GamesZoo-phonics 4: Robby Rabbit's Matching Pairs

Zoo-phonics 4: Robby Rabbit's Matching Pairs

Game overview

Petting Zoo's interactive matching pairs game teaches lowercase letter recognition & improves eye-hand coordination. Zoo-phonics boosts early reading while utilizing kinesthetic learning.

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This game is ideal for tablets and large-screen phones, designed with six distinct locations in the Petting Zoo: the Central Barnyard, the Bird House, Horse Stable, Pen, Pond, and Reptile Exhibit. There are several games inside each location, providing kids with ample opportunities to play and learn.

At each site, you will find a rectangular signal containing animal pictures, merged animal letters, and plain letters to match. You can spot matching animal pictures, merged animal letters, and plain letters scattered around the yards. Simply tell your child to click and drag it to its match on the sign. If the child is correct, the sign will change color. Zoophonia and Zeke Zebra will encourage your children after four successful matches and signal and sound the letter.

Children will learn lowercase letter recognition, follow directions, make decisions, learn how to navigate and manipulate interactive elements on a screen using eye-hand coordination, learn observation, critical thinking, and matching skills. If your child cannot identify all the letters, Zoophonia will provide hints regarding the missing letters (picture, merged, or plain).

After completing the game successfully, Robby Rabbit hops in and performs a humorous act. Zeke suggests trying another fun activity in the other sections of the barnyard. To return to the main barnyard, exit the game by clicking on the big letter "r" in each scene.

Zoo-phonics is a fantastic approach to teaching kids how to read. The multisensory language arts program is primarily a kinesthetic, multi-modal approach to teaching all aspects of language arts. The program is based on phonics and phonemic awareness and emphasizes hearing, speaking, seeing, moving, and touching. The program teaches the alphabet sounds in TWO WEEKS and helps develop vocabulary and articulation using playful and concrete methods.

Zoo-phonics uses animal shapes as mnemonics to help kids remember the sound corresponding to each letter. A related body movement is also given for each letter, strengthening the connection between the sounds and the letters' shapes. Lowercase letters and sounds are taught first, followed by capital and letter names.

Zoo-phonics also offers a gateway to other subjects like math, art, music, cooking/nutrition, social studies, science, grooming, physical education, and sensory/drama. All aspects of the program have been field-tested and have been found to be effective.
Release date
May 10, 2018
Single player


Robbie Rabbit, Letter R c/o Ms. Dani (Zoophonics)WCDS Woodinville
Preschool Zoophonics at HomeKids Baking Club
Ms. Amber's Virtual Preschool Zoo Phonics R r "Robbie Rabbit"Amber Valencia
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