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Explore the massive open world with realistic graphics, company management, online multiplayer, and endless customization options in Truck Simulator World by Sir Studios.

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Sir Studios, the renowned game publisher of Ultimate Car Driving Simulator, has developed a sensational truck simulator game, called Truck Simulator World. This outstanding game features an enormous open-world map with the most authentic graphics available and a vast selection of American and European trucks, providing gamers with endless customisation options.


Truck Simulator World boasts the most exceptional open-world map ever created, allowing players to explore continents while transporting their precious cargo. They can experience various vibrant cities, events, and scenic routes all over the world that have been rendered with stunning graphics.


Truck Simulator World offers an unparalleled driving experience, enriched with the most advanced physics engine that provides gamers with incredibly realistic graphics. They can drive through challenging terrains at any time of day, under varied weather conditions, thus making the game feel like an authentic simulation.


Truck Simulator World provides players with a unique and exciting opportunity to test their company management skills with their driving skills simultaneously. They can recruit significant industry players, grow their company, and expand their market dominance as a truck driver.


Truck Simulator World takes pride in offering an engaging multiplayer experience to gamers who can travel the world with their friends, create a crew, and join big unions to take on the rest of the world.


Truck Simulator World offers a vast range of customisation options to players, allowing them to personalise their trucks to reflect their style and preferences. They can upgrade their trucks with parts and accessories available in their garage, meet the requirements of demanding companies, enhance the truck's comfort and speed, and increase its payload capacity.


Truck Simulator World is remarkable in its size, with the most massive open-world mobile map. It features multiple interactive options in which players can fill fuel tanks, access company computers, and take help from other drivers. The game's realistic experience challenges gamers with fatigue, hunger, and sleeplessness. Players can access the extensive police database to hire suitable drivers and deliver different cargo types, ranging from repaired tanks to food. They can sit on the truck's cabin seat and adjust mirrors to feel like they are driving a real truck. The game has a strict penalty system, and players can enjoy a unique talent system that offers valuable features. The game also has a personalised company headquarters, an avatar, a license plate, and customisable company logos. The game features various travellers, and players can hitchhike and travel with them, receiving mysterious gifts. The game provides gamers with 30+ American and European trucks and features a realistic truck physics system. Truck Simulator World has a day-night cycle and offers perfect weather conditions, breathtaking landscapes, and unparalleled graphics. The second-hand market also includes dozens of different damaged trucks that players can buy and repair.

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Sir Studios
Release date
Oct 14, 2023
Single player