making each moment feel even more impactful. Some of the biggest names and brands will be making a comeback in this version as Atlas, BELL, Bobcat, Bomag, CASE, Caterpillar, Kenworth, Liebherr, Mack Trucks, MAN, MEILLER Kipper, Palfinger, STILL, and the WIRTGEN GROUP. But that's not all! You should also be excited to grow your business through new partnerships with innovative brands like CIFA, DAF, and Scania. The game boasts over 80 vehicles, machines, and attachments from over 20 license partners, all available to choose from. There are over 100 construction jobs to complete, so your work is never done. If you want to take a break, call in a buddy! The game also offers a multiplayer mode for up to two players. You can expect to take in the breathtaking views of the Canadian-inspired map with detailed cockpit views for each vehicle.
Truck Masters: India Simulator

Experience India's trucking lifestyle across diverse terrains with authentic customization, economic system, and detailed environments. Future multiplayer interactions await. 🎮

Truck Masters: India SimulatorHighbrow Interactive
Embark on an electrifying journey across more than 100 Indian cities, each boasting its own unique design and authentic name boards lining the highways. This game provides an authentic trucking experience, boasting extensive features that will keep you entertained for hours. Customize your trucks from the ground up with a comprehensive chassis building system, choosing from an array of authentic skins for a personal touch. Experience realistic driving dynamics, with smart AI that responds dynamically to your actions on the road. The game presents challenging situations, with narrow roads, suspension variations, and dense traffic. Build your very own trucking empire by purchasing trucks, hiring drivers, and managing your business. Explore a comprehensive economic system that includes profits and losses and emerge as a top industry leader. Encounter unique and fun obstacles like managing your truck's fuel consumption, navigating weigh bridges and police checks, and encountering "Chotu," the game's charming presence. Take care of your trucks with intricate detail and maintenance tasks, and revel in the rich tapestry of Indian trucking life. Immerse yourself in truck detailing with customizable paint, drawings, and regional variations, and stylize your interior with music players, water cans, fans, stoves, and even god photos. Roam freely across all of India, experiencing changing weather conditions and exiting landscapes. Encounter various road types, including 2-lane, 4-lane, and 6-lane expressways, each with detailed sign board information. The game also boasts realistic truck sounds, Indian ambient sounds, and authentic horn variations. It dynamically changes with changing weather conditions and landscapes. Witness your business grow and make strategic decisions that increase your profits. The game hints at exciting future multiplayer features that add another layer of immersion to the experience. Become a part of the trucking community and dominate it.
Construction Simulator 3 Lite

Play as a construction worker in Construction Simulator 3: build houses, roads, and skyscrapers, and use licensed machines from 14 brands.

Construction Simulator 3 Liteastragon Entertainment GmbH
Construction Simulator 3 Lite Edition offers a sneak peek of the latest release in the popular Construction Simulator series. Drive officially licensed vehicles and delve into the charming city of Neustein. If you enjoy the game, upgrade to the full version with a simple in-app purchase. Journey to Europe in Construction Simulator 3 and discover an enchanting town nestled in the rustic Alpine foothills. Get behind the wheel of specialized machines from renowned brands such as Liebherr, CASE, and Caterpillar. Take on a plethora of diverse and demanding contracts, from house repairs to roadway construction, and expand your fleet of vehicles. Explore a vast 10km² map that features a bustling urban area, a spacious industrial district, and a quaint village where you can establish your company. Construction Simulator 3 is packed with new features like the coveted cockpit view, which allows players to experience the game from the inside of each machine. Enjoy operating the Liebherr LB28 drilling rig for bridge construction and other missions that require stability and deep foundations. Select the perfect vehicle for each job from the game's extensive collection of over 50 machines. Whether you need a powerful Caterpillar digger or a nimble Bobcat excavator, you will find the right equipment for all your needs. Take on any challenge, from road refurbishment to earthmoving with BOMAG, WIRTGEN GmbH, VÖGELE AG, and HAMM AG machines. Drive the impressive MAN TGX truck to your local gravel pit or supply store or reach new heights with the Liebherr 150 EC-B 8 tower crane. Over 70 demanding contracts need to be completed in Construction Simulator 3. These tasks range from repairing roads to erecting towering skyscrapers and warehouses. Prove your skills and expertise as you master each challenge with precision and dedication. Shape the skyline of Neustein with your unique work and ambitious projects. Between contracts, take your vehicles for a spin around the open world and explore the three different districts for a leisurely drive.

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